Swimming pool adventure 2


All was not over!

We'd had enough of swimming,well dad had, - "Sid, I'm getting out, come on, if you and I wipe now,we'll have a bit more space each, your uncle can follow in a bit,close in now, - He's fancying that woman by the springboard, leave him to get on with it. - I duly noted the woman had a remarkable similarity to my mother. - We climbed the ladder type steps, my dad behind me and in fun he pushed at my ass cheeks as we rose. - That sensation was back again, the feeling of pressure on my sphincter. - In I went to the cubicle only to find dad followed. - "Your clothes, its in the other. . . - my mind caught up with dad's. OH!" - Dad was already reaching past me towards my uncle's trousers. A smile as he found what it was we knew he was after. - "You wont need your trunks on now!" I dropped them away and stepped out of them.

He stood and dropped his trunks half down his thighs to reveal a mass of pubes above a thick half hard eight inches. Even now the bulge of its head still hidden by its foreskin was dark bluey with the pumping blood that was raising it still stiffer. - I thought. Fuck! I want that! - Dad now cupped his hand, - "Squeeze a good dollop in for me!" - I did just that and he wrapped his palm around the shaft and slid it up and down until the whole thing shone with the jel' while becoming ridged.

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   The foreskin now peeled completely back. every vein, ridge and the helmet itself in all its deep blue glory glistened ready to fuck me - "Now your ass, bend over for me!" - I willingly did, expecting him to get more jel'' and lube me up. He just slid the residue still in his hand and wiping the bit left over on to my own cock he held me like a dogs paws would.

Again, his cock like my uncle's was not aligning. Unlike my scrawny uncle he in his rising excitement just gripped and lifted my hips into line with his pulsing cock end. - The fat knob part was hurting like hell as my whole weight rested on this formidable stiffness. I knew he was splitting my ass apart, not breaking the skin but splitting my sphincter to comply to that fucking great big knob part he's got. - I whispered - "Its hurting to much!" - "How then?" - "Let me kneel like I did before" - He never questioned the 'before' so I knew he knew my uncle had had me like he'd refered to the other kid last week. I knew he'd got my uncle to open me some before he came in to open me up like a sock!

I knelt now and with the pressure making my eyes water it was altogether like a real hard turd coming thro' my sphincter until just like the relief of that happening my asshole excepted the fucking great knob end and the rest of his shaft like uncle's slid effortlessly up my rectum. Dad fucked and spunked me, it was big, it was tight,especially as he pulled the still now large head of his cock clear, but I noticed one difference, the extra three inches had struck gold, no wonder those last few strokes had given me a burning feeling at the top of my rectum, dad must have touched my bowel.

"I'll use your trunks to clean the shit off the end, sorry I pushed that hard, but fuck, you gave me such an orgasm, its a wonder I never done for you, busted your gut, fuck it was so fucking tight up there, I thought your asshole had peeled my prick like an orange HA! HA!" - With his clean cock back in his trunks, he was out the cubicle, - "Lad have a problem?" [the attendant] - "All sorted!" - "Summut to do with them, always summut they need! - good job he got a dad!" - "And an uncle" dad jibed.

I pulled the towel thro my legs after completing wiping, just to make sure dad hadn't made me bleed, fuck it was aching in there! But no, all was okay. No mention was made of my double fucking, but the satisfaction showed on both their faces, while even with my asshole still on fire, I thought, I liked that, I wouldn't mind doing it somemore!
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