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Hey everybody, my name is Mike Barney. Let me start by saying I have always thought my cousin Tina Mig was the sexiest little thing. Shes thin, about 5'7", long dirty blonde hair and small perky little titties. I have often fantasized about what she would be like in bed being she is also a shy little thing. We used to be very close and I gave her the nickname Little Tina. Ok so here we go. One day I was just sitting around doing nothing bored out my mind so I decided to send her pic of my dick, ofcourse anonymously. So when she got back to me "lol who's this" i got really excited. "Do you like it" I said. "Its ok but who is this" she replied. This went back and forth for a little while until I got up the nerve to tell her it was me. At first she did not know what to say but when I told her how I felt I convinced her to allow me to pick her up. I took her back to my house and she said she didnt know if she could go thru with this. I started kissing her and she wrapped her hand around my hard cock and began to massage it pretty gently. I took her pants and her little undies off and bent her over my dresser. Got on my knees and began licking her tiny sweet pussy from behind.

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   Slowly I worked my tounge down to her tiny little asshole and began to lick. As I got her ass wet with my saliva i then pushed my tounge as deep as i could into her asshole. She moaned so loud "Oh Mike" and came right there on the spot. We were not done. I asked her to get on the bed and I took my hard shaft and began to tease her little clit with it. She practically begged for me to put it in. "Ok little Tina is your pussy ready for this" I said. "Yes" she replied. I took her legs and put them as far back as they would go and stuck my hard cock between her juicy pussy lips. She let out tiny little moan and got louder as we went on. She had a flush look on her face and a confused little look in her eye as to say she couldn't believe the ecstasy she was receiving. "Did you ever think it could feel this good little Tina" I asked. "No never, I cant believe were doing this but it feels so good" replied my little Tina. I took my dick out and left her ankles bent all the way back to her ears and began to eat her ass and then lick her pussy. I told her to roll over and get in doggy position and she did.

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   I thrust my hard dick into her pussy and began to fuck her fast. I got so excited looking at my dick go in and out of her tiny pussy from behind. She has the cutest tiny little ass. She screamed as I went faster out of pure enjoyment. We then got into 69 position and as I licked her sweet spot she put my shaft into her mouth and began to suck. She did this for a while till I felt like I was gonna cum and I told her to stop for a min. She then began to jerk my cock while she grinded he clit up and down on my face. She was loving every minute of this. Then she got on top of me and started to bounce up and down on my rock hard dick. "I dont know how much more I can take little Tina. Can I cum on your face. " I said. "Yes Michael" she answered and laid flat on the bed. I brought my dick up to her face and began to jerk it. She started sucking just the tip as of it were a lollipop.

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   I told her i was gonna cum and i exploded all over her pretty little face. She told me she came 5 times that night and we have gotten together on a couple other nights. Each one just as good as the first but there is just something about that first time. Thank you my little Tina Mig, you are my favorite cousin and the best cousin anyone could ever ask for. .

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