My 2 cousins & aunt. Pt 2


Later that night. . .
I was lying in the double bed in the dark waiting for Melly. So we could hopefully carry on what we started. I waited for ages but she never came in. So eventually i just gave up and tried 2 get some sleep.
About 10 minutes later i heard the door creak open, i couldn't see who it was because it was pitch black but i assumed it was Melly.
I felt Melly climb into the bed next to me. So i rolled over, reached out and put my arm around her massaging her tit. I felt her start to move and then pull her nightshirt off, leaving her naked, lying next to me.
She then slid underneath the duvet and starting trying to pull my boxers down. I lifted my butt up so she could pull them all the way down and then off. She then started stroking my dick, and eventually began giving me head.
I reaslied that this time it felt like she didnt know what she was doing, but thought nothing of it.
"Oh melly, you fucking rule!"She stopped and i heard "Melly?!?!".

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   It wasn't Melly, It was Rachel.
Rachel is my 2nd cousin, shes 14. I've always thought she was hot, but i've never really thought anymore of her until now.
"Rach, what the hell are y. . . . . " i stopped because my aunt walked in and asked me if i had seen Rach. . What would you say? 'Yeah shes under here suckin my dick, but i thought it was your other daughter' Well. . . i definatly didn't say that.
"Umm yeah i think i saw her leaving 30 minutes ago""Oh ok, night then"
I waited for her to leave and was just about to start talking again but rach rolled over onto the bed next to me.

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   I walked over to the door, locked it and turned the light on.
"What are you doing in here?"She didn't answer me and was staring at my boxerless crotch"Stop it" I dived under the duvet & asked her again "What are you doing in here?"She said quietly but sexily, "Giving you the time of your life"
I realised that she was naked and looked at her. God she was so hot. She had around 32b tits and an almost hairless pussy. I couldn't draw my eyes away from her.
I reached over & turned the light off. I grabbed her & layed her down on the bed. I started rubbing her pussy & sucking her left tit. She gasped as soon as i touched her, which was replaced by moaning soon after. I started trailing kisses down her body to her pussy and started eating her out making her moan even louder. Her pussy juice tasted really sweet, i ate her out for about 5 minutes before i heard a loud OHHHHHHHHHHH and she came in my mouth & all over my face, she lay there breathing heavily & said "wow. . that was amazing"
I lay down next 2 her and she rolled over & straddled me. My dick was pointing straight up, inches away from her soaking wet pussy, she started lowering herself down
"No, Rach thats going too far"
She ignored me & let herself fall down so my dick went all the way inside her & broke her cherry, she paused for a sec & then started slowly riding my dick up & down. She was so tight.

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   I had to try my hardest not to cum after 2 minutes.
She was bouncing up & down really fast & hard. i could tell she was trying her hardest not to scream, as she was biting her lip so hard it was bright red. Suddenly she went really rigid and had her 2nd orgasm of the night which made her pussy clamp down on my dick, which made me shoot my cum inside her.
She fell foward onto me and i kissed her & rolled her over off me. I put my boxers back on & walked into the bathroom to clean myself up and take a piss. When i was done i went back in and saw she was gone, but she left a note on my pillow.
This is what the note said; Stu I watched you and Melly earlier today and i wanted to try it. Flush this note after you read it. Thanks for being my first.  Love Rach        xxxxxP. S. i wont tell if you wont
3rd story coming if i get positive feedback. 3rd will involve my Aunt & Melly in lesbo mode ^_^