Watching Jill


I had never really thought of myself as a voyeur, but what happened one day last summer changed all that.
My wife's younger sister, Jill and her husband Graham were due to move to London, but they agreed that moving with the kids mid term would be inconvenient, so Graham moved down south to the new place and with their house in Nottingham already sold, Jill moved in with us as a temporary measure.
Our social lives both revolve around the local football club Graham and I play for and as we all go out together as a group,he knew Jill wouldn't be short of company and would be well looked after. And so she was - but not in the way he imagined !
i was quite happy with the arrangement as it was only for a few weeks and besides, whilst Jill has always been a bit snooty, she has a fantastic body and seeing her skipping around our place in her dressing gown, or if i was very lucky, her underwear, was a huge thrill.
I work irregular shifts as a driver and managed to finish early one Friday lunchtime. Fancying a couple of hours kip before the kids got home, I was a bit surprised to see Jill's car already parked outside as she was meant to be at work.
Thinking she may be ill, I let myself in quietly, and as I went in I could hear sounds coming from conservatory at the back of the house. It was obvious from the giggles and gasps that Jill was engaged in some heavy petting - the randy little bitch!
So with a mixture of eager anticipation and pure lust, I crept upstairs to my bedroom which overlooks the conservatory. Although the curtains were drawn, I knew that by pulling up a chair to the window, I would be able to spy through the gap at the goings on below.
The sight that met my eyes was incredible. Jill was stark naked   apart from her Jimmy Choo stilettoes and her Gucci watch (always such a classy bitch!) and was in the process of undressing Carl, one of the younger lads from the football team. Now I knew that Jill, like most of the women i knew fancied Carl, and that she'd probably heard the stories that abound at the club of his way with women and the size of his equipment. Even slack in the club showers, his penis hangs impressively halfway down his thigh and a couple of the barmaids at the club he has slept with have often enthused about his tackle and his prowess in the sack. And here was my normally demure sister in law about to discover it for herself!
I'd have to grudgingly admit he is a handsome devil and Jill clearly thought so as she kissed his bare chest tracing a line across his navel as he stood in just his boxer shorts. I was breathless with excitement as she was telling him how she had fancied him she first laid eyes on him and how she was longing to suck on his prick. I had never seen Jill like this before - so openly craving attention from a man and literally begging to be fucked.

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  Then slowly, she peeled his boxers down, which made us both gasp in wonder. The cock that I had seen flaccid so often in the showers was now marvellously erect, - I had never witnessed anything remotely like it and judging by the look of rapture on Jill's face, neither had she. She managed an "oh my God you're huge" before taking the end between her lips and slurping greedily on it like a child on a popsicle. Meanwhile, she ran her long manicured fingers along his swollen ball sack which made Carl groan with pleasure as her other hand worked his gigantic cock.  I had never seen anything as  sexy and was on the verge of coming already. Carl, however, was in full control of the situation pulling Jill towards him as he began to expertly fuck her mouth with deep, languid strokes.
Suddenly she pulled away and was begging him to put his dick inside her. He needed no further prompting as he made her bend over the cane sofa as he slowly entered her from behind. I watched in awe as he reached round to diddle her clit which sent her into an orgasmic frenzy - her legs were buckling as she screamed under the intensity of the sensations she was experiencing. What an incredible sight, my wife's sexy posh sister being boned by the local stud. Having already brought Jill to orgasm, he then reached round to cup those gorgeous dangling boobs that I had fantasised over for years whilst he slowed down so that Jill could feel every inch of his mighty tool as it thrust in and out.
i envied the effect Carl was having on Jill - to be able to reduce my normally composed sister in law to a sex crazed wildcat was nothing short of incredible. Jill climbed astride him rocking her hips on his as she cried out - "fuck me harder you bastard you make me come again" and at this, Carl speeded up, thrusting mercilessly and pulling hard on Jill's pony tail until she started to shout out "uh uh fuck me hard you sexy fucker " as she begged him to fill her cunt with his hot cum. That was too much for me too as I came watching this stud fill Jill to the hilt and reduce her to the status of a sex crazed whore.
Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Carl gasped that he couldn't hold on any longer.

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  This sent Jill into an absolute frenzy as she thrashed around, writhing on his massive penis as she sought to milk every last drop of his hot semen into her greedy cunt.
He came with a primeval groan, his body shaking with spasm after spasm as he shot his spunk inside her. not that Jill seemed to notice; she was too lost in her own orgasm howling obscenities as she came repeatedly. They both collapsed on the floor, satisfied and thoroughly spent.
As for me, i never told my wife, Jill or Carl what i had witnessed that summer afternoon, but now when the barmaids tease the rest of us players about Carl's magnificent weapon and endless stamina, I know exactly what they mean.
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