Hanna and Daddy - Part 2


“Daddy, did you enjoy my show?” Hanna had just asked me that question after noticing me standing in her doorway as she made herself cum with her dildo, lying in her bed stark naked. “Don’t worry, Daddy, I wanted you to see me. I loved putting on a show for you, since you’ve been so nice to me over the years since Mom left. I just didn’t know how to show my appreciation until I got hurt, and you had to see me naked. So I started with letting you see me, to letting you see me masturbate with my fingers, to letting you see me with my vibrator. So how did I do? Was it sexy?”
Her smile melted any fear I had, and I replied “It has been very hard not to touch you, honey, seeing you naked like this. Especially when you spread your legs in the tub and here on the bed, and I could see inside your pussy. ”
“That was what I was trying for, Daddy. But I really wanted you to touch me each of those times, almost as much as I wanted to touch your cock. I could see you were hard, but I wanted more. I wanted to touch you, to suck you, to make you cum. And by the way, I still want that. ” And with that, she reached out to my shorts, and quickly pulled them down my legs.
“Ooh, Daddy, your cock is beautiful!” She took out a ruler from her nightstand, and measured it. “Six inches--just perfect!” Then she began stroking it from the head to the base and back again.
“Touch me, Daddy! Touch my nipples--they’re very sensitive.

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  ” I reached out to her boobs, and touched her nipples for the first time. Immediately, she moaned, then said “Keep up the good work, Daddy. That feels super!” I began pulling her nipples out, then twisting them gently, which elicited another moan from my ‘little’ girl. Hanna had continued stroking my cock, but shortly stopped as her moaning intensified. She quickly inhaled as I kept pulling her nipples, then let her breath out as her orgasm overtook her. She clamped her legs together suddenly, making a clapping sound when she did. “God, Daddy, that was intense!” she said through her moans. “I loved feeling your cock at the same time--that just added to it. And my pussy is sooo wet! Why don’t you feel it?”
I reached down to her pussy, and ran my hand through her sparse hair first, so soft and inviting. Then I moved my hand over her pussy lips, and she was soaked down there. I got the juices on my fingers, then brought them to my lips and tasted it, and it was the sweetest pussy juice I had ever tasted. I dipped a finger between her pussy lips, and took another taste, and it was as sweet as before. “Hanna, your pussy is like honey. I love your taste. ”
“Then put your mouth on my pussy, Daddy.

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   Eat me out now. Make me cum with your mouth and tongue!” demanded my sweet daughter. I couldn’t believe how aggressive she’d become, but who was I to object? I first moved her 90 degrees, so that both legs hung off the side of the bed, then I spread her right leg out as far as I could, and dived right in. Her pussy lips were spread out wide, and I could see her clit, hard and inviting. I first took a long and slow lick on her clit, then moved down to her pussy lips. I stuck my tongue in as far as I could, and moved it around inside her cunt, feeling her hot insides, before pulling it out again. Her moans let me know that she was enjoying this as much as I was. I then licked up and down her slit before licking up to the top of her lips and concentrating on her clit. I stuck a finger deep into her pussy as I licked one side of her clit, then the other side, before I sucked her love button between my lips.
All the while, I was moving her nipples around with my other hand. When I began sucking on her clit, I increased the pressure on one nipple again, and immediately her second orgasm began. Hanna’s right leg quickly slammed against the side of my head as her orgasm started. Cum began flowing from her pussy, and I moved my mouth lower to try to catch it all. When I moved my finger in and out of her pussy, I felt her pussy walls contracting, and even more cum was sent out all over my face. I lapped up as much as I could, but noticed that her ass cheeks were wet and slick with the cum that I missed, and a wet spot could be seen on the bed.

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When her right leg relaxed, and Hanna let go of the sheets, she said “Daddy, I’ve never felt that good in my life! That was so good!!” I pulled my face from her pussy then, and we exchanged a long slow French kiss. She licked my face, then stuck her tongue deep into my mouth. “Now, let me give you some head. Is that OK?”
“It’s more than OK, honey. How will it be easiest for you?”
I moved her back around to her original position, with Hanna leaning against the headboard, then climbed onto the bed. She reached out and grabbed my already stiff cock, and quickly inserted it into her mouth. She got about two inches of my cock into her mouth, then moved her head back and forth, licking the head with her tongue. Then she pulled it almost all the way out, sucking just on the head, and in just seconds, my cum was rising.
“I’m cumming, Hanna!” I said, and she pulled my cock out and let the cum squirt all over her chest, boobs, and tummy.
“OOH, that’s so warm, Daddy!” she reported, as she began stroking my cock. I thought it would never stop cumming, but at last it did, and Hanna began massaging it into her skin from neck down to her pussy hair. She even licked the cum off her fingers and hands. “That’s not bad. I’ll have to remember that for the future. ” She even lifted her ass off the bed, and massaged some cum on and around her asshole.

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   “Daddy, in the nightstand, there is a small vibrator in the very back. Will you get it for me?”
I opened the drawer, and retrieved it for her. It was indeed small, and I wondered what she used it for.
“It’s for my butt hole, Daddy. Do I have to tell you everything?” she joked. “Now help me roll over, get it slick with your cum, and put it in my butt for me. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt. ” I rolled her over, getting a wonderful view of her perfectly rounded ass as I did. I then used my hands to spread her ass cheeks apart, exposing her asshole to me. Using some more of my own cum, I lubed her asshole some more, then slowly inserted it in her ass. She slid down the bed to make it a little easier, and soon it was in all the way.
“Now turn it on, Daddy. It feels so good to have it vibrate in my ass. ” When I turned it on, she inserted the other, larger dildo into her pussy again, and began stroking that one in and out of her pussy. “Oh, GOD, this is great!” she moaned, as another orgasm rapidly approached.


   I stood by and watched my own daughter get herself off again, groaning with each movement into her pussy. Soon, she created a new wet spot on the bed as her pussy gushed out cum all around the vibrator. Her right leg again clamped tight on her dildo, then relaxed as the orgasm calmed down. She pulled the vibrator out of her pussy, and handed it to me. I proceeded to lick all of her cum off the sex toy, loving every drop. Hanna then rolled over, spreading her legs wide apart again, and made eye contact with me.
“It’s time, Daddy. I want you to get between my legs, and fuck me with your beautiful cock! I’m ready for you, and I can tell you want me. ” Her eyes revealed the passion with which she spoke, and to turn me on a little more, she reached down and stuck a finger into her pussy as deep as she could. “Come on, Daddy, let’s do it now!”
I needed no more convincing, and climbed between her legs. I aimed my fully erect cock directly at her pussy, and Hanna pulled her finger out and guided my cock to her pussy lips. I shoved it into her pussy, and was immediately struck by its wetness and warmth. My cock easily slid all the way in, and I just held it there for a few seconds before slowly pulling it outward. Hanna moaned with each change of direction, and in a few seconds grabbed both of my arms as she neared another orgasm. I continued a slow in and out motion, and Hanna’s moans grew louder and longer.

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   Suddenly, her right leg drew back and wrapped around my ass, drawing me deeper into her wet folds, and her breath caught as her first cum by my dick began.
Hanna’s wet pussy suddenly got wetter, as she came twice in rapid succession. Her breath caught each time, and then suddenly and forcefully was expelled as my daughter rose to the heights of physical pleasure, then slowly came down again. Once her leg released its grip on my ass, I began to increase the speed of my cock’s in and out pumping, slapping my balls against her ass cheeks. It wasn’t long before I felt my balls draw up, and my cum begin its unstoppable rise toward expulsion.
“Cum in my pussy, please Daddy!” pleaded Hanna. “You know I’m on the pill, so there’s no danger of pregnancy. I want to feel you cum inside me!” Then she wrapped her right leg around my ass again, pulling me as far into her as I could get. I thought I could feel the vibrations of her butt plug with my cock. This finally caused my cock to begin shooting load after load of cum deep into her pussy. Her breath caught once more, and her grip re-tightened on my arms, signaling me that she had cum once more. Her pussy was so wet now that I had trouble keeping my cock inside her. As it began to shrink, her leg fell away from my ass, and I fell on top of her.
I could feel her firm boobs and nipples against my chest as we both struggled to regain our breath and composure. When my strength began to come back to me, I lifted myself up on my arms to look again at her sexy body.

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   With my cum all over her body, I could tell that another bath was in order. I removed her ass plug, which elicited another moan from my sexy baby girl. When she had recovered, I carried her to the bathroom completely naked, neither feeling embarrassed about being nude in front of the other. I helped her sit in the tub, then carefully stepped in myself. With her broken leg having to hang out of the tub, her pussy lips were pulled apart, and again I had a fantastic view right inside her pussy. I couldn’t help but stare until Hanna broke the spell.
“Daddy, are you OK?” she asked.
“Yes, I’m all right. I just can’t take my eyes off you. I’ve noticed your beauty before, but wouldn’t allow myself to really look until recently. It just didn’t feel right somehow. ”
“And now?” she asked.
I thought about my answer for a moment. “It probably feels a lot better than it should, to be honest. After all, I am your father, not a boyfriend.

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“Why can’t you be both, Daddy?” she asked innocently. “I love you the same way, but I know that you’re still my daddy. I just think we can make each other feel good, and nobody can say boo about it. Just don’t worry, OK?”
She had a way of being so innocent. But I just couldn’t help but feel that this was wrong. If someone discovered what we were doing, I would be in so much trouble…
Then I was snapped out of my worries. “Will you wash me, Daddy?” I grabbed the liquid soap, and began to clean her up. After she was thoroughly washed off, and I was fully erect again, she felt her pussy and said “My pussy hairs are starting to grow back. Will you shave me, too?” How could I say no? I found her razor, and carefully shaved her mons, leaving the strip of hair that she had before. I moved to her pussy lips, and carefully shaved each side for her. She lifted her ass with her good leg, and I shaved between her ass cheeks also. When I finished, and sat back to admire my work, she said “I think that strip of hair needs to go, don’t you? Make me totally bald there, OK?”
Once that final patch was gone, she looked like a pre-teenager again. I have to admit that the whole act of shaving her was very sexy, and I just had to touch her hairless pussy. I ran my hand up and down her slit, spreading her wetness all over her pussy lips. With my other hand, I reached up to her boobs, and began stroking her nipples, making them hard as well.

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   When I looked back to her pussy, I could see it was drenched, and her clit was as hard as a little pearl. I pulled her right leg as wide as I could, and dove right in on her clit. Within seconds, Hanna’s leg slapped against the side of my head, and her pussy juices began flowing even more freely than before. I sucked and licked to my heart’s content, trying to lap up every drop of her sweetness. I reached under her, and lifted her ass up, giving me freer access to her pussy. I then began licking up and down the length of her pussy lips. I stuck my tongue in as far as it would go, then licked around her insides, before pulling it out and replacing it with my finger. First one, then a second finger slid effortlessly in and out of her pussy, until Hanna had another orgasm, lifting her ass even higher off the bed.
When she finally came down, Hanna reached out to my cock, and pulled me toward her face. Quickly she inserted the head plus another inch, and began moving her head back and forth, covering my cock with her saliva. I could feel my cum rising, and said “Hanna, I’m about to cum!” She kept up her motions on my cock, though, and quickly I started shooting wads of cum into her mouth. She let all of it spill out of her mouth, and it ran down her mouth and onto her boobs. Hanna then massaged the sticky mess onto her boobs and tummy, moaning as she did. Then she used my cum as a lubricant (as though she needed one by now), and began to stick her fingers into her pussy. As her fingers moved around inside her, I massaged her clit, and she moaned as she came once again, then once more for good measure before Hanna finally removed her fingers from her cunt.

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   I inserted those fingers into my mouth, and gave them a good tongue-cleaning. Finally, we cleaned each other with soap again before getting out of the tub. I put one arm under her legs, and the other under her back, as I carried her to my bed for the night, since her bed was so wet from earlier.
We both laid down nude in my bed, and snuggled together. She felt perfect as we spooned with her bad leg down. I reached around from behind her and lightly stimulated her nipples. “Well, Daddy, what do you think of your little girl now? Can we be a sexual couple now, like I’ve wanted for years?” Hanna was at once a girl and a woman, and I was more than attracted to the woman in her.
“Yes, honey, we can be both now. I can see that you can handle being my woman at the same time as my girl. But you have to tell me--where did you learn all of this; I haven’t gone into this much detail in our talks. ”
“No, you really didn’t need to. I’ve found out a lot about sexuality from my friend Vanessa. You remember her, don’t you?”
Oh, yes, Vanessa. Hanna was a passenger in Vanessa’s car when they had their accident. “Yes, I do remember her.


  ” She is one who would be hard to forget. High cheekbones, sculpted face with no flaws, jet black hair. I would guess she’s a 36C with an hourglass figure, and legs that won’t quit on a 5’5” frame. “Is she doing OK since the accident?”
“I’ve talked to her once since then, and we've kept in close touch while both of our leg injuries healed. Hers were nearly as bad as mine, but we’ll get together as soon as we both can. And maybe the three of us can figure something out…”
I’ve seen Vanessa in a bikini before, and it left little to the imagination. She has beautiful boobs, a very small waistline, and very little of her ass was left to the imagination by her bottoms. My cock began growing at the thought of her, and slid between Hanna’s legs. Upon feeling it harden, she raised her right leg up, and I rubbed my cock along her pussy lips. At the same time, I began squeezing her nipples, and quickly felt pussy juice begin to coat my cock. But we both needed to get some sleep, so reluctantly, I pulled back, and soon we both fell asleep in each other’s arms. I dreamed that night of threesomes. . .

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