Fantastic 4 -1- Brewing trouble.


    It was three months after the Fantastic four had saved the world from Galactus. Every time Susan and Reed found time to fuck each other one or other crisis stopped them. Like one day, they had just gotten back from another mission, they were so frustrated that could not even wait to go inside their office. Fortunately, Johnny had gone off to a strip club (surprisingly because now he was involved with Frankie) to celebrate and Ben to Alicia’s home.
 “Oh fuck, I can’t wait! Fuck me; fuck me like a whore that I am!” Cried Susan.
“Yeah, I can’t wait to rip that pussy apart too, you wanton bitch! Was it necessary to test my pole in the President of United States’ Oval Office?” Replied Reed ripping her coat off her petite curvy body.
“Yeah, he was really trying my patience with that long speech for saving her wonderful wife and innocent little teen age daughter. Innocent my foot, both were staring at this wonderful little thing” Susan said while pushing his pant down and cutting the underwear with her powers and grabbing his pole with both her tiny hands.
“You’ll pay for this ‘ little thing ‘ remark”, rubbing the tits force fully  and dragging her towards reception desk, “And President took so long because he couldn’t take his eyes of these ‘Evil twins’ “slamming her on the reception desk and ripping her bra off her 38Ds as the automatic Virtual secretary program kicked off.
“Shut her off, Reed” as he ripped every last shred of cloth off her body and started rub all over her body with elongated fingers.
“No need darling”, and shouted,”SEX MODE” and the virtual Sec also started to rip off her clothes and started to masturbate right there.
“Oh Fuck, what a brilliant idea, I always wanted someone to watch me and see how lucky I am” taking his monster cock in her hands like she’d never get it again.
“I know. I even added jealousy in herrr… yeah suck that, you bitch. I want it so bad. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,Yes, Yes, YES…” as he jumped on his wife and started fucking her face madly with all pent-up frustration as his virtual secretary started to shriek with her whole fist in her cunt hole how much she wanted his cock.

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Susan continued to deep throat her husband’s rapidly enlarging cock (12 inch already and 4 inch thick!) and started to finger her pussy like crazy. Great thing about her husband’s cock was that not only it could get so large but it could also go or move anywhere. She continued it about for 3 minutes then pulled it out and with glazed eyes put in her cunt. As much as she loved drinking cum, she hadn’t had a release in weeks. The secretory started to curse Susan and her luck and started to tell about various time she had SEX with her boss and how it was only a matter of time before he left Susan! This turned on Susan even more when Reed started to tell her how good she was and he would never live her!
Reed seemed to feel the same way so he entered hard and fast and started to stretch her cunt as he had never before and started to ram her dripping pussy hard. Oh fuck she was so wet! Sue cried as much in pleasure as in anticipation. Reed never came before making her come at least five times (muscle control, you know). But today it seemed he may not last that long. She would take what she could get, she mused bucking her hips against him, Reed started to suckle her tits like a baby and that sent her off the edge! He was so good at sucking! Reed pulled out suddenly and she protested but continued to gasp in pleasure and pain as he flipped her and started fucking her again from behind. She could feel a huge climax building  and just then alarm started sounding from his ultra special alarm system.
“FUCK, it must be something big. We have to go”.
“I know, but why, why, is this happening to us”
“Just bloody luck, I guess. Oh GOD, they have lost control over FIVE FREAKING NUCLEAR SUBMARINES! I’ll get others. ”
As he was dressing he thought maybe they had been cursed.

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Susan wondered if she had lost her first place in his husbands life and if the work they all liked so much would destroy her life!
Little they did know that all these interventions, problems and frustration were plans of a crazy lunatic unknown boss named “PLEASURE DEMON”. And he had already got Johnny, Captain Frankie Raye and Alicia Masters in his clutches.
It took them 14 hours to control the situation, but Reed was injured and admitted to hospital, just according to plan but no buddy except PLEASURE DEMON knew that little fact.
It was a very tired Susan who drove to her brother’s house that night. When a very bad mooded Johnny opened the door she asked hesitantly if Frankie was there. Johnny replied negatively and asked her to join in for a drink. She was always close to her brother and with each drink she poured all her troubles there.
“Damn, you are in a really bad situation. But not as bad as mine. Frankie has stopped having sex with me. ”
“Oh God, but why? For the first time you really had someone in your life!”
“Yeah, and it was great but not anymore” and with more drinks his story came out how Frankie avoided sex and all. In the end, Sue said indignantly, “How can she treat you like that? You are so HOT and handsome and your cock is so big…. ”
Johnny jerked and said “how do you know”
“Well, I saw you in bathroom accidently when you were 15”she said blushingly.
After a moment of silence Johnny said, “Want to see if it is any bigger?” opening his zip and underwear and pulling out his 11 inch monster.
Drunk, Susan could not stop herself and tentatively touched it and suddenly everything exploded.

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   They never even knew when they had torn their clothes off and before they knew Johnny was humping her and her pussy from behind.
“Oh shit your cunt is so tight sis, I’ve had had virgins who were looser than you, shit, shit, shit!”
“Yeah, fuck me; make me cum, Oh it is so BIG! I can feel it stretching my cunt like never before!… Ahh …. . AAAHHH……. MAKE ME CUMMM!”
“I will, I will. yes, yes, YES!!!” and he continued to slam in to her leaking cunt as hard as possible. It was now dripping like a river! He wanted that pussy so bad!!! He stopped ramming in her and went down like a man goes down on water after days of thirst in Sahara. She started bucking her body against her. Weeks of deprivation and Alcohol had driver her mind away so badly, that the fact that her brother sucking her cunt only served to excite even more. And within a few mins, she started squirting all over her little brother’s face. Dazed, Johnny drank as much as he could . It was so sweet! Without stopping started licking her body downwards to above. Then he reached to her 38Ds and started sucking left one. Susan cried in delight then in pain as he pinched her other tit hard. She cried in passion so hard, half the town must have heard it! After alternatively giving both of her tits justice he put his dick in the valley between her titties and started fucking her titties.

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“Yeah, fuck your sister’s tits, Johnny, FUCK THEM! Then cum all over my face!”
“No bitch you are going to swallow it all!” and after having a little fun pushed his dick to her face! Though she wanted her brother to fuck her titties, she was powerless against her lust. She could do nothing but gasp in rapture as her brother’s dick entered her mouth! As she took the monster in, she realized that taking a slightly smaller but normal cock was different, a little painful but just as much fun! She sucked and sucked. Johnny started assault on her sweet sister’s huge tits. The sight of his ister giving head was so exhilirating. Johnny could hardly belive that after years of pining for her sweet little cunt he was going to get it all.
Susan was getting more and more breathless with each stroke but she wanted that cum so bad now! She started now pinching Johnny’s balls now! Johnny couldn’t take it anymore and finally gave in and came huge amount of cum inside her. She was afraid it might choke her bur managed to drink it all. Even Reed had not given her so much to drink!
“Now I know why girls are so crazy about you!” She panted after three full minutes of lying with her brother”
“No, but now you’ll know" and Susie was surprised to see his cock up again but she wasn’t about to complain and before her sanity returned, she was riding her brother hard like a cow girl. Johnny pinched her tits so hard, she almost came there and then but somehow managed it. Then something changed. She felt her cunt hitting up and cried, “Oh Johnny, something is wrong. ”
“No, sis, It is just that I can heat up any part of my body any way any temperature! Do you like it?”
Johnny wasn’t much behind. Her cunt was going to milk him dry. He had no hope of recovering fast this time! Suddenly his body got flattened and he felt his hands getting bound in invisible bonds. His sister was going to use her powers too! He thrashed around as she began her final assault on him and with a fiery blast HE CAME! At the same time his sexy sister EXPLODED TOO! They went deep in the sea of ecstasy together.

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   Neither had experienced anything so good in their life! It felt so great to come in his sister’s tight pussy!
“Wow, I mean WOW. Oh God, I know that I shouldn’t  feel this way, but it feels just SO RIGHT!”, said Susan.
“Yeah, we were meant to do this. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go long now without fucking you senseless. I ned you so BAD!”
“I won’t let you. Never again I’ll be able to go away from you! Now don’t pull out! I’m dead beat but now I want to sleep with you inside me! And when we wake up, you better be ready to reap my ass hole!”
“Yeas madam!” said Johnny, kissed her tenderly and slowly drifted in deep sleep in each other’s arms.
Outside somewhere far away, PLEASURE DEMON was 4enjoying the success of his plan when his surveillance picked up something he had missed due to this erotic scene. --> A flying machine with a single red rose, Microphone, Speakers and A CAMERA! Apparently Reed had created something special even on hospital and seen something REALLY SPECIAL!!!!!
He laughed and laughed and laughed, everything was not going as per plan, IT WAS BETTER THAN ANYTHING HE DREAMED OF!!!!!
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