Two things I learned.Never sleep with a friend. Never sleep with a married man.I was a bad learner


There are certain things you just lnow you should never do. One was never have sex with a married man. Another one is never ever have sex with a good friend. I was on the verge of violating both rules in one day. It was a few weeks ago, the day before Thanksgiving. I decided I needed that day off because between work and my boyfriend, I was 100% stressed out. I figured i would find a friend and either go shopping or to a movie that Wednesday. The only person I found who could easily skip work that day was Bob. I know Bob for some 20 years and we never ever were more than friends. We always teased each other but would never cross that invisible line. We agreed to meet at 9 AM and take a ride and either see a movie or go out for lunch somewhere. We got into my car and headed north of NYC. It was a real treat seeing Bob since it had been some time since we saw each other. He was married and rarely left home without his wife. This special day we had a chance to talk openly and without others intervening. It didn't take long before he started to complain about his wife, but not really in a terrible way.


  It opened up the door for me to complain about my boyfriend. I was shocked a lot when Bob told me how lackluster his sex life with his wife was. It is not that it was boring. It was just void of things most couples enjoy. All the things his wife didn't or refused to do were things that came naturally for me. I kind of felt bad for Bob but I realized my sex life with my boyfriend was not much better. Little did either of us know but a seed was planted that day. As we kept driving, we realized it was very cold out and way too early for lunch or any kind of movie. It was 10 AM and we were 50 miles north of the city. I exited the highway and the only place we saw was a nice hotel. I looked at him and asked him if we could jusy hang out there and perhaps buy a bottle of wine to celebrate our day together. He was reluctant and I understood but he agreed and we checked into the hotel.

When we got to our room it felt a wee bit awkward. He commented that we could do anythign we wanted to do and only we would know. I do not think he meant anything by it but just being alone with him in a hotel far away from him kind of turned me on.

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  What we did next really was crazy. We rented a XXX film off the TV since neither of us ever saw one and thought since we were not intimate, it would be fun to watch. After 5 minutes, I think we both knew we might have made a mistake by renting the movie. I was very horny and I knew he was too. I asked him what we should do and he was clueless. I suggested a game of strip poker and he went right along with it. We used dollar bills to play because neither of us had cards. In less than 5 minutes, we stood in front of each other completely nude. He had a nice sized cock and I got bold and took it in my hands. You could feel it grow immediately. He put his hands over my tits and I saw stars. I suggested we take a shower and we marched into the bathroom and got into the shower that pressed our bodies very close to one another. He reminded me that what we were doing was wrong but fun. For some reason both of us expected the other one to put the brakes on sooner or later but it hadn't happened yet. I got very bold.

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  I got down and put his cock in my mouth and sucked away. You could feel his body go kind of limp ans I sucked and sucked. I did it only for a minute but if that was all i ever did, I wanted to show him what a good blow job could feel like. We hugged and exited the shower. We dried each other and he was very playful. We hopped on to the bed and remained nude. I asked him what he was thinking and he answered shyly that he wished we could have gone all the way in the shower. When he said that I playfully jumped on top of him and told him I didn't think he would allow that to happen. I felt his cock, rock hard by now, along my leg. I had to make the biggest choice of my life but it was a no brainer. I tried to pretend I was dismounting him but instead I wound up sliding his cock into me. He let out a sound of instant approval. We took it slow just to velieve it. We even stopped to look at each other to make sure it was not some kind of dream. It wasn't.

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  That look got us really going. I felt myself ready to cum quickly and I did. He said it had been ages since his wife came from intercourse. We were just getting started. Neither of us felt the slightest bit of guilt. We kept doing it for a long time. I had at least 8 orgasms and he had yet to cum. When I questioned why he said he just felt weird but I wanted him to cum. I told him this and when i did, we made one last trip to paradise. I felt him starting to erupt. When he did, I wound uo having the orgasm of my life. We came together and it was as explosive as it could ever be.

It ook us several minutes to catch our breaths and cool off. We both were lying there and we both knew that what just happened was beyond reality and the best sex either of ever had. Neither of us expected this to happene nor did we expect results like this.

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  When we looked at the clock, we realized we were fucking for over 3 wonderful hours. we were speechless. a mild type of shyness took over and we got dressed. All of a sudden, we both felt kind of naked so it was the right thing to do. The ride home was weird. We were in trances. The only question that we had was should we ever do this again. We both were too confused but we one day would have to make a choice. Not a bad choice I guess. .