The Tropical Island 2


    It was dawn. The waves were crashing on the beach, and the mist was thick over the island. Next to a large rock, a body lay face down in the sand. The waves, now in low tide, only touched the body's ankles. Slowly, its leg twitched, and then the body lifted itself up to its feet.

    Robert coughed up a bit of sea water, and then rubbed his face in his hands. Blinking, he looked around. He was on the beach of an island. Behind him was the Pacific Ocean, and in front was dense jungle. He thought back to the earlier events. He remembered the plane going down, so he told his kids to jump out with the parachute. Shortly after they jumped, Robert jumped. After a few seconds, he pulled the cord and the parachute opened. When he looked up, the plane had disappeared in the clouds. He tried to look for his kids' parachute, but the clouds had engulfed it, as well. As he floated down towards the ocean, he constantly kept a look out for the plane, his kids, and the pilot.

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    The wind was strong, and he couldn't control his direction. He hoped and prayed that he would end up around the same place as his children. Suddenly, the ocean came into sight and he hit the water hard. Under the cold waves, he struggled to take off his parachute. When he managed to wrestle it off, he swam back to the surface and looked around. The ocean was rough and it was pouring down rain, so he couldn't see far in front of him. He swam until he was tired and eventually passed out.

    That's all he could remember. And now he was stuck on an island.

    "WILL! MIA! ARE YOU HERE?" He yelled. No response. He stood there listening. All he could hear was the sound of the waves crashing behind him, and the birds and insects in the forest ahead of him. Weighing his options, he looked out over the sea. It was cloudy, but he could tell that there weren’t any other islands nearby.

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   At least not in that direction.

    "This is the only land around here," Robert said to himself. "They have to be here somewhere. " With that, he took off into the jungle in search of his children.


    As his sister slept, Will looked at her naked body. He reached over and gently started fondling her pussy lips. In her sleep, Mia gasped. Will smiled at her. He loved watching her rest, and even more, he loved playing with her while she rested. He could only imagine what she was dreaming about. Mia squirmed a little bit in her sleep as Will gently slid in his finger. She started to squirm and make noises in her sleep, and Will knew she was having a sexy dream.

    "Oh, Willy," she whispered in her sleep. Will chuckled and slid in two more fingers. She grunted and her back arched.


   Juices squirted all over Will's hands and her pussy lips clenched around his fingers.

    "Oh!" Mia moaned and opened her eyes. She sighed. "Oh, Will, I love it when you wake me up like that. "

    Will leaned over for a kiss. They locked lips for a second and then Will stood up. "How'd you sleep?" He asked.

    "Great, you?"

    "Good. " Will walked over to a tree to pick some fruit. His dick bobbed back and forth as he walked. He reached up, picked two of the fruit, and then went back to his sister. She was standing, but he sat down next to her feet. Biting into the fruit, he looked up at Mia.

    "We should go swimming," she said. As the sweet juice went down Will's throat, his cock immediately stood up.

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   He grabbed his sister's butt and gave her cheek a good squeeze.

    "We should have a little fun first," Will said seductively. He tossed her the other fruit. She caught it and quickly took a few bites. Her pussy became wet and she threw the rest of the fruit on the ground. Then she tackled Will. As he laid on the ground, Mia put her hands on his shoulders and rubbed her wetness on his throbbing cock. She kissed him and kept rubbing her mound on his cock. She pushed her tongue into his mouth, and he pushed his into hers. She grabbed his cock and started rubbing her pussy lips with it, and when it was good and moist, she pushed it into her. She broke the kiss and let out a moan as she pushed down.

    As she rode her brother's cock, Mia pushed two of her fingers into her butt. Will grabbed her hips and started to push her up and down faster. "Oh, yes!" she moaned as Will sped up. She reached with her other hand and massaged her small nipple.

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   She let out a gasped and showered Will with her pussy juice. As walls tensed around his cock, Will shot his load deep inside her. He grunted as shot after shot filled Mia's womb. When he was done, Mia climbed off of him. She laid down next to him and wrapped her legs around his. Rubbing his chest, she whispered, "Can we swim now?"

    Will looked her in the eyes and gave a content sigh. "Yeah, let's go!" he said. They both got up and started walking to the spring, holding hands.


    After hours of trekking through the forest, Robert came upon a clearing. Exhausted, he sat down on the ground. "This is far enough for now," he thought. "WILL? MIA?" he yelled. Again, no answer. He sighed. "I'll never find them.

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  " The birds were chirping loud, and bugs were buzzing all around him. The clouds were almost gone, but the sun was still hidden. As he looked around, he noticed something shining on the path ahead. Even though he was exhausted from walking all day, something inside him made him really want to see what it was; something inside him was draw him towards it.

    So he stood up and kept walking. Once he was close, he realized it was an old wrought iron gate. It looked old and vines were covering it. It had been shining because, somehow, there was sun coming from the other side. He walked over to it, ran his hands on the cool metal, and gazed at the path beyond. "The clouds must have moved," he thought. A pleasant, cool breeze and an intoxicatingly sweet aroma were coming from the other side. The more he looked, the more he thought that something wasn't quite right beyond the gate. But, again, something was drawing him inside. The breeze was pleasant and the aroma was heavenly.

    "Will? Mia?" he called weakly.

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   When no one answered, he came to the revelation that the only way to know if they were there was to go in and find them. Taking a deep breath of the sweet smell, he walked through the gate.


    "Come on, slowpoke!" Mia said, splashing Will playfully. They had swam for a while, and now they were both getting a little horny. They waded to the shore and fell over on the soft grass. Will started rubbing his sister's nipples but she pushed him away.

    "Let's go pick some fruit first," she said. Will's cock was already hard without eating the fruit, but they made him feel so good that he couldn't refuse. "Ok," he said. "I'll race you!" he got up and took off sprinting towards the fruit trees, Mia following him closely.


    When Robert came up to the spring, his jaw dropped. The grass was a magnificent green, the spring was a perfect turquoise blue, and the sun was pleasantly warm. This place made him feel happy, and the thought of losing his children started to vanish from his mind. All he could think about was how good he felt. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

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   The sweet aroma filled his lungs and he relaxed. Suddenly, he had the urge to strip down naked and swim in the spring. His mind told him it was completely inappropriate, but he couldn't help it, he felt like a kid again. Without a second thought, he took off his shirt and tie, kicked off his shoes and socks, and pulled down his pants and underwear. His massive cock hung free, and he started running to the water. He jumped in and felt his whole body start to tingle pleasantly. His body felt amazing! He submerged his head and swam underwater. The water was revitalizing him, making him feel young and energetic. He no longer was thinking about his children, he just wanted to swim here forever.


    "I won!" Will said on the walk back to the spring, his mouth full of fruit.

    "It was no fair, you got a head start," Mia said. Her arms were full of fruit.

    Will slapped his sister's butt playfully. "Don't worry. You might win someday.

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  " They both giggled. When they got to the spring, Mia dropped her fruit. Laying in the grass, there was a man sleeping. Will and Mia both started at him. "He looks familiar," Mia whispered.

    "I know, I feel like I've seen him somewhere before. " Will said.

    They stood there staring at him for a minute. After a moment, Mia yelled out "Daddy!"

    A light bulb went off in Will's head. "That's our dad!" he thought. They stood staring at him for a while longer.

    "Damn, look at his cock!" Mia said. She started at his enormous cock, and her hand moved down to her clit. She started rubbing herself and moaning. "Gosh I wish that thing was inside me.

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   Wake him up, Willy. "

    So Will got down on his knees and started shaking Robert. "Dad, wake up!" he yelled. Robert mumbled and then started to move. His eyes opened, blinking in the sun. "Will? Mia?" what are you doing here?" He stood up, and Mia jumped on him. She wrapped her hand around his neck and her legs around his waist. "Daddy, we missed you!"

    "Oh, I missed you too," he said. He stared to notice that she was rubbing her naked pussy against his chest. "Sweetie, what are you doing?" he asked.

    "Oh, daddy, you have such a big cock," she purred.

    "Mia! Don't talk like that!"

    "Will! Give him the fruit!" Mia hissed.

    Will grabbed one of the fruit off the ground and shoved it in his father's mouth. Robert had no choice but to take a bite. As soon as he did, his eyes widened.


   Immediately, his cock stood up. Will gasped at how big it was. "Wow, it's huge!" he said.

    Robert looked down at his daughter. "You have a really nice body, sweetie. "

    "You, too, Daddy. " And with that, they kissed. As they kissed, Mia lowered herself to her dad's cock. Her pussy lips were brushing Robert's cock head, so Will grabbed his father's cock and guided it to Mia's pussy. When it went in, she screamed out in pleasure. Mia's tight little pussy was being stretched to the limit. "Oh, sweetie you're so tight!" Robert said.

    Mia held her breath as she lowered herself more. His cock was halfway in, and Mia couldn't believe she was fitting the whole thing inside her. Will stood there, watching and stroking his cock.

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   Pretty soon, Robert's whole cock was deep inside Mia. He grabbed her butt cheeks and started pushing her up and back down. She panted wildly and moaned. "Oooooooooooh yeah, daddy. " She tensed up and started shuttering. They had just started and she already was having an orgasm. As he watched, Will decided to get in on the action. He walked up and started poking Mia's butt with his cock. Then he pushed it in her pink butt hole and Mia let out a yelp. Will could feel the pressure of his dad's cock in Mia's other hole. Now Mia was screaming.

    "YES! YES!" she screamed. Robert started pushing her up and down even faster, and she came again. As she came, Will felt himself blow his own load. He shot his cum deep in her bowels.

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   After he was done, his cock went limp and he pulled out. But Robert was still going. One after another, Mia seemed to experience an endless chain of orgasms. By the time Robert came in her pussy, Mia was on the verge of passing out. Robert stopped humping her as he blew his load into her womb. When he was done, he gently lifted her up off his cock and set her down on the ground. "That was amazing," Mia said before she finally passed out.

    "Yes it was," Robert said.

    That was the beginning of their wonderful lives on the Tropical Island.
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