THe Most Pain Gave Me The Most Pleasure


Topic: Kidnapped & RapedI left for the Wal-Mart about 6 that evening. I had no intensions except to go pick up a few things and maybe go over to the Georgia Square Mall and then back home to Steve. I dressed the usual way I did, wrap around skirt, tank top and thin bra with a thong and sandals. I got to the Wal-Mart parking lot and found a place that was not too crowded to park, locked the car door and went in. Nothing happened inside except that two guys, both attractive seemd to be watching me from the moment I entered the store. I thought maybe they were security and that they were taking advantage of their jobs to check me out so I did smile and even bent over to show my cleavage some but otherwise nothing.
I went through the registers and paid for my things. Some batteries (for my toys) and lotion and a few mak-up items. They all fit into two small bags I walked out and looked around to see if the guys were there but no one was in sight, or so I thought. I had gotten just a little wet with them watching me and now was wishing I had said something to them. It was dark now, getting dark early this time of year and I looked around and did not see my car. I walked to where it had been and it was gone. I thought, "Who would want to steal my car, it is nothing at all that should attract anyone?" Well, I kept looking and finaly saw it parked in a dark corner of the lot, I knew I had not put it there but then again, maybe I had I thought.
I began walking toward it and when I got into the dark area, (the lights were out on several lamp posts) I heard a vehicle driving near me but did not think anything of it. Suddenly something went over my head and I  could see nothing. Hands grabbed me hurting me with their strength and lifted me into a vehicle and a door slammed shut and we were moving fast.


   My slothes were ripped from my body and suddenly I was naked and did not know who had me or if they were going to spare me my life. There had been some attacks in the area and so I was worried and not turned on.
I was naked and spread out with hands all over me, pulling my tits, spreading me legs and rough large fingers entering my pussy. The men were laughing and then one said, "Told you we would find her if were tried to. " Now I was worried, they had been looking for me. "Well shit man, we follow her long enough and we got her so let's do it right. " another said. All the time hands were squeezing my tits hard and I was beginning to beg to not be hurt since it was obvious I was going to be fucked at least. All this time the van was moving and I could hear trafic outside it. "Let's start now then" one said. There was a moment when I was let go and no one touched me then really rough rope was loped around my tits at the base of them. It then got tight and was hurting now and they got the rope really tight around both tits and then ran the rope down between my legs separating my pussy lips so the rope went in between the lips hard and they pulled the rope to make sure it hurt. This looped around between my ass cheeks and back up over my shoulders and to my tits again, finally tied again around the base of my tits. THe hood was still on and all I knew was that everything hurt when I moved and the blood trapped in my 44EEE tits made them hurt even more. Another tied my hands behind my back and down to my ankles so that I was hog tied and then I was turned onto my stomach.

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   "Damn, that is a nice ass" one said slapping my butt hard. "Know what would be hot?" one asked the several men there. "What man, remember, she has to make it to the party. " another said. "This. " the first voice said and they all said "yeh, fuck, do it" Then I felt something sharp against my skin of my ass. I cired out as it dug into my right cheek and then moved around in a circle sutting me. "Fuck yeh man, she is bleeding, how fucking hot. " they were all laughing.
I was now really scared and began begging, please, fuck me all you want, I will do anything but don't mess me up and kill me. " I was now crying but the knife traveled around my ass till it rested at the entrance of my ass. "Should I do it?" the voice said. "No, no, that would really mess up the rest of her time with us, wait to see what Kara says, she might want to do it. " and the knife was gone. Kara, who the hell was Kara I wondered and did she control these men.

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   "Well, I know she will not mind a little tit cutting" said the voice as I was turned over with my hands tied behind me and my body now hurting even more. The skin of my tits was full of the blood trapped there and my shoulders hurt and then a blade was circling my nipples, cutting enough to make me cry out again. They were laughing now at my pain as the knife now cut into the center of my nipple that had gotten hard somehow. "Shit man, she is geting into it check it out. " one said as they all got silent. The knife was now cuting my nipple hurting and I was crying but at the same time I felt my body respond to the torture, my pussy was now being stimulated by the rope between my lips. The pain got worse as a hand held my right tit and my nipple was cut in half. As if a nipples was pierced but the knife sut it and I cried out, "Oh fuck, please don't mess me up, please. " "Do the other one" a voice said and my left tit was grabbed and the niples cut in half and the blood was dripping now and they licked it up. "Damn, she tastes good, we are goning to really enjoy this. " and about that time the van stopped, gates were opened and then were drove down a gravel driveway.
The doors opened and I was lifted and a female voice ordered, "Good, you have started the torture, put her there on the ground and come inside. " I was put on the cold ground and voices left me and the door shut. I was alone and my tits ached. I tried to move but ws tied tight.

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   Then a sound came up and a dog was licking my nipples, the blood attracted him and he was licking really hard, making the ach turn into pleasure some. I remember being lifted again and untied but as I was told to stand I fell to the follr and then she said, "Get her ready, she is next. " Suddenly I collapsed as some kind of taser hit my body at the stomach. I fell to the floor and cried out again. The voice said, "Make sure she is totally senseless, do her cunt and tits till she is in pain all over her body. " I begged "No please, I will do anything, anything at all. " Men laughed, "Yes you will" said the woman again, "anything. " I was laid out and my legs spread and something was slipped into my pussy then my legs tied together so that the object was not going to slip out. My arms were tied at the wrists and then something was on my tits like a pad that sticks to the skin. I was streached out and then left alone. "She is ready Kara," said a voice. "Good, enjoy this my lovers, she will beg for more," she said laughing. Suddenly my body convulsed from the shock going through it from my pussy. It stopped and I managed to cry out, "Oh please, no. " as soon as I did a shock went through my tits and made me convulse again.

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   Over and over it went this way, first the pussy probe and then the tits until I could not even cry out. I heard her voice as if far away, "My boys, you are all so hard, go share your cum with her. " I heard sounds around me then felt cum spraying all over my body, hot and making my mind offer another sensation, pleasure. "Take off the hood and put on just a blindfold so she can suck cocks. " the woman said and they did. "She has work to do, feed her. " Kara ordered and cocks were shoved into my mouth, brusing my lips and one time making my lip bleed.
I fell asleep in the final shock, or passed out, one or the other. When I came around I was not tied but the blindfold was still there and a voice said, "Leave it on if you want to live through this. " "Okay" I said and touched my tits that were sore from the cutting and my pussy that was finally free from anything in it. Again the voice, Kara said, "Take her to the game room, our guests are here, they need some fun. " I was led to a room (I suppose) and put on a pad that was soft. Kara told me, "anyone that wants to do anything to you you will do without question, understand?" "Yes, I will do anything, I understand. " She lef and voices were all aorund, "This object on the mat is nothing, no one, we took her from the streets and she is shit, fuck her, or do whatever you want to, I will tell you if you go too far but I am not sure that I will stop anyone from doing as they please. " Suddenly I was grabbed by my tits and stood up, "Spread the legs" a woman told me and I did.

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   Something was shoved into my ass and then I was bent over, "okay, now tell us how worthless you are. " she told me. "I am nothing, worse that even I cannot imagine. " The object went deeper into my ass and now another was shoved into my pussy, hard and deep. Then they were moving in and out and my body began feeling the pleasure. Such the cock in front of you" the command came. I took it into my mouth and began sucking it deep. "It loves to suck cock" the man said refering to me as "It" and not she. He grabbed my hair and began fucking my mouth hard and then filled my throat with his cum. My pussy sprayed all over the objects in my ass and pussy and I almost fell to the floor. "Yeh, it loves it. " voices shouted. "Do something else" they begged.
I was moved to a bench and bent over it nad somehow tied down but my legs were free and my hands free also. A cock went into my pussy and began fucking me hard and a cock went into my mouth again and again I was being fucked in both ends at the same time.

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   I was now begging to be fucked and used and when two finished I begged to be fucked by two more. I don't know when it changed but suddenly I felt a huge knot invade my ass. "Oh yeh, bring in the dogs, they need to fuck it too. " It was on me and was humping hard. The knot had us joined and I cried out, Oh yeh, fuck me, fuck me hard. " There was a dog in front of me now and he was guided to my mouth and I sucked it till the sheathe slipped off it and it slipped into my mouth. I was spinning with pleasure and my pussy was soaking the dog in my ass. Another replaced the first and this one went into my pussy, filling it and making me cum as it entered. I was again unconscious and woke to a belt across my ass. "Wake up slut, time to pay. " Kara's voice laughed. "Oh yes, please. " I said. Now regular strokes went across my ass and hit the swollen pussy lips that stuck out from between my legs. I was taken from the bench and laid on a bed and now Kara was next to me, "Now you are ready for me.

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  " she whispered and kissed me deep. She grabbed my tits hard and made me cry from her nails digging into the flesh. "Play with your pussy, make it cum. " she told me as her nails dug deeper. I found my clit and began fingering myself as she began biting my nipples harder and harder. She was biting my tits all over hard and then I soaked my fingers as she dug her nails in deep.
She got up and moved over my face and told me to drink, her flow of piss filled my mouth and I tried to swallow it all but some did not go down but my pussy had another orgasm all by itself. "Lick it clean" she told me and I licked her pussy and suddenly she soaked my face with a wonderful orgasm. She then laid next to me kissing my face and licking her own piss from it. I will be right back. she said and left. While she was gone I was sat up and fed food, the first in I did not know how long.
"Well, slut" Tara began, "Now we are finished with you excpet for the finale, we have to have a great ending. " she was saying. "Do you want to know what that is going to be?" she said.

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   "No Kara, what is it?" "Well, we will have to get rid of your body, so my dogs will be well fed tonight. " I began to cry and begged for my life. I heard dogs near by growling. "are the cameras working?" she said. Two voices said, "Ready. " "enjoy my babies. " and suddenly something knocked me over and now I felt teeth, raw on my tits. "No!" Kara yelled and at least 4 dogs stopped and she laughed. "Take her out and let her go, we are finished with her. " "Where Kara" a man said. "I don't care, just so she is naked. " Now Kara was in front of me, "And oh, these tits, I hate them, you are lucky to still have them. I wanted to cut them off. " She began slapping my tits, first from one side then the other. It got harder and harder and faster.

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   My pussy was wet again and then I shook all over from an orgasm. I woke up, naked, sore and looked around. It was dark and cold and I saw my keys next to my head. My car was about 200 yards away across a parking lot that was well lited. "Oh fuck it. " I said to myself and picked up the keys and walked to the car and got in. A note was on the seat, "I will take you again any time I want to, you may or may not survive. Kara. " I started the car and looked around. I was outside of Atlanta. I drove home totally naked and stumbled in and fell on the bed. Steve came over and kissed me. "You really do have to tell me about the party. " he said. I grabbed him and hugged him tight.


   "It was not a party" I told him. "Rest Baby" he said and covered me and turned out the lights.

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