Her Lover's Touch


Her breath came in short bursts as she gripped the bed with her free hand. Her pussy ached to be filled like it had been earlier. There was nothing she liked more than having Jason stretches her to her limits. She tossed the vibe onto the bed as her fingers greedily sought out her puffy pink lips. Instantly, two of her fingers parted them and forced deep inside her. She was so lost in her own pleasure that she did not even hear him return home. He stood there in the doorway wearing just a pair of denim shorts as he watched in amazement as his horny little slut masturbated. He ran his hand over the growing bulge in his shorts, his eyes remaining glued to her. She slipped a third finger inside, spreading her cunt even wider as her hips began to buck. She let out a loud moan as her eyes clenched shut. He took a couple of steps back as he unzipped his pants quietly as not to alert her to his presence. Her fingers speedily moved in and out of her sweet little hole as a torrent of moans flooded forth. To his surprise, he heard his own name mingled in amongst the gasps. He slid the shorts off and left them in the hallway as he watched her again. She added another digit. Her fingers moved quickly in and out of her wetness.

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   He could see the soft glisten of the liquids that stained her fingers. He anxiously watched as her fingers pistoned in and out of that blessed bit of heaven. Jason swallowed hard, trying to resist the vision before him, but wanting so badly to have her. She once again began to tremble in the grips of an intense orgasm. He couldn't take it any more and moved toward the bed. She stopped her probing fingers as she felt his weight shift on the bed. Keaira's face was flushed as she stared at him with a slightly dazed smile. He reached down and gripped her dainty wrist as he stared into her eyes. Taking control of her hand, he started to move her fingers in and out of her. Their eyes remained locked on one another's as her chest began to heave. Each breath bringing her closer to another climax. He guided the forth finger inside with the others. She let out a sharp cry as her tight hole hugged her digits. Jason pushed her fingers into her spreading slit harder. He could see the juices seeping down to her tight puckered hole.

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   Her fingers moved in a blur as they quickly penetrated her wetness deeper and harder with each stroke. She wanted to please him, to show him that she was truly his. Her hips gently rocked, inviting her fingers to explore further. Keaira let out a loud moan as her fingers delved deeper. He began to push more forcefully as her puffy pink lips parted. Her eyes never left his as she wiggled her fingers slightly creating a small space to fit her thumb in also. He firmly pushed her hand inside the soft warm orifice. She cooed softly as her body immediately began to tremble. He stared into her eyes as he released her hand, leaving it inside herself. "Now baby fuck your hand. I want to see how much you love it and maybe I will let you feel mine in there again," he softly whispered to her. Completely overcome with desire, she could not even form the syllables to answer his request with words. Her hips began to rock hard as her hand stretched her velvety folds nearly to their limits. Her eyes fluttered closed as she began to gasp and whimper. He reached down and began to flick his finger over her clit, sending her into an intense orgasm.

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   The sticky sweet nectar flowed out around her hand as she tried to force it deeper inside herself. His fingertip firmly crushed her clit as he watched her grinding her hips with her hand still lodged inside her. Jason reached down and pulled her hand out slowly. The thin, clear fluid glistened on her skin. "Now lick it clean for me while I fill you again baby," he said as he released her hand. Keaira always obeyed his wishes. The tip of her tongue glided along her wet flesh as she licked every inch of her hand clean. Jason put the tips of three of his fingers at the entrance of her sweet little hole and began to push them in. She closed her eyes as she drew in a slow deep breath. Her entire body arched as the intense pleasure of it rippled through her. His thick fingers slid into her slowly. Keaira's body trembled. She continued to lick her own sweetness from her hand as he worked his fingers in and out of hers. Her moans filled the room with the sweet melody of her desire. Jason introduced another digit into her dripping wet sex.

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   He longed to be inside her so badly, but it was too good to stop just yet. He knew that the more he got her off the more intent on pleasing him she would be. Jason slid his fingers out of her tender pussy. Keaira gripped the sheets tightly as she felt his hand moving into position. The first push was always the most intense. Her delicate pussy lips spread, stretching around his hand as it entered. She drew in a deep breath as her muscles spread to accommodate his large fist. It was not an easy task. Once he had it inside, he began to twist his hand slowly as he moved it in and out. She was writhing on the bed in complete ecstasy. Her voice lilted as she cried out in such total abandon. Her body was his now as well as her soul. . . her love.

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  . . her lust. His hand, now well lubricated with her juices, pushed in and slid nearly out with greater ease. By no stretch of the imagination was she loose though. He could not wait much longer. He needed to be inside her. His hand moved faster as it stroked the inside of the quivering canal. Her breath came in quick little gasps. He could feel her body react in that familiar pattern. Harder and faster, he plunged his fist inside her. Her screams of delight drown out everything. "OH JASON. . .


   OH GOD YESSSSS BABY" she moaned as her body shook uncontrollably. An intense orgasm racked her body. He continued as she rode out the overwhelming waves of pleasure. Her chest heaved as she gulped down each desperate breath between moans. Her entire soul felt as if it was being shaken from her. Slowly, the intensity began to fade as her head swam in an orgasmic bliss. He withdrew his hand, letting the remainder of her fluids drip out of her sopping wet cunt. Her body was limp and trembling on the bed as he crawled on top of her. He rested his weight on one hand and his knees as the other hand guided the head of his cock to her stretched pussy. He let it sink in slowly. Jason leaned down and kissed Keaira deeply. His tongue pushed past her lips and teased hers as she wrapped her arms around him. His hips moved languidly, allowing him to work in and out of her, lubricating his throbbing cock. She knew what was to come. He sat back on his heels and looked at her for a moment.

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   She looked so beautiful laying there. Her body glistened with a thin sheen of sweat. She rolled over onto her hands and knees then lowered her shoulders to the mattress. Her perfect round ass was displayed for his pleasure now. He gently spread her cheeks. She drew in a deep breath as she felt the swollen head against her tight ring of muscles. Slowly it forced its way inside. She groaned softly as her muscles stretched to accept him. Her juices that clung to his shaft helped him slip in easier. He eased into her tight little cavity as both hands gripped her hips. She pushed back to meet his thrust. He moaned softly as he hilted himself inside her warmth. As he began to pump in and out slowly, she rocked back into him. She loved the feel of his thick shaft as it pushed deep inside her. They began to pick up their pace.

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   His heavy, cum filled balls slapped obscenely loud against her wetness. Her moans grew louder with the intensity of his thrusts. She soon was shaking once again as another orgasm clutched her soul. His fingertips dug into her fleshy hips as he pulled her back roughly into each thrust. It was growing harder and harder to control himself. He turned brutal. His cock slamming deep into her with every stroke. Each stroke forcing a cry free from her. "OH GOD FUCK ME BABY. FUCK ME HARDER. . . OH FUCK. . .

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  . DON'T STOP," she screamed. Her body ached for more as he continued to drive deep with each penetration. One of her hands snaked back beneath her and grabbed his balls as the swung. She began to rub them as he hammered away at her. He growled loudly as he took her. He was nothing more than a sex crazed beast now. He could feel his balls tighten as she manipulated his flesh. Another growl filled the room as his hips collided into her in a fury. Gasping and moaning, Keaira managed to hold out just a few seconds longer. His savage fucking had her teetering on the verge of another orgasm. This one she knew would be the most intense of all. Finally, the moment was upon her. Thick ropes of warm cum splashed deep into her bowels as he gave a final thrust. Her muscles clenched around him like a vice grip as it squeezed every drop from him.

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   Her own wet orgasm ripped through her. She collapsed to the bed, held in place by his tight grasp on her hips and his throbbing cock as it continued to empty his load into her abused little puckered hole. Panting and exhausted, he slowly withdrew from her, letting her body slump to the bed. Jason lay down next to Keaira and pulled her gently to him. She rested her head against his chest as he cradled her in his arms. A deeply satisfied smile was plastered across his face. The two snuggled up in a warm, loving embrace. Still slightly out of breath, he managed to whisper to her "God you still amaze me baby. "She leaned up and softly kissed his lips and replied. "You amaze me too Jason"She lay back down with her head on his chest and closed her eyes. A deep sleep soon swept over both of them as they laid there peacefully in each other’s arms. .

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