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Topic: Not So Normal I'm going to work, don't forget to feed your brother!" mother yelled as she passed my room. Why she feels the need to yell everything, I have no idea. "He's flippin 17, mom, I think he can handle getting off his ass and stuffing his face - he does it everyday!" I yelled back, annoyed and just plain tired. "I resent that. " A low, husky voice said, with a total grin on. "Oh, stuff it up your ass and die, James. " I mumbled, digging my head into the pilliow. "If I died, where would you be in life?" He asked with a smug tone. Asshole. "Oh, I don't know, perhaps being the happiest woman-" "Girl. " he interuppted. "WOMAN, on this earth. " I growled, sitting up in my bed, glaring at his handsome face. I know it sounds weird but I mean, I have to say he's hott. I would never go down on him but he is pretty good looking. Until he speaks.

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   Then all hell is lost. He smiled and turned, leaving my room. "Get your ass down here, time for lunch. " Lunch? What time was it? I looked at the clock to have it say 2:45 PM. Oh. I got up, stumbling a bit and walking downstairs in short shorts and a tank. Not like I have anyone to impress today. I most likely should give a detail about myself now, huh? I'm 15 years old, 5'4, 110ibs, 34b breasts that annoy the fuck outta me. They may not be big, but why did God have to go and give women boobs? Anyway, I have the upper left of my lip piecred, along with my belly button. I have one tattoo, that mom has no idea about and will remain that way until I'm 18. It's a flower/dragon on my hip with water drops falling. It may sound stupid, but I like it. My hair has been dyed a lot, but it's back to its normal, dark brown. The only problem I have with it is it's length, it stops at my midback and drives me insane trying to comb it. I walked into the kitchen, silent as mom left for her work that makes her haul boxes till morning the next day.

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   So, again I'm alone with the annoying prick of a brother, He has dirty blonde, shaggy hair that passes his eyes a little, but give him somewhat of sex hair. He isn't built heavy, but just right. He has a two tattoo's, one on his forearm of a morbid cross and one on his side. A music note with a vine stabbing through it. Yeah, my brother is strange. He likes to wear slightly baggy, dark pants and always has a sweater on with a weird symbol on it. He always looks like a graud off one of my favorite fantasy stories. He's 6'0, 120ibs with amazingly shocking blue eyes. His butt is pretty cute too. Not that I take notice. I sometimes wear skinny jeans and t-shirts with these awesome deisgns on them. But most of the time I like to wear cool, out-of-this-world dresses. Their simple, but charming in that dark kinda So, I'm weird too. Is that such a crime? Anyway, I was sitting at the table, swinging my legs a little and humming a tune, I felt ice cold chills run down my back. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" I yelled, shocked and jumping out of my chair.

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   Only to see James standing there, chuckling and holding a glass of ice. "Yo'la, sista. " He smiled as I walked up to him. "You. Are such a- I'm gonna- When mom gets home, you'll-" I couldn't finish any of my sentences because of the cold chills now running down my legs. "Calm down,killer. I think you're losing IQ points. " I slapped his hand away as he poked my forehead. "Fuck off, douchebag. Goddamnit, you're such an ass!" I yelled, slapping him in the face and walking away. Just as I was in the hall, I was pushed against the wall. A gasp escaped my lips as I stared at the angry James. Something you NEVER want to see, nor be around. "What, did you say?" He growled in my ear. I couldn't think due to the ice and his body pressed against mine You-I can't, The ice is driving me insane, James!" I whined, trying to push him off, only to press ourselves more together.

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   "Well, it's not my fault you're such a little bitch to me, now is it?" he purred in my ear,making me shiver. "It is so your fault!" I yelled. Until I realized I just agreed with him of being a bitch. "Good. You understand my point then. I want you to go upstairs, get changed and shut the fuck up for once so I can do my homework," insert a push against bodies. "Or else. " He left with not so much as a huff and went into his room while I stared into the mirror across from me. 'What the hell just happened?' I thought. He never did that before and strangly, I liked it. I shuddered at the thought. My own brother? Good god, I need to get laid before I need mental help.
----Later that I was fast asleep, about to shove something up Brad Pitt's ass till something slammed into me. "GAH!" I screamed falling out of bed. I thought someone was gonna fuckin' rape me till I heard that annoying, low rumble of a laugh.

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   I wipped me head towards a half naked James. "What the hell is your problem?!" I yelled jumping up. Unaware that I had only slept in my bra and panties. "I thought I was trying to - " He tried to make up something witty to say before he spotted my outfit. "Uh, eh, nevermind. " He shurged, walking out. I think I'd seen a boner. I giggled as a evil and cruel planned boiled in my head. I was going to tease my brother with all I got. So after a few mintues of putting my hair up in a sexy messy bun and wrapping a thin, light grey robe on I headed downstairs to the living room, where James was glued onto. "Move over. " I demanded, pushing away his legs. "Move your fuckin' self. " he growled, putting his legs onto my lap. I glared at him till I realized I could tease him We watched tv for a bit till I pretented to yawn and strech, making his feet lower onto my pussy.

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   I could tell it startled him because his whole body went stiff. He moved his feet and sat up. "Why do you have to fuckin' yawn?" he said darkly. I blinked, looking at him, shocked at his tone and the look he gave me. "Uh, because that's just life?" I replied smartly.  I rolled my eyes at him, ignoring the weird look he had in his eyes and yawned again, moving my arms out. I was about to pull my arms back in when James gripped my wrist and yanked me up. "Jesus, James, relax a little. I only yawned!" I yelled, trying to pull my arm back. He pulled me to him and smiled darkly, lowering his voice in a more husky tone "I swear to god if you yawn again I'll make you wish that pussy of your's was already loose. " Did my brother just say that? Why can't he control his anger? And why did that sentence thrill me? "For your F. Y. I, I'm not a virgin, bucko, so let me go before I give your "tail" a good greeting to my knee. " I smirked, trying to take my wrist back. He just tightend his hold and pulled me closer so I could feel his breath against my ear.

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   "I don't think you get the catch here, sexy. I mean, if you yawn again, I'll take you to my room, throw you on my bed, turn out the lights and treat you like like bitch you are. " I shivered as he licked my "J-james, I-" Shit, another yawn started coming my way and I tried to stiffly it, I couldn't help but let out a bigass yawn. "Mmmm, good girl. " he purred, licking my chin. "James, you're my goddamn brother, you're obviously high on the porn you watch 24/7. " I let out shakily.  He chuckled a sexy as hell chuckle and pulled me up so I'd have to wrap my legs around his waste. I could already feel the bulge. I gasped inwardly, while James procedded up to his room. When we got there, James opened his room, the only light was the moon slightly shadowing over the bed. And as James kept his word, he threw me onto the bed, shutting his door and locking it. By this time I started crying. Not only was this wrong but I was enjoying it. I felt so dirty and guilty.

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   "Shhh, baby. " James soothed as he brushed my tears away with his lips. "James, t-this is re-really wrong. . . " I whimmpered. I saw his gorgeous face in the pale moonlight and he smiled gently. "Sweetheart, I love you and you love me. . think of it as. . . family love. " He kissed me gently and I took a deep breathe of his god-almighty-scent. "I always thought you were amazing, Jenna.

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  " James mumbled against my neck as he ran a hand down my stomach. "I-you, were a-always so - " I let out a shaky gasp as he brushed his fingers agasint the tip of my clit. "I was always what, Sexy?" he nibbled on my earlobe, driving me crazy. "So fucking perfect. " I moaned out as his hand pressed against my wet pussy. He laughed softly as he moved down my body, leaving small kisses and taking a moment to tug on my belly button, adding onto the pleasure. He finally made it to where I was dying for him to touch, he slide down my small black panties and ran his tounge from the base of my pussy to the tip of my clit, making me moan softly. "If you feel the need for me to stop, just say no and I will. " He stated, straining clear in his voice. "Don't stop, James, please. " I begged, spreading my legs more. I groaned out as I felt him slide in two fingers. He first started out slow, making me squirm and rock my hips a little and then pumped his fingers in and out, making my gasp loudly and arch my back part way. He moved back up me, still pumping his fingers in me as fast and hard as I begged. "Do you like this, Jenna?" He asked against my ear darkly.

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   "God, yes. " I bit out, biting my lip and rocking my hips against his fingers "Do you want more?" He asked in a seductive tone. I was able to manage a "Mhmm" and he sat up, pulling down his boxers to show his fully erect, 9 inch dick to me. My eyes widen as I stared at it. He stroked it up and down a little. "Suck it. " He demanded and all I could do was blink a few times and take a deep breath. "Jenna, I said suck it. " he growled, taking a fist full of my hair and pulling me down to his dick. I winced at the agressive turn my brother took but quickly took the monster into my mouth, rolling my tounge over the head and base of his dick. I knew I was doing ok by his low moans and slight hip bucks. "Mmm, Jenna. . " James panted, I knew he was close so I closed my eyes and sucked as hard and fast as I could. "Oh-God, Jenna!" James groaned out as he bucked his hips and fucked my face, I gagged a few times and it wasn't until a few moments later when James shot his load down my throat.


   "Swallow it all, bitch. " He comanded. The taste was bitter sweet. But I liked An half hour later and I was under him, after several finger fucks and blowjobs, he crawled over me and smiled. "You ready for me to pound your pussy?" he asked, anti-sweetly. I gulped and nodded. "Tell me you want me. " He ordered as he slammed his dick against my pussy and started grinding firmly. "I want you. " I groaned, grinding back. "Want what?" He teased by slowly pounding against my clit. "You!" I yelled a little. He smiled and whisered "Get ready, sweetheart. " and slammed his dick into my pussy as hard as he could. I let out a wild moan and clinged onto him as he pounded away on my womanhood.

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   He grunted. "God, I t-thought you weren't a virgin. " He panted heavly. "I'm not I-I just havn't had," insert loud groan here "Sex in awhile!" He lifted on his hands so he could look at me. The moment we made eye contact he started slamming into me, making me writher and scream slightly. "Mmmm, Fuck you know how to drive me crazy, Jenna, Damn you feel so good!" He groaned, grinding into me while pumping in and out faster and harder. "James! D-don't stop, I'm- I'm. . gonna c-c-come!" I screamed, wrapping my legs around his waist and digging my nails into his back, by which I'm sure made him bleed. I started with my orgasm as James went to high heaven and watched me buck my hips against his dick, rack my nails down his back and bite my lip so hard it started bleeding. He leaned down and licked it up, fucking my brains out. "Fuckkkk, Jenna, make me come!" he groaned into my collarbone, I started twisting my hips on his dick, knowing from his porn videos that he loved it. I heard him moan my name and pound into me once more until he exploded his load inside After we calmed down and our after-glow settled, he craddled me in his arms and kissed me gently. "I love you, Jenna. .

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  . " he looked me in the eyes and I smiled. "I love you too, James. But you have serious mood issues. " I giggled and he laughed. "You just drive me wild, woman. " He kissed my nose and I wiggled it. "What if mom walks in, in the morning?" I asked, a little paniced. "Mom told me she wasn't gonna be home till monday due to meetings and traveling. So we have two days by ourselves. " he smiled, carressing my nipples. I sighed in pleasure and curled up agaisnt him. "Man, we're so going to hell. " I mumbled, smiling to myself. "Well, let's make sure to big some of that ice.

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This was my first story guys, so don't hate meh! O_O lol, if you liked it let me know. I might add on but I don't know yet. Thank you for reading, hope you guys liked it. <3              

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