What Ms. McAdams Taught me


“ Hey Man is it cool if I stay at your place ? “ Alex Smith asked his best friend jack while they walked home from school one fall afternoon.

“ My moms ducey boyfriend is staying over again and you know how much I hate that guy” Alex sighed with frustration

Alex Johnson was tall and lean he stood about 6’1 and had light brown hair, with piercing green eyes. He was built with a swimmers body,had a very lean torso and long arms and legs. He always looked like he had just walked out of a Abercrombie and Fitch catalog with his strong jawline and ruggedly handsome looks. His nose and cheeks were littered with freckles that he had inherited from his father but a majority of his looks came from his mother's side.

“ Yeah sounds cool! I got the new copy of Call of duty for my PS4 it's sick!” crowed his best friend Jack

Jack was a spitting image of his father tall and slender. WIth almond shaped blue eyes he had inherited from Shelly. He had a mop of what seemed unattainable dark brown hair that fell into his eyes as he walked causing him to constantly be pushing out of his way. He was tall for his age and was about the same height as alex. He too was very lean from naturally being slender and participating in sports such as track.

“Sweet man just dont cry like a pusy when I whoop your ass okay!’ Alex teased

“ IN YOUR DREAMS BITCH!” Jack yelled before shoving his friend off the sidewalk, then bolting down the street towards his house.

Shelly McAdams stood in her kitchen one late afternoon waiting for her son jack to arrive home she had spent all day cleaning and doing laundry to make sure the house looked perfect for her husband who was away on a business trip in japan that he had brought up late last night after dinner after she found him in their bedroom packing a bag. Shelly had bee
n married a very long time and was raised the old fashioned way where women stayed home and had the children. She shook her head in frustration as she could hear her mother's croony old voice ratting in her head but it was interrupted by the sounds of her son coming home from school.

Before opening the door Jack paused remembering the skin mag he had pinched out of his dad's office. He had been waiting to show it to Alex all day at school and brag.

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  He reached into his backpack and pulled it out

" Hey man your gonna love this !" he crowed shoving the mag and waving it in Alex's face
" Now way man where'd you get it ?" Alex asked in amazement like stumbling across your old man's playboys was unheard of.

They started flipping through the pages excitedly and walked in through the front door.

Shelly was about to round the corner out of the kitchen into the entryway when she noticed she heard more than her son's voice coming from the entryway. Pausing momentarily she strained to hear what they were saying.


No look man this is better than Hustler" crowded Jack trying to sound like he new what he was talking about

" Look at them those tits are real and would you get a load of that Bush!"

" Whatever man I think hustlers where its at!" Alex chuckled

“MOM! Alex is going to stay the night okay. “ jack yelled from the hallway

“Sounds fine dear” Shelly called from the kitchen

Ha loser your mommy calls you dear!” alex teased Jack as he hit him in the arm

They all seemed to be huddled and talking excitedly about something. She noticed alex caring something it looked like a magazine but she couldn't tell due to the distance between the entry way and the kitchen. Craning her neck to see what it was she was both shocked and amused by what she saw. Alex was holding what looked like one of those nude girly magazines and showing it off. Her mind trailed back to when she was still with her husband and would stumble across a few of those under the bed in the midst of vacuuming. She never liked that he had them always scolded him for looking at them saying it gave men false ideas of how women should look.

“Shut up, dick. ” jack said shoving his friend up the staircase with a playful laugh.

“Were gonna be in my room. Call us when dinners ready.

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  ” jack shouted down the stairs

“Typical,” she thought as she walked out of the kitchen, “teenage boys they want to act all mature but when it comes to providing for themselves they’d rather have someone else do it for them. ”

While walking into the living room she felt a twinge of pain in her back and sides as she moved. The strain of cleaning all day had taken its toll and she thought that a bath was in order to ease her back pain. So she climbed the stairs towards the master bedroom thinking that the boys would be fine for an hour, more or less. The only thing they’d come out of the room for would be food anyways.

After lighting a few scented candles and digging out one of her favorite toys, she began to draw a bath. Humming to herself as the steam rose from the water, she checked the batteries in her waterproof vibrating clit massager . Dropping in a few drops of bath oil, she also tossed in the messenger and as it popped back to the surface, water rippled as it vibrated. .

Rolling his eyes and sighing alex left the bedroom and walked down the hall towards jacks bathroom. He heard the sound of splashing coming from down the hall. Curious he wandered further down the hall towards the master bedroom.

Suddenly he heard a moan. “Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuck!”

The need to pee was suddenly lost on the kid as he was now trying to see what was going on. Sneaking down the hall towards the bedroom door, he could hear thrashing and water hitting the floor.

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   He pushed passed the open bedroom door.

Approaching the bathroom door he could smell the scent of vanilla and lavender wafting from under the door. At first he tried to look under the bathroom door and that failed. Hesitantly he opened the door and peeked inside. The bathroom was dark except for the small shred of light cascading out from the bath, beside the door. .

Peeking past the now slightly open door he was able to get a glance at Jack's mom, naked in the half full tub. She was just setting a strange yellow toy on the edge of the tub but it felt to the floor and proceeded to vibrate around. When she suddenly heard the door creak open

" Jack ill start dinner in a little while just give me some peace and quite!" she barked

" hi Ms. McAdams" Alex stammerd

"Oh my. ” she moaned, not being able to help it escaped her past her lips, causing alex to shift uncomfortably in front of her. She couldn't help feeling aroused knowing he is still watching her boobs floating in the warm water.

The boy did not flee, nor did he move. He was frozen like a deer in headlights, unsure what to do.

" Alex what are you doing here?" she demanded trying to cover herself up

" I heard splashing and came to see if your okay" said alex

"Well Im perfectly fine.

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   Thank you so why dont you go on back to jacks room now . " she torted standing up and leaving the bath. She began leading the way out of the bathroom into the bedroom towards the bedroom door.

She noticed again the size of the tent he was pitching and couldn't help herself any longer. Hoping that she was right she slowly walked in front of him making sure to ex agerate the swaying of her hips. Hoping hed take notice. Looking back over her shoulder saw she had his attention.

She him and felt a twinge of excitement shoot up her spine as she waited to feel his hand slide around her waist and cures her luscious curves. She felt him close the distance between them coming up behind her, she could feel the roughness of his denim “Gawd I am so horny. ” she thought to herself. “But I am sure he will shot his load the moment he slides in her. Gads, what am I thinking. ” she laughed at herself.

Not being able to help himself he reached out to feel her luscious curves

Alex reached up and clasped one of her breast tenderly stroking and pulling at he nipple while his free hand snaked its way to her hot snatch and began eagerly rubbing her clit.

Shelly soon could feel her juices stirring threatening to pour out of her onto the carpet.

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   Alex played with her till she was practically a puddle then suddenly stopped.

Shelly emitted a small whimper.

“On the bed now, and lie on your back. ” Alex boomed

Shelly did as she was told and walked over to the bed and climbed into it.

“ Let your feet hang off. ” Alex demanded

Positioning herself just how he wanted shelly waited in agony to be touched she could feel his hot breath on her thighs. Soon she felt his tongue flicking and teasing her clit, just before he slammed his face into her snatch eating her out like he was starving and couldn't get enough.

Feeling like she was on fire Shelly allowed herself to succumb in this moment and let the unmountable pleasure devour her. Letting her eyes roll back she happily enjoyed the enthusiasm of her young lover.

“My jaw is starting to clench” alex said rubbing the side of his face

“ Fine. It's my turn then” shelly said with a smile.

“My jaw is starting to clench” alex said rubbing the side of his face

“ Fine. It's my turn then” shelly said with a smile.

With that she sat up and pulled him onto the bed, all while flipping onto her knees and positioning herself right between his legs.

“ Now its my turn” she said with a smirk

Shelly pulled at his boxers revealing more than she was ready for.

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   He was fully erect and easily stood at seven in a half inches. His member was tall and grithy there were red throbbing veins everywhere. She felt her swollen lips start to moisten with lust and desire it had been so long since she was properly fucked and she always seemed disappointed with her husband's subpar length.

Her mouth was salivating at the thought of having him inside her.

Shelly had always loved foreplay and saw an oppurtinty and took it.

“ Fuck” he breathed the sensation of finally letting his member out of its cage was glorious

When she felt she had teased him enough her hand easily and firmly grasped the base of his very well endowed cock, his head seemed to shoot up of the mattress, they locked eyes. His gaze felt like a spotlight boring into her as he begged her to get on with it. His eyes were wide and he was biting his lip to suppress his wanting to shout at her. A knowing smirk played across her face.

With that she opened her mouth suddenly and held her head just mere inches away from his manhood, opening her mouth she let he saliva that unbenounced to her had been pooling in her mouth spill out and drip down every inch of his gargantuan cock. It seemed to glisten in the dusk light that was filling the bedroom. His tool was more magnificent than she anticipated. Without hesitation before she lost her nerve she took every inch of him into her mouth and lapped and slurped sliding him in and out of her mouth with ease. She bobbed up and down his shaft making sure to use all the saliva in her mouth had lubed up his enormous schlong. Feeling she had enough control using her mouth she lowered her had to his balls and began running her fingers over the skin and made sure to give them plenty of attention.

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“ Oh yes Mrs. McAdam's” he breathed heavily

Shelly made sure to give his member plenty of attention until she was painfully aware of the pool that was steadily dripping out of her onto the bed. Letting all of him slip out of his mouth with a loud popping sound. His head rose off the bed where he seemed to lay in a trance.

“ Everything alright ?’ he asked a tone of concern in his voice as if he was worried that this was as far as he'd get.

“ Yeah baby” Shelly said in a low husky voice

“I'm just need you, my pussy is throbbing begging to be filled. ” she said almost begging in a throaty tone

She took her hand and reached down touching her hot snatch for what seemed like seconds and pulled it away her fingers glistened with her juices showing him.

“ Don't have to ask me twice” he said as if accepting a challenge he reached for her arm and pulled her down onto the mattress while also maneuvering his body so he now towered over her


Shelley felt her back slam the mattress. Surprised at her young lovers pertinacity. She welcoming spread her legs letting his eyes explore and devour every inch of her.

He began to align his hips with her hot dripping sex. Suddenly he was frozen, he became painfully aware he had never gotten this far. What if he didn't know what to do what if he came to early ?

Noticing her young lovers furrowed brow Shelly coaxed him.

“ It's alright baby, I’ll lead. ” she said smiling

Leaning up from the mattress she reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck pulling his face towards his and showered him with kisses each of them getting fasted and wetter as they continued.

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   Pulling his body closer to hers till he was laying on top of her, letting one arm drop down to his side while continuing to occupy his mouth she felt around till she felt his enormous shaft stroking it before aligning it with her snatch.
He was so distracted that it wasn't until shelly had lifted her hips to ease the guiding of his tool into her throbbing wet snatch that he noticed he was about to penetrate her.

“ Push your hips forward baby” she whispered into the air

Not being able to think clearly he did as instructed feeling endless sensations of pleasure when plunged his tool into her hot and heavy snatch.

“ Ahhhhh” shelly sighed as if to say finally

His tool seemed to fill every inch of her, and her hungry walls grasped and tightened around him as if to say she was never going to let him go. He began to pump his hips rapidly.

“ LLLLike t tthis “ he quivered looking into her eyes for guidance

“ Slower baby” she murmured wrapping her arms around his neck pulling his face down to hers before kissing him and snaking her tongue into his mouth.

Endless moans and a slurping sound filled the air for what seemed like an eternity

Shelly could feel her walls clenching indicating she was about to cum. But she needed her lover to pick up the pace.

“ Faster baby, make me cum” she cooed

Without hesitation he picked up the pace slamming his member into her dripping honeypot the air filled with a squelching sound before Shelly shrieked feeling snatch releasing its juices onto her lover's manhood. The steady flow of the juices seemed to drip out of her he could feel the wetness on his leg hair and thighs

“ Was that good for you baby?” he asked still pumping steadily into her

“ Yes baby “ she hummed and almost seem to euphoric she continued kissing and licking he lover till he suddenly pulled away

“ I'm gonna cum” he said with urgency and panic stricken

She could feel his member getting ready to release his seed.

“ Yes baby cum in me. Fill me with your cum!” she moaned

“Aaaaa Are you sure ?” he asked his voice quivered

“ Yes!” she said in a stern and confident voice

He continued to steadily pump himself into her hot snatch feeling the pleasure pour through his body till it almost seemed to be to much to bear. With that he felt himself release endless streams of cum into his lovers honeypot

“ AGGGGGG” He screamed

“ Fuckkkkkkkk” she shrieked in joy feeling every drop of his seed coat her walls

Toppling on top of her in defeat his breath seemed ragged his body still shook from the rippling effects of releasing his seed. He pulled himself free from her luscious walls.

“ I think that was the best I've had to date “ Shelly chuckled out loud

“ Im sure that was mine to, but I have nothing to compare it to.

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  ” he said with a ragged breath

Shelly pulled him closer to her and kissed him passionately.

“ It's not about the quantity baby but the quality “ she said to him knowingly

She could still feel his seed dripping out of her pouring onto the sheets

Reaching into her snatch she dipped he fingers into his juices as they mixed with hers

“ Made quite a mess didn't you!” she mock scolded

“ Yeah I guess I did!” he said triumphantly noting where her tone was heading

“ Well I guess you'll just have to help me clean it up then. ” she sing songed sliding herself away from her lover and off the bed

She walked from the bed towards the bathroom that was still emitting steam from earlier. Walking away slowly making sure he could see her hips swaying. As she did this she felt the cold drippings of his and her juices running down her leg. The feeling was sensational and gave her chills. Pausing only slightly at the door way to look back to the bed she looked lustfully at her young lover who's hot tool had already sprang into alert as if to say he was ready for round two.

“ Cumming” she asked coyly before slipping into a fog of steam in the bathroom

Alex lept from the bed and sauntered over toward the bathroom.

“ Yes Ms. McAdams!” he called before reaching the doorway and pushing it open further he was engulfed by the steam.

To Be Continued……. . .