Lady Di


Lady Di is a nurse, we had been talking on the phone for several weeks.   The circumstances by which we met were a little unusual.   I called her number in error, I had transposed a number in dialing.   As I appoligized and began to hang up Di, as I found was her name really did not want me to hang up.   She was feeling kind of lonely that night and just kept talking to I didn't have time to say good by and hang up.
She was both funny and a little naughty, telling me a couple nasty jokes and letting me know she wanted me to talk nasty.   Before long Lady Di as I call her was horny as hell and playing with her pussy, she told me to tell me what I wanted to do with her pussy, as I did she came several times.   I had ask her to take off all her clothes (which she did) as I guided her through playing with her tits and using her favorite toy on her pussy.
Lady DI is 5'1" tall with a set of natural tits that must have been the model from which implants were modeled.   Those tits are about the size of half a perfectly shaped cantalope, they are firm and round and do not sag at all her nipples are about 3/4 of a inch long and half and inch thick.   Di loves to have me suck on them for long amounts of time and usually cums just a little as I do.
The night we met was truely unforgetable, I had ask her if she was willing to meet under the following conditions:  She was to pick any outfit to ware, she could pick anything from full clothed to buck naked.   She was to have her bedroom dimmly lit and lay on the bed to awaite my arrival.   She was to be blindfolded, we would not talk, we would begin to caress and kiss and the blindfold was to stay in place until we were fucking.
Lady Di dressed in a black see through knee length gown, black stockings, high heels with ankle straps and a pair of see through black panties.   Her ankles were thin, claves shapely and ass round.

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    I could not believe she had gone through with it and dressed so seductively, she looked hot laying on her bed with candles burning on the night stands.
I peeled off my clothes as fast as I could and began to caress and message her calves and thighs, DI moaned her approval as my fingures got closser to her pussy, I could see a wet spot developing on the crotch of her panties.   Oh good!  She was getting wet.   I slipped off her heels and messaged her feet, this drove her nuts she moaned and moaned incouragement and approval.
By the time I reached her breasts she had cum two or three times and I hadn't even touched her clit yet.   My cock was rock hard and ready as I knelt between her legs to kiss her breasts, as I did I slipped into her waiting cunt.   Lady Di was so wet my cock met no resistance as it went completely in with one easy push, she was hot as hell and let out a squeel as I bottomed out in her cunt.   We fucked for about 10 minutes without saying a word until Di softly said "Now I want to see who's fucking me. "  With that she removed her blindfold, looked at me and smiled. "HI" she said and I said "Hello", Di put her armes around my neck and wraped her legs around my back and kissed me long as she moved her hips under me as I stroked the depths of her slippery vagina.   
It felt so good to feel those laged DD firm tits poking into my chest as we fucked.   Di is a great lover she knows how to move to get the most satifaction from a mans cock as she fucks.   She likes to talk very nasty and tell me how it feels as we try different positions and other things.
Lady Di has a tight pussy with a little restriction about 4 inches inside her cunt that she calls her speed bump.   I can feel it best when we fuck doggy style.

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   Di can feel it better in that position as well, it seems to be her favorite way to end a night of sex by having me take her on her hand and knees.   She always has a very big climaxe that way.
See you again Lady Di.
Sweet dreams