losing my virginity


I'm a 15 year old brunett. My friend Rebecca invited me to go camping in thier parents cabin with her, her brother and his friend Cameran. Cameran was a sweet guy 17 years old. We went to the same school but he never paid any interest to me. So I never thought he would be into me.  We crammed into Rebecca's brothers' tiny car, me sitting next to Cameran our bodies touching. Me wearing a purple low cut tank top and short shorts He scanned my long legs, his eyes rolling up my body sneaking a peak at my c-cup breasts. I blushed and looked away out into the window every so often sneaking peaks at Cameran peaking at me.

The car rolled to a stop. We got settled and went outside to watch the fire. Cameran was looing over the red hot flames at me cheacking my body out up and down.  With a cocky grin he said "i'm going to look for more firewood. " His eyebrow rasie sugesting I go with him i said "I'll help. " As i followed him out into the woods we stopped well out of the way from sight. He looked straight into my eyes and kissed me passionatly. His hands roaming my body down to my waist traveling up my shirt taking it off reveling my petite body.

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   I pulled off his shirt to revel a very defined six-pack. He pressed our bodies together still kissing me. He unbuttened my shorts pulling them off showing my blck lacey thong.

He started rubbing my pussy and I moaned in the back of my throat. He unhinged my bra letting it slip off. He massaged them gently. his trail of kisses went from my neck down to my breats. He sucked one and held the other.

Moaning I felt the huge bulged that appeared in front of his pant and started rubbign it.   then unbuckeld his belt and kelt to my knees taking his pants and boxers with me showing his 7 inch cock. This being my first blowjob I licked it and stuck it in my mouth and sucked. He moaned and I sucked harder.  I sucked on the head then forced it to the back of my throat almost gagging on it. He moaned and i keep doing deep throating it.  In between breathes he gasped "I'm.

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  . . going to. . . cum"

As his salty sweet cum dripped from my chin I swallowed it. Smiling up at him he pulled me up and kissed me. Taking off my panties he layed me down on a soft bed of grass nest to a fairly big tree, he licked my clit, long and hard and stuck a finger into my tight pussy.  I moan a loud pleasureable moan. As I reached my climax I started taking deeper breathes and they turned into gaspes and I cam into Camerans mouth.

He's mouth traveled up to my ear and asked "Can i fuck you?" Wanting more I excitedly said "yes, but be careful. I'm a virgin" His sweet smile reasured me that he would.

 He rubbed his cock up and down my pussy before penitrating. As it went in I gasped and screamed in pain, but that pain was quicly replaced with intense pleasure. He shoved his cock all the way into me as I moaned loudly.

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   He began thrusting starting slow them biulding going faster and faster, shoving harder and harder.  My gasps turning in to screaming moans he looked up smiling thrusting harder. we rolled and he placed me on top of him.  Moving up and down making him moan i rode him. He closed his eyes and moaned even more. Finally he opeaned his eyes and said "going. . to cum" I moaned out "cum inside me" When he finally cam the intesity of it made me climax cumming with him.  Trying to catch our breathe we layed side by side me in his arms. Lying there in a cloud of blistfulnes we both relized the were supossed to be looking for "firewood" so we dressed and gatherd a few peices and headed back to camp hand in hand. There would be many more of our little firewood trips in the next 7 days that we were there.