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  • Carolina Ferraz reviews 23-01-2017
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    2017-01-21 1 nights Amsterdam
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    Carolina Ferraz - escort review from Netherlands Ga naar profiel
    Meeting Carolina was an absolutely incredible experience. She does not only look amazing (I couldn't take my eyes off her), she is also passionate, warm-hearted, authentic, funny, smart... We had an amazing chemistry with each other - a love affair that I won't forget. I actually planned to spend only one hour with her, but then it just turned out to be much longer, and I enjoyed every minute of being with her. The sex was amazing and on a level that I rarely experienced with other women (paid or not). I really had the impression that she likes it. The funny thing was that we managed to understand each other although I don't speak Portugese and she does not speak English. Google Translate and lots of body language did the trick :-) I will definitely meet her again. Gentlemen, enjoy this wonderful lady, but please treat her well and with the respect that she deserves. She is a real angel.