Wife takes a walk on the wild side part 02


     As she approached her table, she gave me a secret smile, then turned her attention to the trio of horny hunks eagerly waiting for her.

     She sat down, and took the offered rum and coke, and sipped rapidly at it.

     After a few minutes, she took out a quarter, and said, "Burt, Dan, call it in the air, for who gets to fuck me next!"

     Dan was the lucky winner, and Kathi took his hand, and led him out to the van. I followed once again on a parallel angle, and quietly, quickly stepped over to the van after Kathi invited Dan inside, and closed the van doors. I watched the light being turned on to a dim setting, and I peeked in the porthole window, and saw another awesome sight. Not two feet away, my wife was standing with her back to me. She slowly pulled off her blouse, and tossed it aside, her red lacy bra quickly followed. I could see to the side and just in front of her, Dan had quickly stripped, and he was packing another huge tool.

     I was pleased to see the adjoining window was still open enough for me to hear, as Kathi cooed huskily, "Oh yeah, another hard fucking whopper, how big is it baby?"

     Dan growled back, "It's nine and a half inches of prime meat baby, ready and eager for you!"

     I watched her hips wiggle as she shimmied out of her miniskirt and panties, and I was staring at the naked ass of my wife, eager to take on another stud. Those glorious globes filled my vision, oh fuck, the whole scene was bringing me right back up.

     Dan growled "On your hands and knees baby!"

     She eagerly arranged herself, her ass upthrust and ready. I watched Dan get behind her, and he quickly lowered his mouth down, licking eagerly at her sizzling heat from behind. Kathi growled, she loves to be eaten.

     "Yeah, oh yeah, lick my cunt Dan, lick it!"

     Dan was eager to do so, and I could hear growls and cries of pleasure as Dan expertly licked at her cunt, sliding two fingers in, and finger fucking her as he zeroed in on her twitching clit. That didn't take long, and I heard Kathi letting out a loud growl of pleasure as she came with a force, pushing back against Dan and squirting her girl cum all over his face. Dan lifted up, pulling apart her ass cheeks.

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     "Oh yeah Baby, you got the most beautiful, sexiest asshole, I gotta kiss and lick it. "

     I could see a passionate shiver ripple over Kathi's naked body as she felt Dan's face nuzzle between the half moons of her spread-open ass cheeks. Kathi started to let out gasps of pleasure as Dan's lips pressed eagerly against the tiny sensitive opening of her Kathi's puckered hole.

     "Yeah, oh yeah, lick my asshole, and finger it, I love it!" Kathi growled huskily.

    Dan's tongue followed orders, his tongue sliding up and down the tight hole, licking and probing, pressing slightly into Kathi's rose shaped pucker, and he added a finger, sliding around and around, gently pressing that digit in. Kathi growled with pleasure from Dan's oral attention to her asshole. Licking my wife's asshole always gave me a case of stoneware cock, and watching another man do it to her had the same effect.

     "Fuck, oh my god, I can't stand it any longer, fuck me, fuck my cunt, I feel like I'm on fire, ram my fuck hole, fuck my ass off!" Kathi howled.

     Dan was happy to do so, he pulled her hips to the edge of the bed. Standing behind her, he placed the hard knob of his cock against her, and pushed it powerfully in.

Kathi's cry of pleasure filled the bedroom, as Dan grasped her hips, driving that huge tool in, right to the balls. He pulled back, and started the rhythm, giving Kathy a doggy style power fucking, Kathi's grunts, squeals and shrieks of pleasure urging him on.

     "Oh yeah, give it to me", Kathi gasped, "Let me have it! I want you to fuck me as long as you can! Give me all you got, babe! Fuck my cunt, fuck me! I'm an overheated little slut who needs to be fucked hard. Fuck me, fuck my burning cunt! I love to be teased and fucked by your big, hard cock! Let me have it, slam my pussy! Fuck me, fuck my fiery fuckhole! Fuck my overheated cunt! Fuck my brains out!"

     Dan was happy to do so, ramming his big fuck-stick in and out like a piston, driving Kathi into a massive orgasm, she screamed in pleasure as she felt it burst inside her, and Dan roared like a lion, and slammed in, holding his prick buried to the balls. I could see his body shaking as he unloaded, I'd bet he was pumping a fountain of cum deep inside's Kathi's hungry pussy.

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   She looked over at me, blew me a kiss, then flomped down on the bed, getting her bearings back. Dan was starting to get dressed, when Kathi stopped him.

     "Don't get dressed yet, bring that cock over here, I'll suck you back up, then you can unload another thick spray in my mouth!"

     Dan grinned, he was over at the bed in a few moments, standing before my wife, and she sucked him in, his cock had started to shrink a bit, and she was able to stuff it all in, swallowing him down right to the balls. His cock quickly took notice, and she had to pull her mouth back a bit as his cock grew back up to that full nine and a half inches of pussy fucking pleasure. She circled the thick base of his cock with her thumbs and forefingers, and really started to give him a serious suck job.

     "Oh yeah baby, oh god you suck cock so well, keep sucking me baby, your sexy mouth was made for sucking!"

     He reached down, and stroked his fingers through the thick tresses of her chestnut colored locks. Kathi loves that, and she moaned with pleasure around his cock as she worked on his prick, swallowing 8 inches of his cock, her lips gliding up and down the shaft, shiny wet with her spit, over and over. I could imagine her tightening her lips around his prick, making her mouth the ultimate tight, sliding ring of pleasure. She called it her "Milkmaid" suck, when she applied it to me, I would be filling her mouth in short order. And now Dan was going to get his prick milked, as Kathi pulled back, then thrust forward, and with a slight twist of her head, every last bit of his cock was buried in my wife's hot, hungry mouth.

     "Fuck, fuck, incredible, oh yeah, gonna, gonna, fuck, fuck, fuck YEAH!"

     Kathi pulled her head back up, keeping half his prick in her mouth, she wanted to taste his load, not have it pumped straight down her throat. Dan let out a howl, and I imagined the thick volley of cum he was unloading into Kathi's eagerly sucking mouth. She kept her lips tight around his prick, then pulled back with the tight grip, milking every drop out of him, then happily swallowed it down. Kathi's always been a swallower, never a spitter. As she told me, the first time she sucked me off, what fun is it to suck a nice hard cock, if she didn't swallow what that nice hard cock worked so hard to fill her mouth with?

     With a giggle, she said, "Now you can get dressed.

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   Go back in, and tell Burt to come out here in 30 minutes, I'm going to give him the fuck of his life! I'm going to clean up a bit, and call my husband!"

     Dan said, "Call your husband?"

     She grinned as she said, "Oh yeah, I'm gonna tell him that another big cocked stud has fucked his wife's pussy, and blown a load deep inside me. I'm going to tell him that if he was here, I'd sit on his face, and make him suck out every drop you pumped into me! When I get home, his cock will be so fucking hard, and I'm gonna fuck the hardness right out of him!"

     "Hot damn, you are something else baby!"

     I ducked around the other side, as I heard the van side door start to open. I'd heard her say it, and damn if I wasn't curious to do that. I was going to do exactly what Kathi had envisioned for me.

As I saw Dan just about to re-enter the road house, I opened up the side doors, and stepped in. Kathi's naked, well fucked body greeted me, our lips came together, kissing wildly as we both fumbled with my clothes. I broke the kiss, and lay back on the bed.

     "Climb aboard baby, and do what you want!"

     Her eyes were glowing with sexual heat, and she whispered lovingly, "Oh yes, you sweet, sweet man. "

     I watched her swing into position, and her crimson sex was hovering just above me. Her neat muff of chestnut colored lower hair was trimmed away from her lips, they were slightly parted. I could see the thick white cum that Dan had pumped into her lining her inside walls, and I felt a surge of heat, I was gonna suck all of it out. Kathi grinned down at me.

     "Are you all excited, that you're gonna suck out the cum that was just shot up inside of me?"

     To answer her question, I looped my hands over her hips, and pulled her down tight against my open mouth. Kathi liked to do Kegel exercises, to make her vaginal muscles strong and healthy, and she tightened down, and then released. I could feel a huge glob, followed by a rush of thick cum gushing into my mouth, mixed with a generous serving of Kathi's tart juices, and the combination drove me wild.

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   I sucked every drop out that I could, licking feverishly at her inner pink walls, then I homed in on her clit, and I soon had her quivering and shaking above me, her voice crying out in climax as she humped atop my mouth, her orgasm giving me another gush of her juices to swallow.

     She pulled up and away, and I felt my rock hard cock being swallowed, right to the balls. I looked down, saw Kathi's head of lustrous, chestnut colored locks bobbing up and down, deep throating me to the balls on every plunge. I caressed her head, stroking at her hair.

     "Oh yeah baby, suck my cock, fuck, so hot, suck every drop out of me baby!"

     I heard Kathi moan with pleasure around my prick, and she gave me her "Milkmaid" special, wildly sucking my cock, eager for the next load. I felt it rising, and I quickly went over the top, and I let out growls as I went off, my cock gushing a wet spray of sperm in Kathi's mouth, feeling the tightness around my prick as she applied the final touches, taking me in the full length once more, then pulling back slowly, her lips clamped around my cock, sucking out every drop. She pulled her head up, smiled, then I saw her throat muscles working as she swallowed it all.

     "Mmm, so yummy. And baby, thank you for sucking out all the cum, I was gonna douche to wash out the cum, so that Burt would get the good friction of my cunt fucking every drop out of his cock, but you did it for me, in a much more enjoyable way!"

     Our mouths came together, I could feel her cum slicked tongue slide into my mouth, and we shared tongue swirling kisses of passion.

     With 15 minutes left, Kathi asked me if I'd like to be closer to the action. That sounded damn good, and we chose a closet that was on the other side of the bed. Kathi angled the light away from the closet door, and turned it down to its lowest setting. I went in, and she told me it was perfect, nothing but deep darkness, that would hide me perfectly. I got a chair, and put myself behind the clothes, parting them enough to give me an unobstructed view of the bed.

     Kathi slipped on her lacy red bra and panties, she was sure that Burt would enjoy the view of her big melons filling her bra, and the very small area of flesh that her panties covered.

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     With me stashed in the closet, the knock sounded, and I settled in for the show, as Kathi opened the side doors.


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