Wanking and sucking


I'm not gay as I have regular sex with my woman and the occasional straying from the path when the chance arises,but I do occasionally enjoy wanking and sucking with another straight guy.
I was having a break in a seaside town and enjoying a stroll along the promenade when I went into a public toilet for a wizz. When I walked in there was only one guy there at a stall,so I unzipped and proceeded to take a leak. Out of the corner of my eye i could see that he was slowly stroking his cock and sneaking a glance over at mine.
I am not huge but I do have about 71/2 inches of nice smooth cock. Anyway as I finished and was squeezing the last drops out he moved back a little so that I could see his fully erect cock,it was at least 8 or 9 inches and with a purple head standing up and throbbing. I moved over to the stall next to him and proceeded to stroke my own cock to full erection. He looked admiringly and whispered"What do you like?"
I replied "Wanking and sucking and being wanked and sucked,but it's too risky here" He said "That's what I like too and I have a caravan on a site near here if you are interested". I said "Why not" and we zipped up and walked out together. Sure enough after a short stroll we came to a caravan site and in a far corner he showed me to his caravan,which was one of those nice new ones very nicely done out.
He opened up and we entered and he closed the door and showed me that all the venetian blinds were closed so although it was quite light no-one could see in. Then he loosened his belt and dropped his jeans and pants so I could see his cock and balls and that he was hairless which I like as I am too.
He had a half hard on and as I dropped my trousers and pants his cock started to twitch,he reached over and gently took hold of my cock and began to stroke it while I did the same to him and we both began to harden up.
He said"Let's go and lay down and we can get to each other better"
I agreed and we stripped right off and lay down in the lounge area but in a 69 position so that we could get full access to each others cock and balls.
He began to run his tongue around the by now throbbing rim of my cock while gently stroking the full length so I also took his large cock in my hand and licked at the knob,and almost together we slid the full length of each others cocks into our mouths while stroking each others balls.
The tempo increased slowly and I could feel his cock grow even larger and I tried to take it right down into my throat which was what he was doing to mine.

defranceska gallardo 

  It all built up and fairly soon I knew that I was going to shoot my load as he was sucking and licking at my swollen throbbing cock.
I sensed that he too was getting close to cumming and increased the sucking and licking on his gorgeous cock,then with a simultaneous groan we both spurted our come. I swallowed as much as I could and so did he with mine then we lay back gasping.
"That was great" he said and I replied that I had really enjoyed it too he got a couple of towels so we could clean off the excess spunk and we sat down and had a smoke and he got us a couple of beers.
Later when we had had a rest we went at it again but he insisted that he sucked me first and then I could suck and wank him.
We now meet up now and again and enjoy each others cocks and spunk. .

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