My Sisters And I - On The Acreage


We had also purchased an old tent from the Army surplus store. My four sisters and I, used this large tent for sleeping, when the house became too hot. No air conditioning on the acreage! My brothers were either too old, or too young, for the tent. My older brother had already moved out, and on his own. My younger brother was still at an age where he was afraid of the dark. We pitched the tent several hundred feet from the house, near the horse pasture, where it always seemed cooler. As I began to develop, physically, I also began to notice more about the differences in my sisters bodies, and my own. I had never really thought of them as anything other than "my sisters". But, now, I began to notice that they were the opposite sex. My adolescent curiosity, as well as my hormones, were driving me to wonder more about the female body. My sisters were the earliest and most accessible way to learn more about the fairer sex, and the wonders of the female body. I had found various ways to catch glimpses of their girlish figures. By this time in my life, I wanted to find out all I could about these "different" bodies. I would sometimes sneak out my window and peep through the shades, that I had pulled open, just slightly. I had also learned from a friend, that if you slide a small mirror under a door, you can observe part of the room and the person/s. (That little trick nearly got me caught!) Well needless to say, I had by this time, seen all of my sisters in various stages of undress, or completely nude, without their knowledge.

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  Beth, Becky and I, spent one sweltering, hot, day, filling the pool. Beth was also the last to take a turn at filling the pool. She made my younger sister and I take our turns first. Then she would lend a hand. She said it was only fair that we go from youngest to oldest, and since my two youngest sisters weren’t there to help, we had to go twice as long on our turns. As Becky was raising and lowering the handle, I began to notice the small breasts she was beginning to develop. I had spied on her on an earlier night, and stroked my teenage cock to erection, thinking of her. I could barely focus on the conversation with my older sister, and felt my mind wandering what it would be like to feel her small, round, puffy, little boobs. Becky soon tired, and it was my turn to begin working the pump. I would occasionally look over at my sisters. They were talking, and sitting cross legged, in the grass. Becky was wearing her one piece swimsuit, but Beth had bought a rather skimpy bikini, for this summer. I knew Beth had started taking a real interest in boys, and probably thought this would be another way to attract them. She occasionally went with her friends, to the public pool in town. Where I was sure she strutted around, displaying her young, "womanly" body.

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   I had watched her turning from side to side in her full length mirror, naked after a shower. She would raise and lower her firm, round breasts, and after pinching her nipples taught, she would run her hands through the sparse strawberry-blonde hairs, between her legs. I caught myself wishing that I had mowed the grass around the pool, so that I could view the narrow fabric between their legs. Hoping to see their puffy, young, mons veneris, pushing at the material. "Hey Tim! Quit listening to us and pump faster, you still have 2 minutes to go!" Beth shouted. I did my best to quicken my pace, but Beth stood and walked to the pump. She grabbed hold of the handle, slipping one arm inside of mine, and stated, "Faster, like this you slow-ass!" Her fresh arms, and quicker speed, caused me to loose my grip. My hands slipped off and as she pulled the pump handle up, my right arm pressed into her left breast. Although it was only a brief moment, it was a wonderful sensation. Her breasts were much larger than our younger sisters. I knew that she was a 34C cup, from looking through her bras. She was nicely developed, for a 15 year old girl! I backed away quickly, hoping she wouldn’t say anything else. I was still 2 years younger than her, and she was stronger than me! I sheepishly took a seat next to my younger sister. "Geese, Tim. You are just about worthless!" She mumbled.

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   I sank lower in the grass, and began to watch her taut, rounded butt. She continued to work the handle, while her body was bending up and down, the fabric of her suit, slid further into her tight crack. I began to notice a few stray blonde hairs, escaping the leg holes of her suit. The cheeks of her tight behind were clearly visible now. All I could think about, was what it would be like to fondle her sexy butt and play with her sparsely, haired, pussy. Becky then stated, "I’m going to walk to the house and see if dad will let us get some hot water to put in there". She stood up, from her seat in the grass, and I saw the red lines on her small butt, as she passed in front of me. My perverted mind then thought about how lucky those blades of grass were, having my two sisters butts pressing against them!"Well, don’t take too long. Tim is nearly worthless at helping me here!" "Stop being such a bitch to me! Let me take another turn and then maybe there will be enough water to at least cool off. " I retorted. I angrily walked to the pump, wrapped my arm around my sisters narrow waist, and attempted to push her away from the pump. My arm slipped against her sweaty, bare stomach. I attempted to grab at anything I could as I fell backwards. I suddenly realized I had grabbed the elastic waistband of Beth’s suit, and her rounded butt cheeks were now completely exposed to me. I am sure it was only a second or two, but it seemed like I stared at her taut ass for hours.

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   "You freaking, perverted asshole!" she snarled, while turning toward me. I continued to stare in disbelief, as she attempted to rearrange her suit bottoms. She first reached behind her to pull the suit back up. She then slid a hand under each leg opening, and pulled the fabric over her butt cheeks. Her head bent down to inspect the front of her suit. She reached inside each leg opening. Pulling the narrow swathe of fabric away from her pubic mound, she let it snap back into place. For a brief moment, I had a clear view of her matted pussy hair, and glistening pussy. "God, you are a perv!" she stated. "Quit trying to look at my "business"!"I am sure that I was even more red faced than before, but I also felt myself getting extremely aroused. My young cock was stiffening inside of my cut off jeans. Before I know what happened, the tip had slipped out of the loose pant leg, and was clearly visible to my sister. Her mouth had dropped open, and she was definitely staring at the head of my young cock. For once my sister was speechless!I quickly stood, as she pretended she hadn’t been looking at my boyish cock. I proceeded to work the pump once again.

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   I kept thinking of my sisters damp pussy, and feverishly worked the pump handle up and down. Neither of us said a word. "Dad, got called in to work. So I guess we will have to wait for the water to warm up on its own, and put off the swimming until tomorrow. " Becky interrupted, upon her return. "Well, I for one, am too hot and sweaty to wait until tomorrow!" Beth exclaimed. Unexpectedly, she jumped into the frigid water. She began using her open hand to splash the water out of the pool, soaking Becky and I. "STOP IT! That’s freezing cold!" Becky shouted, as she began a sprint away from the pool and toward the house. "Well little brother, I guess it’s just you and me. Unless, you’re too much of a "weenie"! She taunted. The water she had splashed was cold, but felt invigorating. I took one look at my older sister. Apparently the cold water had effected her too. She was shivering as she stood in the pool.

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   I quickly noticed her hard nipples, poking hard against the material of her top. This quickly brought back the thoughts of how I had spied on her, tweaking her nipples in the mirror. I wasn’t about to leave! I gathered all of my courage, and leapt over the side of the pool. I slipped on the plastic bottom, landing solidly on my ass. I leapt out just as quickly! And laid down in the wet grass. "Wuss!" Beth mocked, and stepped from the pool herself. Without warning, she slipped on the long, wet grass, and was inadvertently, laying on top of me. Our heads bumped, causing me pain, but Beth began to laugh. "What the hell are you laughing about?" I questioned. It was then that I realized, Beth had placed her hand under the leg of my pants!"Damn, Beth! What the hell are you doing?" I exclaimed as I tried to stand. I felt my sisters warm breath against my ear and neck, as she whispered, "I heard that boys "thingies" shrink when they get in cold water. So I just wanted to see how little, your little "thingy" got!"I didn’t know what to do or say next. My sister just kept her hand wrapped around my shriveled, small, cold, cock. My young cock then began to take control of the situation for me. It was instantly growing warm and hard! Wrapped in my sisters hand! Perhaps it was the feeling of her warm breath.

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   Her wet, erect nipples, soft, but firm breasts, pressing against my chest. Or the warmth being emitted from between her legs, as she began to press her crotch into my side. "I saw how you were looking at me earlier little brother! So now it’s my turn to see what is going on with you! You did a pretty good job of acting like that was an accident, when you slipped and pulled my suit off of my butt!" She appeared to pant. "No, really…""Shut up, little brother!" She commanded. "I just want for both of us to have a little fun. I won’t tell, if you don’t. " She whispered again, and undid the button fly of my cut offs. She took my hand and forced it inside her top. I instantly cupped the firm, round breast, and felt the erect, eraser like nipple, pushing into my palm. Beth pressed her chest, hard against my hand, while using her free hands to lower my zipper. She began pulling up on my cock with her hand, freeing it from my shorts. Damn, I felt hard!"That’s it little Timmy, let yourself feel my titties. Use both of your hands. Don’t squeeze them like melons! Just caress them nice, like puppies! MMMM…. "I was content to do as my older sister requested.

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   She was now running her hand up and down the short shaft of my cock, and looking at the wrinkled skin pouch, that held my balls. "Well, I guess your not cold anymore, little Timmy! This is a rather nice little weenie you have here. You know it isn’t a real "cock" yet! You barely have 10 hairs on your dick and these little eggs in your sack are tiny!" She continued to whisper, almost as if to herself. My mind was in teenage boy heaven! A girl was letting me feel her tits, as she stroked my now rigid, yet small, cock! And I didn’t care if she was my sister! In fact, that made it even naughtier, in my twisted Catholic mind!"Take one of your hands from my boobs little brother, and touch me down there. " She urged, as she lowered her eyes to her pussy. I released her left breast, and tried to slide my hand into the bottom of her suit. I must have pushed too hard, because she suddenly released my cock, and ordered, "No, not like all those other pig boys, little brother! I will teach you the right way to touch a "woman". At least the way I like to be touched!"She slowly slipped the fabric over to one side, revealing her pussy. She spread her legs wide, still holding the fabric to one side. I had a clear view of my older sister wet curly, pussy hairs, and puffy pubic mons. She firmly held the narrow crotch of the suit to the side and used two of her fingers to spread her tender, moist labia. She reached for my middle finger. And with that, my big sister began to gently guide the tip of my finger, over her hard little rosebud. At first her little bud was just hot and erect. As I continued to tenderly slide my finger up and down her heated slit, the tip of my finger, and her clitoris, were becoming covered with the steamy, slick, juices, from her tender young cunt.

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  "That is my clitty, little brother. Be nice to it! If you tease it just right, some really nice things could happen! I want you to slowly and softly run your finger tip on it. Yessss… that’s very nicceee. " She purred. "Now use your index finger along with your middle finger, and soflty pinch my little clitty, between them. Delicately, and gentle as a butterfly, run your fingers around my soft puss. That’s good. Oooohhh…yes. "Then suddenly, I felt my big sister starting to get even wetter down there. So very warm and moist between her legs! I continued to gently caress one breast, then the other, and occasionally alternated tweaking each of her long, rubber like, remarkably firm, nipples. Her light pink areola, became even more wrinkled, darkened, and tightened further. Now seeming more tense, than they had appeared in the cold pool. "Oh Damn, little brother! If we keep doing this here, we’re going to get caught. We have to stop for a few minutes and go down to the old tractor shed. Can you wait for a few minutes, and I will really show you what feels nice? Something really, really nice! For both of us! She teased.

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  End of part 1. More to come, if you request! ;-) Wm. .

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