Slave Boy 1


Mae (5:47:22 PM): i want you to do sumthing for meLittle Me (5:46:39 PM): well what u want me to do then  Little Me (5:48:02 PM): Mae (5:48:10 PM): hahaMae (5:48:11 PM): shirt offLittle Me (5:48:27 PM): it's warm anywayz  Mae (5:48:59 PM): pink nipples lolLittle Me (5:49:02 PM):  Mae (5:51:11 PM): can you do me a good stripteaseLittle Me (5:51:20 PM): lol . . . .   im not a stripper  Mae (5:51:24 PM): i mean. . like the once in movies. . with the dance movesLittle Me (5:51:33 PM): lol nor a dancer i wouldn't know  Mae (5:51:41 PM): at least try!Mae (5:51:46 PM): i will not laughLittle Me (5:51:58 PM): lol . . . u mean u wouldn't laugh harder then ur already ?Mae (5:52:07 PM): noMae (5:52:11 PM): im not laughing nowLittle Me (5:52:16 PM): lol . . .   Mae (5:52:40 PM): you agree to striptease?Little Me (5:52:50 PM): lol . .

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  . . wouldn't know how to but i could try something  Little Me (5:52:51 PM):  Mae (5:52:58 PM): niceMae (5:53:03 PM): goMae (5:53:32 PM): i should be able to see your faceLittle Me (5:53:36 PM): haha  Mae (5:53:37 PM): move backLittle Me (5:53:39 PM): im laughing  Little Me (5:54:23 PM): Little Me (5:54:28 PM): better just a few ago  ??Mae (5:54:34 PM): not badMae (5:55:07 PM): how old are you again?Little Me (5:55:17 PM): -----Mae (6:00:19 PM): you willing to do this play slow?Little Me (6:00:23 PM): lol Little Me (6:00:30 PM): if ur done in 20 minutes  Mae (6:00:37 PM): 30Mae (6:00:40 PM): make it 30Little Me (6:00:41 PM): lol 25  Little Me (6:00:43 PM): and me came  Mae (6:00:51 PM): 26Little Me (6:00:53 PM): okayLittle Me (6:01:00 PM): starting from now  Mae (6:01:10 PM): okMae (6:01:12 PM): fire!Mae (6:01:14 PM): lolLittle Me (6:01:22 PM): ???Little Me (6:01:23 PM): fire  Mae (6:01:32 PM): you dont like putting things in your ass right?Little Me (6:01:41 PM): i dont have any objects . . . but my fingers  Little Me (6:01:52 PM): and i dont want to get things dirty cause of my mom would notice that  Mae (6:02:04 PM): yes, i was talking about fingersLittle Me (6:02:07 PM): lolLittle Me (6:02:18 PM): i can't cum by that  Mae (6:02:26 PM): first thing we do is lets see your spitMae (6:02:29 PM): spit on your palmMae (6:02:32 PM): 3 timesLittle Me (6:02:43 PM): yes?Mae (6:02:51 PM): stand upMae (6:02:55 PM): penis focused here]Little Me (6:03:07 PM): i can sit down and put cam right??Mae (6:03:13 PM): stand upMae (6:03:19 PM): now lube itMae (6:03:37 PM): and lie on the bedLittle Me (6:03:49 PM): need to empty that first?Little Me (6:04:04 PM): shall i do that and spit again ??Mae (6:04:04 PM): okLittle Me (6:04:34 PM): i can;t really read screen while on my bed  Mae (6:04:37 PM): make sure i can see your ass from hereMae (6:04:43 PM): here you goLittle Me (6:04:58 PM): haha ty Little Me (6:05:08 PM): its more like my screen  but  how u want me to be on my bed?Mae (6:05:22 PM): to be like a woman giving birthMae (6:06:11 PM): i want your freehand to be where you want me to rub your while fucking youMae (6:06:47 PM): can i have an ass/face view plsMae (6:06:51 PM): sorry for interruptingMae (6:07:21 PM): perfectMae (6:07:46 PM): mmmmmMae (6:07:54 PM): ass? lolMae (6:08:28 PM): deeperMae (6:08:55 PM): does it hurt? thumbs up or downLittle Me (6:09:09 PM): noLittle Me (6:09:16 PM): close to cum Mae (6:09:21 PM): no cumming yetMae (6:09:24 PM): control babyMae (6:09:37 PM): can you precum for meMae (6:09:40 PM): ?Little Me (6:10:01 PM): there is already a lil on the tip Mae (6:10:28 PM): i want you to stroke your cock till you're reaching orgasm. . but dont cum. . stop when you're getting thereMae (6:10:34 PM): i want you to skip orgasm 5 timesMae (6:10:58 PM): now come here closerMae (6:11:05 PM): and lets count the close orgasm eventsMae (6:11:20 PM): come hereMae (6:11:22 PM): sit on the chairLittle Me (6:11:25 PM): oklayLittle Me (6:11:40 PM): 1Little Me (6:11:47 PM): aleradyMae (6:12:10 PM): now try it by stroking your cock with just your index finger and thumb making a circleMae (6:12:42 PM): stroke it with that circle lol!Little Me (6:12:56 PM): onlky circle or up and down too ?Mae (6:13:02 PM): up and down tooLittle Me (6:13:23 PM): easier with whole hand  Mae (6:13:32 PM): control Mae (6:13:33 PM): Little Me (6:14:30 PM): 2Mae (6:14:54 PM): alright. . nice. . this time use one whole palmLittle Me (6:15:08 PM): with circle?Mae (6:15:13 PM): no, no circleMae (6:15:16 PM): just rub it with a palmMae (6:15:19 PM): up and downMae (6:16:18 PM): mmmmLittle Me (6:16:18 PM): 3Mae (6:16:21 PM): niceLittle Me (6:16:33 PM): whats next?Mae (6:16:39 PM): for the fourth. .

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   mmmmMae (6:16:45 PM): how about you just move your foreskin up and downLittle Me (6:16:57 PM): thats the same as. . . wank ?Little Me (6:17:03 PM): with whole hand?Mae (6:17:05 PM): lolMae (6:17:08 PM): no with fingersLittle Me (6:17:36 PM): ohMae (6:17:46 PM): oh for surpise? lolLittle Me (6:17:53 PM): done. . . close again . . . Mae (6:18:11 PM): if you cum now. . . will you cum for me again?Little Me (6:18:24 PM): sureLittle Me (6:18:26 PM):  Mae (6:18:29 PM): okLittle Me (6:18:35 PM): yes i will Mae (6:18:42 PM): you can cum. . no wiping cum till you cum 2ndMae (6:18:55 PM): cum on your own cockMae (6:19:06 PM): use the cum as lubeLittle Me (6:19:22 PM): came Little Me (6:19:37 PM): continue?Mae (6:19:58 PM): you are the horniest young boy i knowLittle Me (6:21:03 PM): im SWEATING and wanna wash Mae (6:21:30 PM): your not going to yetMae (6:21:35 PM): you must cum againLittle Me (6:22:01 PM): yes but after that i wanna wash Mae (6:22:05 PM): sureMae (6:22:06 PM): lol
After i came, i logged off to go and wash myself, boy i never sweat as much as i did that day.

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