The ice cream truck driver


Jonathan Hammer, had done time – he was arrested for screwing a kid. When he was out, out of work, the last thing he wanted to do was to be near kids, but he ended up getting to drive an ice cream truck and selling them. He made rounds of different neighbourhoods. Going from  street to street. One day Tom Shay  another driver, called in sick, so he had do cover his area too. He turned  into street, the kids   rushed to buy ice cream when they heard the bells.   When Jonathan was busy selling ice cream cone, he spots around 7 teenagers, standing by a tree, wearing their pants below their waists and were shirtless. Jonathan  could  not get his eyes off them. He looked away then heard laughing. He looked at the boys they were looking at him, whispered something in each other ears. One laughed so loud, he rolled back at the tree. When most of the children had gone, the eldest amongst the seven comes.
“Hi, Tom, I want seven cones”
“Tom!?” Jonathan “Alright/ what flavour?”
“Any”. That boy was joined in by two. Jonathan hands them  the ice cream cones.
“Hi, I am Randy” The first boy says.

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   “Where’s Tom?”
“Not well”
“Your name is?”
“Have ever seen this?” Randy asks, pulls one of the boys closer to him, pushes his loosely  buttoned pants down,  forces his dick inside the ice cream cone.
“Aaah!” that teenager screams, “That hurts, you bastard”. Jonathan eyes opened wide, he has an erection in his pants, but his coat hid the bulge, still he could not believe what he was looking at. The third boy starts licking that ice cream cone. Randy laughs.
“I bet you have a great cock” Randy says. “Can you show me?”. The boy who had his cock stuffed in the cone runs off naked, with his pants in his hands.
“Sorry I’m going” Jonathan says. Brings down the cover and drives off. He dreaded the thought  he would be coming through  this route till Tom got well.
The next day. The scene repeated itself, with a difference. He hears a knock in the back door, Jonathan sees its Randy through the window.   He opens the door,  Randy pushes him inside, gets rid of his pants, pulls down  Jonathan’s trousers and underwear and starts ravenously sucking his cock.

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“You have really fantastic cock”  Randy tells Jonathan, stands up and spreads his butt, to show his asshole. Jonathan was about to fuck him. He hears
“Mr Ice Cream man, may we have some ice cream?”   Some kids say. Jonathan pulls up his trousers zips them and gives them ice cream and shuts the window, pulls the curtain. He goes back to fucking Randy.

“Oooh, yes, that is great” Randy says. Jonathan shoots his load into Randy’s asshole. Randy turns and  kisses Jonathan’s cock, gets out of the back door, leaving his pants there, walks off naked.   Jonathan throws the pants in a garbage dump and drives back. His head was reeling from  what he had just done. The third time around, when children were  thronging the ice cream truck there was this man with a light beard, off white shirt and a pair of jeans. He waited till most of the kids had gone. He buys an ice cream cone. Then starts talking.
“Hey, Jonathan, can we talk?” The man asks
“Yes we can, what do you want to talk about?”
“Hm, not here, outside” .

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   Suddenly Jonathan became scared. , he did not know what this was all about. He comes out of the truck.
“Hi, I’m Fred, I live here” Fred tells Jonathan. Fred grabs Jonathan by the hand and takes him to a shaded part of house, next to a garage, quickly undoes Jonathan’s trousers, exposes his cock and balls.
“Man that cock  those balls look so delicious!” Fred says.   Pulls Jonathan  along into a house,  the two were in the living room. Fred strips off his clothes and starts sucking Jonathan’s cock and playing with this balls. Stops sucking and spreads his legs apart showing off wide asshole.
“Fuck me, baby” Fred says. Jonathan rams his big cock inside Fred’s asshole. At first Fred screams, then relaxes.
“Keep fucking me, love, It is so big and nice. ” Fred hollers. Jonathan keeps fucking till his balls ached and crashed on the carpet. 

   He hears the room filling up.   When he raises himself, it was Randy and the other boys.
“Enjoyed yourself Dad?” Randy asks
“Yes, oh fucking yes” Fred says excitedly
Jonathan stands up, wears his uniform   and prepares to leave.
“Where are you going man, fuck me some more”
Jonathan was almost at the door, when the boys block his way. , he pushes them aside and rushes to his truck and drives off  at full speed.


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