Lighting the Fire Within


Shivering, I went to the phone and called for service. "Oh, please pick up. Please be able to come over," I whispered, as it rang. I didn't know howlong I could stand to be this cold. Even under blankets, it was extremelycold in the house. I didn't know how long a person could last inside adrafty old farmhouse with no heat when a blizzard roared outside. I was on hold for what seemed like hours after they picked up. I hoped theyweren't too busy to come over. And I hoped they could make it driving theway it was outside. This was one time I wished I didn't live so far out in the middle ofnowhere. My few friends and family had questioned my sanity when I moved sofar out into the country, but I had a need to live here, to be away frompeople. "I will have someone come over some time today, Ma'am," the woman's voiceover the phone said, and I wondered what "some time today" meant. "Okay, thank you, but please hurry. It's so cold here," I said, thinkingmaybe if I stressed it enough, she would have pity on me and send someoneright away. "I understand that, but there are others with the same problem," she said,with no pity in her voice whatsoever. After hanging up the phone, I ran to my room and put on a pair of pinkvelour sweatpants and covered my body in a heavier blanket.

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   "I hope theyhurry," I said, standing at the front window, watching the snow fall by thebuckets. I hoped they could make it out at all. The wind whistled throughthe trees and slammed the hinges open and shut. It was annoying to listen tobut I wasn't going to go out and do anything about it. After going over and cuddling on the sofa with a heating pad, I startedwondering if it would be the regular gasman that would come to fix thefurnace. Now there was one man that could keep me warm even without theheat. In the five years I had lived here, he was the same person every time. I didn't mind though. I'd had a crush on him since the first time I'd seenhim. There was just something about him that radiated around me. He was theutility person that I had ever talked to while he was there. I just couldn'tresist his blue eyes, his long hair that was neatly trimmed on the sides,and his lean, muscular body. A warmth suddenly ran through my body as I thought of the times that he wasthere. I'd wished I could somehow get his attention like he did mine. Andthere was also a safe feeling that filled me when he was near me.

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  After an hour of shivering, I heard the click of the heater turning on. Itshocked me, and I ran over to see if it was okay. As luck would have it, itwas working perfectly. One minute after thanking God for heat, I cursed thefurnace again. It happened every time. Whenever my furnace decided to stop working, itwould go back on right before the gasman got to my house to check it out. Itwas getting to the point where I was worried that he would think I justwanted him over. Well, wanting him over was beside the point. I certainlywouldn't call him over on a false run. "Now that man is going to think I'm stupid," I said to the heater. Rationalor not, talking to it made me feel less frustrated. I figured it was betterthan what I really wanted to do with it. Just then I saw the gas truck pull up in the driveway. If he had just pulledup a few minutes before, he would have heard what it was doing. Now it wasgoing to work fine until he left.

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   I could almost bet on it. Taking a deep breath, I opened the door and watched him walk up the frontsteps. I really couldn't take my eyes off him. Even in all the warm clothesthat donned that gorgeous body, I could see how strong he was. I wished forhis arms around me. "What did you do to the furnace now?" He teased. There was that smile thatbrightened his face and came out his eyes. It was almost mesmerizing. The snow blew all around him and the wind howled louder. I didn't know howhe made it, but I was sure glad he did. "Nothing," I laughed, feeling guilty that I brought him out. "It's workingfine. It went on just now. " I smiled back as he brushed past me goingthrough the door. His body was so warm next to mine that it made me take ina deep breath and close my eyes for what seemed like minutes.

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  "Sure, it did," he said, teasing me more. "You just wanted to bring me outin this weather to for nothing. " He was not only good looking on theoutside. He was great on the inside as well. There was a kindness to himeven when he was being humorous. "I swear, it did," I said, laughing, desperately taken by the handsome manin front of me. It was such an odd feeling to me to be that infatuated withsomeone. I had given up relationship, even most of my friendships, becausesometimes they were just too much trouble. They always seemed to end sobadly. So I had become a hermit most of the time, only letting in peoplethat I had to. "Well, let's see if I can see what it's doing, or isn't doing," he said,kneeling down on the floor in front of the heater. He took the side paneloff the furnace and as he did, I never took my eyes off him. I wondered ifhe could feel me staring at him through the back of his head, but I justcouldn't help it. I wanted so much to take the ponytail out of his hair andrun my fingers through it. "Not a chance of that.

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   It's working fine now. It just wanted me to lookstupid," I said. "It must be male," I teased. He flashed me a quick "I can't believe you said that" look, but insteadsaid, "That would explain it. " He smiled at me, and then went back tolooking at the furnace. I stared as he fiddled with it, turning it on andoff a few times. Each time, it worked perfectly. "I think you were imaginingit. "I bent down at the waist, the blanket that wrapped warmly around me fallingto the floor. I put my hands under his shirt on his stomach, and he jumpedand moved my hands away in a hurry. "Your hands are freezing," he said, with his eyes lit up and that meltingsmile on his face. He glanced down at my almost exposed breasts. Through mywhite t-shirt, my cold, hard nipples poked through the material. "Let himlook," I thought. "I told you it wasn't working," I laughed, as he held tight to my hands so Ididn't put them on him again.


  "I believe. I believe," he said. From the looks of things, you would havethought we were old friends when we had really only talked a few timesbefore. But there seemed to be some kind of attraction and connectionbetween us. "Well, I'm going to order it a few things, and I will be backtomorrow to put them in," he said. "With my luck, it will go out again," I said, pouting. "And you won't behere. " All I really could think of was him coming back. I didn't know whatwas wrong with me. I had never been very social, yet I found myself reallywanting to be with him. I had so much fun when he was around. He stood, and I looked way up at him. I hadn't realized before how muchtaller he was than me. "Wow! You sure are tall," I said, in amazement. Hesmiled down at me and with one arm wrapped it around my waist and pulled meclose to him.

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   I wanted to turn toward him, wrap my arms around his body andmelt into him. I knew that I didn't want him to let go. I stood almostfrozen, waiting to see what would happen next. "Keep warm until I get back," he said, and then let go and walked out thedoor. "I would be warmer if you were here to keep me that way," I said, notknowing where that statement came from. It wasn't like I went around all thetime and tried to pick up every utility guy. I just couldn't seem to helpmyself. It almost felt like destiny. I just felt like I knew I didn't wantto let him go this time. I would make sure he noticed me. This man was justvery special, and I had known it for a long time. "Is that an invitation?" He asked, as he put his tools into the Van. Iwanted so much to drag him back into the house and yell, "YES!"But instead, I said, "Maybe. " He smiled bigger than usual. It was a smile Iwouldn't soon forget.

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   I let it go at that, knowing he would be back. And didI ever have plans for his return. If he would take the bait, I would takehim. All that day, especially every time the furnace came on, I thought of him,wondering what his name was, wondering if he liked me and was thinking aboutme. I schemed all afternoon at what I would do when he came back to see me. The next day, I was ready for him. I wore a baby blue, wrap-around skirtthat was tied on one side to hold it up, and a pull over, blue, velourshirt. I wore only bikini blue panties under the outfit. No bra, no nylonsor shoes. It was sort of a pretty and casual look. Putting my best face and attitude forward, I smiled as I saw his return. "How's the furnace working for you?" He asked as I watched him walk up tothe door. He had to know that I admired him the way I never took my eyes offhim. "Just fine," I said. As he passed my body on the way through the door, Icould feel his warmth again.

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   I wanted his arms around me, his lips on mine. And yes, I wanted all the other things that would go with it. He went to work putting in the parts that he had brought, while I stood nextto him, watching, staring, dreaming, wanting him more than I thoughtpossible. It had been such a long time since I had been with anyone. "Does it bother you that I'm standing here?" I asked, hoping he would sayno. I didn't want to leave his side. I didn't mind him knowing I liked him. I wanted him to know. "No, I like it," he said, not looking at me, but intently working. A smiledfilled my face, hoping that meant he liked me like I liked him. "In fact,you can hold the flashlight so I can see," he said. Gladly, I thought. Ourhands touched as he handed it to me and for a moment he stopped and justlooked at me. It wasn't uncomfortable. He held me there with his eyes andthe only thought on my mind was bending over to kiss him.

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  Not too many minutes later, he said, "There, that should fix it," as hekneeled next to it. I stood next to him, noticing, we were then nearly thesame height then. "Will you kick me if I don't fix it?" He asked, reachingover to flip the furnace switch on. "I just want to be nice to you," I said. Now that would make it obvious. Ifyou only knew how nice, I thought. "How nice?" He asked, as if reading my mind. The way he looked at me, almostmade me freeze in my track. I could barely open my mouth to answer him. "How nice do you want me to be?" I asked very quietly, swallowing hard. Icouldn't help saying those things. They just seemed to flow out when he wasnear me, as if I couldn't stop myself. He made me feel like it was somehowokay to tell him what was on my mind. A huge smile drifted across his face, before he ran his hand up my legslightly. As he grinned, he looked back at the furnace as it came on.


  Uncontrollably, I quivered inside. I just wanted to get on the floor withhim and make love to him. I knew I didn't know him very well but it feltlike I had known him for years. He had been the same person that fixed myheater and read my meter and even drew the lines where the gas lines werewhen I had my well dug. All the admiration I had for him just seemed to comeout at that moment. Suddenly he pulled me into his arms and kissed me so very slow andpassionate that I couldn't breathe. My tongue wandered into his mouth, hisplaying with mine. Our bodies were pressed against each other's so tightlythat the flesh of his skin nearly burned me. It was our passion for eachother that was evident. He must have been feeling the same for me. We endedup in the living room on the floor. Legs and arms entangled together. Iwanted him more than I could ever convey into words. He crawled on top of meand my legs wrapped tightly around his waist. With our clothes still on, werocked together as if he were inside me.

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   And I found myself wishing he were. I didn't know how bad I could ache for someone or how much desire I had inme to give him until that moment. My urgency was displayed in touching andkissing and trying desperately to get all of his clothing off. I wanted toknow what he looked like under the material, and what he felt like, and whathe tasted like. It wasn't long before his clothes were shed, and I could seehim in all the glory that he displayed for me. He was off me now, kneelingin front of me as I sat cross-legged. I kissed my way down his body, licking in small circles everywhere I couldreach, until I got on my knees so that I could get to every inch of him. Myfingers lightly touched parts of his body in the softest, feathery touches. I could feel him squirm under my tongue and fingers. I looked up and saw himwatching me, sometimes closing his eyes, running his fingers through my hairand moaning. I savored every lick, every taste, and with every inch closerthat I came to the hard shaft, the more I inched back away from it. I knewhe wanted it, he wanted more. His hand was on my head trying to guide me toshow me what he wanted; but just for a minute more, I wanted to tease him. Then when I decided he had had enough teasing, I stared for a minute at howlong and hard and perfect he was before licking around the head, then downthe shaft to his balls. I heard his moans, which pleased me more thananything he could do for me.

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   My mouth opened to take his entire length deepdown my throat. "Oh, baby," he moaned. I wanted so much to please him. Nothing elsemattered. Slowly at first, he moved in and out of my wet mouth, but as hispassion built, so did the speed and intensity of his thrusts. His balls grewtighter, as he grew more excited, so did I. I didn't need to be touched tobe wet and aching. I'd never heard anyone moan the same as he did. It excited me in a way Ihadn't felt before. And as he quivered holding my head to him, I happilyswallowed his juices. As soon as he stopped cumming, he pushed me back, put my feet on hisshoulders and let my knees drop. I squirmed as his fingers touched my clitto wiggle back and forth. Then it dove deep inside me at the same time. Icouldn't tell how many fingers were in me but I knew there was more thanone. He filled me tightly.

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   I looked down to watch him bury his face betweenmy legs. I reached down, running my fingers through his hair and almostpushing him into me. His tongue licked my clit, before sucking it hard. It felt so good. My hipsmoved with his tongue and my moans came as gasps. His fingers moved in mehard and fast as his tongue danced on my clit. And then I screeched as mybody tightened up and burst into orgasm. Before I finished cumming, he gotbetween my legs, pushing his still hard shaft deep inside my wetness. It waslike cumming all over again. It just felt so awesome. He kissed me as hemove in and out of me. Then I grabbed onto his hips, almost digging my nailsinto him as I came again, this time, he moaned and came with me. My legswrapped tightly around his waist as we rocked together. I clung to him, hugging him so tight that I thought he would turn blue. "Idon't pick up every utility man that comes to my house, you know?" I said tohim, smiling, not wanting him to think that this was regular practice forme.

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  "I'm glad, because I've never been with a customer before. Your furnace isworking just fine," he said, wiping the sweat from his forehead and smiling. I sat up as he got up and sat next to me. "I think it would have been thatwarm in here even without the heater. "He looked at me, just staring. "You really are beautiful. "I smiled, acknowledging the compliment and thinking the same of him. "What'syour name?" I asked. I never knew. I had talked to him several times andnever knew his name. I figured now was a pretty good time to ask. "Adam," he said. "I know your name is Allison from your bill. I didn't thinkto tell you mine. ""Will I get to see you again?" I asked.

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   I hope this wouldn't be just aone-time thing, because I knew that I would ache for him again. "There is absolutely no doubt about that. As soon as I can possibly comeback over," Adam said, getting up and redressing himself. He sure lookedbetter taking it off than putting it back on, I kept thinking. "Are you going to be alright out there? Maybe you should stay. " I knew howit sounded, but deep down I was afraid for him to be out there in thatweather. "You just want me to stay," he grinned. "Yes, I do want you to stay but it's really awful outside. I will be worriedabout you if you go out there and drive in that," I said sincerely. "That's sweet of you. I like that someone is going to worry about me. But Iwill be okay. It's my job. I have to," he said, taking out a piece of paperand writing something on it. "This is the phone number to the truck.


   You cancall it anytime to check on me. " He smiled as he handed me the paper, and Ismiled back. Standing at the door before he left, he kissed me sweetly, staring down atme like he really cared about me. I hoped he would be okay out there, and Ihoped I would see him again soon. He could definitely light all my fireswithin. To continue reading about Allison and Adam's hot and uninhibited sexualadventures, please purchase my book, "Lighting the Fire Within", http://www. nicolesfantasiesanddreams. com for more erotic stories. .
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