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Topic: Anal fuck fest weekendThough some women say no to a cock in their ass out of fear of it causing pain there are others that love it and can't get enough as is with Michelle Thompson of 43 years old with long brown hair, grey eyes, forty double d boobs and an extra cushiony ass made to devour cock. She stands at 5"11' and weighs two hundred lbs. She had her first anal experience when she was a teen-ager not wanting to risk getting pregnant and has been hooked since. Sure she loves nothing more than a good stiff cock up her ass but what she really loves is feeling cum in her ass and the men keep cumming back for more. Sometimes one man a day and sometimes more than four a day depending on how sore she might be.
 Michelle was talking to one of her "lovers" as they joked about leaving her door unlocked for any man to fuck her ass all day whenever they wanted it but Michelle was seriously considering it asking him how it would happen and played it off as a joke. She's laying on her stomach as her "lover" was laying on her back after just shooting a load in her ass a few minutes ago when the joking was taking place. He finally left but Michelle was planning on what they talked about actually happening so, she e-mailed all of "lovers" telling them of an anal fuck fest as it wrote "Hello my sexy friends, I want to welcome you all to an anal fuck fest that will be happening this weekend, you'll be able to fuck my ass whenever you want to the whole weekend and to give you easy access I'll be wearing nothing that whole weekend with my front door unlocked. So, all of you that are interested, no need to reply, just come over this weekend. " she then signed off line with a sexy grin as she could still feel the fresh load of cum in her ass.
Michelle woke up friday morning to get ready for the weekend as it started that day and did her normal routine as she waited for the first man to show. Completely nude while moving a stool she heard the door open and smiled to herself as she thought "the fun begins. " Just as she set the stool down she felt lube being spread on her asshole following with the head of a cock being swallowed as her cock hungry asshole took slowly inch by inch til the cock was balls deep up her ass and both gasped for air as the first entry always feels the best. Smiling at her first lover of the day she looks back at him "not waisting any time are we?" he smiles back as he pumps in and out of her asshole causing her breathing to gradualy grow rapid as she feels all 7 inches inside her ass sawing away. A few minutes passed by with the hardcore ass fucking then the guy exploded in her ass causing both to exhale a roar like moan. They both thanked eachother in the proper way with him still in her ass as they kissed and he left a few minutes after softening.

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As Michelle carried on with her household chores completely nude, she'd hold still enjoying the feeling of fresh cum in her ass but not for long as two men came in the door, one of them pinning her against the wall as he slid his cock up her ass, taking by surprice Michelle moaned in shock partly because she wasn't expecting it this way and partly because at first the guy just rested his cock deep in her ass then after a few minutes started pounding her ass as the other guy watched on and she smiled at him saying "you love watching my ass get fucked huh?, play your cards right, you'll be next. " as the side of her face is against the wall and sounds of body slapping fill the room with moans. "Fuck my ass harder, give your friend one hell of a show" she told the guy in her ass and he responded with "oh I plan on it my lovely anal slut. " He didn't last long and the second guy immediately replaced the first guy balls deep in her ass as she asked him "so, you enjoyed seeing cock going in and out of my ass huh?" all he could say was hell yeah as his thrusts got longer and faster. This time though Michelle was leaning on the backside of the couch with her ass out being fucked hardcore as she rocked trying to catch her words. When he came in her ass she pressed her ass snug to him with her head tilted back moaning long and loud telling the first guy "Oh he's cumming in my ass. . . mmmmmmm I love cum in my ass. " 
With three loads of cum in her ass she was feeling full but still not yet fully satisfied as she was craving more but no one showed up for 30 minutes and she needed more cum up her cock hungry cum thirsty ass. She then took a block of wood that had her vibe stuck to it putting it on the coffie table and lowered her pussy onto it riding the hell out of it because she needed to cum as well. As friday came to a close she had a couple more men in her ass and she finally couldn't take anymore rest of the night so she fell asleep on the couch.
As the weekend went on she got her ass fucked and cummed in more than she ever has before and she enjoyed every minute of it. They fucked her ass in every room and in every position they possibly could all weekend. Some even brought friends along that she never had up her ass before but was defently going to again.

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   The weekend had finaly came to an end with Michelle on her stomach again with a cock up her ass after unloading cum deep inside her and they fell asleep like that. Of course ocassionaly Michelle would thrust on his cock to keep him hard in her ass and one of those times caused him to cum up her ass again. . . she fell asleep with a smile from ear to ear.  
Let me know your opinions and if I get enough, I'll write about my first anal experience.
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