Wana'be Model


All of my stories include descriptions of sex scenes that could cause offence to some people. Please do not read this story if you are offended by perverse sexual material, or if you are under the legal age of consent for your own country. These stories are pure fiction and are not based on anyone living or deceased.
The Wana’be Model

“Excuse me, I see you have a baby. Can I ask you how old he or she is?”
“She’s just three months. ”
“She looks a beauty; I’ll bet she’ll grow-up to be a stunner like her mom. I assume you are her mom?”
“Yes she’s mine. Sorry, you’ll have to excuse me; I have to get on with my shopping now. ”
“No please don’t go yet, I’m sure we have something that will interest you. Wouldn’t you like a year’s supply of essentials for your baby?”
“What kind of essentials?”

“There’s a whole range. Powdered milk, nappies (diapers), baby wipes, baby food in jars, and our new sliming powder. ”
“Sliming powder for a baby? You’ve got to be joking?”
“No. We’re doing the preparatory work for an advertising campaign for a slimming powder that’s helps women loose weight after having a baby. It’s made by Gluxo; they’re the biggest baby food manufacturer in UK. And you are just the ideal type of woman we’re looking for. ”
“But I’ve never even heard of this slimming stuff, let alone used it.

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“That doesn’t matter at all, all that matters is, that you’ve had a baby in the last six months, and you’ve got your sexy figure back already. And you fit both of those requirements. ”
“But what would I be expected to do?”

“First of all, if you sign-up for a days screen test, you get this list of baby products for a year free. And that is irrespective of whether you are used in any advertising. But if you are the one that is selected, it could be worth fifty to a hundred grand, maybe more if other people start using you. ”
“You are kidding me?”
“No. this is a genuine chance in a lifetime. And like I said even if they don’t use you, you still get a years supply of baby stuff. I’ll bet that comes to a fair old sum by itself. ”

“So let me get this straight. If I go for this screen test, I get all that stuff on the list for a year free of charge?”
“Yes. That’s it. ”
“But what does this screen test entail, how long does it take, and where do I have to go to take it?”
“We call it a screen test, but really it’s just a simple photo shoot. It takes about four hours. And if you’re interested in doing it, we’ll take you now.

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   It’s about fifty minute’s drive, so you can be home by about half past three. But you’ll need to get someone to look after baby for you; we wouldn’t be able to cope with a baby. ”

“What you’d want me to go now?”
“Yes. I’m afraid its one of those things you have to grab quickly. ”
“I’ll have to phone my husband to see what he thinks. ”
“That’s up to you. But I know what he’ll say. My honest advice is. If you want to do it, just grab the opportunity while you’ve got the chance. I’m not exaggerating when I say; this is a once in a lifetime chance. If you don’t take it, then it’s something you’ll look back at in the future, and kick yourself for missing. ”

“But why do you say my husband won’t want me to do it?”
“It’s a male thing. He’ll realise that if you do get selected, you’ll be the main bread-winner. Most men can’t handle their wife being more important than them. And they don’t like other men looking at their wife’s body.

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“Looking at my body? Why what exactly would I be wearing?”
“For the photo shoot, you’ll have your picture taken in just about every style of clothes. That’s the main reason we need to take you to our studio. ”
“But when you say every style, will I be expected to have my picture taken in the nude?”
“No. Don’t be silly. There will be some shots in modest underwear, and swimming costumes, but nothing rude or offensive. Now I’m sorry to rush you, but if you are interested, we need to make plans about finding someone to look after your baby. And if your not, then I’m sorry we took-up so much of your time. ”

So here I was, stood in the entrance to a shopping mall, thirty-five years old, and my first baby sleeping blissfully in her buggy. I had only seconds to decide if I should go with these men and see what comes out of it. Or phone my husband, and let him choose. But why should he know any better than me? At least I could see these men, talk to them, and make a judgement as to whether they look trustworthy. They were stood here in very posh suits, with all the genuine looking paperwork, and ID badges with their photos on their lapels. Shit! If I phone him and he says no, then I can’t go against him. But if I don’t do this now, they are right; I’ll regret missing this opportunity for the rest of my boring life.

“You promise me it’s not a con trick?”
“Don’t be silly.

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   Would we be stood here in a shopping mall?”
“And this photo shoot thing, the skimpiest thing I’ll be expected to wear is a normal swimming costume?”
“As I said there will be all types of clothes that you’ll be photographed in. But the most revealing will be a bikini. And I’m sure you’ve worn one of those before on the beach. ”
“Ok. I hope I’m doing the right thing. I’ll take baby back to my car, and we can drop her off at my mom’s. Then I’ll follow you. ”
“Ok we'll follow you to your mom’s, but then if you go back to your place, you can leave your car there. You can come with us, there’s no need to waste your fuel, were in a company vehicle, might as well let them foot the bill. ”
“What about me getting home?”
“No problem, we’ll bring you, its all part of the service. ”
“Ok. I’m in the little red Fiat over there. ”
“Ok we’re in the Blue Jag, so I don’t think we’ll have any trouble keeping-up with you. ”

As I drove down the road towards my mom’s house, my mind was racing; was I doing the right thing. Would I be all embarrassed, and not be able to pose sexily enough? No, I’ve been topless on the beach when we went on holiday, and when you do that, you’ve got hundreds of men ogling at you.

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   This was my chance, I’m thirty-five, and I certainly won’t get another chance to be looked at sexily again. Yes I am doing the right thing. I’m gona’ give this my best shot, try not to be shy, and really show these men how sexy a woman who has just had a baby can look. But what do I tell my mom? And my husband, how much do I tell him? Well its decision time, I’m at my mom’s house. As I walk up the path, she has already seen me, and the front door is opening.

“Brenda. This is a nice surprise; to what do I owe this pleasure. Don’t tell me, you want me to look after Lisa while you go shopping. ”
“You guessed it. Do you mind?”
“No, of-course not. Are you going anywhere special?”
“Not really, I’m going to the big super-store park, to look at new kitchens. And you know what it’s like dragging the baby around with you. ”
“You’re going on your own?”
“Yes I just want to get a look by myself, before I go around with Harry. You know what he’s like; he’ll just want to see the cheapest stuff. ”
“Any idea how long you’ll be?”
“All day I’m afraid, will that be alright?”

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   You can be as long as you like. Is all her stuff in the bag?”
“Yes. Everything is there. I should be back by half-three, four at the latest. Thanks mom. ”
I kissed baby.
“Bye then, see you later. ”

Now I headed for my house, and was soon parking my car in the drive and locking it up. I walked to where there big shinny new Jag was parked a few doors down the street. I leaned towards the window of the front passenger door, all the glass was tinted, and I couldn’t see inside at all. I was about to rap my knuckles on the window, when it majestically slid down.
“Get in the back. ”
“I was just going to ask if I need to bring anything?”
“Just that sexy little body of yours. ”
I look through the open window, and I could see the back seat was empty; there were only the two men in the car. They were the ones who I’d been talking to earlier; one was driving, and the other in the front passenger seat.

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   This was my last chance to back out, but it all appeared to be genuine, so I opened the back door and climbed in.

 The car set off, and we were soon on the motorway, speeding along in the outside lane. It felt like we were only going slowly, but the speed we were passing other cars was like lightening. They’d passed me a folder with several very wordy documents that all needed signing. I started reading the first one, and the legal jargon soon had my head spinning. So I just asked what each one was for, and signed them all without reading them and then handed them back. Whilst I was leaning forward to hand the folder back, I caught a glimpse of the Speedo, we were doing 135MPH! I’d never been that fast in my life, and it felt smoother than my car at 30MPH. We were travelling on the motorway for at least half an hour, and then we set out into what looked like Mooreland country. The roads got smaller, until we were in very desolate country, on single track roads.

“Where is this studio we’re going to?”
“At the moment it’s in nowhere land. What we’ve got is a big lorry that converts into a mobile studio. It’s like those things you see at expeditions, once you park up, all the sides open and it makes a complete studio. So because some of the team are working the west side of the country, some on the east, and we’re doing the middle, they park up in a central place so we can all get to it. ”
“I suppose that makes sense. But if this is central, and we’ve travelled miles to get here, that means your team of people must be spread over a wide area?”
“That’s right, this week we’re covering the whole middle section of the country, from west to east coast.

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I began to think what a big important event this was that I’d been lucky enough to get a chance to join in with. And then I started dreaming of what it could mean if I actually got selected to do the advert. At this point I kept telling myself I’d got to be grown-up about this. No school girl shyness, I’m a grown woman, and I needed to try to make an impression. Then the car slowed down, and we were pulling up next to a big exhibition type lorry like he’d described.

Now as I walked these last few steps, I could feel the butterflies in my tummy. Up the steps we went, and once inside, it was difficult to believe this was just a mobile office. They led me up to a big desk where an older man was sitting reading an official looking document. He looked up over the top of his glasses, and his face turned to a big beaming smile. He immediately put the document down, and reached out his arm to shake hands as he got to his feet.

“Why hello. You must be Brenda. I must say I thought they were exaggerating when they told me how sexy looking you were, but now I see you’re even hotter than they described. ”
I blushed at this comment. It in some way unnerved me.

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   If they were telling me I was good looking, pretty or something similar, it would be normal. But descriptions like sexy, and hot. These didn’t seem to fit with the image of a baby food manufacturers advertising. But I shrugged this off, thinking maybe these people are nothing to do with the food makers, they’re just advertising people, and they maybe all talk this way.

He’d now got the folder with the documents I’d been filling in, and he was looking through it.
“Right you’ve filled in the basic measurements and your weight. Here is a simple little costume, it’s not very fancy, but it's nice thin stretchy material, so it fits all sizes. If you go into that room over there, you can strip off, and put this on. Then I’ll be able to confirm your measurements and weight, and fill in these few other measurements. ”
With that he handed me this small folded piece of material, it hardly looked big enough to make a handkerchief, let alone a costume.

As soon as I got inside the room I looked for a lock on the door, but there wasn’t one. I had to tell myself I was being silly. Come-on, they're not going to walk in on you. I stripped off, and pulled on this stretchy costume. Like he said one size fits all, and it did.

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   But it was cut very high, each leg right up to the waist line, and a very narrow piece of material going down to form a gusset. It had absolutely no padding or double thickness anywhere. My first reaction was that I dare not leave the room wearing just this costume. But once again I thought to myself this is what you’re here for; they want to see your body, so out I went.

“Oh yes!”
There was a chorus of comments, all very complementary, even if some of them bordered on the improper side.
“Ok my dear; let’s have you on these scales. ”
I stepped onto the scales.
“Nine seven. That’s super. Ok I’ve just got to do some measurements. Shoulders’ first. ”
He wrapped the tape measure around my shoulders, and as he read off the measurement, one of the other men wrote it down on the form.
“Now bust. ”
He repeated this process, measuring all kinds of things like a dress maker would do. He’d finished all my upper body, and then he said.



“Right my dear. These next few are the ones that sometimes worry you ladies, especially if you’re new to this game. I’ve got to get the measurement of the tops of your legs, and inner leg length. So first I’ll need one leg stood up straight, and the other one nice and wide out of the way. I usually suggest you stand by my desk, and use the desk to balance. Then stretch your left leg across onto that chair. Do you think you can do that for me?”
“I’ll try. ”
I did as he’d asked. I was stood upright, but my left leg was almost horizontal, leaving my crotch fully exposed.

“That’s a good girl. Now you do realise when I take this measurement, my hand will make contact with your, ahem, well I’ll say flesh. But you know what I mean. I know you’ve signed the disclaimer papers, but maybe you didn’t realise that’s what you’d agreed to. So just to be sure, are you ok with me touching you?”
Now I had no idea I’d signed anything that allowed him to ‘touch me’ as he put it. But it was obvious if he was going to get an accurate measurement of my inner leg length, he’d have to get his measure, hence his fingers, up into my crotch.

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   And he had gone to the trouble of asking if it was ok, so he must be genuine.

“Yes you do what you need to. ”
“I’m just going to get John to steady you, is that ok?”
“I don’t think I need steadying. ”
“I’d feel happier if he did. ”
“Well ok, but I’m sure it’s not necessary. ”
“Come-on then John she said its ok. ”

One of the men, the one who’d driven the car, came up and stood right up close behind me, his body pushing up against my back. He wrapped his arm around me, placing his big hand on my tummy, and he pulled me tightly to his body. The man in-charge then asked.
“Is that ok, not too tight?”
“Yes its ok. But why does he need to hold me?”
“You realise you are here to be assessed? And that doesn’t just mean taking photos; it’s your general cooperation and behaviour. ”

“Yes I guess so. ”
“Well this is part of that assessment. Imagine; if we were in some exotic location, and we needed to hold you over a dangerous cliff edge. Then it would be no good at all if you got upset, just because someone put their hands on you while trying to make sure you were safe.

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   We need to know you’ll do what ever is necessary without hesitation. So are you ok with John holding you?”
“Yes, of course. I just couldn’t think why he was doing it. But now you’ve explained. ”

“Ok now I’m going to ask Richard to come and hold your ankle, is that ok?”
This seemed an unusual request, and obviously once he’d taken hold of my ankle, I’d be restrained in a very vulnerable position. But as he said, they were just testing me.
“Yes, its ok. ”
“You heard her Richard. Make sure you’ve got a good tight hold. ”
Richard was soon gripping my ankle, so I was now held in a spread wide open position.
“Are you happy so far, you’ve got no problems with what either John or Richard are doing?”
“No. It’s fine. ”
“Now you do remember saying you have no problem with me touching you? Is that still the case?”
Was he going to just take his measurements, and this was just a test, to see what I’d say? And if I start being awkward at this stage, will that blow my chance of getting selected. I had to trust him.
“Yes if you need to touch me, it’s ok.

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He knelt down and I felt his hand on the inside of my leg, about knee height. He stroked it slowly up and down my leg, not quite reaching my crotch, but going way past what would be stocking-top height.
“You have lovely soft skin. Do you mind me just stroking you for a minute?”
“Is this necessary?”
It wasn’t that it didn’t feel good, but it was obviously getting me aroused.
“No it’s not necessary. If you want to go, you’re free to leave at any time. ”
“Please I didn’t mean that. I want the chance to be selected; if this is still part of my assessment, just carry on. ”

“Sometimes during a shoot, it's necessary to have our models sexually aroused. This can as I’m sure you’re aware, make a big difference to the way your body looks. The shape of your tummy and upper leg muscles change, and this gives that sexy look. But it also makes your nipples show through the costume. You must have noticed your nipples are starting to react to me stroking your legs?”
I blushed.
“Yes I known. ”
“Don’t be embarrassed, that’s exactly what we’re looking for, it’s good to have a model that gets worked-up easily.

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   But I’d like to see just how pronounced they get when they’re fully aroused. Would you mind if we try some gentle stroking on the outside of the costume?”
I hesitated for a second, but decided to go this one step further.
“I guess its ok. ”

“In that case, I’ll carry on down here working on your thighs. While John and Richard work on your tits. What would be really helpful, would be if you can tell us when we find a spot that really gets you going. Then we’ll soon get you aroused. It’s as important for a girl to get aroused easily, as it is that she has a good figure. ”
I replied.
“I’ll try. ”
But in truth, I didn’t know if I could stand here letting three strangers stroke my body, and not just any part, I was expected to direct then to my ‘G’ spots. Graham’s hand slid gently up my leg, until it touched my crotch. I let out a little gasp of breath.
“That’s found one?”
I couldn't actually reply with words, my body was screaming to ask for more. So all I did was let out a stifled moan.

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“Mmmmmm. ”
He stroked slowly back and forth, around the top of my leg, from under my bum, right forward up around the bare flesh exposed by the skimpy cut of the costume. By now both of the others had a breast each, cupped in the palm of their hands. Each time Graham’s finger rubbed passed either of my holes or my clit I gave a shiver, and let out another moan. He would just give me a knowing smile or wink. He wasn’t going into the costume, but his stroking was close enough to get my pussy excited. Both of the others were now rolling and tweaking on what were big firm nipples. I’d now gone from scared, to a mixed feeling of fear and anticipation. I knew if they continued this stroking my pussy would soon start getting wet, and not long after that, my knees would go weak, and I’d start thrusting my hips. This I didn’t want to happen, but unless they stopped soon, I’d have no control over what my pussy did.

Graham looked up at me.
“This is really getting you hot, isn’t it?”
“Y yes. ”
“Now you can see why I’ve got John holding you. How much more can you take before your legs go weak?”
“I I don’t know. Please stop now.

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“So you’re saying you won’t let me give you the final test?”
“No, I didn’t say that, I just don't want you getting me too aroused. ”
“So does that mean I can give you the final test or not?”

I knew I had to let him, but I didn’t want him inside the costume, playing with my pussy. It was one thing him rubbing my legs and letting the other two play with my nipples, but it would be a giant leap letting him feel my pussy. So I decided, even if I didn’t get selected, it wasn’t worth letting him finger me.

“Only, if it doesn’t involve you putting your hand inside my costume. ”
“And if it does?”
“Then I’m going home now. ”
“Well that’s ok then, because the final part of this test doesn’t involve my touching your flesh at all. So can I carry on?”
“Ok. ”

He moved his hand directly under my crotch, and lifted until I felt one of his fingers make contact with the thin material of the gusset of the costume. My reaction was automatic, instant, and completely involuntary. Even though I was being held by my tummy, my hips sort of plunged downwards, pushing his finger and costume material into my cunt hole. Maybe only half inch or so; but that was enough to send a shudder through my whole body (and my ‘body hole’). He then drew it forwards, out of my hole, along my slot until he reached my clit. His finger circled around my clit, which with my aroused pussy, didn’t take much encouragement before it swelled like a little dick with a hard-on. This was something my husband would always tease me about; he’d call me a ‘chick with a dick’.

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“Jesus, is that your clit?”
“Please stop now. ”
“Oh come on. You can’t expect me to stop now, that clit of yours feels amazing. Just let me pull the costume across to get a look at it. ”
“No please don’t. ”
“If you let me just have a quick look, then we’ll get on with the shooting, and I’ll give you top marks for this part of your assessment. ”
“Just a look? You promise you won’t touch me?”
“I promise. Can I look now?”
“Ok. But just a quick look then let me get my legs closed. ”

“Let go of her leg and get that desk cleared off. Come on John, I’ll take her legs, let’s get her on her back. ”
“What are you doing?”
But they didn't answer until I’d been lifted up onto his desk, and had Richard holding my leg one side, and John the other. I was spread wide, with Graham (the boss) stood right up close to my crotch.
“We’re only going to have a look like you said we could. ”
“I never said you could lay me back and open my legs like this.

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“But all of us wanted to see it, so now we have got you here, can we have that look?”
It wasn’t what I’d wanted, but it seemed pointless making an issue out of it.
"Ok, but remember just a look, no touching. "
He put both hands into the front of the costume where it narrowed and plunged its way towards my pussy. I’d expected only one hand, and that he’d simply pull it across to one side. But no, his two hands gripped the material, and with a quick apposing tug, the material shredded apart. The stretchy design of the costume now meant the front shot up towards my bust, and a quick lift of my bum by John and Richard, allowed the back to do the same. The costume was now no more than a skimpy midriff showing top

“Oh god no. Please let me close my legs. ”
I struggled, but they held me tight.
“Lie still my dear, you said we could have a look, and that’s what we’re doing. We won’t hurt you. ”
“Please, you’ve had your quick look. Let me get up now. ”

“Oh Blast! You’ve gone off the boil; your clit has disappeared back into hiding. Can I just stroke your pussy to get it aroused again?”
“No please, you promised no touching.

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“That’s right we did, but you did say we could look, so if we keep to our side of the bargain and don't touch you, we can look some more?”
“You did say just a quick look. ”
”But what is quick, it’s all relative. Come on we’ve seen it now, surely it won’t hurt if we look at you a bit more? Lets say just a minute; you can time us on the clock up there. ”
“Ok one minute, but then you let me get dressed?”
“It’s a deal, one minute starting as soon as the second hand gets to the top, and then we’ll give you the next costume and start shooting. ”

There was a bout fifteen seconds to go before the second hand got to the top, but what the hell, ogling at my pussy for one minute or one minute fifteen seconds, what’s the difference. But although they weren’t actually touching me, both John and Richard were pulling my legs into different positions, obviously trying to stretch my pussy open more, I couldn’t stop them, and I guess I’d agreed to it, so I kept quiet and let them get on with it.
“Ok minute up. Come on let me get down. ”
They both lowered my legs to the floor, and I got to my feet.
“Spoil-sport, we were enjoying that. But you can definitely say you past part one with flying colours. Now here is a bikini, go and put it on, and we’ll be waiting in the studio, it’s through that door. ”

They all went one way; I went back into the little room to get changed. The first thing I noticed was all my clothes that I’d left in the room, were all gone, and so was my handbag. My handbag had my mobile phone, and my purse with all my credit cards and cash.

Συνοδοί κορίτσια στην Αθήνα 

   Without that, I was really in trouble. I was about to dash out to ask where they’d all been put, and suddenly realised, I was naked from the waist down. I stopped and put on the bikini, this was so small it was hardly worth bothering with. Three small triangles of material, they were maybe three inches along each side, and a few lace ribbons to hold the whole thing together. One almost covered my pussy’s bushy mound, held in place by ribbons that tied on each side of my waist, with only a single ribbon dropping through the crevice of my bum, to anchor the bottom of the triangle. Then each breast had its own triangle, with a bow tied behind my back, and one around the back of my neck. Now when I first got here, there was no way I’d have worn anything this skimpy, but they’d seen my pussy, and I still wanted to be selected. I assumed the worst part, the touching bit, was over, now it was just photos. So off I went to see what this studio was like.

As I opened the door, I was blown away by the sheer size of the place, it was at least thirty feet long, and over twenty feet wide! At the far end directly in the middle was a bed, circular. It must have been ten foot across. There were big flood light stood all around the place like you see when they shoot movies. There was a man sitting on a camera seat, this was also exactly like you see when they’re shooting a movie! Then there was another man with a big camera on his shoulder, not a simple home video camera, a big professional one. And over the other side one more camera-man, that makes three in all. This third one had a still camera, with a lens on the front like a dustbin.


   Then there were five men sitting on a couch to one side. Three were black, two white, but somehow foreign looking, Italian or some other European country I'd guess. All these men were naked, well almost; they had the smallest of pouches that cradled their dicks. Then at the other side was another couch, where Graham, John and Richard were sitting.

For a second the awesomeness of this set-up took away the burning question I’d dashed in here to ask, and then suddenly as Graham spoke, it came back to me.
“Are! There you are my dear. You look stunning in that costume. ”
As I dashed across to where he was sitting, Richard chirped up.
“She’ll look even better when we get her out of it. ”
I let his comment pass with out reaction.
“What have you done with my clothes?”
“Calm down dear. What are you talking about?”
“My clothes! And my handbag, they’re all gone. Where have you put them?”

“Calm down, I’m sure we can sort this out. I don’t know what’s happened to your stuff, but it can’t be far away. ”
“Look I left them in that room where I got changed and they’re not there now.

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“But dear, we were all in the room with you, we couldn’t have taken them. These guys were all down this end of the unit, so they couldn’t have touched them either. Hey I know what’s happened, which room did you just get changed in?”
“The small room off the place where your desk is, that's where I got changed the first time. ”
“There are two rooms, one on the left, and one on the right, they are both identical. Your pussy was so worked up, and you were in such a state, I bet you just went into the wrong one. ”

Could he be right, could I have used a different room? I guess in a place like this, they would be identical. And as he said, we were all together in his room all the time, I’d have known if any of them had been in and touched them.
“Maybe you’re right. I’m sorry I got so upset, I’ll just go and check to make sure. ”
“Ah ah. I wouldn’t if I was you, you’re still being assessed, and I expect you to trust me, not go checking what I tell you. ”
“But I just wanted to make sure. ”
“And if you can’t find them! Then you will get all upset and spoil our shoot. That is exactly the kind of thing that we don’t want our models doing. If I say it’ll be ok, you just get on with the job in hand, and I’ll make sure its ok when we’ve finished.

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   Is that a deal?”

“I guess so, so long as you’re sure my stuffs ok?”
“’SURE YOUR STUFFS OK!’  DON’T YOU EVER QUESTION ME LIKE THAT AGAIN! If you’re going to start being awkward, I can soon turn into MR Nasty. You do realise that if I wanted to, I could just chuck you out now, and even ask for that bikini back, it is ours after all. We could just pack-up the unit, and drive away leaving you out here in the moors, with thirty miles to the nearest phone box, that’s if its not been vandalised. ”
“Please why are you saying these things, what have I done?”
I was panic stricken.
“I’m just getting a little fed-up with your attitude, either you’re here to please me, and maybe get selected, or you can just fuck-off now! Its nice and sunny out there, I’m sure a friendly rapist will give you a lift if you show a bit of leg. Oh I forgot; you’ll be showing more than just your legs. ”
“Please, I’m sorry. You’re scaring me talking like that. I promise I'm not trying to be awkward. Please I really want to get selected; I’ve done everything you've asked me to do. Just tell me what you want me to do next. ”

“She’s right boss, and anyway you know we’re all dieing to see her clit when it gets excited again. ”
 “I suppose your right John. Let’s forget I got upset, and start again. Where was I?”
His manner calmed down just as quickly as it had got aroused, and he was now talking softly again.

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   But I was once again filled with mixed feelings; I was terrified by the thought of being left out here to walk the moors naked, without my phone or any money. But on the other hand, John was on about getting me worked up again, so this was also a worry, but no where near as bad.
“You had just complimented her on how nice she looks in that bikini. ”
“That’s right, she is stunning. Isn't she?”
Then he looked at John.
“Go and get that pedestal and bring it across here. ”
John collected this pedestal thing, a circular platform about two foot across, and about eighteen inches high. He placed it on the floor in front of Graham.

“Ok hop up love. ”
I didn’t like the thought of opening my legs in this bikini, even to step up this far. I knew I only had a thin ribbon of cotton running under my crotch. I had hesitated to get onto the pedestal, but then as I saw the anger building in Grahams face, I lifted my foot onto the platform, and stepped up. It felt very bizarre being up here and all of them sitting looking up at me.

“Ok I know it’s not very wide, but get your feet to the edges, and spread yourself as wide as it will allow you. ”
I didn’t hesitate; there was brusqueness in his voice, which somehow worried me.

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   My feet were soon to the rim of this platform, not what you’d call spread wide open. But with the minimal cover afforded by this bikini, and them all seated below me looking up, wide enough to allow them a good view of my pussy lips.

“Right my lovely. How does it feel standing there like that?”
Assuming this was a test question, I answered with what answer I thought they’d want to hear.
“I feel ok. ”
“Can I get you to express yourself a bit more? Maybe you’re still shy. Please try to overcome your shyness, you’re amongst friends here. ”
“I am still a little shy; I’m not used to doing this kind of thing. ”
“Ok, it’s understandable. But we are your friends, and we are trying to help you get selected. What I’m looking for, is an honest answer, but one that maybe you’re too shy to express. You know, if standing up there with us all looking up your crotch makes you feel aroused. Then don’t just tell me you feel ok, tell me it feels good to have you all looking at my pussy, or it turns me on when you look at my cunt. Don’t feel shy about what words you use, your mom won’t know if you say cunt instead of pussy. Do you get the idea?”
“I think so.

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“Ok I’ll ask the question again. How does it feel standing there like that?”
I plucked-up all my courage, and tried to say what I thought would please him.
“Well if you want the real truth, I know this bikini doesn’t cover the lips of my cunt. So I know that’s what you men are all looking at. It feels like you all desire my body, and that makes me hot. ”
“That was excellent. Now we can move to the next stage. ”
“What, the photographs?”
“No. Not yet. One more thing to do first. ”
“But you said in there, that once I’d let you look at me, we’d start the shooting session. ”

“Right that’s it! Fuck her off out of my sight. I’ve had enough of her stupid questioning. ”
He’d launched himself from the couch, and stormed out of the studio. I was dumbfounded.

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“You stupid girl! Do you realise what you’ve done? He had just said before you came in, that once you’ve finished the photo shoot, we were going to call a halt to our search. He’d decided you were perfect for the role. He was even talking about using you for a few other contracts we’ve got lined-up. Your bloody future was made. This time next year, you wouldn’t have been able to pickup a magazine without seeing your face smiling back at you. What ever possessed you to question him, can’t you see he doesn’t like being questioned?”

By now I was curled up on the couch, with my face in my hands sobbing my eyes out.
“I I’m sorry. Sob. I I didn’t mean to get him upset. But he did say we’d do the shoot next. ”
“Who cares what he said? All he was going to ask you to do was to talk a bit more about yourself, and then we’d be into the shoot. You’d better pray he calms down. Because if not he’ll be back in here ordering us to pack-up the unit, and make no mistake, he will chuck you out and leave you stood there naked. ”
“Please no. You wouldn’t let him.

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“Are you joking? We do as we’re told; otherwise we’re out of a job. ”

“Is there anything I can do to put things right?”
“Only pray. And if he does come back, and give you another chance, just go with whatever he asks you to do. Once he sees you’ll do what he wants without any sign of hesitation, he'll get the shooting session underway. After all, the shoot is what we’re all here for. So no matter what he asks, don’t hesitate, do it instantly, with a big smile as though you’re enjoying it. And for god’s sake don’t ask him why he wants; what ever he’s just asked you to do. ”

“What do you think the chances of him chucking me out are?”
“Look, if you really do want this job, I can guarantee it’s yours, just so long as you go along with him. But are you prepared to do what ever it takes? If you can swear to me that you’re not going to upset him again. That this isn’t just something that would be nice to have, but it something you really want, and are prepared to put yourself out for, then I’ll go and try to convince him to give you another chance. But if you screw-up, it wont just be you getting chucked out, I’ll loose my job for sticking-up for you. ”
When he told me all that stuff about me making it as a model, I'd swallowed his bait, hook, line and sinker. He’d now got me completely hooked, the thought of being famous, and having my picture in all the magazines. All I kept telling myself was; it must be worth letting this man get turned on by hearing me say a few dirty words, and maybe feel-me-up a bit.
“I promise I’ll do what ever he asks me.

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“Ok but remember I’m counting on you; be sexy, and make him feel special, that's the secret. ”

“You’re a bloody fool. ”
That was John talking to Richard.
“What are you going on about?”
“You! You’ll go out there, plead her case, Graham will come back in fully expecting that she’ll let him work her pussy-up, so he can see that clit he’s been going on about. She’ll say no, and you’ve just lost a really cushy well-paid job. ”
“She wouldn’t let me down, you heard her promise. ”
“Ok. I’ll ask her. Well?”
He looked at me.
“Come-on. Don’t look dumb. You just heard what I said to him. Will you let him work you-up again, and look at your clit?”

Now I was put on the spot, but at least I now knew what was expected of me. Like I said before, surely it’s worth letting him have a bit of a feel, and they’d already seen me naked.
“If that’s what he asks me to do, I’ll let him.

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”With us all watching?”
“Why not?”
“Prove it. ”
“I will, when Graham comes back in. ”
“But if you don’t come up with the goods, Rich will be out of a job. ”
“I just said I’ll do it. ”
“Look you silly bitch, you need to prove it to Rich now, before he puts his job on the line. ”
“You lay back, and let us spread your twat open, and then I’ll believe you. ”

I knew this was it; I had to put-up or ship-out. I just lay myself back on the couch, and lifted my legs high and wide.
“You have to tell us, we can’t touch you, unless you tell us we can. ”
“You can both spread my cunt open. ”
Then John asked.
“Can I kiss it as well?”
I thought; what the hell difference would it make?
“Yes. You can kiss it. ”

He was soon down on my pussy, his tongue lapping in my hole, and up my slit. It was obvious I’d soon be out of control, and I didn’t know how this would end-up.

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   And then to my surprise.
“Ok John, that’s enough. If we get her too worked-up, Graham will go ballistic. ”
John did as he was told and sat up, still holding my legs spread wide. But there actions had proved that they were both obviously worried about this Graham character.
“Jesus Rich. She’s fucking awesome. Look at her clit. ”
My bottom triangle must have pulled up forwards, uncovering me completely. They were both staring and mesmerised by what they saw.
“Fucking hell; and you only just licked her for two seconds. Come-on you’d better get stood back up and I'll try to get Graham to calm down. You aren’t gona’ let me down are you?”
“I promise I’ll let him go as far as it takes. ”
“Good girl, and I promise you wont regret it, this time next year, you’ll look back, and thank god I got you to go just that little bit extra. ”
“I want to thank you now, honest; I really do appreciate what you’re doing for me.



As soon as he left the room, John stretched his arm across to where I was standing.
“Come-on open your legs, I want another feel before they get back. ”
I didn’t argue, I just parted my legs. His finger slid back along my slot, and straight up my wet pussy. But I could tell it wasn’t just one finger, he was ramming up and down with his first two fingers. I let him carry on without making any comment. At first, it felt rough and as though I was being abused. But before a minute was up, my pussy was reacting, and I was now having difficulty stopping myself from buckling at the knees, and then laying myself open for him.
“Hadn’t you better stop before Graham catches you?”

“Why should I?”
“Please if you don’t stop soon, my legs will go, I’ll have to lie down. If Graham finds you fingering me, you’ll get into trouble. ”
He got to his feet while still ramming my hole, and using the two fingers up my cunt, and his other arm around my back, he lifted me across, and lay me back on the couch. He pulled my legs wide, and continued ramming away. I could do nothing but lift my hips, and take all he wanted to give me. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw the door opening. All I could think was; if he’s angry with John, I hope I don’t get into trouble.

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“So she’s come around has she?”
“Yes she’s as hot as a space capsule re-entering the earths atmosphere, and as wet as the ocean it lands in. ”
“Ok let her calm down now, I want to talk to her. ”
John took his fingers out, and moved out of the way for Graham to sit at the end of the couch. As I slowly subsided from my state of arousal, I was conscious of my wide open legs, so I pulled my knees back together.
“No need to close them now my dear, you just lay there spread wide open, so I can see that lovely cunt of yours. ”
I no it sounds silly, being as John had just been ramming my cunt, but it took all my resolve to get myself to open my legs for him, but I did it, and I lay there showing everything I’ve got.

“Now they tell me you’re going to go all the way, what ever I ask you to do?”
I didn’t like the sound of this, and it must have showed on my face.
“That wasn’t the look I was told to expect. And you’re pulling your knees together again. ”
I hadn’t realised, but he was right, my knees were almost closed, I rapidly opened them.

“At the risk of repeating myself, I’ll explain this one more time. I’m on the point of chucking you out, but I know if you can only get over your shyness, you’ll be one hell of a super star. Listen, and don’t interrupt. I’m not just thinking of you for this silly slimming campaign, I can think of a string of work I can use you for. Some of it is nude work, all very respectable, TV and cinema advertising.

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   A model is just a body to either hang clothes on, or be filmed to make an illusion or dream to sell some product or other. Nobody is interested in your brain, opinion or anything you have to say. The director, whether it’s me or someone else, decides what you’ll do and show, you don’t question any decision he makes. He has experience, and he knows what look he wants, and how he can cut the shoot afterwards to make a respectable advert, that oozes sex. You know absolutely nothing about filming or photography. Just remember that, and what ever I or and other director in the future asks, just give it all the conviction you’ve got, and you’ll soon be one rich bitch. Once you’re famous, then you can start acting like the Kate Moses’ of this world. Now the life is glamorous, but it is still work, and when I ask you to do something, I’m being polite. In a work situation, ask is really an instruction. Now make up your mind once and for all, do you really have what it takes to make it big? God gave you the raw material, it’s up to you whether you use it, or waste it. Ok I’ve said my piece, I know I went on a bit, but now it’s up to you. Are you staying, and shooting for the stars, or going for a lonely walk home?”

I was sat there trying to take it all in, they had me totally convinced I’d be a super star model, all I had to do was go along with him.
“I want it. Please make me a super star. I promise I won’t question why you need me to do anything again; I’ll do what ever it takes to get the photo’s you want to take.

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“That’s good. But you’ve seen its not just photo’s, we’re shooting film as well, and your reply has been recorded. But just to be sure, turn and face Jim on that camera, and say that we have your full consent to film or photograph you in any position or pose that we want. ”
I turned around.
“You have my full permission to film or take pictures how ever you want me. Was that ok?”
“Not word perfect, but it’ll do. Now let’s have you over on the bed. ”

I was so excited, I about ran over to the bed, and leapt onto it.
“Are we gona’ start shooting?”
“Don’t you worry your pretty little pussy, we’ll all be shooting soon. ”
I must be thick, I was so excited, that one went right over my head, without me realising what he meant.
He turned to the men sitting on the other couch.
“Come-on lads, time to earn your money. ”
All five men walked across, now they’d stood up, I appreciated their size. They were all built like body builders, their muscles rippled as they walked. But more exciting, or do I mean worrying, was the massive bulging in their posing pouches.

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   They were all packing some very heavyweight tackle. The three black guys went to one side of the bed, and stood at what would be eight nine and ten on a clock face. The two white men went to the other side and stood at two and three. Then there was John, Graham and Richard stood at five six and seven. The two camera men who were on their feet, kept moving about and pushing their cameras in-between, as and where they wanted to. The other camera man was up in the air, on a big arm thing, looking down on the bed. So here I was, skimpy bikini, eleven men surrounding the bed.

“Are you ready to show me the real Brenda?”
“Yes. ”
“Choose one of my studs from either side of the bed. ”
Because of the way they were around the bed, it had to be one Black man, and one white.
“Him and him. ”
“Ok lads hop up. ”
The two men I’d selected jumped onto the bed, and sat either side of me.
“John. Get the rest and lay her back at just off upright.

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John went around the bed, and pushed an adjustable padded back rest up to my back. As it touched me Graham said.
“Just lean back dear, let it take your weight. ”
I leaned back.
“Forward a bit more John. Whoa. That’s it. Does that feel comfortable?”
I was leaned back with my shoulder no more than a foot off horizontal.
“Yes its fine. ”

“Can you still reach your pussy?”
“What you want me to try?”
“No questions. Just do it. ”
I rapidly reached my fingers down to my crotch, and stopped with my finger tips touching my pussy lips.
“Would you like to show us your pink flesh?”
I pushed my fingers into my slit, and prised my cunt open.
“That is absolutely super. You are coming on.

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   Does it feel ok?”

“I can’t believe I’m doing it. But I guess its ok. ”
“Ok you’ve showed me you can reach your cunt, now rub both your nipples, I want to see then standing proud again. ”
I brought my hands up to my breasts, and started caressing my nipples.
“While you’re busy doing your tits, will you pretend you're in a film or advertising shoot. As sexily as you can make it, ask Trevor and Ben if they’ll stroke your legs. ”
I held my legs high in the air, and slowly swung them back and forward.
“Hey guys, this little lady has got two legs that are just dieing to be stroked. ”
 “Not bad. Ok guys get down here, and see it you can get some action going. Ok now pick two more guys, to take over on your tits. ”

I looked first to one side, and then the other.
“Ok boys, I guess I’ll have you and you. ”
“Pull that back rest from behind her; I want her flat on her back now. ”
Someone did as he said.

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“Lie back, and think about who is rubbing where. Don’t let then waist time, if they’re cold, then direct them in on the area you know will excite you. Don’t be shy, remember this is just filming. Oh and just so you know who to tell what, it’s Harry on your left tit, and Jake on your right. Come-on I want to hear you directing them, until you’re that far gone, that all we can hear is your moaning. ”

If he wanted sexy, and this is what it takes to be famous, then sexy he was going to get.
“Jake darling, can you slip the bow on your side of my top, and then the one behind my neck. Harry will you loose the other one. That’s it. Now can you both suck on my tits?”
They didn’t need telling twice, they were sucking away, at my nipples, which were soon swelling and driving the most wonderful feeling I’ve ever experienced right through the whole of my body. Having two men arousing me at once was something else.
“Very good so far, but don’t forget these two guys. ”

Forget them, who was he kidding; they were stroking around my inner thigh, and had my legs spread wide open. One of them had moved his attention down my body, and was now licking just above my knee, but on the inside of my leg. As his tongue slid higher, my pussy went up a gear.

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   Then as his tongue reached the edge of my lips, I could feel my hole was pulsing open and closed. When his tongue lapped across my hole, my cunt took-over control of my actions, and I thrust myself towards him. His tongue entered my hole, and he wrapped both his arms around my legs, anchoring me to his face. He was lapping the length of my slit, and my pussy went wild. I could tell I was now producing cunt juice and not just a slight dribble. But as fast as my cunt oozed out it sticky fluid, he lapped it up.

“Ok boys, that’s enough for now. ”
They all stopped immediately, and I was left with my legs still wide open, and cunt still oozing juice. I had such a feeling of disappointment; what did I want? Did I really want them to fuck me? But it was as he’d said, just filming, so I resigned myself to just lying here, legs wide open with them all looking, while I waited for my next instruction. Then, as I calmed down from my heightened state of arousal.
“No. Harry and Jake, you can keep her tits going, I just want her cunt clear for a moment. Right dear, are you ok to talk yet, or are you still too far gone?”
“I I’m ok, I think. Oh god! That was like I’ve never known it. ”
“You liked it?”
”Oh yes.

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“I know you're still in a state, but try and speak clearly for the filming, and this time, not sexy, but as crude as you can make it. Ask Ben to take your bikini bottom off for you, and then get him to suck your clit. But when you’re asking him, I want you to tell him what to expect. ”
”I’m not sure what you mean?”
“Your clit my dear. It’s not an everyday looking clit, is it? Before he actually removes the bikini bottom, tell him what your clit is like. Be as crude as you can. I want a dirty little bitch. ”
“Hey Ben, I bet you’ve never seen a clit like mine. Get back here and rip off my bikini bottom. When you lick at my cunt, my clit will push its head up from my slot. And when you take it in your mouth, and suck on it, it’ll grow that big, you’ll think you're sucking a little boy’s dick. And if you suck me good, you’ll find out I’m a gusher, my cunt with cover you with cum. ”

“Very good, you do know how to talk dirty. Go on Ben, you go for it, and don’t stop until she cums her juice. If she is really a gusher, we definitely want to get it on video.

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Ben pulled the little ribbons either side of my bikini, and I lifted my bottom as he pulled it clear.
“Good girl, now you’re really showing us, that you mean business. ”
Then he got his face back down into my crotch, and his tongue lapped up my slot. It took no time at all for my cunt to get back to it domination of my bodily actions. I could feel I was lifting, and when he started sucking my clit, I felt it swelling up. It must have taken him by surprise, even though I’d been made to tell him about it. He lifted himself up from me, so that he, and I guess the rest of them, could get a good look at it.

“Fucking hell, she has got a dick. ”
He said. Graham then replied.
“Go on then, try wanking her, like she’s a twinky. ”
So as I say my whole body was on fire, I was humping up and down, my clit was poking up. This clit stands at least an inch, maybe an inch and a half long. Everyone that has seen it, admittedly that isn’t that many men, but every one has been amazed by it.   Ben had now got my clit in between his finger and thumb, and was wanking it, like it was a dick, while he flicked the end with his tongue.


“Oh god. My cunt is going wild. ”
“Do you want him to fuck you?”
“I I don’t know. ”
“Ok just keep working on her; I want to see her cunt squirting. ”

The two men were still nibbling and sucking my tits, and Ben was wanking my clit. But there was also something else going on! I could feel someone fingering my cunt, poking up me, and then pulling right out, and rubbing their finger around my bottom. The more he did this, the hotter I got. Then as the finger was circling the hole of my bottom, the end of it pushed inside! Not far, just enough to make my hole open for it. The other things going on, had got me so worked up, I couldn’t actually protest, or even try to stop this anal intrusion. I must have been naive, because I’d never been fucked in the arse, or even thought that anyone would want to touch me there.

My humping got more frantic, and this aided the finger to probe me deeper. It was still dipping into my cunt, coming out all wet and juicy, and using my body thrusting I was in effect ramming my own arse with it. Well by the time I was ready to cum; he’d got two fingers together, and was ramming me violently. As I started screaming my cries of delight, Ben moved clear to allow the camera to see my pussy squirt. On each thrust, my cunt would open, spraying a jet of juice.

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   The finger was still deep up my bum, but now it was still, and my juice was spraying all over what I could now see was Graham’s arm.

Once I’d calmed down, I was laid motionless, legs still wide open.
“That was pretty good, how do you feel?”
“I don’t know, it feels very strange. I can’t hardly believe I’ve let you go this far. ”
“But you feel alright about it?”
“I guess so. ”
”What about my fingers up your bottom?”
“Oh God! I I knew you, or someone was doing it, and it was hurting at first. But I’d forgotten about that, and I didn't realise, but you've still got them poked up me. ”
”Yes I have, haven’t I? Did you like it?”
“I’m not sure. ”
“But it can’t be hurting you?”
“No, only at first. ”
“That’s the same for all virgins; I bet your cunt was like that the first time. ”
“I guess so. ”

“Are you ready to do the next thing for me?”
“Yes. But can I ask you something without you getting angry with me?
“Go on then; you’ve done well so far, so I’ll let you this time. ”
“All these things you’re getting me to do?”
“What about them?”
“Well when Richard first asked me if I wanted to come for a screen test, he said it would be just simple photographs. ”

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   But what’s your question?”
“Well surely I’ve done more than just photo’s?”
“So you have my dear, and that’s why you’re going to be the one who we select, and you’ll be the one who becomes a super star. Was that what you wanted to know?”
“Well, I’m just wondering. If you say you’re going to select me, then do I have to go any further? You’ve seen me naked, and all fingered me. Haven’t I gone far enough to show you I’ll do what it takes?”

“Well you are right up to a point, and if you say that you don’t want to go any further, then I’ll respect that, and I won’t ask you to do another thing for us. But, just maybe, I might think to myself. She didn’t really go all the way, and if I do make her a super star, will she just get all uppity and too big for her boots. So you see, I’d much prefer it if you’d do just a few more things for me. But it is your choice. ”
“Can I ask you just one more thing?”
He gave his fingers that were still stuck up inside my bottom, a quick back and forward jerk.
“Well I guess being as you’re still stuck on my fingers, I’m sure I can let you ask just this last one question. ”
“Please, don’t get angry when I ask you. ”
“I won’t. ”
“I promise I will go further if that’s what it takes to make sure I get selected; but you promise me that if I do, that you’re not just stringing me along, I will get the modelling job?”
“I promise. If you don’t believe me, I’ll get one of them to bring the contract in now, and we can both sign it. ”

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   You don’t need to do that, I will trust you. Can I just ask one more question?”

“Look girl, we’ll be hear all day at this rate, you’ve asked enough surely?”
“Please one more?”
“If this question is that important, then you can do something to earn it. ”
“Well poor old Blake over there is the only one that didn’t get involved in the last session with you. If you take his pouch off, and hold his dick, I’ll let you ask another question. ”
“Ok, but can I ask my question first?”
“Ok, I’m sure if you can trust me about making you a model, I can trust you to keep to your word and play with his dick. ”
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