Anal Training


It was Sunday morning, and I woke up with Jamie's morning erection pressing against my but and I did what I had been doing recently, move mine so that his prick pushed up against my anus. I loved the feel of the velvety head of his prick massaging and pushing against my tight little hole.

More and more I had been fantasising about anal sex, reading stories online, even fantasising about double penetration when I masturbated. I had tried playing a little with it too although it was incredibly tight.

Jamie eased himself so that his prick slipped between my slit and rocked his hips against me, his prick pushing through to my clit and then out again. I did love our leisurely morning Sunday morning fucks, but I still had that growing aching little need for him to still push against my arse, I wanted him to fuck me there, and it was getting to the point I'd have to something about it.

He rolled me over, slipping his hand between my legs and rubbing my clit, “You're nice and wet” he said kissing me, “What naughty dreams have you been thinking about, I hope my prick was in them!”

“Definately!” I said chuckling, pulling him on top of me. Thinking as he started fucking me. 'if only you knew!' I rubbed my clit as he fucked me, my decision made, and feeling extra sexy at the the thought. I was going get my arse ready for him, and then I was going to seduce him, I wanted his lovely meaty cock in there and the best seductions are the well-planned ones!

The next day I went on-line, and found some really helpful sites about anal sex, with lots of advice. I realised that I was going to need to get him even more involved than I thought, but I had an idea about that too. I looked at several sex toy sites and in the end bought: some anal lube; a little anal douche; an anal training kit with little anal dildos that graduated in size from very small up to bit smaller than Jamie's prick, a see-though baby-doll neglige and finally found just the DVD I wanted, about two brothers deciding they wanted the same girl – which led up to anal and DP. They all arrived just three days later.

On Friday I took the day off, and now that he day of the seduction had arrived I was excited and nervous. In the afternoon I used some depilatory cream to take remove all my pubic hair, which he loved me doing for him. After reading the instructions I used the anal douche, which luckily had a very small nozzle, it felt real nice though, not just the feeling of pressure inside my arse, which was great, but the feeling made it all so real, that it was definitely going to happen.

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   My pussy was so wet from the feeling, and just thinking about it, that as I had a long soak in the bath, with my favorite rose oil, I fingered myself letting the heat build until I came in the warm water imaging the evening to come.

I dressed in a clingy short dress, with no panties or bra, knowing the effect my DD tits would have on Jamie as they are still high and pert, and the dress clung to them like a second skin my nipples pushing against the material as they seemed to be constantly hard too, from all the excitement.

When Jamie came home I told him I a treat for him, and he might as well have a soak in the bath before tea, which would be about half an hour.

He came down, with that lovely damp tousled look, his boxer and t-shirt PJ's on, and I dished him up his favourite steak with creamy sauce and mash.

“This is a great treat,” he said, digging in with gusto, “Thanks love. ”

“That's not the only one” I replied, kissing the top of his head, “I've planned a special night”

Jamie knew that a sexy night was on the agenda just from the tone of my voice, and said grinning at me “Good thing you got me some steak then, I'll have lots of energy!”

After dinner I put the new DVD on for us, and cuddled up against him on the sofa. By the time we'd got to the scene where one of the brothers was starting to fuck the girl in his arse, we were already stroking and petting each other, and his prick was hard, tenting his boxers and I said “I'd like you to do that to me”

“What?” he said as if he didn't quite believe what he had heard, turning and looking me in the eyes

“I'd like you to fuck me in the arse” I said kissing him lightly, on the lips, “Can we talk about it?”

“Sounds a bloody great idea to me” he said his face lighting up like a kid at Christmas.

“To tell you the truth I've been thinking about it for quite a while, and I've read up on it. Because my arse is so tight I've bought some anal lube and an anal training lit, and I want you to use it to stretch me so that you can fuck me there” I said, my words tumbling out quickly, as I was a bit nervous, and I wasn't sure of his reaction.

“Woah! Slow up” he laughed “What's an anal training kit when it is at home?”

“When the movie's finished we can go up stairs and I can show you,” I said my eyes twinkling at him provocatively.

“Sod the bloody movie” he said, using the remote to turn the TV off, and grabbing me by the hand literally hauled me upstairs!

I laid out the kit and the lube with a sheet of hints and tips I'd printed from the internet, and as he sat reading it I slipped into the bathroom to wee and I changed into my new see-through nighty, tying the string under my breasts, looking at myself in the mirror, loving how sexy I looked and smiled into my own eyes which were sparkling with desire and excitement.

“You always were one to plan ahead” Jamie said, as I came back into the room, looking up. And then added as he saw my naughty outfit, “Wow!” and then “Double Wow!” I came to stand in front of him, and he caressed my breasts though the silky feel of the material, and then cupping my bum with his hands he pulled me into him, his prick hard against my groin, his hands caressing my cheeks”

I kissed him, my tongue pushing through his lips to tantalise his mouth , until he groaned.

I broke away, looking at him asking, “Do you mind trying then?”

“I can't wait!” he replied huskily

“How about I suck you off first?” I asked, kneeling in front of him, stroking his prick through his boxers, “Then we can take our time. ”

“Was that part of your plan too?” he teased

I blushed saying “Mmmm” in ascent

“Well I'm going to spoil your plans” he said raising me to my feet, his voice serious, and my heart dropped like a stone, thinking he'd changed his mind and he was upset with me, and then he added, nuzzling my breasts, “We'll both suck each other, then our new adventure can begin”

I breathed a sigh of relief “You sod!” I said, realising he had been teasing me, “You had me worried for a moment”

“Well I can't let you have it all your own way” he said standing, scooping me up into his arms and tossing me onto the bed, and I laughed.

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We lay facing each other, top to tail, my head on his thigh, one foot on his shoulder, as he fingered me, circling my clit and and rubbing my lips, enjoying looking at my moist cunt on display, while I licked his prick all over, lightly stroking his balls. I took the head of his prick into my mouth, swirling my tongue round it, wanking his shaft slowly, licking up his salty pre-cum and flicking my tongue against the little nub at the base of the head in the way I knew he loved. His prick twitched and he altered his position slightly so that he could lick me, his tongue flicking my clit in just the same way. And we pleasured each other with our mouths and hands, me sucking him deep inside my mouth occasionally then wanking him and sucking just the head into my mouth, my head bobbing in time with my hand. He finger fucked me, lashing my clit with his tongue unil I came shuddering and moaning, and then went back to fingering me gently, enjoying the view and concentrating on his own pleasure.

I put my hand on his bottom, and pulled him in closer to me, so that I could sucked him faster and deeper, breathing deeply and relaxing my jaw, my other hand massaging his balls, loving his little grunts and moans of pleasure, then I felt his balls tighten and his prick swell as he started to cum and I swallowed rhythmically, milking him, my hand wanking his shaft, until the salty hot spurts died away, and then I licked him gently.

I turned to lay with my head beside him and he played with my breasts, asking me if I was ready and I nodded, not able to speak for a moment half excited half afraid.

I knelt up on all fours and he sat up, and rubbing some lube onto the smallest little dildo he pushed it gently against my anus. I tried to relax, but it was very hard to do so. He rubbed some lube around the tight little ring, massaging it with his finger, increasing the pressure and as that lovely feeling started to build I was able to relax and he slipped his finger inside, rubbing just inside the entrance.

I moaned, the feeling was so so good, and he said “Got it's so hot and tight, I want to feel you deeper” He started to push into me, and I could feel him against the inner ring, rubbing it, pushing against it, I breathed slowly and bore down on his finger slightly like the articles I'd read had said, and his slipped though and started to finger fuck me gently. I relaxed myself, breathing deeply, opening myself up to the new feelings, which were so intense, it was as though my arse had thousands of nerve endings all being stimulated

“God that feels soooo good” I moaned,

He slipped his finger out and rubbing a little more lube, around the opening he tried the smallest dildo again, pushing it thought the opening quite easily, but I had to relax and bear down again before he managed to push it deeper”

“Oh God, Jamie” I groaned, “I didn't think it would be this good”

“I'm already hard again ” he replied, “you're so tight though, do you want to try the next one”

“Oh yes, stretch me , fill me, I can't wait to have you inside me” I said hoarsely

He tried the next one, and then the next, by which time I was panting and moaning as the feelings increased, but when it came to the final one, even after a while of trying he couldn't get it through the tighter inner ring. In the end Jamie took it out and put his finger back inside and massaged it, until I was at a fever pitch of desire.

I couldn't wait any longer, “Don't bother with the next one Jamie, just fuck me, please”

“Are you sure? He said half doubt half excitement deepening his voice. ”

Yes, oh yes”, I groaned,

He lubed up his prick, and rubbed a little more into me, and started to push against me, surely but slowly stretching me until he slipped through the opening, and he stayed still there for a moment, letting me get used to being stretched so tight.

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   Then with little thrusting movements he moved where he was, butting gently up against the inner ring. I tried to relax and open myself to him, so that he could push inside. But he wasn't managing to push through.

He pushed a bit harder inside until he was firmly against the ring, and then increased the pressure until his prick was straining at the entrance. I bore down again wiling him to push through and as I felt the ring start to stretch again I said “Now!” urgently and he thrust hard and deep, pushing his way through and the momentum carried him him on until he was deep inside me his prick completely in my arse.

Jamie swore, and I groaned, the feeling of him in me, stretching me, almost hurt it was so intense. And then he started to move, fucking my arse very slowly, his prick lit me up inside like I was a Christmas tree, every nerve-ending seemed on fire, and I couldn't stop the little moaning almost grunting noises that came from a place deep inside, almost animal like in their sound at every thrust.

“Jeeze, sweetheart,” Jamie said, his voice full of excitement and yearning, “I can't stay doing it this slow much longer – it feels so great – are you OK for me to start going some?”

I couldn't talk, but I managed to whisper, “Oh yes!” and so that he understood, I started to thrust back against him.

“Here it comes baby” he said starting to fuck me in earnest, his hands on my hips, and I pushed back against him at every stroke. The feelings were so overwhelming, that I literally had tears in my eyes, I could hear him talking, saying how much he loved it, how tight, how hot it was, but I hardly heard him, I was in another world, the physical sensations filling me, filling my body, filling my mind.

He reached under me and started to rub my clit and I exploded into an orgasm, shuddering, groaning, my arse tightening, pushing me higher until I thought I'd faint it was so intense. It went on much longer than ever before until finally I peaked and as I calmed down, exhausted I laid my head and shoulders down onto the bed, panting, licking my dry lips and closing my eyes.

“I want to look baby, and feel you” Jamie said, and coming out of me, has whistled “You should see your arse, it's all open like in porn movies” He slipped his finger inside, and then two, massaging the walls inside and I lay there letting little aftershocks from my orgasm, ripple through me.

I felt him put some more lube into my anus, and then he pushed his cock back into me, all the way in, and then all the way out, again and again, coming all the way out every time. I could hear him squelching into me, and each time he left it felt like a cork leaving a bottle.

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   The sensations building the heat in my body again, and I put my hand down to rub myself, my clit on fire.

He started to speed up, and I came again, calling out to him “I'm cumming again baby”

“I can feel it” he groaned

As soon as the ripples died away he went back to fucking me hard and fast, his groin slamming into my but, his balls swinging under me and hitting my slit. I raised myself back onto my arms to hold myself firm, and then bucking back against him to meet his thrusts. “Fuck me baby, fuck my arse,” I said hoarsely, - knowing how much he loved me talking dirty. “I want to feel your cum inside me, fuck me baby”. He pulled my but cheeks apart hard, and with a few mighty thrusts he started to cum, jetting his hot spunk into me, thrusting still, milking his prick, until I was filled with is spunk, and when he finally came out it dribbled down my legs.

I collapsed onto the bed and he lay down beside me. I kissed him softly, “Thank you Jamie, that was amazing”

“You're amazing” he replied, stroking me, I can't wait for your next plan gorgeous!”

“I've already got one in mind!” I replied, saucily, and he kissed me hard, his tongue lashing mine, before saying. . . . .

“I may have one or two myself!”.
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