Caught in the act


I was wanking myself in my bedroom and was completely naked.

My sister who is a few years younger than me just walked into my room. I was not even aware she was home.
She stopped when she saw me and said shit what are you doing – are you masturbating.
I wanted to die – I had always respected her as a girl and would never have done or said anything sexual to or with her.

I tried to cover myself and stammered out something and felt a complete fool.
She laughed and said don’t worry about it – I do it – and I have done it to Mike. (He was her boyfriend)
I was still so embarrassed and instead of walking out she came over to me and said that's a nice cock, can I feel it.

I said no way shit sis this is so embarrassing.

She said look don’t worry abut it – I know all about it – Mike and I fuck every time we go out together. I have wanked and sucked him off so often I have lost count.

Lets have a look at it – you are bigger than him. I wont do anything you don’t want me to but please let me feel it.

I was completely overwhelmed and confused and I just stood there and let her.

Before I knew what was happening she had me in her hand and was stroking me off and I was liking it.

I said shit sis we shouldn’t really be doing this.

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She said I know but I spoiled your fun so I should make up for it.

She continued to wank me and I just let her and after a while began to enjoy it. She was holding my cock in a way

I didn't usually hold it and it felt good.

After a few minutes she said you do it for a minute, I want to see you do it again.

I started and the next thing I realized she was undressing and I said shit what are you doing.

She said shut up and just keep it up, I want to finish you off in a minute.

She ended up naked with only her socks on and I realized she was shaved. I said Christ that looks nice. You
look fantastic. She had a beautiful shaped body that I hadn’t really noticed before and I had never seen her naked for a few years.

Then she said it ready and waiting for you do something that we could both enjoy. I wont mind if you want to fuck me. Will you.

I said shit sis that's incest .

She said I know that – I wouldn’t ask you if I didn't want you to.

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   You don’t have to worry I am on the pill – you cant get me pregnant, and I have been fucked so often I would have had a bucket full of cum up there. Believe it or not Julie and I took on the footy team one night we had 15 guys go through us. I could have had a bath in the stuff they filled me up with. I am no angel believe me.

I said you have been gang banged – fuck you are a real slut and I never knew, nobody has said a word about you to me.

She laughed and said there is a lot you need to know about me, now come on fuck me.

She got onto my bed and positioned herself for me and I just went along with her and without giving it a moments thought prepared to fuck her.

I slipped my cock into her and she responded by taking me in and then proceeded to move with me and it was obvious she was really experienced. The feeling of her cunt all around my cock felt great. I said you wouldn’t know you have been fucked as much as you have evidently, you still feel tight.

She said there is a lot you need to know about me just keep going I like the feel of you in there – you are not bad yourself, how many girls have you fucked.

I said three.

Who are they she asked, do I know them.

I said I assume so they are all local girls.

Who – she said.

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I said Loretta , Jan and Sue.

She said who was your first.

I said Loretta – she and I have been fucking for two years – she cant help herself and when I did it the first time with her she and I were doing it every day and on school holidays we would fuck each other about 7 or 8 times a day. She could not get enough and pretty soon was doing it with three or four guys including me. She and I spent the whole day in her house naked and we fucked each other all over the house – I guess we fucked about 15 or 20 times that day – we were both sore from fucking that day. I came every time and we had to wash herself out about four or five times. It was awesome. We started sucking each other then as well. I was sucking my own cum out of her regularly – she and I are real fuck rats.

How about the others she asked.

I said Jan and I did it for a while but she got a boyfriend and he didn't like fucking her after me or one of the other guys had fucked her. She stopped us doing it but if I had a chance I would ask her and we did it sometimes if she wasn’t going out with him. Sue and I still fuck occasionally – she loves it and she has great tits and loves me sucking them as well. The first time I licked her out she screamed the house down when she came – she had the best orgasm she had ever had. I could not believe the noise she made and I was reluctant to do it again if there was chance she could be heard.

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   A couple of times we skinny dipped at the beach after parties and I would suck her out after we had been swimming and she tasted great with the salty water in her. She let the whole place know she was cumming one night – we were lucky I was dark and nobody knew who we were – nearly everybody else was fucking or whatever and we were well apart but we got a few cat calls. She sucked me off one night and I had a multiple orgasm and I came twice in less than a minute – I thought I would die – it was like being kicked in the balls I was completely winded. She laughed her head off at my discomfort. She had tried it o a couple of guys before me and had never got them off twice that quick. She became quite famous after that and blokes would do anything to get her to suck them off. She must have swallowed a galleon of cum since then.

Then she said let me do cowgirl and we swapped positions and she got on top and worked herself off and I
came two minutes after her.

We stopped then and she said we must do this more often and she picked up her clothes and walked out naked.

As she went she said its all running down – you did a good job on me and I could see my cum leaking out and down the inside of her legs. As she left she said want to lick it off.

I said not tonight come back tomorrow and she said I will.

She did and I could write a book about the two of us and how we have fucked each other since. The Karma Sutra is our bible.

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