The Hollywood Hypnosneak: Chap. 02 Hayden Pantrierre


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I don’t know Hayden Pantrierre or have anything to do with her. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

Story Code: M/F, MC

The Hollywood Hypnosneak Ch 02 Hayden Pantrierre
By Muhabba

A smart man would have invested the money he had taken from Kate Upton in some clever way against the future. I, however, was celebrating. I had bought a reasonably priced business suit and was now sipping moderately priced scotch at a upper crust bar. It might seem wasteful since I was barely making minimum wage at a shifty job in a cheap motel but I like to think my ego is a reasonably priced investment. After all, a positive outlook was the most important part of any future endeavor.

"What's the special occasion?" the bartender asked as he refilled my drink.

"Celebrating my talent," I told him as he shrugged off the half-assed answer and went fishing for more tips.

I'm a junkie. I freely admit it.

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  I was a junkie and my fix was pulling off the most impossible of tasks, fucking celebrities. The sex itself was great, don't get me wrong, but the satisfaction of just picking one of the most beautiful women in the world, sliding unseen past her security, past her own personal barriers, and then sliding inside of her was, and always would be, the best part for me. There could be no better high.

During my twenty years in prison I had gone over every mistake in my life and swore never to make those mistakes again but after one night with a supermodel I decided that fucking celebrities could never be considered a mistake. Getting caught had been the mistake and getting caught and sent back to jail was another matter entirely. At first I considered my little fling with Kate a simple matter of falling off the wagon but now that wagon was way off in the distance and here I was, waving at it as it went off into the sunset.

I decided the key to getting started was staying low key, keeping off the radar of the Feds and my old colleagues but that meant I needed to reach my old assistant, Jennifer. Jennifer was still on the inside of the celebrity loop and I, I was very much outside so I needed an intermediary who was also in the loop. Kate had left town a few days ago and although I had left some choice commands should we ever meet again she was far from a simple servant that I could call and make demands of.

Draining the last of my scotch I headed off to hail a cab and head home early. Spring Break was still going on and I needed to hit the beach in the morning.

Since Spring Break was starting to wind down, the crowds were starting to thin out but there were still a few celebrities to choose from. After a few hours I found one that would fit all the demands I needed of her so I began following her, just out of view of her personal security. The show "Heroes" had premiered while I was in prison but after one episode the guards had decided that a show about a teenage, cheer leading superhero and an internet stripper was a bit inappropriate for such a confined crowd of men but I would never forget the sight of Hayden Pantrierre's ass in her cheerleader costume.

By now Hayden had moved on to other projects and was out at Spring Break fishing for fans for her new show, also, spending an inordinate amount of time in a bikini on the beach.

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  She was maybe five foot two with a thick ass and thighs, flat stomach, small chest and fit arms and legs, basically a gymnast's body. Her blond hair and tan skin glowed in the Miami sun and staring at her made it worth it to be out in the humid heat of the beach. As I watched her play volleyball it was apparent she had some work done on her chest sending her formally A-cups into the B's. It wasn't a bad boob-job, just obvious and even without the enhancements she had a body made for a bikini.

She wasn't what anybody would call an A-list celebrity therefore her security wasn't much more than a couple of guys following along behind her on the beach and another one sitting in a near-by car in case a quick get away was needed.

Now, if you wanted to find me on the beach it would have been pretty easy since I was the only one carrying a tape deck. I didn't have the funds to switch to more digital equipment after drinking most of them, at least until I contacted Jennifer, so I played up the part as I approached Hayden's car while she jumped around on the volleyball court. I had my straw cap pulled down over my eyes but I could see out of the green visor on the brim. White zinc covered my nose and my Hawaiian shirt flapped in the breeze as I hiked up my cargo shorts as far as they could go and adjusted my fanny-pack. Pulling up my blindingly white socks I turned on my tape deck and slipped off one of my sandals.

"Mind if I borrow your car?" I asked the driver as I held up my sandal.

"Not my car so help yourself," he said without taking his eyes off the beach. He was very professional which would help me as my hypnotic music drifted into his ears. The driver paid no attention to me as I pretended to straighten myself up and then followed his eye-line to the beach. "Wow, check out that little blonde," I said offhandedly.

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"The blonde's my boss," he said with a slight smirk, a bit of reflected glory.

"Nice. You're a lucky guy," I said as my music filed his mind. We chit-chatted for a few minutes and by the end of our conversation he had decided he deserved a better job than just carting around a hot blonde celebrity. He gave me his hat and jacket before he left and I switched clothes with the supplies I had brought rolled up in my fanny pack and then waited for Hayden in her car as I put together my cobbled together equipment.

A few hours later Hayden came back to her car, still wearing her tiny bikini, and hopped in, amazing me at how little jiggle her body had. As I drove her to her hotel she slipped on her robe in the back seat and it took a great deal of will-power not to leer at her sun-kissed body and possibly give myself away. I took a longer route back to her hotel to give my commands an opportunity to worm their way inside of her brain. It would have been easier if her car would have taken tapes but technology had moved on without me. She never noticed my boom-box under the passenger side seat and by the time we reached the semi-fancy hotel I was sure my commands had seeped into her subconscious.

I questioned her before letting her out, searching for a fantasy I could hook my program on and then planted my suggestions before letting her out. I watched her walk in, even though all I could see was her robe swinging back and forth over her thick, round ass, and rubbed myself through my pants, excited more than I should be by what was going to happen tonight.

As I waited back in my room I found myself giddy as a schoolboy. It was almost like I was starting out for the first time again, the tension was nearly nerve wracking and I grinned like a mad man as I waited. Time moved by too slowly but finally, after an eternity, it was time to leave.

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  It was the middle of the night and Hayden was sure to be in a deep, deep sleep by now.

Visions of Hayden's tight, little body had been dancing behind my eyes all afternoon and evening. I had been suffering a perpetual erection for hours now and had to stop myself from simply running like a giggling idiot into Hayden's hotel. She had left me a key card to her room just as I had instructed her that she wouldn't even remember come morning. I had a stupid grin on my face from the time the clerk gave me her key all the way up the elevator and to her room. I slipped the key card through the reader and entered, my cock aching with need.

This felt so different than my time with Kate. This was planned with Hayden, Kate had been more of a opportunistic encounter and so it had less of an effort, more of a need for release after prison but with this encounter I felt more like a creeping predator ready to jump my prey.

I slowly entered my prey's room, it was dark with just enough light from the alarm clock for me to see the bedside table and the lamp. I clicked the lamp on so there was light enough to see Hayden sleeping beneath the covers but not enough to kill the atmosphere of the situation. I sat down next to her and she shuffled away from me a bit as I watched her beautiful, slumbering face. Women always look the most peaceful and beautiful to me when they're asleep, making me wish I had some artistic talent so I could sketch them or something. But I already had a talent and luckily it let me fuck all the women I wanted.

I slowly pulled Hayden's bed clothes down to reveal her sleeping body to me. Her blonde hair was up in a loose ponytail and she wore a loose, black slip that made her tan skin just seem to glow in the soft light.

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  I slowly brushed a stray strand of hair away from her face, tracing my fingers across her skin, down her jaw, down her neck, down her shoulders, and down to her chest. I teased a breast over her silk slip until her nipple was poking up through the thin material and then slowly began caressing her other mound. She moaned out softly in her sleep, unconsciously pushing her chest up towards my fingers and I moved them away, teasing her and causing her to pout with her bottom lip stuck out.

When Hayden had calmed I slowly moved my hand down her body, over her flat stomach to her thick thigh and the hem of her slip, enjoying the power I felt. I slid my hand up her firm, tan thigh, her slip raising higher and higher, exposing more and more of her succulent flesh to me. My hand crept up her leg to her hip and I raised her thin, black slip up over her matching black panties and stroked my thumb over her pubic mound, causing her to moan out again and shift in her sleep. I caressed her flat, toned stomach, lifting the slip higher and higher up her slumbering body.

I pulled my hand out from underneath Hayden's slip and softly massaged her firm tits over the top as she once again pushed her chest up to meet my hand. I reached up and slid the straps down her broad shoulders and pulled the straps slowly down her chest. Her breathing increased as her breasts were exposed, her nibbles hard and pink. I toyed with the hard nubs and caused her to moan out in pleasure as goosebumps broke out over her silky smooth flesh.

Smiling wide to myself I bent down and kissed one of her breasts just above the nipple, licking her skin softly before doing the same thing to her other tit. Her moans turned to short gasps as I blew gently on the wet spots I had left and I smiled wider. I began licking and sucking on her hard nipples, lovingly caressing her breasts as I switched back and forth between her excited nubs. Her tits were incredibly firm and she pushed them up against my face as she licked her lips erotically and moaned in pleasure while she slept.

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It's never really been about power with me. I don't believe women deserve to be attacked just because they dress provocatively or tease their fans, it's all about getting to fuck the hottest women in the world, finding their fantasies and making them come true for the benefit of both of us. I had found that Hayden's fantasy was a fairly common one, a stranger slips into her room and fucks her to orgasm while she sleeps and then quietly leaves, and it was also one of my favorites. The trick was to make her aware enough to have her be responsive without waking her up and as I feasted on her silky flesh her moans became louder and louder until I finally had to pull away before she woke.

I watched Hayden for a bit while she continued to sleep, her chest heaving, and when she calmed down and her breathing returned to normal I began tracing my fingertips across her tan, fit body again. I ran them from her graceful neck to her broad shoulders, to her chest and firm tits, to her flat stomach, across her waist to her thick thighs, and then slowly between her short legs.

I reached back up to her hips and hooked my thumbs into the elastic of Hayden's panties, slowly pulling them down her legs. Unconsciously she lifted her ass up to help me and then settled herself back down and I pulled the flimsy bit of material all the way off, flinging it over my shoulder.

Hayden kept a small strip of pubic hair above her moist slit and I toyed with her hair for a moment causing her to spread her legs slightly to give her dream man easier access. I slid my fingers up and down her labia as she rocked her hips up to meet my fingers while I teased her more, sliding my fingers up the sides of her dewy pussy-lips while she began trying to hump my hand. I bent down and began licking and sucking at her tits again, molesting her horny, slumbering body as my dick ached in my pants.

I released my hold on Hayden's overheated body and stood up, quickly stripping off my clothes. I shuffled over to her head and gripped my throbbing cock at the base, pointing my tip at her gasping mouth. I slid my sensitive helmet across her lips and her tongue automatically slipped out and licked my tip causing me to shiver. I rubbed my prick across her whole upturned face before dropping my ball sack against her mouth, her tongue once again poking out and licking at my cum filled testicles.

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  I fisted my prick slowly as she lapped at my balls, covering my entire sack in her warm saliva.

In no time Hayden's warm, wet, pink tongue had me groaning in pleasure so I pulled my wet sack out of her mouth and pointed my cock-head down. Her tongue immediately began licking and swirling around my tip as I began slowly pushing myself forward. My tip poked past her lips and she began forcefully sucking on it, drawing me into her welcoming mouth. I began rocking my hips, softly fucking her face, taking care not to choke her and wake her up. The whole fantasy hinged on her being molested in her sleep and while I did have her in a deeper sleep than usual it didn't mean that I could just throat choke her without her waking up and screaming "rape". And really, was it actually rape if all I was doing was helping her live out her own fantasy. Her dream would ensure she enjoyed everything I would do to her but if she woke up now it was off to jail for me for helping someone live out their own fantasy. It hardly seemed fair if you thought about it.

I slid my velvet head around the pink. insides of her mouth, groaning as I enjoyed the different textures, the force of her sucks, and the feel of her talented tongue. I lovingly swept the hair out of her face as I enjoyed the sight of my prick violating her slumbering face while I slowly fucked her mouth. I steadied her head with one hand as I began caressing her chest with my other, massaging her firm tits and toying with her hard nipples as she moaned in pleasure around my dick. It took everything I had not to just jack-hammer away in her mouth but the restraint now would pay off later so I just took my time and eased around, using my cock-head to explore her lightly sucking mouth.

I slid my cock out of Hayden's mouth before I lost all self control, rubbing myself across her slumbering face again before standing back up.


  Boob-job or not she still didn't have enough for a titty ride so I just kissed both of her perky nipples and walked to the end of the bed. I gently spread her short legs and gazed up at her glistening peach with it's single stripe of pubic hair and licked my lips hungrily. Laying between her thick thighs I held her dewy labia open to expose the delicious pink insides of her pussy and pushed forward, rubbing my nose against her erect clit. I licked up and down her wet pussy-lips and elicited a moan from her which caused me to smile in pride to myself before I began licking around her whole pussy.

I could only lightly dab Hayden's cunt with my tongue, afraid that I would wake her. The more she got into her "dream" the more forcefully I could go but I had to go slow to build up the tension first. Her pussy tasted divine due to whatever body wash she used and it was like only giving a sip of water to a parched man, I just wanted to swallow her whole.

As I held her firm thighs apart, Hayden began responding more on her own, rubbing up against my face as her pussy began to gush with her juices and I licked and ate her pretty, pink pussy more firmly until she was panting and moaning above me. I timed my strokes to keep her from cumming too soon since I already had the whole scenario worked out and just as I felt her body begin to crest I pulled back and sat up on my knees.

The pout on Hayden's beautiful face as she mewled in need because I had denied her an orgasm was just about the sexiest thing I had ever seen. I crawled over her and placed the tip of my achingly hard cock at the entrance to her drenched pussy and pushed forward just a bit, just enough to get my head inside of her. She sighed breathlessly as I held myself still, letting her vulnerable body get used to my slight intrusion. When she had calmed a bit I began pushing myself in so slowly, so gently, filling and parting her pussy so softly that my back began to ache. Every time she started to respond I slowed even more, my back feeling like it was on fire with the exertion of keeping the same pose for so long. God I've gotten old.

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Finally I bottomed out in side of Hayden, her body glimmering with sweat, her chest heaving, her knees raised around me. I don't know how long it took me to finally bury myself inside of her toned body and I refused to look at the clock to find out. I slid out just barely an inch before pushing back in, fucking her slowly but deeply as she began rolling her hips up to meet my thrusts. My arms were shaking as I struggled to hold my position, afraid to collapse on top of her and wake her but I refused to stop fucking the unconscious star. Old or not, a man had to have principles and once I started a job I finished it, especially fucking unaware celebrities.

Hayden's tight cunt gripped my shaft as I fucked so very slowly, her knees pressed against my sides and her hands gripping my forearms as sweat dripped from my forehead. Her breathing became more ragged as her body slowly climbed to orgasm, sweat breaking out across her forehead and across the top of her chest. Her eyes fluttered slightly but didn't open as I slid in and out of her tight little body. By now my muscles were twitching, threatening to give out as I fucked her but I refused to give up, I would see this through to the end. And luckily, finally, she squeezed my sides tightly with her knees, rolled her hips up, arched her back, squeezed my forearms, and came.

I laid there with my arms shaking and sweat pouring from my forehead as Hayden came down from her sexual high. Her tight pussy convulsed around my cock until her body relaxed and she slipped into a even deeper sleep. Technically I now had her on the verge of a coma but there was no way she would be able to sleep naturally through what I had planned next. I pulled my cock out of her gooey cunt with a wet slurping sound and stood up next to her, watching her sleep with a small grin of satisfaction on her face as I waited for my arms to quit shaking and my back to stop aching.

Hayden was absolutely gorgeous sleeping, her skin practically glowing as she slumbered and it made me wish I had one of those new fangled camera phones all the kids have now a days.

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  But I didn't so I'd just have to make up for it by fucking her ass.

I slowly stripped her completely naked and gently rolled her over onto her back, her thick, golden ass completely vulnerable to me now. The sight of her naked ass convinced me to buy one of those cameras tomorrow, depending on how much money she had laying around because it was perfect and need to be photographed. I sat down next to her and caressed her ass, just letting my hands appreciate being able to touch such a divine thing. Her skin was like silk and so warm that my palms actually tingled as they slid across her flesh and I used my thumbs to part her cheeks to peek at her tiny, little asshole. Thank God I'm me or else I'd have to live without the knowledge of what Hayden Panttierre's up-thrust rear-end felt like in my hands. And, in minute, wrapped around my cock.

I pulled the bottle of lube out of my pants pocket and covered my prick with it as I fingered Hayden's little asshole. I slowly fisted myself as I slid two fingers into her and she moaned lustfully at the intrusion while my thumb sawed in and out of her pussy until she was gasping in pleasure.

I pulled my fingers out of Hayden's tight holes and put a pillow below her hips, raising her ass up even father. Climbing up on the bed I straddled her hips and slid my prick between her cheeks until my throbbing cock-head was nuzzling against the entrance to her tightest hole. Her ass-cheeks completely enveloped the tip of my prick and nearly the next inch of my cock and I found myself wondering if there was a term for titty fucking somebody's ass-cheeks because that's how thick her ass was. I pushed forward slowly and my hard work paid off as her ass swallowed my first inch of cock with just a small grunt of discomfort from her.

I pushed into Hayden slowly, even more slowly than her pussy, letting her tight ass part around me. She may have been nearly in a coma but that didn't mean I wanted to injure her.


  Besides, that could leave evidence and my whole existence was now determined by my ability to stay undiscovered no matter whose ass I fucked. She began moaning out so I slowed myself down until her moans of discomfort turned to light groans of pleasure. My arms quickly began shaking again but I refused to hurry this experience up, her ass was something to be appreciated like fine wine or art.

I refused to look at the clock by the bed side as I sank inch after inch of my cock into Hayden's heavenly tush. If I knew how much time it was taking to bury myself completely into her tan body my arms would have collapsed. Unconsciously she began to help out, slowly pushing back against me until I was finally completely sheathed inside of her tight, hot hole. She moaned out and gripped the sheets as she began to softly grind herself back against me and I took a moment to get my breath back. I relaxed my arms a little and rested against her thick ass-cheeks as I swore to start hitting the gym again, old or not there was no reason that fucking a celebrity ass should be this difficult.

When I got my wind back I began to slowly fuck myself in and out of Hayden's tan ass as she began to moan and groan in discomfort as well as pleasure. The more I fucked her the faster I began to go and my own moans of discomfort turned to gasps of pleasure. Sweat dripped from my forehead and into my eyes as her tight ass clenched my prick like a vice while I huffed and puffed like a old man. Her moans felt as good to my ears as her body did to my cock while I pumped myself into her. Her tan back was sprinkled with drops of sweat as I grunted and fucked her ass, my tongue lolling out of my mouth.

Hayden was making almost as much noise as I was now except the sounds she was making was in pleasure and mine were in exertion but the feel of her wrapped tightly around my shaft kept me going. I promised myself that my next encounter would be a bit more relaxing, maybe something to do with a sauna or some sort of comfy couch.

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  The unconscious celebrity began pushing her thick ass against me, grinding her firm ass-cheeks up against my groin and down against the bed, stimulating her clit until she came. Her already tight ass squeezed down on my prick almost to the point of pain as her orgasm washed through her and I lost the strength in my arms and collapsed against her, my prick spasming inside of her as I came. I filled her ass with my thick cum as we came together, both of us twitching and spasming as I lay on top of her.

As Hayden's orgasm began to subside she began to relax and slip back into true sleep. I rolled off of her slowly relaxing body and onto the bed, trying to catch my breath before she slipped back into real unconsciousness. I leaned over and whispered my commands into her ear, making sure they were deeply embedded inside of her subconscious. The commands were a bit more complex than just fall asleep and let me fuck you. She'd be engaged in activities during her conscious hours, completing tasks for me and then having to forget them which made it a bit more dangerous than it was with Kate when I had her just forget me and respond to me if we met again.

I caressed Hayden's magnificent ass, giving it an affectionate squeeze and a playful slap before forcing myself to get up. She'd wake up in a few hours, clean herself up and then go back to sleep so that when she woke up in the morning she'd think that this had all been a dream. I stared at her naked, tan, fit little body, a dribble of my cum sliding out of her ass and again wished I had one of those phones with camera's in them. As beautiful as she was normally, she looked like a slumbering goddess napping after an orgasm now. She was truly made to be fucked and had the ass for it.

After I got dressed I gave her thick ass another affectionate squeeze and left her there to make my way back home. Well, not home, just a room but it would do for now.

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  After making it back to my shitty, little hotel room I cleaned up and laid down but sleep eluded me. I was too anxious for sleep. I had no idea how long it would take Hayden to track down Jennifer for me and even then I had to hope that the commands I had made for Jennifer were still intact. So much to look forward to, so much that could still go wrong. For a guy who relied so much on patience to get what he wanted I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve, waiting for my presents.

The End. .