Auntie Babs farm part 2


     "Fuck me, fuck me, oh yes fuck me!"

     Barbara felt his hard, stiff cock against her, then the jarring thrust as Richard rammed it home, in one big thrust. She growled as eight inches of pussy filling pleasure split her open again. They'd been fucking for what seemed like hours, his cock stretching her, filling her to the max over and over. Her pussy would probably be sore all the next day, but she didn't give a damn. She wrapped her legs around Richard's waist, and urged him on.

     "Make me cum" she whispered huskily.

     Richard growled in response, and started to really ram her, the heat of the bedroom was making them slap together, thick rivulets of sweat running down their bodies. Her breasts were bouncing around wildly, she was getting fucked harder than ever before in her life. Barbara felt her orgasm rushing at her, oh, fuck, this was gonna be a big one. She could hear the wet, squelchy sound of her pussy being pounded towards orgasm, their bodies bouncing wildly on her bed. She could feel the fluttering down deep, and she let it go.

     "Cum baby, cum in me, cum with me, now, now, oh fuck, cumming, yes, yes, YES!"

     She felt the locking up, as it centered in her pussy, then the wild spasms starting, and she exploded. Her howls of orgasm filled the room, she felt her pussy tighten up on Richard's cock like a vice. Richard joined her, roaring like a bull as his prick erupted, thick, hot jetting streams gushing into her, splattering against her cervix, her pussy eagerly milking out that thick, rich load. . .

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     . . . She woke with the pulsing of her pussy, her fingers buried deep in her, finger fucking herself and rubbing her clit. She let the glorious feeling of orgasm consume her, until she was spent. She pulled her fingers out of herself, damn, now I'm dreaming of a repeat performance. She looked over at the clock, it was 2 AM, and she had been masturbating in her sleep, not only that, she'd dreamed the idea of Richard fucking her again as her mental fodder!

     Dinner earlier had been a bit strained and subdued, Richard could barely look at her, and she was not eager to try and make him be more engaged. Abigail seemed to be preoccupied, she'd been looking at them a little bit too often, Barbara was sure that she was giving them a knowing look, a half smile playing around at the corners of her lips. Oh god, did she see something?

     After dinner, both teens had made themselves scarce, and she saw them only once more, when they gave her a hurried good night, and quickly retreated back to their rooms.

     And here I am, playing with my pussy, she thought. Damn, she had to get off the mental train, she could feel her resolve arguing with the burning need of her pussy. She knew that all too soon, her pussy would be twanging with need again, Damn!

     In his room, Richard could feel his need, he was unsure of how to try again, he didn't want to blow the whole deal, but having his Auntie's nice tight, smooth, milking tunnel wrapped around him was way too good to only be a one time thing. He felt half a mind to get up, and slide into her room, her bed, then her pussy, right this minute. Too early, too early his mind told him, hold off, wait for a bit.

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   Maybe tomorrow night, his mind finished. His cock was half hard, he could have stroked out a good load, but he made himself wait, he wanted the next load to be right between the clutch of his Auntie's tight pink seam, not wasted all over his hand.

     Abigail was thinking also, about what she'd seen, and how much it turned her on. It was so perverted and nasty, but it sure warmed her up. Just thinking about it started her juices going again, and with her fingers busy, sliding around her clit over and over, the waves of orgasm came quickly, wonderfully and uncontrollably. She did her best to stifle her moans of pleasure as she reached down and cupped her sex, smothering it in her ecstasy. Closing her legs around her hand and rolling over onto her belly, Abigail shivered in blissful fulfillment as the climax shook through her body.

     Barbara woke up, her clock said 6:05, she was up and dressed, and downstairs a few minutes later. She started to get breakfast ready, Richard and Abigail always got a hearty breakfast to start their day off right. After the table was set, and with bacon sizzling in the pan, and the smell of fresh perking coffee, she could hear the stirring of her niece and nephew, and she started the eggs poaching, and the toaster going. She set out the pitcher of orange juice, and Abby came downstairs. She smiled, and suddenly, Barbara had Abby grab her, and plant a pretty passionate smooch right on her lips. Barbara was startled, Abby pulled back, her eyes glittering.

     "Good morning Auntie Babs!" Abby chirruped.

     Barbara was taken aback, but she recovered enough to reply, "Good morning my dear Abigail.

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     She turned back to the stove as Abby took her seat at the table, her mind whirling. Jeez, that was some kiss, a lot more than a niece kissing her aunt, more like a lover's kiss. She could still feel the tingling where Abby's soft, sexy lips had pressed against hers. She could hear Richard coming down the stairs.

     "Good morning Auntie Babs," he said.

     She turned to face him, his expression was fairly neutral, and she said, "Good morning Richard".

     She started to serve up the breakfast, grateful for the distraction. Richard was mentioning about some siding along the barn that needed replacing, he said that should be an all day job, and he'd need a fast lunch today.

     As Barbara listened to her niece and nephew talk about the day ahead, she was thinking that maybe, just maybe, Richard knew what they did was wrong, and she would not have to worry about him again. Abigail, and that kiss, well, maybe it was just an innocent mistake, perhaps. Soon, the kitchen was empty as the kids went off to do their chores.

     At lunch, Barbara was a bit nervous, but Richard merely stopped in, ate quickly, and was back outside just as quickly. Abby was in a few minutes later, she enjoyed a more leisurely lunch, then she was back outside, also.

     Barbara was washing the lunch time dishes, feeling the heat of yesterday's remembrance draw over her again. She went quickly to her bedroom, she needed to get rid of the lust.

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   Abby slipped back inside, she'd been wondering about her Auntie Babs, she was jumpy and tense, and she crept upstairs. She stole down the hallway, quiet as a mouse, and she stepped quietly into the en suite bathroom that was attached to the master bedroom. In the darkness of the bathroom she crept forward, and the door was to the bedroom was open, and she got an eyeful.

     Her Auntie Babs was stripping naked, she saw her from behind, and she felt her center zing. Her Auntie had sexy, curvy hips, a wonderful, shapely ass, and as Barbara turned, she saw her in profile, and her pussy zinged again. Auntie Babs had big, luscious melons, Abby hoped her breasts would get as big as that, and her Auntie had her pubic hair well trimmed into a small, neat patch. She walked towards the door, Abby was frozen, what a way to be caught. Her fears became groundless, as she saw her Auntie reach into the dresser that was right next to the door.

     Barbara looked up, a little smile playing around her lips, looking at herself in the mirror, her hands reaching up, cupping her breasts. In the mirror, Barbara could see her nipples standing out hard and erect, the areola reddened and needing her touch. Her fingers started stroking and tweaking at her hard, aching nipples, sending pulses of pleasure to her rapidly heating center. Barbara let out a moan of pleasure, she let her hands start to roam, her fingertips grazed her belly in a sensuous caress. Her fingers slid lower, twining through her well trimmed muff, sliding down, letting her fingertips just very lightly slide over her lips, which were quickly becoming slick with her juices. Her hands continued, gliding over her hips, up her sides and back down again.

     Abigail had been more than watching, her pussy was twanging like crazy, her nipples were as stiff as her auntie.

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   She threw off her shirt, yanked off her bra, and her hands virtually grabbed at her tits. Her breasts weren't as big as her Auntie's, but Abby's stiff, hard achy nipples were very damn perky. She felt the sizzles of pleasure zapping at her pussy as she pulled and tugged on her throbbing nipples.           

     With the constant, caressing stroking of her body, Barbara's head lolled back and her breaths grew deeper.   Seeing the image of her nude body in the mirror, hands stroking and fondling her body, her hands awakening the burning need, her body and mind responding fully, set her on fire with lust. She stumbled across the room and collapsed on the bed. She had taken out of her dresser a 9 inch multi speed vibrator, dark blue, and was shaped like a real cock. She needed to be filled up.

     Abby saw what was in her Auntie's hand, and she suppressed the gasp of surprise.

     Barbara's sex was aching for release, virtually dripping with the slickness of her juices. She switched it on, dialing it down to the lowest level. She slid it over her lower lips, feeling the tingling, teasing herself, wanting to draw it out until she was almost crazy with the need to cum. She slid it just inside, feeling the buzzing, then slipped it out. She needed more, she dialed it up to medium, and nudged it against her entrance. With a push, it slid in, sliding freely through the churning gush of her juices.

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   She let out a loud moan of pleasure as her walls were opened, and the buzzing pleasure sent out waves of stimulation, making her pussy light up like crazy.

     Abby was now naked, she'd yanked off her shorts and panties, and her hands were down at her pussy, she'd never seen anything so hot. She was rubbing herself like crazy, watching her Auntie Babs pleasure herself was beyond erotic. She watched as Auntie Babs dialed up the vibrator to maximum, and started to fuck herself. She was gasping, grunting and moaning, Abby could feel her pressure building, as Auntie Babs started thrusting her hips up and down at the vibrator, letting out cries of pleasure.

     Barbara could feel the twinges deep down, she knew she was gonna cum like crazy.   She dildo-fucked herself wildly, pumping the vibrator in and out, and she felt it racing at her. She was fantasizing about Clint, that the 9 inch vibrator inside her became his 9 inch cock, and he was gonna blow a gusher of cum into her.

     "Yes, oh fuck yes, fuck me Clint, cum, cum cum in me, yes, yes oh fuck YES!"

     Abby was at her peak, she didn't know who the hell Clint was, and at that moment, it didn't matter as her throbbing pussy exploded. She felt the waves washing over her, she stifled her squeals of pleasure as Barbara exploded, her cunt spasming like crazy, her Auntie Babs' shrieks and howls of pure sexual delight filling her bedroom, her body shaking, riding that gigantic wave of pleasure, until she slumped down, gasping like a race horse.

     As her Auntie shut off the vibrator, and pulled it out of herself, Abby quickly gathered her clothes, and quietly scurried to her room. Her pussy was still throbbing, and in the privacy of her room, she stretched out on her bed, and pleasured herself wantonly, hands roaming all over her body, urgently, hungrily. She was clean shaven, smooth and bald, she detested pubic hair, and was determined to keep it that way. It also made what she was about to do even more delicious.

     When Abby was 14, she had been introduced to pillow humping by her best friend Donna.

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   Donna had been eager (maybe a little too eager) to show Abby what it was all about, and on a Saturday evening, with Abby staying for a sleepover, and the parents out for the night, Donna wasted no time.

     She virtually dragged Abby into her bedroom, saying she had something to show her. Abby gaped as Donna quickly slid out of her clothes, and stood before her, grinning, her body totally nude. They'd seen each other nude before, in the school's locker room, getting ready for bed, no big deal, but Abby could sense that this was way different. The excited expression on Donna's face, the way she stood before her, displaying every inch of her body without a trace of the usual modesty 14 year old girls have, the tension that she felt. She saw Donna's eyes telling her to look, drink in the sight of her, and she did. Donna's chest was developing nicely, she must already be at least a 34B, topped with stiff, hard nipples spoke of the excitement that Donna was feeling. Donna was already wearing a real bra, Abigail felt just a twinge of envy, her own chest was a measly 32A, and she was still in a training bra. Donna's tummy was a flat, smooth plane, leading down to her triangle, Abby gaped again as she saw Donna's was completely hairless. Abigail had been developing a patch of pubic hair, and as the question arose, Donna answered it before it could even be voiced.

     "I'm shaving it away, I hate pubic hair, it's messy and uncomfortable. My sister was home from college a few months ago, and when I asked her to do it, she joined me in the shower and that first time, she shaved me completely bare. She showed me how I could shave myself, I love having it as bare and smooth as the day I was born, and it makes what I'm about to show you feel even better" Donna said, "but first, you have to get naked, and hop up on the bed. "

     Abby was a bit shy, but Donna had stripped, so, it made sense that she should be naked also, in the "you show me yours if I show you mine" kind of way. Donna had watched, her eyes alight, as she watched Abigail strip naked.

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   With both of them now nude, they jumped on Donna's bed, and Donna stuffed a pillow between her legs.

     "Watch me Abby", Donna cooed, her voice husky with desire, "watch me ride, then you can do it too. "

     Donna started to ride her pillow, humping up and down, letting out little cries of passion. Abby could feel her pussy heating up, my god, it looked so damn sexy. Watching her girlfriend's body humping and grinding against that big plush pillow was making her heat up quickly. It didn't take long before Donna drove her hips down hard, grinding away wildly, and letting out a squeal of pleasure as her orgasm washed over her, her body writhing and shaking in the grip of orgasm.

     After Donna had gotten her breath back, she had grinned at Abby, and said, "Your turn now. "

     Abby was normally somewhat shy, the idea of someone watching her undress, let alone pleasuring herself, had been an alien concept. Watching Donna wantonly going at it had blown that reserve away, her heated up core needed it, and needed it now.

     Donna helped Abby, she stuffed the pillow between her legs, and positioned her, telling Abby to do what she saw her doing. Abby felt another jolt of heat as she saw Donna saddle up again, right in front of her eyes, ready for another pillow ride.

     "Watch me again baby, and just do what I do, you'll love it. "

     Abby did so, the insistent pulsing of her pussy, achy and throbbing, and it felt like heaven. Her clit has risen up, hard and twitchy, and feeling the plushness of the pillow surround her button when she pressed down hard, was like nothing else. Her eyes were half closed, when she saw Donna, humping and grinding, give her a smile of pure lust.

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   She saw one of Donna's arms stop stroking her breasts, reaching towards her, then, Abby felt warm fingers cupping her left breast, then fingertips stroking and caressing her nipple. My god, that felt almost too good, Donna grinned, knowing how good it felt, and she switched over to Abby's right breast, caressing, stroking, making both nipples throbbing, stiff erections, sizzling pulses of pleasure shooting to her, zapping away at Abby's burning heat.

     Donna's voice, like a caress, cooed, "Do it baby, see how good it feels? Bring your hands up, and play with your pretty tits, just like I'm doing. "

     Abigail eagerly did so, cupping her breasts, pulling and tweaking her nipples, Donna grinning at her as she did the exact same thing. They were letting out gasps and sounds of passion, Abby could smell the heated lust of their pleasuring, and she felt it so, so close.

     Donna gasped, "Are you ready to cum?"
     Abby grunted, "Oh my God, I feel like I'm gonna fly apart! Yes, let's cum together!"
     Humping and grinding wildly, two teen girls who had become burning pussies and throbbing clits, Donna suddenly gasped, "I'm almost there, oh my God I feel like I'm gonna explode, cum with me Abby, cum with me baby, cum, cum, yes, yes, yes, YES!!"
     Donna's shriek set Abby off, she screamed "I'm cumming, oh fuck yes, YES!!" as she pushed down hard, her hips going into overdrive as she rubbed her pussy against the pleasing fullness of the pillow, and the glorious explosion, cumming harder than ever. She saw Donna, also in the throes of an all consuming orgasm, and she came, HARD, fuck, she was cumming in colors.

     She slumped down, and rolled onto her side, still keeping the pillow between her legs. Donna was sprawled out, breathing hard, getting her breath back. Now that orgasm was ebbing, Abby felt shy, doing what they were doing, humping pillows and watching each other, had been so naughty, so bad. She wondered what Donna would think of her.

     Donna opened her eyes, grinned at Abby, and said, "Just wait until I shave you down there, it'll feel even better! Let's hit the showers!"

     Floating in the afterglow, after having the second time feel as good as Donna promised, Abby decided that being naughty and bad felt so awesome, she wanted to be naughty and bad, regularly, and Donna was eager to be as naughty and bad as Abby was.

     Abby smiled at the remembrance as she got to her knees, stuffed a pillow between her legs, and pushed down hard. Her girlfriend Donna was right, without that stupid pubic hair in the way, the feel of the pillow getting pushed against her smooth expanse felt even better, grinding down, then up, rotating her hips, thrusting down, Abigail's eyes were dreamy, her breath starting to come in little gasps of pleasure. Abby kept up, her hands coming up and rubbing at her breasts, pulling and tweaking her nipples, feeling the pulses of pleasure racing right at her pussy.

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   She was making noises of pleasure, rocking and rotating, thrusting and grinding her hips down, then sliding her body backward and forward, then pushing down, grinding herself against the pillow, then going back to the back and forth, and again grinding her throbbing pussy against the pillow, like she was riding a lover. Abby's hips started to move faster, in lust filled abandon, sending sizzling pulses of pleasure zapping into her twitching clit. She could feel that flutter of impending orgasm, her clit was throbbing from the stimulation, she rotated her hips faster, pushing down harder, grinding wildly against the pillow. Her mind saw Richard, pumping his cock into Auntie Babs as she was bent over the sink yesterday. Her mind grabbed on, wanting Richard to pump his cock into her, his virgin little sister! The idea shocked her mind, but it gave her a massive push, she felt it center in her pussy, and it quickly grabbed her. She went wild, grinding down as hard as she could, and she felt the explosion, letting out squeals of pleasure as she went flying over the edge, she could feel her burning pussy spasming crazily, as her molten center blew apart in that wonderful explosion of pleasure, sending sizzling bolts of pleasure racing through her body.

     She flopped down with the pillow still stuffed between her legs, she loved the feeling of having that pleasing plushness between her thighs are she drifted in the post orgasmic bliss. The idea of Richard fucking her, to a good little chuch going prim little miss, would be wicked and sinful, but Abby was a freethinker. Religion and church were outdated jokes, invented by man to enslave the masses. Keep living your wretched lives, and you'll be rewarded in heaven. Oh and don't forget to fill up the collection plate. Abby snorted, what a fucking scam, Karl Marx was right.

     She was intrigued, and wondered if things could be turned towards that idea. Lots of days left in the summer, she thought, slipping into a light nap.



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