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My wife was dressing to go to her meetings on Saturday. I asked her, did you like the fucking Joe gave you yesterday? She replied, you I know I did, you know I’m your whore, I love my pussy used by young studs, they never get tired of fucking, they fuck me until I’m totally worn out, you know you love to fuck me afterwards and mix your cum with theirs. I said, HELL YEAH, I like the feel of your well used pussy as I fuck you, it such a turn on to me. She said, I’m going to have to go, I held her at the door and put my hand up her dress and inserted a finger in her pussy and said, make sure you get here before 7:00 you’ve got a date with Joe’s buddy Rick or did you forget? We kissed, and she said, I didn’t forget, your whore can’t wait do it again, I’ll be hot all day just thinking about it, I’ve got to go, bye.

I spent all day messing around town, waiting for my wife return to the hotel, finally it became 5:00 pm and my wife arrived. I was on the couch watching TV as she walked by me, I grabbed her and laid her ass on my crotch and put my hand up her dress and under her panties, she was wet, I asked her, have you been fucking? She said, yes, I had a two break and this young guy hit on me, I thought he looked hot. I was horny thinking about the fucking Joe gave me last night and the fucking Rick was going to give tonight. I showed him my wedding ring, so he showed me his and said he was from out of town, I said I was from out of town also. I thought about it for about five seconds, but I was horny, and your wife is such a whore, I said let’s do it we don’t have much time, so we fucked in his hotel room, I said no pictures, he agreed. I’ve got some phone video from phone he took as he fucked me for you to see. She asked, I didn’t think you would mind? I said, no, it’s O. K. , just be safe, I hope you had fun. She said, I had lots of fun, he was a heavy comer, he left lots of cum in my pussy. I raised her skirt pulled off her panties and she started riding my cock, I said, he sure dumped lots of cum, I’m going to enjoy this, and I started bouncing her hard on my cock, I fucked her hard until I started shooting my wad up her pussy. It was such a hot feeling for me to mix my wad with the guy’s wad that had just fucked my wife, especially because I didn’t know who it was.

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   We finally finished, and she said, I need to shower and get cleaned up for Rick at 7:00pm. As she walked to the bathroom I saw cum dripping down her legs, that was common these days after my wife turned into a whore for young cock.

While she cleaned up, I looked at some of video clips of her earlier meeting with her young stud. This young guy fucked Jill all over his hotel room. One of the clips had the guy holding her by the sides of her face as he slammed his cock hard down her throat as he said, does your hubby know you like to take lots of cock down your throat whore? He grabbed Jill and thrust deep in her mouth and held her as he started dumping his wads of cum, Jill started gagging, but he did care, he said take it all whore, swallow it all. The stud pulled out and he had cum dripping, Jill caught her breath and said, I want it all, immediately inserting his cock back in her mouth. Jill started bobbing her head back and forth, her stud said, you love to suck cock don’t you whore? Jill responded, don’t you like for your whore to suck your cock? Either the stud’s cock never got soft or Jill got it hard again, because he picked her up and bent her over a dining table and quickly started ramming her pussy hard. He said, you like cock in your pussy too whore? She started moaning, oh yeees, fuck that married pussy, fuck your whore hard, the clip cut off. I went to the next clip and I could see the stud had dumped loads of cum in her pussy and he was thrusting in and out of her ass and with one final thrust held his cock deep in her ass and started dumping wads of cum. As the stud kept his cock buried in her ass, cum started flowing out. He finally pulled out, she said I’ve got to get back, she went into the bathroom cleaned up, came out again grabbed the phone and turned it taking a clip of stud. She said, it was a lot of fun, I had a great time and she left, before she stopped turned off the video, she sent me a message, I hope you liked the video, because I sure enjoyed the fuck this stud gave me, I don’t even know his name, you have such a whore wife and the clip ended.

Jill came out of the bathroom dressed in a real sheer red nightie, crotchless panties, red stockings, red stiletto hills and red garter belt. The nightie was so sheer her tits were in full view. I said, you look so fucking hot, like a real whore.

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   She said, I am a real whore, I fucked Jimmie on Thursday, Joe on Friday, the stud today that I didn’t even get his name, I fucked you when I got here today, now I’m getting ready for a fucking form Rick and another fucking from Sam tomorrow, I would say I’m pretty much a whore. I said, I saw the clips, they were hot, that guy fucked the shit out of your ass. She said, yeah, I still feel it as she sat on my crotch and started grinding her pussy on my cock. She said, I am so horny I would love to fuck right now, but I don’t have time to clean up, you can fuck me right after Rick gets done fucking me tonight, I know you’ll like that. I said, damn straight, that’s why I turned you into a hot-wife, I like to watch other men fuck you, then I like to fuck your well used pussy. Jill said, you do like me to be your whore, I said, I would have it any other way.

We were kissing then suddenly there was a knock on the door. I said, looks like your 7:00 pm fuck session is here. I got up to answer the door, there was a tall young Latino, very muscular at the door, he said, I’m Sam, Joe said you might be expecting me. I said, yes, but Joe said Rick would be coming today and you on Sunday. He responded that was the plan, but our company swapped us around, is that a problem? I said, no, I don’t care who fucks her first, come in. While we were talking at the door, Jill had put on a long robe and was sitting on the couch, legs crossed with her rob open all the way showing her garter belt snaps hooked on to the top of her stockings. My wife looked like a working whore in whore house waiting for a john. I said, this is Sam, there was change, Rick will be here tomorrow. Jill looked at Sam’s eyes and said, wow you’re a good-looking guy, I don’t care who uses my pussy first, I just wanted well used.

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   Jill knew her role as a hot-wife well and had embraced it, she knew her role was to suck and fuck Sam.

Jill motioned to Sam, saying, sit over here by me, you can’t fuck me from over there. Sam sat down putting his left hand around Jill’ shoulders and placed his right hand on her lower thigh. Sam looked at me and said Joe didn’t lie, your wife loves to fuck young guys. I said, she sure does, so what do you think of my wife? Sam said, she looks fucking hot, I’m going to enjoy fucking y slut. Jill commented, that’s a nice name for whore, believe me Sam I’m all whore, let me show you, Jill uncrossed her legs, took his right hand and guided it all the way to crotch and rubbed his hand on her pussy. She took his index finger and inserted it in her pussy, she moaned, ooh that’s much better. Sam said, damn you’re so wet, started French kissing her, while she was unzipping him to free his cock. Jill finally got his cock loose, out sprang a very rigid huge monster, I had never seen a cock that big at least an eleven incher. Jill loved the feels of his huge monster in her hand, she started jacking him off, his monster was so thick her hand did not go around. Sam stood up and quickly shed his clothes, it was very obvious Sam worked out, he had a chiseled body, tight legs and a huge rigid cock, Jill just stared at it mesmerized. Sam asked, have you ever played around with this much cock? Jill answered, no, it’s huge. Sam said, don’t worry, I’m going to take it easy on you, Jill inserted his huge cockhead in her mouth, she started going nuts with his monster, she was sucking cock like I had never seen her before, slurp, slurp, uuuuum, oooooh, slurp, she moaned it’s so big. Sam sat on the couch and he pulled Jill over his cock and lowered her pussy down until his cockhead was in her pussy. Jill said, I feel so full, Sam said, that’s only my cockhead, when I put in all the way, you’re not going feel full, you’re going to be full, and you will be begging for more.

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   I’m going to fuck you like the whore all of us know you are.

Sam was pulling Jill down on his cock, she started moaning loud, it’s too big, too big. Sam said, hey Russ, look at this whore she loves my cock, she is saying it’s too big, but she is creaming all over my cock, the whore cannot control herself. This whore was right, she is all whore, Sam asked her, you like that cock whore? My wife moaned out, yeees, it’s so big, I don’t think I can take it all. In a loud voice Sam remarked, WHORE, I’VE GOT PLANS FOR YOU, I’M GOING TO STRETCH THAT CUNT OF YOURS TO FIT MY COCK, YOU’RE GOING TO TAKE ALL, and he pulled her down more, she said, no more, please it’s too big. Sam said, fuck this and he pulled her down all the way making Jill scream, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Sam didn’t care, he started picking Jill up and slamming her down on his monster, he yelled out, WHORE, I’M GOING TO FUCK YOUR BRAINS OUT, HEY RUSS, LET ME TAKE HER BACK WITH ME FOR A WEEKEND, I WOULD LIKE TO PASS THIS WHORE AROUND TO MY BUDDIES.

Sam stood up with Jill on his cock, and he started picking her up and slamming her pussy on his monster, Jill kept on screaming, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, he said, THAT’S IT WHORE SCREAM, YOU KNOW YOU LOVE THAT COCK, TELL LOVE MY COCK WHORE, COME ON SAY IT, still screaming Jill said, YEEEES, YEEEEES, I LOVE YOUR COCK, FUCK YOUR WHORE, I’LL FUCK YOUR FRIENDS, OH FUCK ME, FUCK ME. Jill loved to fuck young guys, but she never went bananas like this,Jill called herself a whore, but Sam was really turning her into a real whore right before my eyes.

Sam yelled out, HEY RUSS LOOK AT THIS WHORE GO, SHE’S TAKING MY MONSTER ALL THE WAY UP HER CUNT, BY THE TIME I GET DONE WITH THIS BITCH, HER CUNT WILL FIT MY COCK LIKE A CUSTOM GLOVE, HA, HA, HA, HA, he looked at Jill and said, ISN’T THAT RIGHT WHORE?She said, YEEES, YEEES, YEEES, GIVE IT TO ME, FUCK THIS MARRIED WHORE. Sam took Jill to the bed and laid her on the edge, spread her legs turned on her side and raised her left leg and proceeded to plow into her pussy without any mercy, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, Sam was making Jill’s pussy his. I was awed as I took video of all the hot action.

Sam again laid her on her back raised her legs and kept on plowing down on her pussy hard, his huge cock was almost splitting her apart, Jill could do nothing but scream AAAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, and take all his cock as he reamed her pussy very hard. Sam said out loud, OH YEAH, I’M GOING TO SPLIT THIS WHORE IN TWO, I’M GOING TO FUCK YOU INTO OBLIVION WHORE, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. Sam tensed up and reamed her pussy with on hard thrust and held in her pussy, I’m coming deep in this whore’s cunt.

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   Jill was wiggling and bucking all she could against his monster stuffed her cunt, saying, that’s it, give it all to me, use this whore’s pussy. Sam finally withdrew and told Jill to lick all the cum off his cock and balls, Jill loved to eat cum, she did not hesitate to obey, immediately she was licking his cock and balls, until they were clean. Sam said, Joe did not lie, you’re a damn hot whore! Jill was very busy sucking on Sam’s cock, making it real hard again, she wanted to fuck again.

Sam flipped over doggy-style and said out loud, HEY RUSS, I’M GOIN TO TAKE THIS WHORE’S ASS, GOT SOME LUBE? I threw a tube of lube and he lubed her ass and his cock. Jill said, please slow, you’re too big. Sam said, SHUT UP WHORE, A WHORE GETS FUCKED LIKE A STUD WANTS, WHORES DON’T GET TO TELL STUDS HOW TO FUCK THEM, SO I’M GOING TO FUCK YOUR ASS LIKE THE WHORE YOU ARE, GOT THAT WHORE! Sam put his cock in her ass entrance and started going in until his cockhead was in her ass. Jill was moaning, too big, it’s so big, ooooh, ooooh, Sam pushed his cock further in her ass until he was half way in. Sam said out loud, HEY RUSS, SHE’S NEVER HAD BIG COCK IN HER ASS BEFORE HAS SHE? I responded, she has had plenty of cock in her ass, not as big your monster cock, it must really feel tight to you, so I guess you need to loosen that ass up, HA, HA, HA, HA. Sam said, I guess, I’m going to have to train her ass to like I trained her cunt. Her ass is tight, just like a virgin ass. I said, well break that cherry than. Jill was screaming AAAAAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAH as Sam was slowly thrusting back and forth with half of his monster her ass. Jill was shaking and screaming PLEASE SLOW, IT HURTS.

Sam yelled out, SHUT UP WHORE, YOU DON’T GET A SAY HOW YOU GET FUCKED, WHORES JUST GET FUCKED. Sam started going in deeper with ever thrust, he said, he said out loud, OH YEAH, I’M GOING TO GAP THIS ASS GOOD, BORE IT ALL THE WAY, SOON THIS ASS WILL FITTING MY COCK REAL GOOD, he and I did a high five as I videoed the action.

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Sam said, hey Russ, I was told this whore was some high Exec VP in some corporation, she didn’t want face pics, can you my phone and take a video of me fucking this whore’s ass, I want to show Rick the ass he is going to be fucking tomorrow. Sam started slowly thrusting back and forth for a couple of minutes and started picking up speed, slapping against her ass, harder and harder, Jill started screaming, AAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAH. Sam yelled out, THAT’S IT WHORE, SCREAM ALL WANT, ALL MY WHORES SCREAM WHEN PUT MY COCK UP THEIR ASS. Sam pulled out and said, HEY RUSS TAKE A SHOT OF HER ASS, SEE HOW BIG I’M MAKING IT, he stuffed his huge monster back in her ass, he said, OH YEAH, THIS WHORE WILL BE TAKING LOTS OF BIG COCK UP HER ASS REAL SOON. Jill was kept on moaning, ooooh, oooooh, too big, too fucking big, ooooh!Sam yelled out, TAKE IT WHORE, TAKE IT, TAKE ALL MY COCK UP YOUR ASS! Sam kept slamming his monster in Jill’s ass, he pulled out again and said out loud, LOOK AT THIS GAPPED ASS. I turned the camera phone to her ass, Sam had bored out her ass, leaving a huge gapped ass. I said, well Sam, after this fucking, I won’t have any more problems fucking her ass, we high fived and chuckled.

Sam flipped Jill on her back on the edge of the bed, he raised her legs over by her shoulders making her ass point straight up. Sam placed his monster cockhead on the entrance of her ass, he then said out loud, Russ, I’M GOING TO DRILL THE WHORE’S ASS RAW, with one strong downward thrust he drove his huge cock all the way in her ass, Jill rolled her head to side to side, moaning loud, UUUUUUUUM, OOOOOOOOOH, SO BIG, SLOOOW, UUUUUUUUM, SO BIG, SO BIG. Sam buried his cock all the way in her ass, pushing and holding it real tight with his big balls hanging against her ass. Sam started moving up leaving his cockhead in her ass then thrusting back into her ass plowing his cock back in her ass with as much force as he could.

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   It was such an amazing and hot sight to see this young stud with his huge monster thrust up and I could see his huge cock and he would just drive his monster straight and totally disappear in Jill’s ass hitting rock bottom. Jill was no longer screaming, she was just moaning, feels so good, he thrust and held his huge cock in Jill’s ass, and said, like that cock in your ass whore? Jill moaned, oooh yeees, it feels so good. Sam started plowing into her ass again for another five minutes, when I saw him tense up and take on last thrust all the way in and said, I’m going to drop all my wad deep in this whore’s ass. He was such heavy comer, I started seeing cum flowing out of Jill’s ass as he kept fucking the shit out of her ass, he finally pulled out and told her, whore, lick my cock and balls, come slut do it. Jill didn’t care he had just fucked her ass, she immediately obeyed, licking cum off his balls, he said that’s a good whore.

Sam was getting dressed and Jill was on the bed pretty well used and very beat, she had never been fucked like this before, even when I was young, I never had as much stamina as this young Latino had. Sam went over to Jill, and fingered her pussy, Jill started bucking her hips against his fingers, Sam said, next time you’re around look me up, I like to hit this pussy and ass again. Jill told him, I promise you, I will make it a point to look you up, I said, I have his phone number and Sam left. I looked at Jill, she had her legs wide open, I could see Sam’s cum still flowing from her ass and pussy. I wasted no time and started fucking Jill, she still had wads of Sam’s hot cum in her pussy, Jill said, your wife is such a whore, I said, I know you’re a whore, that’s why I love you and I started mixing my cum with Sam’s, it was an amazing hot feeling.

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