Visiting home from studies


The boys and girs at uni had been making me feel very at home for a country boy, and I'd been getting into the shameless swing of dorm life. When my parents invited me up home for my birthday weekend, I was happy to go, but I wasn't going to go without partying, especially in my first time up there now that I'm old enough to buy drinks.

On my first night there I went straight to the beach bar. I was drinking so much that I didn't care who knew I was down to fuck. Plenty of people got busy on the beach anyway, our small town could party as much as any city, and let the perverts watch.

I brought home a boy whose body was as smooth as his buldge was huge. The soft fabric of his pants had been cupping a great thick creature that I'd had my eyes on for hours. He'd been dancing with me like he knew exactly what I wanted, and as soon as he got me home, he was kissing me with a hungry tongue. I pulled him down to the couch, his buldge was a pendulum rocking against my ass, balls, and with teasing rubs against my own dick. Our hardening shafts were running that soft skin back and forth just a little, just like the soft fabric of his pants between my legs.

He stood up in front of me, and the whole length of his thick plaything was stiff. It wouldn't have lasted much longer in those pants without bursting, I pulled them down and the beast bounced out in airy relief. His head had a great shape, leading up to his thick, hot, drop of precum for me to suck up. I felt like the perfect little cock-worshipper wrapping my wet mouth around this great big thing, slidings it skin down and back as it, and my mouth got ever sloppier.

I'm not quiet in bed, I love to talk dirty and I love to be watched. I sucked and gulped and moaned like I was being watched, and, drunk as I was, I don't know how long it took me to realise that I was.

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   Daddy was standing in the hall, trying to hide in the shadow. I could tell from him hiding that he was into it, which made me so hot. I immediately took off my pants, my long cock bowed with its mostly erect and tingling shaft.

My tight T-shirt held in a muscular shape and the cool air touched my where my legs meet my hips, around and between the curves of my butt, and the underside of my cock. I bobbed my head on this cock, slurping and slapping the wetness all over my mouth and face. I moaned and slurped, and made sure I could watch the hallway. I could just make out a jostling at daddy's hip, he's definitely watching, the dirty old pervert.

I can't see him, but I stare right where his face would be, and put on a dirty wet show, making firey eyes at the dirty old man as I worked the cock into a throbbing frenzy. The boy's grunts heaved into play and he started thrusting into my mouth, making me cough and push myself to stay on the bucking beast. Just as the long, quiverring shout started coming, I pulled him out and jerked the hot load onto my face and tongue. It kept coming and coming, spraying a mess of creamy white cum all over my face.

There's no way mum didn't hear that from her room, was she awake already, did she know daddy was in the hallway watching? I washed up and managed to stumble back into my room, where I went out like a light. Big boy didn't stay, no doubt going home to mummy or wifey or whoever.

The next day I woke up full of a calm glow, with the grin of a great fuck. Mum and dad were both smiling and winking at me like they knew it too.

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   How much did mum know? I started getting cheeky in the kitchen. Mum was making the birthday cake, and I stole the piping bag, giving firey eyes to both of them and then saying "you'll like this daddy". I sucked a bit of sugar out of the smooth plastic end, innocently and devilishly at the same time. Then I started squirting thick, white, sugary spurts all over my face, looking at dad in between like I was waving around a dirty magazine I'd caught him with.

Mum and dad were both laughing devilishly. Maybe she does know. I put a couple of spurts on mum's face. She chuckled and licked her lips, taking in little sweet mouthfuls. I pushed a little straight into her mouth, she sucked on the nozzle, even moving her head back and forth a little playfully. They really don't need me to bring them out of their shells over here. I put my hand on her cheek and ran my thumb around her mouth, she curved her whole body into my grasp and gasped. I ran my thumb into the soft, wet lips, and then slowly run it up the middle of her tongue.

She sucked on my thumb, coming up and down on it like the kind of girl who likes being called a slut. I picked up a few fingers' worth of the cake, and started rubbing it into her cleavage. She pushed her body into me, rubbing her chest from side to side so that the thick white mess covered her tits.

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   Dad started rubbing his hand up her thigh and sucking her nipples through her top.

I rubbed more and more cake into her, as dad started stripping off parts of her clothes. Before long she was a sticky mess, covered in whipped cream and lusty eyes. On the floor of the kitchen she was spread wide, I caressed the underneath of her thighs, pushing her legs up to create a soft mound at her panties, which I kissed, dragging my lower lip up that one flatter part in the middle, blowing warm air through the fabric, to tickle her tingling folds.

I kept dragging my lip up her slit, I could feel the heat coming from inside her pussy, and her panties were starting to become wet from both sides. Daddy had undressed to an unbuttoned shirt and nothing else, he was kneeling above her and dangling a dick just gorged enough to be that soft and springy plaything, which is so sensual to toy in a hand, or mouth. Mummy wasn't shy about sucking the end into her mouth, then repeatedly sucking in moments, so that the cock pumped in and out of her mouth with the tightening and relaxing of her cheeks.

I pulled aside her panties and ran my tongue up her slit, drinking up the juice which by now, was glistening all around her soft, plush mound. I dragged my tongue up her slippery slit again and again, between sucking her pussy into my mouth from each side. The dirty slut was covered in food, greedily caressing a cock in her mouth and covering her own son's face in her smell.

I undressed, mummy and daddy watching me as my long, hard cock finally escapes to the cool air. I crawled up, bringing my body to mum's. Sticky bits of cake smeared onto me, and the head of my ready member was on her thoroughly wet slit, pushing ever so slightly with the spring that my erection gave it. Mummy let daddy's dick go to give me a deep, wet kiss, biting my lips and licking my mouth hungrily. I took my full-bodied shaft in my hand and guided it, rubbing the head all around the inside of her lips, covering the end in her ready wet juices.



I found the hot little opening at the lower end of the slit, and moved my head into her, stopping to slide the ridge of my head back and forth at the very start of that snug little opening. Mummy moaned, and used her fingers on my back to tell me not to stop, her legs started to raise, making her mound more plump, and her slit more visible. I slid my full length into my mother's dripping pussy, making her lusty moans fill the house, if not more.

Daddy's eyes drank in the joy of having such a wife. He didn't even think about himself for a while, just watched us bring the long, fully-formed shaft into that warm wet niche, lost in each other's arms and tongues, that full length sliding saturated strides, and he rubbed his dick against himself with three or four fingers. I could feel the light hair of mum's mound touch me with each swing into her. Her legs wrapped around me and pulled me towards her pussy, which she started turning up and down, she was taking me into every part of her.

As I fucked harder and harder, mum went from moans to screams, "yes baby", "oh fuck baby". Daddy was jerking himself like a teenage boy, rubbing the side of mum's face with his other hand and giving me devilish looks. You could hear my body slapping against hers as I fucked deep into that gorgeous plump cunt. "You like that mummy?" "YES baby. " "You like your son's cock, you dirty wet mummy?" "Yes baby, give me my baby boy's cock, fuck mummy, fuck mummy, fuck mummy!"

Daddy fell into absolute perversion, jerking himself to a massive messy explosion. Mum presented her tongue as the huge load covered her already filthy face. I could feel electric jolts shooting up my shaft as it slammed into her slippery pussy, then, her body started to jolt again and again, a wavering long, deafening moan came out of her as she held me unbelievably hard against her. Her body was still giving out little shakes when I pulled out and let out great long sprays of cum, adorning her from her belly to her breasts.

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   She was a mess, a wonderful dirty slut.

We are very lucky to have each other, there has never been hotter, dirtier sex than I have with my mummy and daddy. .

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