Topic: PLEASE SON,DON'T MAKE ME.  Please son,don't make me.
 What was growing in my garden today shocked bright sunny day became unbelievably different than my normal garden pottering. Me,I'm a widow of five years or there about,I found myself solvent with a cottage and pretty garden. I'm content with my life,well that is as much as a woman without a man at forty three can be. You know a woman used to sexual attention on a daily basis. . . can be after five years of waiting to see what fate has in store.
 I'm pretty well stacked,pleasant face features,good tits with nipples I like to stiffen and admire in front of a mirror. Typical middle aged mother hips,round shapely ass cheeks and a neat pussy surrounded by a curly brown pubic bush. My thighs are exciting or so my old man always claimed when he started on a journey from my slim ankles to my tits with his tongue. - Digressing; these trips started with me laying on my belly till his tongue had reached the top of my ass crack then he frantically rolled me over and continued from my ears to my pussy via my tits.
 Just a memory now. But fate,yeah FATE! Maybe today! This is what was drifting around in my whimsical head as I done some weeding and other enjoyable tasks on my flowery border. Moving along a yard I tingled as the next piece of cold lawn grass tickled my naked thighs because my shortish skirt trailed rather than covered my anatomy when I placed my ass down each time.

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   Just before quite un-intensionally I sat on the small trowel and appreciated the handle trying to seduce my pussy through my flimsy knicker material. I will admit to rocking a while before recovering the tool to continue doing with it what it was intended for.
 Chastising myself for being such a filthy cat,I determined not to do it to often from here till I finished gardening. This was what had led me to thinking about my deceased husband. Now kneeling on all fours to tug at a particularly stubborn weed,when I was startled by the deep voice of a man at the same instant that my ass was slapped and the fingers at least slapped me on the skin. 'Brian! you stupid bugger! You frightened me to death then,especially patting my bum' "No pat mum,that was a slap,how could any man not slap naked skin on offer?" 'Brian!! Stop that I'm your mother,that's not nice. What if someone had seen?' "Mum,your gardens enclosed" 'The gate isn't,what if they'd been looking from there?' "Mum,I was,that's why I had to smack it" 'BRIAN! Stop saying that,you're making me all embarrassed' By this time I was blushing furiously.
 I went even hotter as I realised,he may have been there long enough to have seen me pull the trowel away from my pussy. Trying to be as casual as possible, 'You don't usually call this time,how come?' and 'were you at the gate long?' Ha! Ha! "Worried I may have seen you at it? - Fuck! I went even hotter,he saw me,he must have,otherwise,why would he have said that?' "No mum,I had to see you its important and I came straight in,I thought you would hear the gate go,but the squeaks gone" 'Oh that,yeah,that lad was oiling his bike chain and I asked him to squirt a drop on the hinges' "Ah,I was right then,got yourself a toyboy eh?" 'I WISH'
 Now this son of mine had a smart eye for suits and he always had them in a material that was fine woven. I suspect this was because as a teen,he'd put his dad's suits on,these being ones aquired when on service in the orient. Not available here at that time although they are now. - Sorry to digress again,but as I was sat on the grass now,I followed my thought to find a somewhat large bulge where a son shouldn't have one when he's just smacked a mother's bum. I quickly dragged my eyes up to look at his face. 'What's so urgent all of a sudden?' "We need to go inside,come on" 
 I followed him in,he stood by the fire place and I against the back of the settee waiting for him to turn and talk. 'Tea?' "No mum,not just now,give me a second" I turned away from his back, 'I'll pour a lemon,it made me dry in the sun' Holding the filled glass I turned back around and almost panicked.

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   My grip on the glass was tight enough to break it. My son Brian had also turned around now and was in the process of presenting me with a view I hadn't seen since he was about thirteen and even then not how the next five seconds presented it. His zip was lowered and his hand was inside. In that moment of struggle it became clear why he was having a problem.
 As his hand came clear I found myself with my eyes staring at a rather large hardon. 'Brian! - Attempting to say,HOW DARE YOU! - It came out, HOW HARD! Dare you. . . ' "Mum,listen,I've got a problem" I immediately thought,he wants to show his problem to someone,ME. Why me? a doctor is more sensible. 'Wouldn't a doctor be a better bet?' "Mum,listen,let me explain,its not that sort of problem,its more like your problem" This was terrible,the more I tried the more I found I just couldn't stop looking at his damn piece of hard flesh. 'problem? I didn't know I had one,why would that, - nodding in the direction of his penis, that be a problem for me,I haven't got one' He gave me a damn funny look now.
 "Mum! Just listen and hear me out" Strangely,I felt sorry and excited,all at the same time. 'Bri' Its not a problem,give it time,it'll settle down,just put him away and we'll see if its smaller in a while' "Mum,what are you talking about now,let me explain rather than you jumping to conclusions and anyway,now its out I have no intention of putting it away,not yet anyway until I've told you" 'VIAGRA! That will last with it like that for hours,but then it'll shrink back'
 He got a bit aggresive with his voice. "Shut up and I'll tell you.

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   No its not Viagra,why would I need it? this is me,I have needs,the same as you know you have since,well you know" He nodded at his dad's photo. "Yeah,I know I get spasmodic action,but not enough to be honest" Slightly relaxing now,he sat in the chair adjacent to where I still stood behind the settee. I wished he hadn't moved. With this damn great hardon,I could see some curly pubic hairs now and a section of scrotum because his trousers were more open.
 I lost concentration for a moment as I just couldn't believe what my mind had thought for a second, - If I sat on his lap naked,I wonder if it would make me cum. God woman,you're filthy,its your son's cock. 'Bri' Sorry,say what you were saying,I missed it' He hesitated, "Your problem,I said our problems are alike,you had it and lost it and I want it and we. Hesitation!!! Well we,we need the same,I have what you want and you have what I want" I went all hot,having just had the most filthy thought about my own son's hardon,there he is now saying what I couldn't face up to thinking. "Brian. No,don't talk like that' "Mum,you are,I can tell,you are as well" 'Don't be so ridiculous,I am not and even if I was I wouldn't dare,that's incest,you just can't have your mother,you know that'
 "Mum,course a man can,all he needs to do is grab her and push it up her" There it goes again,god he's making me wet now,if only I could get him to put his cock away and anyway,why's he still so hard. 'Bri put yours away,please just put it away,you're frightening me a bit now,saying you'll grab me and well fuck me without me agreeing to it. That's even worse,that would be raping me' Not to be put off now, "I bet it would make you orgasm though,admit it,it would wouldn't it" I had to sit,I was beginning to feel strange,not faint,just strange,the dirty bugger talking of raping me was having an effect I couldn't recognise.
 "That fate theory mum,you know,fate will give you what's in store for your life. Look it in the face mum,fates just smiled at your day and its still smiling, - he pointed at his hard cock. There it is all shiny,slippery and hard just for you" He had hold of it and pulled the foreskin back from the head, Fuck that head was big at its shoulder.

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   Thinking now, - Brian please stop, please,its making my quim feel all funny and wet. This was so serious,an even worse thought now. He's going too,he's wanking it slowly,he is,he's going to do me,should I dart for the door while he's looking at his fingers pulling the skin back?
 I dropped my glass and on all fours crawled quickly from the settee towards the door,he laughed,but didn't make to follow. "Mum,don't be scared,I wouldn't hurt you you know that,I just want to make love to you,you know,real love playing with each other and finishing with us fucking each others brains out. Crazily,I went through the door to the kitchen and now stood by the sink feeling all horrid and guilty for trying to escape my son's attentions. He stood at the door, "You alright?" I stood looking as he came towards me and with arms outstretched he looked almost funny as his cock swung from side to side until it steadied when touching my dress covered thighs.
 His arms came around my body and he cupped my ass in his hands. His cock was pressing hard against the top of my thighs and right against my pussy. "If we got rid of your dress and even with your knickers still on,it'll slide between your legs just to let you enjoy the feeling,its been to long to be without some loving" I heard my voice, 'mmm' God,he put his mouth by my neck and I tingled,I knew he was going to get in me as his tongue just tickled the lobe of my ear and traced onto my neck. More tingling sensations,I'd always been so sensitive and found it so arousing that,from the my first time it had been done to me I lost complete control of my sexual urges if this was done to me. He's at my other side now,this was even more effective because I'd prefered even more for them to do it there. My nipples tingled now,I closed my eyes. It was no one man doing it it was just the feeling like in a sexy dream.
 That pressure was still against my groin,Oh no,the hands were squeezing my bum,a hand moved from my backside,OH! OH! Its pulling,lifting,dragging at my hem. My belly jerked as I felt my dress being pulled up.

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   His hand was just touching my bare flesh inside my thigh. I instinctively closed them tighter. 'No Brian please don't' Not a sound,just more action on my ear lobe. I stood with heart pounding and tingling all over the place. His hand felt my pussy and stopped pulling my skirt any higher. Warm and hard,he'd pulled slightly away and I felt the warm heat from his cock as it came against my naked skin. Gently he pumped at my thigh each time a little closer as his sticky penis probed ever more between my tightly clamped thighs.
 His precum felt strangely cold as his penis pulled back then warm as he pushed again towards me. Now the moment of truth came. I felt his hand at each side of my hips up under my dress. I knew exactly what he was about,his thumbs hooked in my knickers waist band. 'NO BRI' Not that,do what you're doing,it'll make you cum in a minute. For the first time since he started touching me he spoke. "I know,I so want you Elsa, - Not mum,Elsa,my name,it made a lot of difference strangely,because the boy that took my virginity had said that when he tried to pull my knickers off. I have too Elsa,please lets do it together"
 I pulled his hands away and done to my son what I did to my young lover years before.

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   I put them on my breasts and started to undo the top buttons of my dress. He responded by continuing to undo more buttons then putting a hand inside, "Elsa,your tits,there's no bra" Now with one hand he played before pulling my dress open more and kissing my nipple. The very nipples I so admired daily when hard and they sure were hard now. With only one hand now he was popping button after button from the botton up,as soon as his hand was by my belly button he started again to dry fuck at my thighs. A new feeling was surging along my quim as his hard cock slipped along a wetter and wetter pair of thighs and a wetter and wetter pair of knickers and it now wasn't only his precum that was creating the wetness.
 The hardness was taking its toll on my lips down there. The thinness of material was making my lips very sensitive and I had the feeling I would orgasm even perhaps before my son. I closed my eyes,bit my lip but still the sensation was as strong as ever. "Do you want to cum?" 'mmm' My son was an exquisite lover,he was pandering to what I felt. How could he know I was getting near to an orgasm. HOW? I twitched as I felt a finger press at the leg hole of my knickers. I opened my eyes and looked at his face. His eyes were closed and his mouth slightly open with the tip of his tongue just peeping out.  He had total concentration on what I was letting his finger try to do. His concentration relaxed as I opened my legs slightly and let his fingers inside my knickers.

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 Feeling at me he found my hard clitoris and as he pulled at it from under its sheath,I inadvertantly jerked and gasped. He slid his finger deeper towards my quim hole then back to my clit making my inner lips open more. I felt his other hand grasp his penis and push it lower then the hand inside pressed my gusset down and away from my quim. He now had the flat of his hand on me and was wiggling it side to side like a shoe horn. I knew why and adjusted my feet to open my thighs more. He looked at me with his eyes smiling and his tongue still sticking out slightly in concentrated anticipation. I darted my face forward and nipped his tongue slightly harder than I intended,to amend this I kissed him hard with a lovers kiss on the lips which he also responded to,putting a hand behind my head and kissing me passionately.
 We lingered as a tingle of sensation ran down my spine till it tingled my bum hole.  I felt my back go all goosey at the same time as he started really masterbating my clit' two three fingers then the whole of his fingers as I lifted on my toes to open my thighs wider. UUGH! AAGH! UU-UUGH! I felt his hot sperm spit and stick to my fleshy thighs as I closed my legs on his fingers and jerked at his hardon as my orgasm overtook me and I was so excited I wanted his fingers to stop,then as my orgasm slightly subsided I opened once more for more of the same. He didn't disappoint me either. Three times or was it four I opened and he brought me back to the boil.
 This certainly was no amateur. Fate? Fuck? Who cares,he brought me off the best for a very longtime. His cock went from my legs and I stood with my eyes closed enjoying the afterglow of orgasm.

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   I knew he'd moved and just stayed still. He was near me and I felt him grip at my groins at the back under the globes of my ass cheeks. With his body gone and his cock no longer holding up my dress my sexed up mind was playing games. My dress should be down but it didn't feel as if it was. I reluctantly opened my eyes and in a shocked sort of way,I found I was naked except for my knickers. the dress being undone all the way down was open and hanging at my shoulders.
 My sons eyes was looking up at me with a sexy adoration in his eyes. "Elsa,you're gorgeous,all over" God it gave me such a tingle,the way he was admiring my body. I stood looking as I felt his fingers touch at both sides of my knickers and pull. I put a hand on my pubic mound. 'NO! Not down' "Course not mum. I'm trying to move them aside" Crazy,the mum made my pussy dribble. I knew why as well it was the thought that being down low enough to look at it was absolutely filthy,I was letting my own son look at my quim close up. The fact that he'd just wanked me to orgasm and I still had his spunk all over my legs seemed nothing to him looking at it with his eyes only inches away.
 I suddenly relented and thrilled as I felt him pull my knickers aside.

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   I watched holding my breath as he stared at it then without further ado his head darted at it with his tongue stuck out and hit my clitoris spot on. Gripping my ass tightly I thrilled at the furousiousness of this assult on my clit. You wouldn't believe it I felt myself watching as I with both hands pulled my knickers and inner lips aside and apart to help him get at more of my cunt. 'Suck it! Harder! Harder! suck it all the way' I just couldn't help it,I had to cum,his tongue had to make me. 'Tongue! Push it, pushhh! Right inside go on deep deeper' For A split second all was lost,where's his tongue gone? "That's all I've got" then I felt it again,I pressed for more, 'Do it hard then,go on,harder. NIBBLE IT! The sensation as I felt his lips,not teeth nibbling my clit. Gasping,I felt my love juice spill from me. With my knees ready to give way. 'OH! STOP! For Christ sake no more. I can't take it.  You've made me go all weak'
 I stood as he rose back up my body and pressed his lips to mine. I knew I was now acting like a she cat. I gripped his face and kissed so hard I felt our teeth clash,I just didn't care. I nashed my teeth at his tongue and we started tonguing and sucking tongues. They were like two serpents thrashing too and fro inside our cheeks.

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   I clung to him holding round his neck. I felt it I knew he was doing it and I weakly mumbled, 'we mustn't,no not that far' His hands was back on my hips,thumbs inside the waistband again and my heart beat a tattoo in my breast. He was I knew it. My knickers,I felt them stretch off my hips,I felt them slip from my bum as his thumbs reached round and helped them down over them. Weakly my last strength closed my thighs. His cock touched my belly by the belly button,it was still a lot sticky and hard and ready. I knew I was as well. I could feel my love leaking out of my pussy onto the gusset still tucked between my closed thighs.
 His face at my ear. 'God Bri' we shouldn't its so wrong' He pulled at the gusset it was tight but it slipped a bit further down. He fucked his cock at my belly,the head was all slippery and sliding all over the place. He bent back and with his knees taking his body lower I felt his cock press under my pubes and slip along my cunts slit. I wanted to cum again. I opened my thighs a bit and he again tugged at my knickers and I felt them fall away to my ankles. I lifted a leg to make sure they were only around one ankle now and pressed forward with my belly.


   Without his suit coat, - god only know's when that went off and his shirt totally undone. I looked him in the eye and started to undo his self supporting trouser waistband. They dropped and I tingled realising he was dressed commando style - No boxers. With knees bent again he thrusts at my pussy and it caught his cock on my hole but it pranged away.
 I giggled, 'nearly,its probably healed up its been so long since I've had it' "Try this" FUCK! he came back at me with another thrust I think if he'd missed again my ass would have bruised against the sink edge as he would have lifted me off the floor. But no,he hit my slippery pussy hole and I took a solid eight in one fast ramming. I was in desperate need of this cock. I grabbed at his ass,he at mine and we fucked so hard, my knees trembled. He very quickly started to cum, "Elsa,its going to go in you" 'I know,I don't care,do it' "The spunk,you may get pregnant" 'I know,I don't care,do it! Do it! AAAGH! OOO! UUU! AAAGH! I've cum! I've cum! We both had,now rocking to our joint orgasms, I felt my son's knob,it was jammed well into my uterus. Okay,so he may be going to be a father here, at that instant who gives a shit? I didn't. I'd just got the fucking of a lifetime and as much more as I could handle. Perhaps we'll be more careful next time.
 I stood as he started again and kissing we both went for more orgasm. "I told you you wanted it" 'Shut up and give me more fate. MORE! MORE! I want it all!
 More I got.

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   All over,and we nearly got caught fucking on the lawn later. My keen eared son was just making me orgasm when he heard footsteps and he rolled me over and over to behind a bush. He laughed as he said after. "I bet you're the only woman that knows what its like to orgasm in the middle of doing a kids rolly-polly" - I'm tempted to let him try me in the back way. He's never mentioned it but I'd like to find out what it feels like. I've been washing my bum inside just in case.
 Don't you just love it?