Charged with a burden, (part 5)


the next day Mira didn’t get out of bed. I laughed and I got up. I went down for breakfast, but got a surprise. My parents walked through the door that second. It was a good thing I was planning to take a shower so I was wearing my robe. If I were to be in just my usual boxers they would have seen an unusually large bulge in them, not because I was hard, but because the succubus I had lying in my bed upstairs gave it to me on accident.

“Honey, we got to the airport in London and there was something wrong with our tickets, so we will be home for a week,then fly back over there and stay for three. ” My mom said as she hugged me. I would have gulped but that would have gave me away that something was wrong.
Nothing was actually wrong. I liked my demon. Well I more then liked my demon. I loved my demon. But what happens if they see her? I have to hide her for a week? How the fuck am I going to do that?
We chatted for about half-an-hour and then I went up to my room.

“Mira. ” I whispered.

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   She opened one eye at me. “My parents are home!” she opened both eyes and got up to move but let out a gasp. I caught her from falling off the bed. “What are we going to do?”
“I’m supposed to be your cousin, remember?” she didn’t have a bad tone and I know she didn’t mean to be insulting in any way but her word choice made me think for a second she was mad at me for some reason.
“I don’t actually have any cousins!” she laid back down on the bed.
“Just tell them not to come in here. ” She said and basically went back to sleep. That’s what I fucking get for having fun with her! She is unresponsive and doesn’t know that amount of trouble I will be in if my parents catch her here. I sat and thought. Her tail was waving around freely. On of her giant wings were draped over one side of the bed and cover the space from my floor to the wall. The other wing was folded up and covering her face from the light.
“Damn it!” I said out loud. I decided I would have to keep my parents occupied so they wouldn’t come up to my room until Mira recovered.

I was down stairs talking to them about the usual, archeologist stuff.

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   I walked them to their room, on the way to mine. I made sure they were in before I went to my room. Mira was
Sitting on my bed with my white shirt on. Her legs were to either side of her and her hands rested on her lap. She looked at me with her extremely cute face. Her little fangs and horns added to the picture.
Again, did I mention how cute her tail was?

“Mast-“ she began but I put a finger up my lips.
“Shhh, my parents still don’t know you are here and I want to keep it that way. ” She frowned at me
“That means we aren’t going to have fun tonight?” I shook my head twice, but then crawled on the bed with her.
“But we can be together. ” I held her close then the door to the bedroom opened.

“What The hell? My mom said. Fuck! I then whispered into Mira’s ear.
“Slave this is a command, I want you to give my parents the memories that an close archeologist friend of my parents died and you were their daughter. My parents were legally made your guardian, as it was their friends last wish.

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“Done” she said and we looked to my mom.
“Max what are you doing sleeping with Mira? She is going to live here now but that doesn’t mean you sleep with her!” I smiled and got up.

“I was just wishing her goodnight, her being thirteen and all and just losing her mom and dad in that fatal collapse at the last dig site. ” I didn’t even realize how fast I had just thought in that situation.

“Oh, that’s so thoughtful of you Max, but we will find a place for you to sleep eventually, but for now just take the couch. ” I said good night to Mira, who gave me a funny look and then walked out. “Goodnight Mira. ” My mom said and closed my bedroom door. “Max will you be able to take care of her while we are gone?” My mom asked while putting her arms on my shoulders. “Of course mom. Your friend who died was as much of a friend to you as he was to me. I am going to take good care of her. ” More or less she will take care of me. My mom kissed me on the forehead and said goodnight. I went in the direction of the living room.

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   I slept alone on the couch that night.

When I woke up Mira was sleeping next to me on the couch. Her horns, tail, wings, and fangs were hidden, so she looked just like an innocent little girl. I got up and went into the kitchen. My parents came down a few minutes after that.
“mom I found Mira sleeping next to me when I woke up, I think she was scared so she slept on the couch with me. ” My mom nodded as my dad got out breakfast. “Probably. Max, do you think for a week you could sleep with her? I know its a lot to ask of a boy your age but she is a scared little girl. ” I smiled and looked at my mom. “Of course mom. ” She smiled and kissed me on the forehead again. “Thank you so much!”

The next few days Mira was the center of attention. My parents and I were playing board-games with her, I played some video games with her and watched some movies. The fourth day home my parents took her and I shopping.

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   She got some little-girl clothes and pajamas. I got myself a couple t-shirts. I wasn’t a clothes guy.

A few days later my parents left. I went upstairs to my room and smiled at Mira. She was naked except for her black thong and she uncurled her wings. Her fangs grew out and her horns upward. Her tail slowly wound outof her lower back. She fell forward and caught herself before I did. She coughed.

“What is it Mira?” I ran up to her and gently grabbed her.
“I am a succubus, we are sexual creatures and you activated me once you stuck your dick in me and wished I have a tighter pussy. ”
“So why do you look like you are sick? I don’t understand. ” Her tail came around and poked me in the stomach. “What was that for?”
“At least once a day I need sexual energy to sustain me, that and cum.

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   We haven’t done anything in a week, though you came so much and fucked me with such a big cock that it lasted for four or so days. I have been running on reserve power since. Now my tail hates you because it is sick. ” My mouth was open wide.
“Why didn’t you say anything sooner?”I asked and lifted her chin up with one hand gently. She coughed again.
“Your parents were home, I didn’t want to get caught because you never know who is who in this world. I saw three demon hunters at the mall yesterday, none of them noticed me thankfully, but if your parents saw me with you I would be hunted down by somebody or put back in that box. ” I nodded and held her in my arms.
“So what do you need to get better then?”
“I need your cock and cum Master. ” I nodded confidently.
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