The Fetish Trap


The Fetish Trap

Pauline Gibson was a rare wife who shared the most unusual hobby with her husband. Infact it bound them together and occupied a lot of their spare time. It would be well to mention her husband Bob who was a fetish male and loved his wife to dress in those clothes which turned him on. This trigger to successful sex was essential, without the clothes Bob was more than useless. In the process of time they became locked into a behaviour pattern which carried them both into uncharted waters.

Pauline, who was approaching forty, had the most erotic collection of garments and shoes which were kept in perfect condition and worn frequently. Today she was going to the local shops and she wished to attract male attention, so she wore her seamed stockings,black high heeled shoes and a tight black dress which hugged her well formed hips showing her outline to perfection. She stood infront of her long dressing table mirror, the seams must be straight and pass up her legs from the very centre of the heels.

She darkened her eyelids and braided her long dark hair which was held behind her neck. This austere look she had perfected, and she turned to view herself from all angles to make sure everything was just right. At that moment Bob opened the door,"My word what a dish," he said and he went straight onto his knees planting a kiss on each shoe. "Get up stupid there's no time to mess around now I'm out on patrol you make sure everything is ready I'm sure we have a willing customer. Bob stood up,"Madam your wonderful" and he took her hand and in his and put it to his lips.

Bob could hardly wait to see just what Pauline had netted this time, but he busied himself with setting up the camera, and making sure all the equipment was in pristine condition. From the window he had a good view of the full length of the road so he looked from time to time to see if she was coming back.
The local shopping precinct was quite large and she knew she must take a full slow circuit on the pavement passed each shop in turn.

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   She was sure he would be around as he had been the last three days at about this time, and she knew he would follow her as he had done before. This time however she would beckon him into the front door, and she was confident he would follow like a love sick lamb.

She spotted him from the corner of her eye, he was waiting for her to walk past and stood in a shop doorway. He must have been one of her youngest catches, certainly no more than twenty, a tall handsome youngman well-groomed, but an intense looking character watching and waiting. Pauline totally ignored him, inspite of the fact that she could almost feel his hot breath, as she brushed past him into the shop. She purchased a newspaper and some cigarettes and walked out passing by the entranced youngman who could not take his devouring eyes off her high heels and seamed stockings.

As she walked back towards home he followed almost as if attached to her by an invisible thread, drawn along and unable to resist. When she stopped, he stopped, as if to do up his shoe, and when she walked, he walked adjusting his pace to hers, led along like a dog on heat follows the bitch. Pauline crossed the road and turned to stare directly at him and opening the gate she deliberately beckoned him to follow. There was a smile on Paulines face,"Netted at last" she thought.
Andy, for that was his name, felt the pit of his stomach flutter and his mouth went dry, but he was helpless he crossed the road and entered the front door which was ajar.

Once in the hall he saw an arm waving him into the front room; he entered and there she sat legs crossed in an armchair staring into his face. "Well boy whats your excuse for following me?It had better be a good one. " She stood up walked causually past him and locked the door; sat down again and glared at him. Andy was too stunned to reply he just blushed and looked at the floor.

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   Pauline pulled out a short cane from under the cushion and holding it firmly in her righthand she stroked its length with her left, moving her hands deliberately slowly while staring at him.

" I'm will use this on you if you don't answer me directly and truthfully, and when I do use it it will hurt. ""Please I did not mean to offend you its just that I have a bit of a thing about high heels and stockings so I followed you I just could not help it," he stammered.

She smiled and said: "Just what do you think you have to offer me, whats your name?"

"Andy and I'm 20 I live at home with my parents and I work in Tescos in the town. "Pauline got up and opened the door leading to another room behind the chair. "Come and see what I've got Bob a nice young virgin mummies boy,"and she laughed.

Bob appeared in the doorway he was completely naked standing about 6 feet tall bronzed and muscular his long dark hair was pigtailed and his smooth body gleamed. Andy was shocked and swollowed hard when his eyes dropped to his penis. It stood almost upright a long veined weapon with a proud head, and hanging beneath shapely firm big balls amongst the furry pubic hair.
"Let me introduce Bob my husband, this is Andy Bob mummies boy and virgin turned stalker,"and she shrieked with laughter again. Bob glared at the boy who almost cowered away thinking he might be attacked.

" With a husband like this boy what need have I of a wimp like you eh? She pausedand gripped that huge penis in her hand. " Well answer me!"

"I'm sorry I really meant no harm I won't trouble again. "

"Not so fast boy," said Bob in a gruff voice, "You know you've broken the law by stalking my wife?"

"Yes and I'm sorry," answered Andy.

"Sorry is not good enough and he walked across to him and removed his Jacket taking the wallet out of the top inner pocket.

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   "No please that has all my credit cards and personal stuff. ' Pauline smiled," Were not thieves. " she said and she lifted her skirt revealing her panties and suspenders. Andy could hardly keep his eyes off her long stockinged legs and black nylon panties. She said:"Kneal down boy,"and she put one leg over his shoulder pushing the panty crotch into his face.

"Listen" said Bob " This is the deal you pay us ten pounds for our trouble and your misbehaviour and we forget the whole thing or you decide you want some play. "Having said this Bob took ten pounds from the wallet and put it back into Andys jacket. "Oh one thing more boy " said Pauline "If you come back it will be as our oral slave and once you agree there will be no turning back. "With that they unlocked and pushed him out of the door. "Your decision mummies boy see you in twenty minutes or never," and she roared with high pitched laughter.

"What do you think Bob will he be back?""

Sure he will they are all the same these submissive types he won't be able to resist it you'll see. ""Now you listen to me Bob Gibson I'm running this show and I want that boy trained properly not scared out of his wits by a big moron like you, you keep in your place and do as I say got it. " She slapped the cane across his buttocks and he flinched with pain.

"I will deal with the boy when he comes back you stay out of the way until I call you out we don't want him frightened, I think he is first class virgin material and he appeals to me he is such a baby. "Here he comes get out the back oaf and stay away until your called for.

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Andy had been pacing up and down just not sure what to do, she was lovely but what about that husband of hers he was frightening, andhe did not want anything to do with him. How he would love to be her slave and get on his knees to her and pleasure her as long as she wanted him too. He looked at his watch, well hear goes I can't miss this chance, and he made his way back to the frontdoor and knocked again.

"Come in boy," he pushed the door open to see Pauline sitting on the stairs her legs apart. She smiled at him and motioned him to come forward. Her ankles were touching in high heels and her knees were open eough so he could look up her skirt, and he could see the white flesh of her soft thighs were the dark band of her stockings ended held taut by her suspenders. "Thats where you belong boy up there under my skirt and you know that don't you?"

" Yes Miss," this was said witha meek voice as he knelt down before her his stomach churning, expectant yet fearful having never served a Mistress before. "Come here get down and kiss my shoes go on lick them you are my slave and I will use you how I please I hope you know what that means boy when I order you don't question you just do it, your likes and dislikes are not my concern you will be used and kicked out into the street until the next time.

"She then grabbed Andy by his hair and pulled him up so she was looking directly into his eyes,"Put your tongue out son and lick the back of my hand. He obeyed instantly. "Now push that tongue in between my fingers," she held her fingers tight together. " Push boy push you need tongue exercises lie down hands behind your back. Pauline placed a pillow under his head then she lifted her skirt and sat on his face in her black nylon panties he could feel her wriggling to get a comfortable seat. Having settled her self nicely she said: " Push your tongue out hard son real hard and move it around on my crotch go on I want to feel it. " Andy anxious to please forced out his tongue he could feel the tight nylon of her streched crotch on his nose was between her cheeks and he had difficulty drawing breath.

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It was at this point in the proceedings that Bob entered the room, he was highly aroused at the sight of his wife straddling the young man and he walked across to get a good view of the her as she rode the boys face. " Drop your trousers Bob," she said "Show us what you have. "Now Andy could see none of this he was pinned down under those black panties but he could hear and a pang of fear went through him as he heard her talking to her husband. She lifted her bottom and pulled the gusset to one side, Andy took a deep breath. "Carry on cunt licker,"she said and pushed her fleshy lips into his mouth. This was the sort of talk that aroused Bob and he stood errect and bonehard throbbing with desire his balls tight and hairy like a water pistol ready to shoot its load.

Pauline held the huge cock and began to wank it slowly up and down as he stood before her his manhood dwarfing her neat small hand which just about wrapped around the girth. The sight of that huge hard cock always made her juices flow and they flowed out onto Andy's face, sticky and sweet as he lapped them like nectar under her thighs. At this moment Pauline opened her mouth wide and slipped it over Bobs cock as she held the stiff member firmly and began to suck him. He closed his eyes and seemed to be filled with pleasure standing solid and firm as a rock allowing his wife to excite him.

"Oh oh lovely," he crooned as she worked on him,"Get the boy on it," he sighed with delight. Pauline dragged Andy from under her "Get your lips around that now boy"Andy was too horrified to even reply, the sight of the saliva covered steaming cock head made his stomach turn. Andy's face was sticky with her cum and pubic hairs his mouth and nose were wet with her juices she pushed him down onto the cock and forced it into his mouth before he realised what he was doing. Bob in his lust grabbed the boys ears and began to pump into his mouth.

It was Andy's first taste of cock and confirmed his growing bisexual tendances.

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   These traits often show up in submissive types as is to be expected from the feminine nature of submissiveness. The kinky couple were absolutely thrilled with the boy and his presence triggered their sex lives to a new pinnacle. They were both on the lets find new thrills road, which in the swingers world leads on to as yet uncharted waters. For young Andy it was a baptism of fire and he was helplessly swept into the malstrom of sexual experience. Strange is not how we think we control our own destinys but we are often driven by forces within and circumstances without which make a mockery of our so called self-control.