The Root and the Wilson Babes


Brief Backstory: The setting is a Middle America town in the late 1970's and Lute (The Root), our hero, is a well-hung 18-year-old who's finishing high school, playing bass in a rock band, and spreading his own brand of goodwill among the local ladies. In this episode, Lute is seduced into a threesome with his girlfriend Leslie Wilson and her hot mother, Gwen.


Luther Casey had been friendly with Leslie Wilson since middle school. But when she blossomed during her sophomore year of high school, so did their relationship. And by their senior year, after they'd both turned 18, they were screwing on a regular basis.

Leslie's dad owned a business and traveled a lot, so he wasn't around much. And her mom, Gwen, really liked Lute and gave him plenty of private time with her daughter. So finding the right time and place for sex wasn't much of a problem for Lute and Leslie.

Leslie fit Lute's "perfect female" physical profile to a T. She had a pretty face, was tall with a well proportioned body - tight stomach, slightly fleshy ass and sizeable breasts - and her medium length hair was a reddish blonde. By any guy's standards, Leslie was a beauty.

But in addition to being a babe, Leslie was also a good student and was destined to become a successful lawyer. And on top of it all, she had a voracious sexual appetite. So every chance they got, she and Lute would have hard and passionate sex.

Leslie's favorite position was to be on top, allowing Lute to look suck on her big 34C melons as she rode his huge rod while fingering her twat until she screamed and came. And since she was on the pill, the couple would then resume fucking like crazy until he drove himself deep into her cunt and filled her hungry pussy with loads of his cum.

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And though they were both dating and having sex with other people during that last year of high school, they loved their chances to be together.

But things with Leslie took an especially interesting turn for Lute early one fall Friday evening when he went over to her house after practicing with the school's jazz combo.

Lute was starving, and fortunately Gwen, Leslie's mom, had made a big meal and expected Lute to join them. Leslie's dad wasn't due home for several days, and her big brother was off at college, so it was just the three of them.

Lute had always liked Gwen. She was smart and funny, and she was also a babe like her daughter - basically an older looking version of Leslie, but with even bigger tits and some gray streaks in her light brown hair. Lute wasn't yet an expert on guessing women's bust sizes, but he figured Gwen to be about a 36D.

So, thanks to the fine food, a few glasses of wine for the ladies and some beers for Lute, the three of them had a great time together. Gwen had on a low cut sweater that showed off lots of her juicy cleavage. And Leslie was wearing leggings and a flannel shirt that was unbuttoned farther than usual, making it obvious there was no bra underneath to contain her own luscious bosom.

As they talked and laughed and drank, Lute began to forget that he was sitting with a forty-five year old mother and her eighteen-year-old daughter. Instead, Lute started to see them as two hot ladies that he'd love to get in bed. And from the way they were both flirting with him, he could almost imagine it happening. But he stashed that thought away in his "Highly Unlikely/Ain't No Way" mental file.

When they had finished eating, Lute helped clear the table and take dishes into the kitchen.

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   And as he was standing at the sink rinsing off the plates, Gwen came up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist. Pushing her big soft tits against his back, she whispered into Lute's ear, "Leslie tells me you're quite the lover. "

Surprised, Lute looked over and saw Leslie smiling sheepishly as she wiped off the counter tops, giving him a raised eyebrow look that he was unsure how to interpret. But when Gwen slipped one hand down to his bulging crotch and began massaging his thick meat through his jeans, Lute quickly understood where this was headed.

Gwen then continued her seductive whispering, "Leslie tells me she's willing to share you, that is, if you're willing to be shared. "

Lute looked over again at Leslie, who this time gave him a sexy smile and a nod. Emboldened, Lute turned around and faced Gwen and joined her in a soulful kiss. And as they kissed, Gwen hungrily opened her mouth and worked it over Lute's as she shoved in her tongue, and then put her hand back onto his crotch, grabbing as much of his huge cock as she could.

"Please don't think we're some kind of kinky sluts, okay?" Gwen whispered as she took a pause from their kissing, "But I came home early from work a few weeks ago and heard you two making love in Leslie's room. The door was open, so I was naughty and peeked in. And I confess, I watched longer than I meant to. Because, my god, when I saw your huge beautiful cock in my daughter's mouth, I couldn't stop. I hope you'll forgive me for that, but damn, you've got a gorgeous cock, Luther Casey!"

"Wow!" Lute stuttered as he backed away from Gwen and looked over at Leslie. Seeing that she was still smiling at him, he added, "Well, I'm definitely embarrassed, and, uh, yeah, I guess I'm also kinda' flattered. "

"I think you should definitely go with the 'flattered' part," Gwen laughed.

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"So, what is it the two of you have cooked up?" Lute then asked, looking over inquisitively at Leslie.

"Well," Leslie said seductively, "If you're willing to have a threesome with my mom and me, we'd really like that, and we're sure it'll be really fun. . . for all of us!"

Still somewhat incredulous at what he was hearing, Lute looked back at Gwen and fumbled out, "But what about your husband?"

"Oh, don't worry about Dan," Gwen assured him with a wave of her hand. "We agreed some time ago to an open marriage. And I expect he's spending the weekend with his lady friend in Boston. So this 'don't ask, don't tell' arrangement has worked out well for both of us. "

And then, more out of curiosity than concern, Lute asked, "So, have you two done this before? You know, had a threesome with a guy?"

Leslie and Gwen looked at each other somewhat uncertainly, then Gwen answered, "Yes, we've done it before with two different guys. The first guy was kind of by accident, but the second one was premeditated, and it was great. And we talked about it earlier and agreed that we'd like to do it with you too. "

Lute looked again at Leslie, and she just grinned and shrugged her shoulders. So, seizing the golden opportunities before him, Lute moved back over to Gwen and grabbed her ass and pulled her into him, and then reached out and motioned for Leslie to join them.

"Damn!" Lute exclaimed as Leslie scooted over to him with a giggle, "I can't believe what's happening here!"

But when he locked Leslie into a long lusty kiss, and Gwen snuggled into his neck and resumed massaging his now-throbbing cock, Lute added, "You two are really something! The Wilson babes tag team The Root!"

After more sensual groping and kissing in the kitchen, the trio grew increasingly aroused, so Gwen and Leslie led Lute off to the master bedroom of their spacious house. And as soon as they walked into the room, the hot mother-daughter team wasted no time undressing Luther.

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Leslie unbuttoned his shirt as they kissed, and Gwen quickly set about freeing the beast that was stretching out Lute's jeans. She yanked off his belt, unbuttoned his pants and jerked down its zipper. And then with both hands, she lowered his faded Levis, leaving his stretched cotton briefs as the last remaining barrier between her mouth and Lute's throbbing python.

Rubbing his swollen cock's thick shaft through his briefs, Gwen slowly felt the bulging outline of his member with her hand. And then she placed her mouth over Lute's cock's, working her lips up from its base to his prick's bulbous head that was now poking out over the waistband of his BVD's. Once she reached his cock's big mushroom helmet, Gwen grabbed his shorts and pulled them down, and when she did, Lute's ten-inch love muscle flung out like a jack-in-the-box.

Gwen moaned and marveled at his veiny leviathan, "Oh, my god, just look at this! What a gorgeous cock!" she exclaimed as she grabbed its shaft and admired the length and girth of her new sex toy. And then she looked up at Luther, "I'm so glad you agreed to this Lute! And I promise, you won't be sorry!"

With his shirt now removed, Lute kicked off his pants while he and Leslie paused to watch her mom have her first encounter with Lute's beast. And as Gwen continued stroking and admiring Lute's magnificent tool, Leslie gave him a big lusty kiss while he unbuttoned her flannel shirt, and then he helped steady her as she slipped out of her leggings. Leslie was now beautifully naked and grinding against Lute while her mother continued to moan with delight as she sucked on his thick member.

"Oh, Leslie! His cock is a fucking monster!" Gwen said between slurps on Lute's throbbing tool. "I definitely think there's enough here for both of us!"

Soon ready for a more comfortable arrangement, Leslie led them over to the king-sized bed and its soft quilted cover. She had Luther lie back on the end of the bed with his feet on the floor, which gave her mom the perfect spot to kneel and continue working over his massive cock.

As Lute stretched out on the bed, Leslie slipped in beside him and they began to kiss and fondle each other's naked bodies. And while they did, Lute kept an eye fixed on her mom, who was now standing nearby and beginning to undress.

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Seeing that she had an audience, Gwen put on a bit of a show as she slowly slipped out of her tight pants and pulled off her sweater. Her black bikini bottoms revealed just the right bit of middle-aged flesh around her waist that Lute found really sexy, and her tits were as big and magnificent as he had expected.

Gwen's tits bulged in their black brassiere's constraints and then happily spilled out when she reached around and undid their strap. Flopping onto her chest in all of their D cup glory, Gwen lifted them up and looked at Lute as she suckled on her tits' big and elongated reddish brown areolas and wide nipples. As he admired Gwen's wondrous breasts and voluptuous body, Lute lustily moaned to himself as he imagined sliding his big cock between her fleshy melons and letting her tit-fuck him with their soft goodness.

Gwen then slowly slipped off her panties to reveal a nicely tended thatch of light brown fur that surrounded her cunt's big dark lips, now glistening with juicy excitement. And fixing her eyes on Lute with a look that said, "This is all for you," Gwen slowly ran her hand up along her pussy, letting her middle finger slide into her glistening snatch as she did. And then, naked and ready, Gwen knelt back down on the floor and slid her head between Lute's legs, and resumed making love to the eager ten-inch pillar that throbbed for more of her attention.

When Gwen placed her whole mouth over his cock and began to expertly slide it back into her throat, Lute groaned with pleasure, "Oh, fuck, yes. Suck it, Gwen. That feels amazing!"

Now flanked by two beautiful naked women who were both fully intent on making love to him, a wave of excitement swept through Lute's body as Gwen deep-throated his cock, and her daughter hungrily kissed him and rubbed her big tits against his chest as she whispered, "Oh, man, Luther! This is so fucking wild!"

Lute had never been in a threesome, so he was thrilled to be making it with this fantastic mother-daughter duo. He was also intrigued that neither of them seemed the least bit embarrassed about being naked and sexy together with him - which is something he would have expected. But Lute still had a lot to learn about the ways of women - and especially these two.

With Gwen content to apply her deep-throating skills to his formidable appendage, Lute began to give her daughter some much-needed attention. He put his hand between Leslie's legs and inserted a finger into her juicy twat, which made her groan in anticipation.

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   And when he shoved it in farther, she ground her hips onto his hand until several of his fingers were fully inside her pussy, finger-fucking her licentious cunt as she feverishly drove herself onto him. Leslie was already on the edge, so it didn't take too much of Lute's hand action in her twat to push her over the orgasmic cliff. And when she came, it was with a ferocity that was a harbinger of things to come for the three lovers.

"Oh, yes. . . yes. . . yes!" Leslie moaned as Lute's thumb continued to massage her clit while his fingers drove in and out of her hungry cunt. "Oh, god, yes. . . yes. .

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  . yes!"

And then, instead of pulling back to relax and savor the orgasmic waves that were moving through her, Leslie remained in high gear and scrambled up to position herself over Lute's head, planting her still-climaxing pussy onto his face.

"Now eat it, Luther, eat it!" Lesley hissed at him with a lusty ferocity he'd never seen in her before, grinding her cunt into his mouth while she fiercely whispered, "Eat my pussy, baby! Eat it!"

All of this action between Leslie and Lute had only further inspired Gwen's oral lovemaking on his cock. Gwen loved to suck cock and was proud of her technique in the fine art of fellatio. But she'd never had a cock as big as Lute's in her mouth, and was determined to make the most of it.

So, as Leslie drove her wet pussy into Lute's mouth and lustily made her demands of him, Gwen began thrusting his saliva-covered python deeper into her throat. And though she periodically had to stop to gag and catch her breath, this didn't deter Lute's new lover from her mission. She was now in a full-on cock sucking frenzy and sensed that a righteous load of jism was rising in Lute's testes and preparing to erupt.

In an impressive display of synchronicity, when Leslie began to squeal and moan as her next orgasm approached, Lute raised his hips and drove his hungry monster deeper into her mother's mouth, further inciting his own climax. Then, at virtually the same moment, when Leslie threw back her head and wailed for Lute to keep eating her, Lute grunted and groaned at his own climactic explosion that was now spewing into his new cock-sucking lover's willing mouth.

Leslie slid her cunt off Lute's face and flopped down beside him while she extended her orgasm by rubbing hungrily on her clit. And this gave Lute a chance to catch his breath while he moaned and volleyed more of his seed into Gwen's willing mouth.

Lute knew it was both a blessing and a curse that the quantity of semen he usually ejaculated was proportional to the size of his cock - meaning his orgasmic spew was big. So his first-time lovers were always surprised by his copious cum shots, even if he warned them in advance, which sometimes, like tonight, he forgot to do.

Looking down, Lute could see that Gwen was already getting more than she expected.

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   And though she and Leslie had talked about the huge size of Lute's cock, Leslie had apparently left out the part about his prodigious eruptions. So, as Gwen attempted to keep her mouth fixed over Lute's pulsing cock, his creamy spew continued to gush out of her mouth like a breached dam. Gwen did an admirable job, but Lute's cum continued rushing out of her overwhelmed mouth and down her chin, dripping onto her big heaving tits.

Wide-eyed, Gwen valiantly held Lute's cock shaft with both hands as she gulped on the jism that was still pumping out of his cock's huge mushroom head and she soon had splattered a creamy white layer of warm gesso over her face and chest.

"Oh, my god!" Gwen laughed as his last few spurts ejaculated onto her.

Leslie was now recovering from her own orgasm and leaning back against some pillows as she watched her mother's impressive attempts to corral Lute's spewing stallion. Leslie knew all-too-well the volcanic nature of his orgasmic eruptions, but she also saw that tonight's display was extraordinary, even by Lute's standards.

"Wow, Luther!" Leslie exclaimed as she looked down at him in his blissful state. "You really unloaded tonight, baby!"

"Sorry, Gwen!" Lute could only groan blissfully after his cock spasms had ceased, "I should have warned you. "

"No apology needed!" Gwen laughed as she put his cock back in her mouth. "This is the biggest and best load of cum I've ever had! My god, you are a fucking stud horse! I love it!"

With his orgasm concluded, Gwen looked up at Lute as she massaged her skin, using the cum that covered her upper torso like a fine creamy lotion. And she gave special attention to slowly rubbing it all over and under her big floppy tits, knowing that would be a turn-on for Lute, which it absolutely was.

"Damn, Gwen," he could only moan as he watched her slowly spread his cum over her tits. "You are so fucking hot!"

"Mmm. .

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  . thanks, lover," she said with a lusty smile. "And you're pretty amazing, I gotta' tell you. My husband has a good-sized prick, which I've always enjoyed. But it's nowhere near your size. And I recently had sex with a guy whose cock I thought was really big. But damn, it was nothing like this!"

"So, how long does it take for you to recover from something like that?" she asked inquisitively while continuing to stroke his slick beast, "Because I'm not going to let you leave here until I've had this big cock inside my pussy. "

"You'll be amazed at how soon he's ready again!" Leslie laughed, answering on Lute's behalf. "But I think we're going to need him all night, just in case. Don't you think, mom?"

"Oh, yeah, I definitely think so!" Gwen said as she rested her head against Lute's sticky stomach and continued fondling his slippery meat.

And then looking at him with a sexy grin, Leslie asked, "So, can you spend the night with us, Luther? We'll make it worth your while!"

Eager for the opportunity to enjoy these two beauties for hours, Lute replied, "I'd love that! Sure, I'll just call my folks and let them know I won't be home until the morning. "

"Excellent!" Leslie said as she began to slide off the bed, "So, mom, why don't you go get showered off and I'll get us all something to drink. And Luther, why don't you get cleaned up too. You're both really sticky!"

Giving Lute a big happy kiss, Leslie padded bare-assed out of the room, her perfect tits swaying as she walked. And Gwen then slowly stood up from her crouched position at the end of the bed and motioned for Lute to join her, "Come on, lover.

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   Let's take a shower. "

Lute could only smile at his luck as he slid down off the bed towards the voluptuous mature beauty that had beckoned him to join her for a post-coitus shower.

But first, while Gwen went into the bathroom, Lute made a quick call home to let his parents know he wouldn't be home that night. He knew his folks were out for the evening, which made it easy in those pre-cellphone days to just leave them a message on their answering machine.

Like Gwen and her husband, over the past year or two Lute's parents had moved into their own version of "Don't ask, don't tell," and that suited them all just fine. As long as they had a general knowledge of Lute's whereabouts, they didn't pursue the details. He was a trustworthy kid and would soon be heading off to college anyway, so his parents gave him a long leash.

Once Lute hung up the phone, he went to join Gwen in the shower. And as he entered the now candlelit master bath, it dawned on him that he was about to bathe with a woman his mother's age. Granted, she had just given him a first-class blowjob, and her body was sexy-as-hell, but he nonetheless hesitated for a moment as he listened to Gwen hum happily as she luxuriated in the steamy spray, and he thought about what was going on. .

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