Hi-5 and the Merry Go Round Of Lust


However, when Tim opened Nathan’s toy chest, all it contained was Nathan’s superhero costume. "I can’t play with this," thought Tim. So he went back to his own space. "Besides," he thought, "I can’t play soccer when there’s a giant metal pole in the middle of my space. "Suddenly, Tim had an idea. He would turn it into a merry-go-round! All he needed was a couple of lengths of crepe paper, and some music. Tim already had the music problem licked – for some strange reason, whenever anyone in the Hi5 house wanted to sing, music would magically play. Music which fit the lyrics, rhythm and melody. Tim found the paper and attached it to the top of the pole. There were five strips, all in different colours. All Tim needed now was someone to play with. "Nathan! Charli! Kellie! Kathleen!" he yelled. As usual, Nathan and Kellie were the last to arrive. Kellie only had one layer of clothing on, rather than her usual three layers. Nathan was sweating like he’d just done the shapes dance. "Hi guys!" said Tim.

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  "Hello Tim!" they responded. "What’s up Tim?" Kathleen asked. Tim really liked Kathleen. Of all the Hi5 members, she was the only one who consistantly wore only one top, and usually a low-cut one at that. Unfortunately, as Chats once found out after popping out of her box at the wrong moment, Kathleen was a lesbian. That immediately ruled her out for Tim – his church schooling taught him that it was wrong for anyone to have same-sex relations. Kathleen knew that Tim didn’t agree with her orientation, however she still sexually teased him from time to time. "I’ve made this musical merry-go-round" Tim said, "and I need someone to go on it with. ""I’ll go!" said Kellie. "So will I!" said Kathleen, flashing Kellie her winning smile. Nathan looked jealous as Kathleen took her place right behind Kellie on the merry-go-round. He joined the merry-go-round behind Kathleen – his superior height meant he could watch Kathleen to make sure she didn’t do anything to his Kellie. "After you," said Tim to Charli. "No, after you", said Charli. Charli took her place just behind Tim.

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   He knew that she was looking at his butt, and although he wasn’t attracted to Charli, it was kinda flattering that she thought so highly of him. This is strange, thought Tim, I spend most of my time wearing colours which don’t match, yet one of the girls likes me. Up and down,up and down,up and down goes the merry-go-roundThe words "Up and down" made Tim think of Kellie and Nathan. He often thought, enviously, of what Kellie and Nathan did together, and had been doing for the past 2 years. Sometimes, late at night, when he heard their muffled noises, he thought of secretly walking into their space and taking his own pleasure of Kellie. But as far as he knew, Nathan wasn’t sharing. After the imaginary merry-go-round ride, Tim was alone again. Kathleen had gone back to her space to invent a new game. Kellie went back to her space to play with Chats. Nathan was going to build a tent, and although he probably needed help with it, Tim didn’t feel like struggling with the canvas and the poles. Charli had gone back to her space to pretend to be a merry-go-round horse. "I might help Charli to be a merry-go-round horse", Tim thought. So he walked across the house to Charli’s space. She was waiting there, with her back turned and arms up like a horse. With that tight red shirt, Tim though, she really did look like a painted merry-go-round horse.

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  When he walked nearer, Charli said (without turning her back) "Twenty cents per customer". Tim put the money into her hand (he’d get it back later), took hold of her shoulders, and followed her around and around. Charli’s shoulders were smooth. He could tell that even through the shirt. As they walked around the room together, the clean fresh smell of Charli’s hair wafted back towards Tim. He looked over her shoulder – she was smiling innocently. Charli obviously didn’t know what Tim was thinking and feeling. Tim wanted Charli to feel it too. Looking down from her face, Tim could see the firm large mounds of her breasts bouncing as she walked. God, did he want to feel them! As he thought about it, his penis stood up straight and formed a bulge in his pants. Slowly, as they walked up and down the room together, Tim started to slide his hands down until they reached her breasts. He took hold of the mounds and started rubbing them. "What are you doing?" Charli said, startled. Tim didn’t reply. His heart beat faster as he felt her nipples rise and harden.

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  Charli’s breathing became more rapid and she stopped walking. This gave Tim the opportunity to place his chest against her back, and lower his head towards her neck. Silently, still while rubbing her breasts, Tim kissed Charli’s smooth neck. Then again. He was drawn in by his sudden attraction to Charli. Charli whispered "Kiss me again", and so he planted a volley of kisses on her neck and chin. Charli’s head flopped to the side – she was enjoying the moment. Tim was as turned on as Charli. He briefly took her hands off her breasts to undo the buttons on his shirt. While he did so, Charli turned around, and when he was finished she grabbed his hands and put them on her breasts again. Tim gave them a quick squeeze before sliding his hands down to the tail of her shirt. He pulled it up and over her head, Charli completing the maneuver by raising her arms. She grabbed his butt and pulled his pelvis much closer to her, so the bulge in Tim’s pants was grinding against the crotch of her flared pants. Then she pulled Tim’s shirt off, and started undoing Tim’s trousers. While she did that, he kissed the smooth skin in between the straps on her bra.

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   As she lowered his trousers, he unbuttoned her bra and threw it across the room. Tim stumbled around the room with his pants around his ankles, pulling Charli around with him. He pressed her up against a wall and fumbled off her pants and knickers. As Charli reached down to touch the bulging mass in his underpants, Tim pulled them off. Charli screamed with delight at the size of the bulge. "Oh Tim, you don’t know how long I’ve wanted this", she panted. Tim just nodded and buried his face in her breasts, licking them. He thrust his penis into her as she moaned with ecstasy. Again and again. She was moaning hysterically and his groans were making her even more passionate. "Tim, just a bit more, a bit more, ooooooo!" she screamed as he ejaculated inside her. Charli was trembling from the amazing orgasm building up. "Don’t stop, don’t stop" she begged. Even though Tim’s erection would go down soon, she still wanted to feel him. Finally she came, stretching her limbs out to feel the force of the orgasm.

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   They both tumbled to the floor. This is my first ever story which I wrote a long time ago. Please be gentle with me :-) And erm, the great ending I wrote somehow disappeared, so the story just stops mid-para. .

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