My Junior Girl


This is a story about my girlfriend’s first time. It was the night of the winter dance, and I was excited because whether or not my girlfriend knew it, I was going to take her cherry tonight. Let me start off by describing myself. My name is Dillon and I am an 18 year old senior with an average build, verging on athletic. I’m 5’11” and I have an 8 inch penis when fully erect. My girlfriend, Rachael, is 17 and about 5’4” very skinny and she has B cup breasts. Tonight I would discover that and more about my junior girlfriend.
I arrived late to the dance, as I had prior commitments with school activities but I knew that my girl would be waiting for me. As soon as I found Rachael I began to walk towards her until I was right behind her. She did not notice me until I put one hand across her stomach and pulled her into my waiting crotch. She looked around to see who was grabbing her, and when she realized it was me she stood on the tips of her toes and kissed me. “Where were you lovely” she asks. “I’m sorry love, but I had to close down the construction shop for the play”. She gave me a kiss and told me that it was alright, but that I had missed one of my favorite songs. The night moved along like many high school dances until the next grindable song came on.
I had yet to grind with Rachael as this was the first dance since we began dating, but I knew that if I wanted to set my plan in motion I had to start here.

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   I grabbed her like I did when I came up and surprised her and nestled her up against my groin. She seemed slightly shocked at first, but this girl loved me and would do anything I asked. As the songs beat picked up we were basically dry humping in the middle of the dance floor. The hand that I had resting on her stomach slowly moved downward until I had three fingers inside of her jeans and massaging over her pantie clad pussy. She thrust her ass back into me and emitted a slight moaning sound. She soon became conscious to the fact that I was not going to stop there as I worked my entire hand inside her jeans and I began to massage beneath her panties. She realized the situation and removed my hand and turned to face me.
Rachael said “Dillon, we can’t do this… at least not her on the dance floor. ” I responded by grabbing her ass and holding her against me. I then leaned my head forward and whispered into her neck (something that she tells me sends shivers down her body) “I need you Rachael, I love you and I want to show you how much”. She looked a bit shocked but then she surprised me by getting up on her toes and kissing my nose. I knew exactly what that meant.
I live alone with my dad, and he works nights so as soon as Rachael and I got into my car we sped to my house. The entire drive home I had one hand gripping her jean covered crotch. When we entered my house I told her to get to my room and wait for me.

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   As she bounced off I couldn’t help but stare at her ass and I thought to myself “I am going to tear that apart tonight”. I went to my father’s room and grabbed two condoms, and a small tube of lube, I had a feeling they would come in handy soon.
When I got to my room Rachael was sitting at the end of my bed waiting with an expecting look on her head. “Dillon when we were grinding… well I felt your dick, and it felt rather large… Can I see it again”? “Rachael not only can you see it I’m going to have you feel all 8 inches of it slide in and out of your soon to no longer be virgin vagina. ” She cooed a bit as dirty talk always made her have shivers down her spine. “Rachael I want this night to be wonderful for you, so why don’t we both get a bit more comfortable. Oh did I mention I’m a bit hungry, I think I need something to eat” I said with a wink. She couldn’t get out of her clothes fast enough. She started by taking off her black tee and dark jeans leaving herself clad in her baby blue bra and matching boy shorts. I removed my shirt and unbuckled my jeans and let them slide to the ground, leaving me in my red and black striped boxers.
I went up to her and took her into my embrace. She broke the embrace to jump on me with her legs straddling my hips. I held her by the small of her back as I unhooked her bra with the other hand, allowing it to fall and her wondrous tits to be displayed directly in front of my eyes. I carefully laid her down on my bed and began to kiss her from the tips of her outstretched fingers down to her lips and I continued my path until I was sucking on her nipples and massaging each of her breasts with my tongue. As my girlfriend is extremely ticklish my tongue play was causing her to laugh a bit and she told me that I needed to slow it down.

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   “Down you say, alright” I replied as I brought my kisses closer and closer to her virginity.
When I got to her pantie line I skipped over them and began to kiss her thighs, in effect teasing her. She grabbed my hair and dragged my head back to her panties and said “You know exactly what I want you to do. ” I loved it when she got commanding, and I obliged by bringing my kisses back up until I was kissing her pantie clad pussy and receiving moans for my work. I looked up at her eyes and they told me to continue, so I gently reached and began to slide her boy shorts down past her ankles. This was the first time I saw my girlfriend’s vagina. It was perfectly sculpted, no over hanging lips, no marks around her skin, and just a thin strip of her dirty blonde pubes. I teased her again by kissing all around her lips but never entering. She began to plead for me to just do it already and I couldn’t turn down her face. I spread her lips and began to lick her junior pussy. As her clit extended from its hood I wrapped my tongue around it and began to lightly bite down on it, not enough to hurt only enough to apply a sort of pressure. This gave me the immediate response of her first orgasm for the night.
I continued to eat her out for the next seven minutes bringing her to orgasm two more times. It was at this time that I decided that it was my turn. I stood up after her third orgasm and told her that it was time to return the favor.

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   She had a giddy smile on her face as she sat up and pulled me towards her. “There is something I have never told you Dillon,” Rachael starts “… I have no gag reflex”. I knew that I had just hit the jackpot. “I doubt that you can fit my entire cock into your mouth Rachael”. With a defiant look on her face, Rachael slid my boxers down to the floor and just stared at my fully erect penis.
She tentatively reached out with a hand and began to stroke me up and down, not in a masturbatory method, but rather as a way to get the full feel of my 8 inches. She leaned forward and kissed the tip of my dick. I was in heaven as she stuck out her tongue, wrapped it around my cock and sucked me into her mouth. She had a hard time adjusting to my girth in her mouth, but as soon as she was able to handle it she started shoving more and more of me into her small mouth. When my balls were sitting on her chin she looked up at me with an ‘I told you so’ look as she began to bob up and down going from just tongue on tip to my balls banging her chin. I began to wonder if this wasn’t the first blow job she had given, but I decided to wait and ask her at a later time.
Because I didn’t want to come yet I pulled out of her mouth and kissed her on the forehead. I started to reach for a condom but she stopped me, “Dillon you don’t need that I’m on the pill, and besides I want to be able to feel that monster inside of me, not some plastic shell. ” If I was in heaven before, I was sitting on the throne now as God did my dishes. I scooted her to the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide.

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   I bent down and gave her virginity a ‘kiss goodbye’ as I lined my penis up to her entrance. I slowly inserted the tip and I felt her velvet softness. I began to apply a bit of pressure until I felt her hymen (Thank god she actually was a virgin, even after that pro blow job). “How do you want me to take you darling” I asked my girlfriend. “Just shove it in and wait a bit after that”. I did exactly as she asked and pulled back just a bit before shoving my entire weight onto her slicing her hymen in two and pushing her cervix out of the way and entering her womb. She began to let out a drawn out shriek which I covered with my mouth on top of hers. When she stopped sobbing she told me to continue. It was a wonderful feeling being hilted inside of my no longer virgin girlfriend and I wanted to savor this. I slowly began to pull out until just my tip was in, and then I began rhythmic thrusts into her. She began moaning and was soon soaking me with her fourth orgasm of the night. With her vice grip of a vagina I knew that I would not last much longer. “When I cum where do you want it lovely” I said in between thrusts. “FILL ME” she screamed. Not to disobey I thrust into her to the hilt once again penetrating her womb, and unloaded six large spurts of cum into her baby basket.

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   Moments after I came she motioned for me to get closer to her so she could whisper something to me. “I’m not on the pill and you’ve just given me what I wanted a coating with the sperm of the man who I’m going to marry, one way or another. ” I thought to myself, I’m lucky I love this girl.

Shall I continue there is more to the story, this was my first attempt please share your ideas in the comments.