Tango Class, One Night Stand


I met this guy in Tango class who was simple, unassuming, looked young for his age and seemed a bit shy. I really didn’t know what made him tick but I was a bit mystified by his personality when I met him that day.

Let’s just call him Tim. He had a medium build, was about 5′7 and was dressed in a nice blue short sleeved button down shirt tucked into his black slacks. I partnered with him and we danced. I found it charming how he would unsuccessfully conceal his embarrassment whenever he makes a mistake in the moves and we had to repeat it. In turn, I hid my amusement.

As we were listening to the announcements for the next class, I noticed that we never let go of holding each other’s hands. I don’t think it was intentional on our part. It felt totally natural to do. He then walked me to my car and we kissed each other goodbye on the cheeks.

The following week I saw him again in class. In the first half of the class, we had to rotate partners but in the next half, Tim and I partnered up again. His step has improved this time around and we were feeling each other’s rhythm as we glided on the dance floor and moved gracefully from one side to the other. The dancing felt great as the instructor was good. We both enjoyed that lesson and there seemed to be a connection felt while we were doing it.

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After class we decided to go to the City Walk in his car so I took mine back to my place and he picked me up a few minutes after. We went to Bubba Gump where we ordered shrimp and some drinks which added up as the night went by. He was pretty intelligent and can hold up a good conversation about almost any subject I threw at him. He was very much unlike most L. A. guys and even girls who don’t really go beyond ankle deep when it comes to conversation topics. The more we talked, the more I realized why I found him interesting in the first place. His views in life are more mature and are from a broader perspective. He had a difficult life but gained ground due to his own efforts – something I find admirable.

We enjoyed talking unmindful of the hours and drinks that passed away until I felt a moderate buzz which deteriorated into tipsiness. “Tim”, I told him, “we have to go”. So we went back to his SUV where I slumped on the passenger’s seat. He said he couldn’t drive a long distance to our places so we have to check into one of the motels down on Ventura boulevard, five minutes away until we sober up. I usually don’t go with someone on a possible one night stand but I was drunk and he seemed OK so I said fine.

We got in the motel, it was a nice room with light orange wallpaper and a queen sized bed.

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   I couldn’t wait to sleep so I slumped right in. He then told me that I should not be sleeping with my shoes and jeans on so I told him to take off my shoes. He did that and I took off my jeans. I then tucked myself under a blanket because it was cold and the heat hasn’t really kicked in yet. I told him I was cold so he snuggled up beside me to warm me. Like me, he was also in his underwear but for some reason I didn’t feel weird about it. It must be the alcohol, and yes, I admit I was a bit lustful. I then felt that something was gradually bulging from the area around my buttocks and I realized something’s up. I eventually got turned on so I faced him and looked in his eyes, I came closer and we kissed. Our tongues got entangled in a wet, slippery French kiss while he smoothed my lower back underneath my button down shirt. I felt his leg go over me and it started gripping my lower body as I caressed his cheeks and neck. His hand went up to smooth my upper back under my bra straps which then got loosened. My nipples are sensitive so I wanted him to focus on that. I wiggled away from the grip of his legs, lay down on my back and let him kiss me again on my lips as I slowly guided his head to go down to my neck. I let out moans of pleasure as he kissed my neck and I raised my head while slightly pushing his head down some more suggesting he position it somewhere in my chest area.

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   He gradually went down and I told him that that is where I wanted him to be. We unbuttoned my shirt from the top until it was totally open and it exposed my deep cleavage with the now very loosened bra.

The bra then was slowly slipped aside exposing my hardened nipples at the apex of my firm standing breasts. He started kissing the left one and then he began sucking on it playfully while rotating his tongue around the nipple. He was smoothing the surrounding skin with his fingers to give me more sensations as his mouth did the good work. I was squirming like an eel and letting out deep gasps while the body spasms uncontrollably reverberated from head to toe. It was like a trip to heaven and back. I was wet as the insides of a young coconut. His lips then moved slowly, electrifyingly toward the right and stopped in the middle of the cleavage where his tongue popped out and licked it while his hands playfully smoothed my sides.

I couldn’t wait until his mouth reached the top of my right breast. My right nipple was yearning for the warmth of his mouth as it made its snail paced ascent. Little by little his mouth made its way up until it enveloped my right nipple. I squirmed with pleasure as he worked his magic in sucking it while his tongue playfully twirled toggling the nipple in all directions. The ecstasy was one to die for as my legs wrapped around him tightly begging for more. My river was flowing uncontrollably.

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   I had a severe hunger that had to be quenched by now.

After sucking my tits I pulled his head up and gave him a wet kiss where our tongues went wild. I felt his shaft rub against my wet entrance as I removed his underwear. There it was, surged forward was his throbbing manhood which I kissed and caressed with my tongue and mouth. I knelt and held it toward me. I pulled it toward my wet vagina and it slowly slipped in as I made a long and pleasured moan. It felt good inside as he pumped slowly at first and gradually picked up speed. I took deep and heavy breaths as his thrusts became harder by the second. I felt the bed shake as he went for it deeper and faster. I held his arms as he did it over and over until I felt the inevitable was about to arrive. I told him to do it faster and harder and so he did until I couldn’t take it anymore. I made one long moan followed by my body shaking into one orgasm I can never forget. I was in heaven as he continued making me cum three more times into the night until I made him lie down, put his hardness in my mouth and moved it up and down, making him feel my tongue go around and around it. I saw his face feeling pleasure, he tried to resist having an orgasm and tried to push my head back but I persisted. In and out of my mouth it went as my tongue mercilessly rubbed underneath it.

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   I then heard him start to moan uncontrollably and his body shake. The thick white fluid of ecstasy then started spouting from his pleasure stick. I tried to drink it but I haven’t done it before so I ended up spitting it on his stomach. I didn’t care, I gave him a hug after that. We were going to have a hot shower anyway… (to be continued)


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