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     Captain Gregory Slawson was making his way along the crowded streets of Della Norte, the capital city of planet Entara Prime. The planet was one of several earth like planets that had been discovered in the last few decades, this planet was circling the star known as Van Maanen's star, a white dwarf star located 14. 1 light years from the sun. His star-ship, the Alliance interstellar class cruiser "Invincible" was in orbit, and he was making a social call.

     A few days earlier, his ranking officers and himself had been invited to a dinner to celebrate the signing of a treaty of friendship and cooperation between the Alliance and Entara Prime. Captain Slawson had been introduced to the minister of science and technology, and WOW! Minister Treena Suluswi had been almost as tall as he, at 5'11", she was just an inch shorter than his 6' height. The people of Entara Prime were very white skinned people, the effect of circling a white dwarf star, while it provided enough heat for planetary conditions, made tanning or darker skin conditions impossible, even full daylight was equivalent to the light just before sunset back on Earth. At the dinner, Greg discovered another custom of the Entaran people, Minister Suluswi had been wearing a short ruffled skirt, and nothing else. It was customary for Entaran women to go topless, and Captain Slawson had done his best to keep his eyes on her face. Her face was gorgeous, with emerald green eyes and very light blond hair, but he couldn't help sneaking peeks at her breasts, they were generous, full and firm, the almost snow whiteness of her skin made the nipples appear to be a much darker pink, and he could feel his prick respond accordingly. He realised that his erection was starting to show, and he could see the Minister looking at his groin. He flushed and quickly returned his eyes to her face, when her green eyes looked deeply into his light blue eyes he was hooked, when the Minister smiled at him, and asked him if he'd like to get together the next day, and the two of them could get to know each other better.

     He looked at the address signs, and figured out where he needed to go. The minister lived in an apartment complex reserved for government ministers, and he entered, and made his way to Suite 105. He could feel his sexual tension start to climb, as he knocked at the door.

     The door opened, and there she was! He was almost speechless, she was again bare breasted, and he was almost hypnotized, staring at her snow white mounds, capped with stiff, jutting nipples!

     "Welcome Greg! Now that we are alone, we can dispense with the formality of titles, come in!"

     "Hello Treena, it's so wonderful to see you again!"

     He entered, suddenly feeling clumsy, almost like a shy boy on his first date.

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   She drew him to her, he gazed into those jade green eyes, as her head came forward, and she laid a soft, luscious kiss on his lips. She drew back, smiling, and Greg suddenly felt more at ease.

     "Please sit down Greg, and I'll get you something to drink".

     In the kitchen, she drew a pitcher of Aldersis out of the cooling unit. It was made from a native fruit, and was quite similar to apple cider. She had also added some special ingredients, known to Entarans, to Greg's glass, one of them, the oil from a flower called Elproxsin, had well known qualities among Entaran people. It would give a man the hardest, longest erection he had ever had. The second ingredient, the ground root of the Chalama plant, would stimulate the prostate to produce higher amounts of semen for several hours, and Entaran men would gush huge loads of semen, filling their partners!  Entaran men would use the combination for intense sexual pleasure, and reports from off-worlders who had been lucky enough to try it reported a big boost in the enjoyment of their sexual relations. Treena slipped some oil from the flower of the Eschavia plant into her drink, the root stimulated her reproductive area, causing a higher blood flow to the pelvic region, and a heightened sensitivity to her clitoris. Her orgasmic response to the Eschavia root extract had been nothing short of toe curling, body shaking bursts of pleasure when she climaxed.

     She returned to the living room where Greg had taken a seat on the sofa, and she sat down next to him, and handed him his glass.

     "This is Aldersis, it's a fermented beverage made from one of our native fruits. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. "

     They talked about a few things, then Treena could feel the tingling in her groin, as the Eschavia root started to work on her. When the effects settled in full force, the need for sex would become very urgent.

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     "Greg, we here on Entara Prime do not believe in some kind of game playing silliness, when we want to have sexual relations.

We come right out and say it, and I want to have sex with you. No games, no roles, just fun!"

     Greg could feel his cock growing quickly, as Treena stood up, smiled, and took him by the hand, leading him to her bedroom. In the bedroom, she slipped out of her skirt, and Greg could feel his blood surge when he saw Treena completely nude, she was almost a snow white color, her hair was a very light blonde, and fell to her shoulders. Her nipples were standing up, hard, stiff and engorged with blood, they protruded 2 inches up from the surface of her areola. Entaran people apparently had no pubic hair, as she was totally bald over her pubic region, with no sign of hair removal being done. Her hips were nicely flared out, giving her a curvy, hourglass shape.

     Treena helped him out of his clothes, Greg felt his cock swelling, his cock was 2 inches longer than its usual 8 inches, and it felt as hard as a length of steel pipe. He relished the idea of this kind of inter-planetary contact, Treena was as hot for him as he was for her, and his cock was more than ready for it.

     He pushed her back gently on the bed, and as Treena spread her legs, he mounted Treena, powering his super hard 10 inches deep. Treena squealed with pleasure as Greg's steel hard pipe penetrated her, and drove in, splitting open the tight wrap of her   sexy furrow. He started a rhythm, his cock was throbbing, steel hard. He took great pleasure in driving his huge cock deep, the feel of her fiery heat around his stiff 10 inches milked and sucked at him, working him up. He could not believe how horny he felt, and he jack hammered Treena's horny center, rhythmically, almost brutally he drove his new hugeness.

     Treena was almost seeing stars, she was in the full grip of her Eschavia high.

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   Her pubic area swelled with blood, her clit was twitching wildly, and she could feel her climax start to race at her. The effect of her swelling pubic region clamped around Greg's cock, making him feel like he was fucking a super tight virgin. That did it, and he could feel his cock get set to explode.

     Just before he did, Treena let out a high pitched wail of pleasure, as her orgasm felt like a giant explosion of pleasure, deep in her fiery core. Her climax brought on an Entaran reflex deep in her center, her burning fuck-hole clamped tightly around Greg's cock, and started to milk wildly at his swollen prick, demanding every drop.

     Greg felt the clamp, and the tight milking action, he grunted with pleasure, he felt the spunk streak up his shaft, and his cock exploded. Greg's steel hard prick pulsed and throbbed wildly, as he squirted his hot spunk into Treena's fiery heat. Greg had never felt a tighter grip, a more powerful milking at his shaft, and his cock exploding with such force. His swollen cock pulsed again and again, each pulse squirted more hot spunk, it seemed to go on and on, his cock pulsing and squirting wildly, Treena's fiery fuckhole clamped down tightly on Greg's cock, the tight milking action of her orgasmic release greedily milking and sucking at his cock, he felt like all his juices were being sucked out of his cock by Treena's tightly spasming muscles.

     Treena relished the roaring of her orgasm washing over her, she could feel Greg's swollen cock exploding and squirting wildly deep inside her, his hot spunk filling her. She loved the feeling of swollen cocks, bursting deep within her, pumping thick sprays of hot male juices deep inside her.

     Finally, Greg sprawled next to Treena, his wild orgasmic release over. He marveled at the wild pleasure that being with an Entaran female he had enjoyed, he knew that he wanted more.

     With Treena's body next to his, her delicate hands playing with his cock and balls, he once again enjoyed the sight of his cock, surging back up to another 10 hard, ready to go inches.

     Treena wanted to try something she had never had the pleasure of yet.

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   Among the Entaran people, oral sex is not practised, and after hearing tales of oral sex from Entaran people who had enjoyed sex with off-worlders, she was eager to try it.

     "Greg, amongst out people, oral sex is an unknown pleasure. I've heard tales of Entarans who have enjoyed such pleasures with off-worlders, and I'd like to try it on you, if you wouldn't mind my inexperience. "

     "Treena, I'd love to be the lucky one who introduces you to the pleasure of oral sex, but before you do, I want to be the one who gets to do it to you first.


         Treena was startled as he quickly adjusted himself between her thighs, she had heard about giving men pleasure that way, but had not heard that men also like to give pleasure back in such a way. When his hot, wet tongue made a long sweeping motion along her creamy entrance, she let out a long, low pitched moan of pleasure. She had never felt the sensations that were starting to rise, as Greg's hot mouth worked over her fiery center, his mouth was expert and practiced.

         Greg loved to lick, he dove into her, licking up the sweet cream, and tasting her juices avidly. He lifted her ass up, and saw her tight, twitchy asshole, a dark red rose shaped pucker against her snowy white skin, and it drove his cock to new hardness, his tongue started to work over the tight pucker, listening to her gasps and cries of pleasure! Slicking up a finger with his spit, he slid it up her tight hole, as he returned to licking out her steamy opening. The combination of his mouth licking her wildly and having her asshole being finger fucked made Treena's wet entrance convulse, and she howled with pleasure as her orgasm slammed into her, shaking her all over.

         After several minutes recovery time, she was ready to give his hard cock the best blowjob she could. She quickly descended on his cock, licking at it, giving gentle kisses all over his eager, throbbing length. She covered his large cock head with her mouth, and started to bob her head up and down slowly, working on relaxing her mouth to take in as much of his cock as possible.

         Greg grunted with satisfaction as Treena got into giving him a superb blowjob. For a novice, she was a natural born fellatrix, the feel of her superbly tight, cocksucker lips clamped around his shaft, as she slowly bobbed her head up and down on his shaft, made his toes curl with pleasure.

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       After several up and down bobs, her throat muscles relaxed, and she slid down his shaft, swallowing his cock right to the balls.

         "Oh fuck yeah, feels so fucking good! Deep throat my cock baby, and suck out my load!" Greg grunted.

         Encouraged, Treena did so, taking him in balls deep, then sliding back up his shaft, to plunge down again. Greg murmured endearments to her, stroking her head of silky hair. He could see his shaft, shiny wet with spit, as Treena worked over his throbbing cock. The sight made his cock lurch and swell up tight, and he warned her that he was going to blow. Treena kept her lips clamped tighly around his cock, halfway up his cock, and eagerly waited for his wet spray of sperm.

         "Oh yes, gonna cum, gonna fill your sweet hot mouth baby, yes, oh fuck YES!"

         Treena could feel Greg's cock start pulsing, and she felt his first blast of hot sperm hit the roof of her mouth. His cock erupted, over and over, thick streams of spunk spewing all over Treena's eager tongue, the effect of the Chalama root extract making his cock fill Treena's mouth to overflowing. She released his cock, swallowing rapidly, as he gushed 3 more streams of hot spunk, spraying the rest of his load all over Treena's face. Treena quickly scooped it off her face, so she could swallow that down too. The act has been wildly erotic, and the taste of his cum made her want more. She was determined not to waste a single drop of his tasty sperm.  

         Greg had good news, he had discussed the possibility of Treena joining his starship crew with the Prime Minister. He was delighted, with the minister serving as junior Science officer aboard an Alliance interstellar class cruiser, the advances she would learn, it would help Entara Prime very much.

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       Just before his visit, the Alliance concil had approved his request, and he could now tell her the good news.

         He rolled onto his side, looking into Treena's eyes, and said, "Treena, I have wonderful news for you, your Prime Minster and the Alliance ruling council have approved a request I made, that involves you".

         She looked a bit puzzled, and replied, "For me? What could that be?"

         "You are going to join the crew of the Alliance star-ship 'Invincible' as junior science officer, so you can travel with us, and learn many new and wonderful things. "

         She looked startled, then an incredible joy leapt onto her face. She let out a long keening wail, she told Greg it was an Entaran verbal expression of incredible joy, to be offered such an incredible opportunity. To be a science officer on a star-ship, such a fabulous chance. And with such a sexy captain, so much the better.

         Treena poured out another glass of Aldersis, and with her special mixture added in, the afternoon flew by in a blur of hard pumping, cries of orgasm, a rock hard cock gushing wildly, and her genital region rocking with massive orgasms, getting a start on what was surely going to be excellent inter-stellar relations.

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