Slave Boy


Me (7:17:11 PM): heyMe (7:17:37 PM): we talked before?Julie (7:17:50 PM): asl?Me (7:18:04 PM): ---------  Julie (7:18:26 PM): let me see uMe (7:18:43 PM): yes ma'am Julie (7:19:21 PM): cuteeeeeeeeeMe (7:19:25 PM): Julie (7:19:53 PM): dou want to be my little slaveboy today?Me (7:20:01 PM): yes ma'am  Julie (7:20:17 PM): take your shirt offMe (7:20:43 PM): lol cam is just slow for a sec  Julie (7:20:58 PM): niceeeeJulie (7:21:03 PM): stand for meJulie (7:21:25 PM): take your pants offJulie (7:21:46 PM): mmmmmmmmmmJulie (7:21:51 PM): shorts tooJulie (7:22:16 PM): mmmmmmmmm yes babyJulie (7:22:21 PM): stroke itMe (7:22:39 PM): can i sit down and move cam  ?Julie (7:22:48 PM): do u have a bed to lay on?Me (7:22:53 PM): yes  Julie (7:23:03 PM): lay on your bedMe (7:23:10 PM): a sec though  Me (7:23:10 PM): cam  Me (7:23:46 PM): bit far away from screen but okay Julie (7:24:09 PM): niceJulie (7:24:27 PM): lay with your legs spread toward meJulie (7:24:40 PM): put some pillows behind your headJulie (7:25:25 PM): niceJulie (7:25:34 PM): stroke that big dick for mommyJulie (7:25:50 PM): rub your ballsJulie (7:26:18 PM): mmmmmmm yesJulie (7:26:33 PM): pull your legs up andshow mommy your buttJulie (7:27:05 PM): so sexyJulie (7:27:51 PM): wet your finger and rub your little holeJulie (7:28:29 PM): slide you butt closer to the edge of your bedJulie (7:29:29 PM): mmmJulie (7:29:36 PM): slide that finger inJulie (7:30:05 PM): finger it fast, in and outJulie (7:30:49 PM): you like that dont you?Me (7:31:08 PM): yes was clse to comming Julie (7:31:36 PM): want to cum for me now?Me (7:31:52 PM): if u want me to Julie (7:32:18 PM): i want you topull your legs over your head and cum on your faceMe (7:33:06 PM): how Julie (7:33:07 PM): move the cam so i will seeJulie (7:33:51 PM): lay longways on your bed and pull your legs all the way over your head and shoot it on your faceJulie (7:34:21 PM): slide down so i will seeJulie (7:35:00 PM): moveso i will seeJulie (7:35:36 PM): mmmMe (7:35:37 PM): cameJulie (7:35:51 PM): show me on your faceJulie (7:35:55 PM): mmmJulie (7:35:59 PM): eat itJulie (7:36:21 PM): wipe it into your mouthJulie (7:37:00 PM): wipe it all in thereJulie (7:37:09 PM): taste good?Me (7:37:18 PM): yesJulie (7:37:33 PM): mmmmmmmJulie (7:37:51 PM): make it hard and cum again for me
After working it for another 5 minutes i came again ! It was a good experience.
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