The Store; A Prologue.


I'll never forget the first time Kasey Hartigan walked into McMillian's Grocery.

Because that's when everything that was the norm changed.

Sitting at the computer screen when this fresh,brown-eyed,sultry-sounding brunette walked in and asked for an application,I only could stare at first. She was,quite simply,stunning. But it wasn't that she was overdone; like someone who seemed unreal. She seemed. . . . normal. And that's what made her absoultely beautiful.

An ass that you could fall in love with by itself didn't hurt,either.

But I'll never forget how she,a spunky 16-year-old,would ruin a community staple in rural Mississippi that had been around for over 50 years almost single handedly. Well,we did plenty of the back work on that ourseleves,but she was the trigger. The perfect trigger.

McMillian's grocery was a harmless place on the outside.

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   A friendly,knowledgeable staff. A seeming easy going owner. A job couldn't have been better. But underneath all that shine,we were scum. At least,the front end of the store was scum. Basically,we were all sex addicts. The front managers,3 males and a female,would all sleep with the all-female cashier staff,giving the bagboys the scraps after we had already taken the young girl's innocence. In my 3 years working here,I had all kinds of pussy; the best part was they wouldn't tell. they couldn't tell. No one would believe them.

In fact,cashiers had to go through a "employment process" to be accepted up front. Basically whatever creative embrassing sexual activity we could create for them. I remember fondly,the first girl we had put to the test while I was there. Allison. Cute little skinny blonde girl.

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   I remember we made her masturbate in the back of the store (during store hours,mind you) with one of the cucumbers from the produce department,and then she had to buy it and eat it for lunch. Another girl,Brittany,we had dress up like a catholic school girl,skirt and everything. She wore no panties and had to flash every man in the parking lot her twat,then she had to fuck Austin the meat manager. His wife never found out. We could be sick,twisted fucks.

And life was beautiful. I could fuck any of those girls I wanted to. And nobody had to know. And I did take that oppertunity up,on occasion, not to the extent of my fellow managers, but between girlfriends, I did indulge.

But Kasey Hartigan. Everything changed with Kasey Hartigan. .