All I want for Christmas


Dear Santa,

    All I Want for Christmas is a little Brother.



    It was Christmas eve, and Becky had put her daughter Molly to bed, and went to set set up the gifts under the tree.    It was only the two of them, since her husband was killed by a drunk driver 5 years ago, however, they lived comfortably since not only did they sue the jackass driver for a hefty sum, but Becky was a fairly successful insurance broker.   Though that didn't change the fact that the holidays were still pretty lonely. After she had set the gifts up, she headed off to bed. And promptly fell asleep as soon as her exhausted body hit the mattress.

    A little bit about her, she is 28 years old with a Straight brown hair that went just below her shoulder.   Blue eyes that gave a nice contrast to her dark hair.   Her skin was without blemishes and she could have been a model. Then was her breasts, nice and plump D cups, which didn't sag an inch. Finally her ass, her yoga exercises kept it in peak condition and she would constantly turn heads walk down the street.

    Soon, having trouble sleeping Becky slowly started waking up and found that her arms and legs were too heavy to move. "What time is it?" she thought groggily, and looked over at the clock.   What she saw shocked her awake as there was a huge man standing beside her bed looking down at her.   As she woke up and tried to move away she realized that her arms and legs were tied to to the bed, and  that she had been stripped naked.   She finally found her breath and began to scream out in terror.

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    The man quickly covered her mouth and chuckled into her ear, "Ho ho, you don't want to make too much noise, if your daughter comes in I may have her join in on the fun. "

    Becky froze at the thought, as she wouldn't let anything happen to her precious seven year old daughter.   She began trying to hurriedly organize her thoughts, who was he? He didn't look like anyone she knew, nor sound like it, although the voice did seem strangely familiar.   She began to try to make out the details of the intruder in the dark.   He seemed to be about 5'6 same height as her, but was a very heavy build, probably weighing around 300 pounds.   She wasn't able to make out much more then the outline of his figure though, but it confirmed that he wasn't someone she knew. She also couldn't see a way to get out of this and ensure her daughter's safety so she willed herself to calm down and go along with it for now at least, until she saw her chance.

    "Becky Becky, you don't need to worry, I'm only here to give you and your daughter a gift. " The mans said cheerfully.   Becky just stared at him confused wondering what kind of sick bastard broke into her house and how much he knew about them.   The man continued as his hand moved toward the lamp. "I'm not going to hurt you, you only need to be a good girl and everything will be fine. " as he flicked the light on.

    Becky Gasped, the man had a a large beard, seemed to be in his 50s-60s from what she could see, and was dressed like Santa. "Now Let's get started," He unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants, "you should know what to do.

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    She stared at his cock, it was about 9 inches about 3 fingers thick with small bumps covering it.   While it was the largest she had seen, it at least didn't seem to be so large that it would rip her apart.   As he approached her mouth she thought about biting it, but quickly dismissed it as she wouldn't be able to escape, so she decided to do the best she could and hopefully he'd be satisfied.
    When he was beside her face she realized he smelled like a mixture of cinnamon and peppermint. She Opened her mouth and his member slid in, since it had been a few years she gagged at first but was able to recover quickly.   Her tongue worked around his shaft feverishly to get the job done. She noted that this was definitely where the peppermint smell was coming from, as it had a slight peppermint taste also, at least it made the job she had to do more bearable. She swallowed the head of his dick as he continued to steadily fuck her face.   Once in a while he would pull out to her lips when that would happen she would suck his head and lick the tip of his cock.   The man, who she decided to call Santa for lack of a better idea, groaned at her ministrations and started pumping harder.   She switched to moving her tongue however she could while trying to balance suction and breathing as he pulled out, and swallowing as he pushed in.   Meanwhile noting that she was starting to get wet.   "Well at least if he does decide to continue it won't hurt as much. " she begrudgingly thought.
    Finally, his cock started pulsing and she knew what was going to happen next as he pulled out so his head was just inside her mouth.

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    "Swallow it" he grunted as the first load burst out into her mouth.   She was shocked at how quickly it filled her mouth and swallowed desperately.   But what even shocked her more was how delicious it was.   It was like hot frosting or more accurately like the Krispy Kreme doughnut glaze.   And having a sweet tooth she eagerly swallowed it and the successive 2 loads, then his tip to get the last remains out.   And once it was done she also was surprised that instead of the nauseous feeling that she would expect to have after either being forced to swallow, or drinking so much of something so sweet, her body was heating up, and started pulsing with arousal as her lower lips started drooling nonstop.
    "What is going on!?" she thought bewildered at her body's reaction, a thought that soon was brushed aside as the need to get fucked, or at least cum pushed it aside.   No longer able to think clearly in her increasingly feverish delirium.   She then noticed him un-cuffing her from the bed first her hands then on to her feet.
    "Don't worry, you will get what you want soon, and yes it is my sweet syrup that got you like this.   Either you can wait it out for several hours or I can relieve you of the stress. " Santa said.   She quickly opted the latter option not sure her sanity could take much more. Nodding at her approval, he removed the rest of his clothes and climbed on the bed putting his head between her legs.   He started lapping up the puddle that had formed and was threatening to turn into a small lake.

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   She gasped as his tongue slid over her folds up toward her clit, but right before arriving turning off to the side.   Her orgasm was approaching before he had even touched her and now it was getting to the brink, yet he seemed to be keeping it held back just enough as the pressure built more and more.   She gasped and groaned and even started to cry, at how much she wanted this stranger, this rapist to make her cum, no it wasn't even that she just wanted to cum, and right as she was about to yell at him he put his lips over her clit and started gently sucking and humming.
    The dam broke instantly, it was like she had been electrocuted with pleasure and the whole world around her just disappeared and her body went into violent spasms one after another as she screamed in relief. The orgasm of her lifetime seemed to go on forever, and she was sure she wouldn't survive it, but if she was to die, this wouldn't be a bad way. As the thought passed and the orgasm subsided, she felt that she was floating and a sense of peace and relief went through her, soon followed by exhaustion and the urge to just drift to sleep.   A laugh broke her out of her daze, and she realized how loudly she had screamed and was sure her daughter had heard, hell she was sure the neighborhood had heard. She looked to the door and it was still closed and there didn't seem to be movement outside. "That was really something, you must have been holding back for quite some time. Hoho. " Santa said, "Don't worry nobody outside this room heard you. "
    "H-hh-h-how would you know?" she said still somewhat lost in the orgasm and panic leaving her unable to think clearly.   He didn't say anything and just moved up and put the head of his spear against her opening.   "Ah! No! What are you doing?!" Becky yelped as he shoved inward.   "STaaahhh.

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  .   ahh. ahhp. " She struggled to get out as the pleasure once again started to take over.  
    Her pussy was tight from not being used for a while, and from her keeping in good shape, but the initial pain quickly passed as the intrusion slid into her wet warm tunnel. It caressed his cock tightly not wanting to let it go and he moaned as he continued to pump her.   The smoothness and warm tightness felt amazing, too amazing actually and he was approaching his next orgasm already. He started thrusting harder which caused her to moan more loudly as her next orgasm also approached. Her cunt squeezed him tighter and tighter, and he knew he wasn't going to last much longer, so he started varying his movement and moved a hand down to her clit and gave it a quick pinch.   "AHHghh!" she cried out in shock as pleasure jolted toward her and brought her impending orgasm much closer.   Her hips started to move on their own in sync with his, slapping together harder and harder as they both gasped for air.   Then he couldn't take it anymore and shot his load into her waiting womb.
    The sensation of the thick warm liquid filling her up inside pushed her over the edge, and she had her second orgasm, though not quite as violent but just as pleasing.   Her cunt walls squeezed and spasmed around his cock milking as much as it could out of it. And all the while he kept thrusting, cumming didn't slow him down or make him soften at all, and he just plowed away with renewed vigour.

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    Having no time to recover, put her in a fit or orgasms, as they racked her body one after another.   Suddenly in a single swift motion he flipped her over, not interrupting his thrusting for a second. The twisting sensation caused by being spun around and fucked at the same time was unlike anything she had ever felt and being mid-orgasm didn't help either, as another orgasm compacted on top.   She didn't care anymore about being raped she was getting the fucking of her life, and all her problems and stress seemed to be washed away by the chain of orgasms.
    Finally after she seemed to have blacked out and returned to consciousness, he stopped and pulled out. "Well that's that, my work here is done, I'll be on my way now. "  He started putting his clothes back on as Becky just lied there in a blissful stupor.
    Then one question popped up seemingly out of nowhere, and she blurted out "Why did you do this?"
    He smiled at her and said, "I said it was a gift to you and your daughter.   You needed a good fucking, and all your daughter wanted for Christmas is a little brother. " He winked then left the room.
    Becky just sat there as the meaning of his words finally got through her hormone addled brain. She then just collapsed on the bed and smiled as all that was left of him in the room was a pleasant smell of cinnamon, pine, and cocoa.   "Merry Christmas" she murmured as she drifted off to sleep.


    Any constructive criticism is appreciated as this is my first story.


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