Sarah and Daddy part 9


     When we got home, Sarah and Jessie went to Sarah's room and changed their clothes. Coming downstairs, I could see that they had changed into something less sexy. Jessie was wearing blue jeans and a button down white blouse, while Sarah was wearing a blue knee length skirt and matching blue top. With Mom coming home, it seemed a sensible idea to them, and to me, dressing to tone down the sexiness.

    Even though they had changed to tone it down, the sight of Jessie's fabulous rump, snuggled in the rear of her sexy jeans, was more than sexy enough for my eyes. It was also plain to see that Jessie was not wearing panties, and Sarah's skirt pressed against her equally sexy rump enough to let me see no visible panty lines either, oh my. Jessie and Sarah saw me looking, and they finally smiled a more genuine smile, it had been a long, very quiet trip home.

     Sarah said softly, "And Daddy, in honor of the last 2 days, we are both going commando. "

     They both grinned as they saw my pants bulge up. The idea that there was nothing between their tight, eager pink walls and the outside world but one layer of clothes got my cock going again.

     Jessie, looking longingly at my bulge, said quietly, "I hope we can do that again, soon. "

     Sarah jumped in, "Daddy, can Jessie sleep over tonight? I don't think Mom will mind, do you?"

     "Sounds like a great idea, I'm sure Mom will not mind, I know how much she likes you, Jessie. "

     Jessie giggled, as she said, "And I know how much Daddy likes me!"

     Sarah got the giggles, and I just had to join in the laughter. And damn, but I wanted it again. I didn't want to be unfaithful, with my daughter and her best friend no less, but even the subtle innuendos were keeping my motor running, when they gave me that lust fueled look, my god, I was powerless.

     We hopped in the car, and soon we were at the airport.


   I let Sarah and Jessie off at the departure area, and drove the car into the short term parking. In the terminal, I saw Sarah and Jessie waving at me, waiting for me to join them. I felt their hands take mine, they just smiled at me, and we headed for the baggage carousels. And just the contact of skin on skin through our hands, I could already feel a tingle in my groin. Sheryl was going to get one hell of a ride tonight.

     Miracle of miracles, her flight was on time, and Sarah squealed with delight, she pointed down the concourse. There she was, a huge smile on her face, and I felt the rush of heat. Sarah was running, and I was close behind her, with Jessie next to me. Sheryl had a long mane of chestnut colored locks the same hue as our daughter, and her smile made my heart pound. Her breasts proudly pushed out the front of her blouse, I wanted to yank off her blouse, and suck on her stiff hard nipples. Hell, I was aching to strip her down, and fuck her right there in the concourse, my god, I was hornier than a Rocky mountain bighorn sheep.

     Sarah was a few steps ahead of me, grabbing Sheryl in a huge hug.

     "Welcome home Mom. "

     I let Sarah have her time, and then Sheryl reached out, grabbed me, and I plunged my lips down onto hers. My tongue shot out, licking at her lips, she opened her mouth and her tongue came out to play with mine.

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   We were in a full public display of affection, I hadn't done that since I was teenager, and I felt my cock respond accordingly. I could feel two pairs of eyes lock onto my pants, as I broke the kiss, and held her close, I could see Sarah and Jessie gazing at my "tent pitch", lust filled smiles stretched across their faces.

    "Welcome home baby" I whispered, "We missed you so much. "

     Sarah caught my eye, and I saw an expression cross her face, something like she was saying, "But not as much as you might think!"

     Sheryl said, "Wow, with a welcome home kiss like that, I can certainly tell! It's so good to be home, all this traveling on company business is really a headache. But, it's the way things are for now. "

     When her luggage slid on to the carousel, I lifted it off, and took them up to the departure drop off point. I didn't want them to hike out to the parking lot, I was on the back row, it was a very busy day, and I told them to wait for me, I would drive the car around, and pick them up. I hiked out across the lot, trying to sort out things in my mind. My mind was a whirl of emotions, my wife home, my daughter and her best friend still more than eager to pick up where we left off, what now? Do I sneak around, and sleep with Sarah and Jessie on the side, like I was having an affair; an affair with my daughter, and her best friend? What a crazy situation I had gotten myself into.

     I got the car going, and quickly wheeled up the ramp to the departure level. They were there, smiling at me as the car came into view, and soon, I had 3 highly attractive ladies in the car, I stowed the luggage in the trunk, and off we went. The talk on the way home was mostly catching up, what had gone on while she was away; without mentioning everything that happened, of course. Sheryl was more than happy to accept Sarah's request for Jessie to sleep over, and I saw the sly looks that Sarah and Jessie gave me. Sheryl asked me if once we got home, she could just relax, and we could get a takeout pizza for dinner. Since the girls and I adore a hot pizza, that sounded great.

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     Back at home, I carried Sheryl's luggage upstairs, and in the bedroom, she stripped down to just her lacy black bra and matching lacy black panties. Sheryl always liked to wear sexy undies under her business clothes, she told me it made her feel hot and sexy, would keep her motor running, and she'd be ready to fuck me like crazy after work. I grinned, but then a dash of cold water was splashed on my plans for later.

     "Oh baby, I know how horny you must be, but my period started this morning. I'm cramping like crazy, and after dinner, I'll probably make an early night of it. I'm going to be bleeding like a damn stuck pig soon, I think I'd better sleep in the guest room tonight, like I usually do when the red curse strikes, and I'll take an Ambien to knock me out. Sorry to put our welcome home sex on hold, but I'll make it up to you baby. "

     I assured her that there was no problem, even though I felt the pang of not being able to give her a midnight welcome home ride. She pulled on her sweats, so she could just relax, and we joined Sarah and Jessie in the living room. The pizza arrived quickly, and we all dug in, enjoying the hot cheesy goodness. After dinner, we just relaxed, catching up a bit more, and Sheryl decided that at 9, she was tired out, and needed to head for bed. I went with her, stopping in our bedroom so she could grab the bottle of Ambien, and then we entered the hallway. I saw Sarah coming out of her room, watching closely as I followed Sheryl to the end of the hallway where the guest bedroom was.

     In the bedroom, Sheryl just stripped off her clothes, her nudity giving my cock the customary surge. She looked mournfully at the tent pitch as she pulled on a sleeping jersey that reached to her knees.

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   She swallowed an Ambien, and chased it down with a swig of water. I folded back the covers as she slid in, and tucked her in.

     "Goodnight baby, feel better soon," I whispered, as I kissed her goodnight.

     She smiled, and said sleepily, "As soon as I can, I want you to fuck me until my toes curl. Goodnight darling. "

     I turned out the lights, and closed the door. Walking down the stairs, I saw Sarah whispering to Jessie, then they both looked up at me, and gave me smiles. The lust filled smiles weren't there; yet; but I had an idea that might be in the future.

     At 10 PM, I figured I was tired enough, and said goodnight to Jessie and Sarah. I headed into the bedroom, stripped naked, and slid under the covers. I had slipped into a light doze, when I heard the bedroom door open. I saw two forms slip through the door, then the overhead light was turned on to a dim, muted glow. In the subdued glow I could see Sarah and Jessie side by side, Jessie was wearing a pink, see though baby doll nightie, and Sarah was wearing exactly the same style, in a purple color. It barely covered the sexy slopes of their asses, and just enough to play peek-a-boo with their pussies. The sight of that gauzy material against their sexy bodies started my cock going.

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     Sarah grinned as she said, "When I saw Mom going to the guest bedroom, I figured it was Mom's time of the month. What a heck of a time for it to happen, right when you were going to give Mom a wild homecoming fuck, with Mom laid up, and knocked out with an Ambien. But, we don't want Daddy to go without sex, not when you were so ready for it!"

     They both turned on the lust filled smile as they saw the evidence of my need lifting the bed covers.

     "There's no reason for Daddy to have to go without sex on Mom's homecoming night, Jessie and I are just as ready for you Daddy. We'll be more than happy to take Mom's place, so you can enjoy the homecoming sex you were so looking forward to with us, until she's feeling better. Why don't you join us, let's go to my bedroom, and have some more mirror fun?"

     Their lust filled smiles brought me out of bed, and they gazed at my hard on swinging around.

     Jessie cooed, "Oh yes, we have wonderful plans for that hot, sexy hard-on you have Daddy, don't we Sarah?"

     Sarah whispered, "Indeed we do, follow us Daddy. "

     The sight of Sarah and Jessie leading me, the view I had of their bodies side by side, with that thin gauzy covering highlighting, more than hiding, kept my cock seriously interested. Inside Sarah's bedroom, the candle was lit, and with a smile, I was led to a standing position in front of the mirror.

     "First off, I think Daddy should get a double blow job," Sarah whispered huskily, "watch us sucking your cock Daddy. But don't cum, let us know when you get close, we want to drag it out, we wants lots of satisfaction, before we let you go. Just think of the huge explosion once we take you over!"

     I watched, the mirror reflections of Jessie and Sarah kneeling, my cock eager for their mouths. I saw and felt two hands wrap around my cock, gently squeezing me.

     Jessie cooed, "Ummm, feel how hard, Daddy's cock definitely needs us to take care of his horny sexual needs!" 

     Sarah joined in, "Oh yes, it's such a pleasure taking good care of Daddy!"

     They giggled, then I saw Jessie's mouth surround my cock, and felt the grip as she slid her hot wet mouth, down, down, taking me in. I growled from the pleasure as I felt her lips clamp around me, drawing her head back up, to plunge down again, taking me in right to the balls.

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   The sensation was amazing, I watched and felt, as Jessie gave me 10 plunges up and down my shaft, then she withdrew, and I felt the equally hot mouth of Sarah take over, swallowing me right to the balls, eager to give Daddy all the pleasure he could take. They happily traded off my cock, each one giving me the blow job of a life time, then they joined in, both of their lips and tongues running up and down one side of the shaft then the other. The sight was incredible as I watched, they wedged my cock between their lips, and shared tongue swirling kisses, my cock head in the middle getting the pleasure filled lashing of their hot, eager pink tongues dueling lovingly. I could feel my cum taking serious notice, and I didn't want to roar ahead into orgasm. I warned them I was getting close, and they pulled back, looking up at me with bright, happy smiles.

     "Thank you Daddy, we really want to make this a homecoming to remember" Sarah cooed at me.

     Jessie joined in, "Now I want Daddy to do something that Sarah did for me on our first night. Do you remember baby, when you had me standing side on to the mirror, and while Daddy licked my front, you licked my back. I felt your sweet tongue at my tight ass, and it felt like nothing I'd ever felt before. I think that Daddy should kiss, lick and finger our tight ass holes. Does that sound good Daddy?"

     Oh did it ever. I love to lick a lover's asshole, Sheryl adored it when I gave her and extended session of licking and fingering her tight twitchy hole. It also made my cock as hard and stiff as possible.

She also really liked getting my finger slid up there while we were fucking, just before climax, and she would cum really hard, she told me that she would cum like a train.

     "Great idea baby, I want you both to feel and see how good it is.

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   Your Mom goes just about crazy when I'm licking her there!"

     Jessie giggled, "Oh sexy Daddy, likes to lick at his lover's ass holes. Goody, because I want that!"

     "Do you want us naked, or do you want us to leave our sexy nighties on?" Sarah cooed.

     "Keep your nighties on, god, it looks so sexy to be servicing you both when your are wearing such racy, totally hot nighties for my pleasure!"

     Jessie cooed, "Good, I was hoping you'd say that too, it makes me feel even more turned on, the idea of your hot breath and magic tongue at me while I'm wearing this sexy nightie! Sarah, on your hands and knees on the bed, let's get Daddy to lick you first baby!"

     In a few moments Sarah was in position, her head on a pillow, lifting it up so she could see her refection in the mirror. Jessie grinned, next to Sarah she gently grasped Sarah's cheeks, and pulled them apart. My eyes locked in on the tight puckered hole, like a pink quivering rosebud, and I could feel my cock at maximum hardness.

     Jessie cooed, "Look at that tight pink pucker, go for it Daddy, lick your daughter's tight hole!"

     I eagerly lowered my head, my tongue slipped out, and I ran my tongue up, then down.

     Sarah growled, "Oh fuck, oh my god, that feels beyond spectacular! More Daddy, oh my god, MORE!"

     I happily did so, licking harder at her tight hole, bringing my finger up, and running it teasingly around the tight rim. Sarah's cries of pleasure were non-stop, feeling the bolts of pleasure as I gave her her very first ass licking, and watching the mirror reflection of my face between the spread of her cheeks, nuzzling, licking, kissing and fingering that tight, twitchy pucker. My cock was throbbing painfully, I was so turned on.

     Jessie cooed to Sarah, "I think Daddy has had enough, his cock is so hard, I'm afraid he might lose it, right here and now. Shall we give Daddy some relief?"

     Sarah growled, "Yes, oh yes, fuck my pussy Daddy, ram me, just as you are about to come, pull out, and shoot your load all over my back!"

     Jessie added, "And when you pull out, my hand will be ready for you, just slide it in there, and fuck my hand like you are fucking Sarah's sweet pussy, and squirt your load all over Sarah's back!"

     Jessie reached down, and slid her fingertips just inside Sarah's lips, she gently grasped them, and pulled them apart, spreading Sarah open for me. I could see the deep coral interior, glistening with juices, her lips swollen with excitement.

     Jessie cooed, "Look Daddy, just look at what your cock is eager for. Sarah's so ready, give it to her, your sexy daughter!"

     I eagerly took position, and nudging against Sarah, I pushed in, letting a moan of pleasure as I felt her tight walls surround me. Her squeal of pleasure joined, she was fiery hot, her gushing juices were washing all over my prick, and I worked on not cumming too fast, which was not easy.

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   I wanted my beautiful daughter to cum around my prick before I pulled out, and let it go.

     Jessie was watching, alternating between watching my cock plunging in and out, and looking up at my face with that smile of heated lust. She grinned, then shaped her hand into a rolled up design, and held it poised, just above Sarah's back.

     "Right here Daddy, this is where you will complete your passion!" Jessie cooed.

     Fortunately, Sarah had been right on the edge.

     "Oh fuck, holy fuck, I'm, yes, yes, yes, cumming, yes, yes, AWW MY GAAWWWWD!"

     I could feel the spasms start, gripping at me tightly, her quivering walls eager to milk me for every drop. Sarah's cries of orgasm took me over, as I felt the surge up my shaft, I pulled out, and slid my cock into Jessie's grip, in one fast move.

     "Yeah, oh yeah, now shoot it all, splatter your daughter, look at her watching the mirror, she wants to see you explode!"

     One thrust was all it took, and my cock erupted. I watched a string of pearly white shoot out, splattering all over Sarah's back, then Jessie brought her face close, grinning, and I watched as thick ropes fired out, splattering all over Jessie's face, the sight of her face getting plastered with my cum just made me cum even more, spraying thick trails all over Sarah's back, until Jessie's hand milked the last dribbles from my cock.

     I flopped down, in a daze, and watched as Jessie eagerly licked up all the thick trails of sperm that I had unloaded on my daughter's back. Sarah then raised her head, and she licked my cum off of Jessie's face, sharing up the bounty of my load.

     I then had two sexy teens cuddling in my arms, smiling up at me.

     "Okay Daddy, you rest a little while, the night is still young, and you have lots more homecoming sex to enjoy, Jessie and I will make sure of that!" Sarah cooed.


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