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Lisa was sitting back on the sofa with her eyes closed and seemed to be enjoying herself. She had her blouse opened in front and was massaging her tits through her bra, with her legs spread wide and her skirt hoisted up. Her friend Ellen, who was also a knockout, was busy running her tongue over Lisa’s panty-clad panties. Also softly moaning, Ellen had her hand down at her crotch, rubbing her own pussy through her jeans. I decided it best to be quiet and sat down on the floor to watch. After about 15 minutes of this, Ellen started to undo Lisa’s skirt but Lisa stopped her, saying that I’d be home soon. I snuck back outside and reentered the house, making a lot of noise, and proceeded to the kitchen for something to drink. In a few minutes, Lisa and Ellen entered, and after a few minutes of talk, Ellen left and Lisa went off to bed. The next day Lisa challenged me to a game of tennis. As Lisa drove to the local park, I couldn’t help but looking at her body and thinking of what would it be like to have sex with another girl. We played hard for over two hours and Lisa defeated me soundly. So afterwards we decided to go back to my house and relax with a few drinks. Once home, Lisa changed into her sexy bikini and we lounged around on the patio most of the afternoon. She had eventually stopped addressing me and began talking to me as another woman. We drank gin-and-tonics, and I was felling high. I was enjoying looking at her body, which was barely contained in her bikini.

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   I again started to fantasize about what it would be like making it with another girl. At one point in our conversation I told Lisa that I thought of myself as sexually uninhibited and would be willing to try most anything. This seemed to surprise her, and looked deep into my eyes, she asked, “Anything???” :Anything,” I said. As I got up to refill our glasses, I groaned as my leg muscles tightened. I told Lisa after our hard game of tennis I could hardly walk. Lisa suggested what I needed was a good rubdown. After mixing the drinks, I left the kitchen and found Lisa in the hallway. She took her drink in one hand and my hand in the other and led me to my bedroom. She had me lie on my stomach on the bed while she rubbed and kneaded my sore leg muscles. It felt so good! After a short while I could feel her hands running more and more up under my tennis skirt. The alcohol was relaxing me and I decided to let Lisa have her way with me. I closed my eyes and spread my legs slightly as she continued to rub. I innocently raised my hips to allow her roaming hands across the front of my thighs. Under my skirt she “accidentally” brushed her hand over my panties in front and back again and again, getting bolder as she met no resistance. Her hands left my legs completely and focused on my derriere, squeezing my cheeks, her fingers running slowly along my crack.

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   I began to moan with pleasure, much to Lisa’s delight. She then rolled me over and straddled me, sitting on my stomach and looking down at me. Lisa began telling me what a beautiful woman I was becoming. As she told me how slender my waist was, she ran her fingertips along my sides. She remarked on how sensuous my mouth was and then lowered her face to mine. She licked her lips and we locked in the most passionate French kiss of my life. After several minutes she lifted my head to tell me how sharply my breasts were, and her hands gently engulfed my tits. She then began kneading my nipples through my blouse. I reached down and pulled it up to feel her warm hands against my breasts. She continued massaging my tits with one hand as she reached behind her and ran the other hand up my thigh and brushed it lightly over my cunt. Lisa continued this until my pussy was soaking with desire. Then she pulled down my skirt and panties, and I kicked them completely off. By this time I was begging her to finger me, and after a few teasing minutes she plunged her finger way up my pussy. She moaned, whispering how beautiful my cunt felt. She was doing things with her hands that I’d had never dreamed of.

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   She then lowered her head to my breasts and asked me if they tasted as good as they looked. She then began flicking her tongue over my nipples while her other hand continued stroking my pussy. Lisa told me that she was going to make her “baby” come. I soon felt a rush like I had never felt before and the most fantastic climax of my life. My orgasm began to subside, and to my disbelief I found myself telling Lisa that I wanted to eat her. She said that’s what she likes to hear her baby and asked if I had ever tasted a pussy before. I told her I hadn’t wanted to until now. She then withdrew her fingers from my cunt and brought them to my mouth, running them along my lips. She then instructed me to suck on her fingers, and I had my first taste of pussy—my own!!! After sucking them dry, I told Lisa I’d like to taste her. Her hand disappeared beneath her bikini bottoms for a few minutes, then she brought three dripping-wet fingers to my lips. I hungrily sucked them dry, savoring the erotic taste. She then moved up on the bed, bringing her cunt to my face. Still clad in her bikini, she pushed her pussy against my mouth and I sucked through the material. She then removed her top, grabbed my hands, and placed them on her tits. They were so big and firm!!! Lisa then asked me teasingly if I was ready for it and I nodded.

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   She snapped the sides of her bikini bottom and pulled it off, I found myself looking directly at her beautiful, blonde pussy. I was so excited, I thrust my tongue into her, drinking her juices as she cradled my head against her cunt. She gave me precise instructions on how best to please her and cooed when I hit the right spot. I was loving this new experience and with my loud slurping noises didn’t hear anyone enter the room. I soon felt a hand on each of my knees and then my legs being drawn apart. Being smothered in Lisa’s cunt, I couldn’t see who it was. Suddenly I felt someone’s tongue thrusting up into my already wet pussy, and as I reached down my hands grabbed a head of long hair and I knew it had to be Ellen. I boldly pulled her face into my pussy and heard her moan with approval. After a while she began running her tongue out of my pussy and flicking it over my anus. This really got me going and I squealed. As I felt her tongue glide over my anus for the fiftieth time or so, I pulled her head into me and her tongue sank deep into my rectum. I held her there as her fingers found my clit. Lisa, meanwhile, was dripping all over my face. She removed one of my hands from Ellen’s head, and after inserting my finger deep into my own pussy she brought it up and inserted it into her rectum. As she continued grinding her pussy against my face, she told me to fuck her asshole.

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   She mooned and mooned and soon began bucking wildly on me. With a shudder she came, and I lapped up all of her juices. After a few minutes she rolled off of me with a smile and pulled from Ellen’s bag what I learned was a strap-on dildo. As Ellen continued eating my ass, Lisa strapped the dildo around Ellen’s waist. Ellen then moved up on me and began licking all of Lisa’s juices from my face and neck while rubbing the dildo against my clit. She whispered in my ear that she was going to fuck me until I came, and with that, she inserted the dildo into my cunt. Ellen is about 8 inches taller then me, so as she was fucking me she was able to bring her tits to my face. She rubbed them all over my face and then offered them to my lips. This was my first taste of a women’s breasts, and I sucked them, one at a time, into my mouth. Lisa fingered my clit as Ellen continued to fuck me and I soon exploded into another orgasm, with Lisa urging me on. Ellen then withdrew, straddled my face, and pushed the dripping dildo into my mouth, ordering me to suck her “cock”. I sucked it as if it were a real cock, tasting my own juices again. The base of the dildo was rubbing against Ellen’s clit as she pumped, and I decided to pleasure her more by inserting my own finger into her anus. She loved this and remarked that Lisa had a great find in me. Lisa agreed and, moved between my legs, eating me out.

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   Ellen soon got goose bumps all over and climaxed as her cunt juices dripped down onto my face, neck, and breasts. She then took off the dildo and pushed her dripping pussy into my face. Lisa grabbed the dildo, after wetting it with her own cunt juices, eased it up my rectum. This hurt like hell at first, but as Lisa continued to pump it, I soon couldn’t get enough of it and I came again. Ellen lifted her cunt off of my mouth and moved up to position her asshole directly over my face. She lowered her asshole onto my waiting tongue and squealed as I thrust it into her. She fingered her clit, and after several minutes she exploded again, dripping all over my face. She then climbed off and licked her own nectar from my face. We Frenched for a little while and then all three of us fell off to sleep in each other’s arms. We continued our threesomes as best as we could for the rest of the summer, and it ended when Lisa and Ellen returned to college. I treasure this experience and the sensuousness that Lisa and Ellen showed me. The End!!!!!This is my first time to write a story. Please send all good comments (if any) to adderallrules@yahoo. com.
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