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You have just finished packing your over night bag, you leave the house and your husband and get into the taxi to the station. You have arranged to meet up with steve at a hotel in York, steve is an old work colleague you have recently made contact with through face book. Your chats started off in good taste but slowly descended into more and more sexually themed conversations recently involving swapping body pictures. Steve suggested that you should come to one of his meetings as the "entertainment" not quite sure what this meant but having a good idea you agreed and arranged to meet at a hotel in york on a thursday night, making your excuses to your husband you left and now you find yourself on the train to York for a night out with "friends" as you told your husband.

You pull up outside the hotel and make your way to the reception area, steve has already reserved you a room and told you the room details so you get the key and make your way to the room, as its mid week the hotel is very quiet and you soon are wondering the halls looking for 284 but to no use. You eventually give up and are just about to go back to Reception when you bump into a cleaner - about 35 male and a happy chap called max who shows you to your room carrying your bag for you. On the way you walk ahead of him aware that his eyes are giving you the once over, looking you up and down and taking in every inch. When you get to your room you say your good byes and give him a tip. Your room is very luxurious having a large double bed and bath. You decide to have a soak as you've got a couple of hours to fill before you are due to meet in the hotel bar. "I wonder what's going to happen tonight" you think to your self as you lie there stroking your tits and the inside of your thighs.

The hour gets close and you are tingling with excitement, you get dressed in a very sexy red knickers and bra set with matching suspenders and stockings. The stockings are red fishnet - slutty but you love the way they make you feel - like a hot whore. You then put on a very short dress - red again, tight fitting and finishing just above your stocking tops. The dress stretches over your tits and in your excited state your nipples stand proud pushing the material into points. Finally you apply your make up, topped off with very sexy with bright red "cock sucking" lipstick (as steve calls it).

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   You look at yourself in the full length mirror - "dirty little fuck bunny!" you think and smile, a tingle in your pussy makes you check the clock - 8. 10 ! You are late! You grab your small bag and leave your room almost buzzing with excitement.

You walk into the bar area, looking around you notice there are only a few people in there - a couple of groups and two couples sitting in the alcoves muttering to each other. You see steve at the bar and slink over to him. When behind him you lean over and push your tits against his back, you bite his ear lobe and whisper "the entertainment has arrived". He turns around and his eyes almost pop out of his head as he takes in ever inch, he looks you up and down then he leans forward and kisses you on the cheek - his groin pushing his semi erect cock against your thigh. You feel a shiver and your eyes close slightly as his hand reaches round your back and pulls you onto his cock - the bulge against your body only makes you hotter and hornier and you feel your pussy pulse and your knickers dampen. "Hello you dirty, dirty girl" he whispers on your ear.

He backs away and you help him carry some drinks, as you approach the table you can see that there are four men sat around it all chatting, the table is in one of the darker corners of the bar. As you approach the men all stop chatting and look up, their eyes are burning through you as you place the two glasses on the table where instructed by Steve then you are ushered round to a chair in the middle of the group and you sit – Steve gives you a tall Brandy and coke, your favourite drink and then introduces you to the other guys.
They are all about the same age as Steve and seem to be a nice friendly bunch. You are aware that as you sat your dress has risen up and you are now showing a wide strip of white flesh between the top of your stockings and the hem. Every now and then you catch one of the guys trying to sneak a glimpse of more but you have been very careful and you are not showing more than you should – at least not yet anyway. You have checked out all the guys and Josh – the one sat opposite you seems to be the best looking and judging from the lump in his trousers he is very taken with you.

As the night goes on your glass is never empty you are the centre of every ones attention and you love it.

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   The other guests in the bar have mostly left for their rooms and you are now alone with the five men and the bar staff. The conversation, as it always did with Steve, starts to get more and more candid until after a five minute story from Alan about a blow job he once had you are asked to show the guys how you suck cock with a bottle as a dick replacement. The other guys all stop their small talk and turn to watch for your response, again you are aware that you are very wet and you are breathing heavily in a state of very high arousal. Maybe it’s the drink but demonstrating your oral technique in front of these new friends seems the most reasonable of requests and you slowly lean forward towards the up turned bottle on the table in front of you. Looking straight at Josh you slowly stretch you tongue forward and lick the end – there is some froth dripping down the side of the bottle and you make a show of licking down the length as you stare straight into his eyes, you feel a hot a wanton slut and your pussy is practically drenching your knickers as you lick back up to the top of the bottle and lower you mouth over the end closing your eyes and sucking your cheeks in. You are leaning forward quite far now and you feel someone’s hand on your arse as you raise and lower your mouth on the bottle holding it place with one hand and wanking it with the other.

While you are sucking the hand on your arse moves its way further round and you lean and raise yourself so your pussy is easier to reach then you almost come on the spot as you feel a finger inside your knickers. You lean to the left and the hand obliges by finding its way to your soaking pussy entrance and then you feel two fingers being pushed inside. You stall sucking the bottle, enjoying the sensation of this stranger’s fingers but then you continue. The fingers sliding in and out of your pussy build up the rhythm while you suck. You feel an orgasm build and then with a gasp it comes. You take the bottle out of your mouth and lean fully forward on the table as the ripples come over you, the bottle by the side of your face froths up again and some of the foam splashes across your face like hot spunk. Yourorgasm finishes and the hand is removed and after a couple of seconds you raise your head and look at Josh he has his hands on hislap as do most of the other guys, none of them say anything they all just stare at you with smiles on their faces. Steve offers to buy you another drink and you make excuses to go to the toilet and clean the beer off your face. As you walk away you can smell your sex in the air – your knickers are drenched and the inside of you thighs are damp with sweat and your come.

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When you get back to the table Steve says that the bar is closed and suggests that you continue the party back in your room, you happily agree as you are now gagging for a cock inside your pussy. You and the five men all go back to your room Steve has managed to get a couple of bottles of wine and champagne from the bar staff. When back in your room you can feel the electricity in the air. You are sat on the bed with Steve and Josh. Alan and the other two are placed around the room on chairs as the conversation starts back where it was left in the bar. The guys are all talking away when you slowly stand up and remove your dress, the chatting stops as you take Josh’s hand and lead him to the middle of the floor “now for a real example” you say as you knell down in front of Josh and undo his belt and zip, freeing his cock from the confines of his shorts you stare at the size – its lovely you think as you lower your mouth onto it and start sucking for real. It tastes much better than the bottle as you take his entire length into your mouth and taste the saltiness of the pre cum while Josh’s hands grab your hair and pull you onto him. It’s not long before you feel the shots of come in your mouth and you swallow greedily as each spurt hits the back of your throat. Josh pulls away and you are greeted by another cock in its place, you take it into your mouth then look up at Alan’s face, his eyes closed as you hungrily suck his cock like a dirty slut.

You feel something rub your cheek and open your eyes to see another cock in front of your face, you grab it and start to wank, alternating between Alan and the other guy’s sucking one then the other, you feel your bra being undone and the your tits spill out, eager hands grab each and start to tweak your nipples hard till you almost scream out. Then Alan’s cock explodes in your hand – you weren’t expecting it and most of it sprays across your face, the hot come sprays again and again until you get your mouth around the end to catch the last drops. The other cock starts to jerk but you are quicker this time and manage to catch most of it – you look up at the owner who is looking down at your spunk covered face smiling as you swallow the last of his load and smile back. Then you are picked up and placed on the bed by strong arms. Steve is waiting on the bed with his cock standing proud. You straddle him, impaling yourself his cock the joy of actually getting a cock inside your pussy overcomes you and you melt into another orgasm, your pussy pulsing with the huge cock throbbing away inside you.

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   You lean forward onto your hands and start to ride him, sliding your self up and down on the massive tool between your legs. You feel you look in Steve eyes and he is staring back at you, for a moment you stop then he thrusts at you from underneath and you come again, the juice flowing out of your pussy as you come on him.
The other guys stands at the end of the bed and you lean forward so you can take his cock in your mouth, sucking again while steve rams you from below, its ecstasy. You feel someone climb onto the bed behind you and the a cock rubs against the groove of your arse, sliding back and forth in the some and juice that is there then it enters you. The shock is instant and you come again as you realise that you now have a cock in each hole and they are all fucking you. The orgasms come over and over as you melt on their cocks.

You are almost out of it as the exertion of the night begins to take over and the men all come inside you, your mouth, arse and pussy all getting creamed in within a few minutes. The men leave the bed and get dressed leaving you on the bed exhausted and covered in spunk. You fall into a contented and dream filled sleep.

Max is doing his cleaning rounds the next day and comes to room 284 – the door is locked so he uses his keys and enters. On the bed there is an unexpected sight – the woman from yesterday, she is tied to the bed at all four corners. Her hands tied to the head board and her feet fastened to the base board. She is naked, her pussy an angry red slit with cream running out of it – smell of sex in the room is overpowering. He runs over to her head and asks if she is ok, her eyes open and she looks dreamily at him, “lovely” she says.
“can I do anything for you?” he asks.

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