French Lessons


It was during my first summer holiday since I'd gone to university when it happened. I had gone into town one Saturday afternoon to get some CDs, when I saw walking down the street towards me my French teacher from school. Generally I didn't really like meeting my old teachers, it was always a bit odd being treated normally by people who had been authority figures for me only a short time ago, and even if Mrs. Woodcock (she was French, but had married an English guy) was far more attractive than the others with her long blonde hair, large breasts, sparkling eyes behind her black rimmed glasses, and most of all her sexy French accent, I was still not too keen to meet her. But it was too late, she had spotted me, and it would be rude to try and escape.

"Hi Jack," she said, her soft continental purr already sending shivers down my spine, "How are you?"

"I'm fine thanks Mrs. Woodcock," I replied, trying to think of a way to get away as fast as possible without being impolite.

"You can call me Chantelle now, Jack," she smiled. She began asking me how uni was, and I found her surprisingly easy to talk to, until we must have been chatting for about ten minutes. "Oh merde! Sorry, I just remembered my parking ticket's going to run out in five minutes. . . Hey, would you like to come over for some drinks? I'd love to hear more about what you've been up to at university. "

"Well, I don't know. . .

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"Oh, if you've got other things to do, I don't mind, it's just that I like to hear from my ex-pupils. And John, you know, my husband, is away for two weeks, so I would like the company, just for an hour or so, and I can drop you home later. "

"Yeah, OK," I said, realising I had nothing better to do, and that I actually quite enjoyed her company. So together we ran to the car park, and once in the car continued our conversation from before, it was almost like talking to one of my friends. The drive didn't seem to take very long, as she pulled up in front of a fairly small modern house, announcing that we'd arrived. I followed her inside, noticing how clean and tidy and uncluttered it was compared to our house, just a few pictures and photos on the walls with one or two ornaments, as she led me into the living room and invited me to sit down on the pale beige sofa.

"What would you like to drink?" she said. "I'm not your teacher anymore, so I can offer you alcohol. How about a beer?"

"A beer would be fine thanks," I replied, and couldn't help staring at her behind as she walked away into the kitchen, the thin material of her skirt not doing much to conceal its shape. Taking advantage of her being out of the room, I rearranged myself so that if I did get an erection it would be easier to hide, as that was the last thing I wanted to happen, and tried to force myself to stop thinking that way to avoid embarrassment, although that was proving more or less impossible. Only seconds after I'd rearranged myself, Chantelle returned with two glasses of beer, handing one to me, and then sitting down only an inch or so from me with hers, and once again we resumed talking.

This time though, I soon found it a bit harder to feel quite so at ease, as she twisted around to face me, one knee bent up on the sofa and brushing against my thigh slightly, while she supported her head on her elbow resting on the back, and her breasts thrust seductively towards me. I concentrated on my beer, getting more and more nervous, and so drinking much quicker than normal, making the small amount of alcohol go to my head far more than it would normally, doing my best to hide the hard-on that was growing in my trousers. When I'd finished my glass and was beginning to wonder how I could politely ask to go home, I felt the back of her hand on my cheek, gently turning me to face her.

"Jack," she said, her voice a little more husky than usual, and her accent a little stronger, and her pretty grey-blue eyes fixed on mine through her specs, "I'm not your teacher anymore, so I hope you don't mind me saying this: ever since you first walked into my classroom three years ago, you.

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  . . you made my feel, well, horny!" My mouth dropped open a little, gawping like an idiot. "It was silly I know, you were my pupil, so I had to ignore, to suppress it. But now. . . " She leaned further forward, her nose almost touching mine, and whispered: "Now I can have you. "

Her lips pushed against mine, and to my astonishment I felt myself kissing back. She took my glass from my unresisting hands, and as her tongue pushed its way into my mouth, she brought my right hand up and placed it on one of her large, firm breasts, squeezing it tight over it, then leaning closer, still kissing me, putting one arm around my waist while her other hand stroked the back of my head. This was all such a surprise, a completely unreal and dreamlike situation, that I just let myself go, kissing back and feeling her tits, giving control over to her and my instincts, so much that when she sat back and pulled my head into her cleavage, instructing me to suck her nipples, I didn't hesitate, and set about unbuttoning her blouse. There was a slight delay as I fumbled around the back of her bra, but I soon discovered that the clasp was at the front, and released her beautiful shapely D cups, and started gently licking and kissing the surface,
intending to work up to the nipples.

"Oh, no Jack, not like that," Chantelle told me. "I want you to suck them hard! Be rough with me, my husband is the one who does the tender loving. "

Getting more turned on by the minute, I obeyed, and sucked as hard as I could, feeling them become firmer and more erect in my mouth, all the time squeezing whichever one my mouth was not attending to with my spare hand, getting rougher as she instructed, and my own erection getting harder each time she gasped exclamations in French between orders.

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   After a few minutes, she pushed me back against the sofa and straddled my lap, tugging at my top and telling me to lift my arms up, which I did a little reluctantly, as I was a bit insecure about my skinny chest, but once it was bare she made no comment, but just kissed her way down it, sliding smoothly back off my lap to between my legs and began unzipping my flies.

"Mmm, Jack," she said, lifting her head up to look at me through her glasses once she had my erect dick in her hand. "It's as good as I imagined! I've been waiting for this moment since I first saw you get a stiffy in class. "

With that she licked her long red tongue up the shaft, and I had to look away to stop it all ending there and then, feeling her circle the ridge slowly and then the damp heat of her mouth as she took me inside. Not bothering with much sensuousness, Mrs. Woodcock bobbed up and down sucking until I was as hard as I could possibly be. She pulled back and stood up, taking off her skirt and slipping out of her panties, throwing them aside to reveal her pussy shaved completely bald then, still in her black heeled shoes and open blouse, she straddled my lap once again. I put my hands on her waist, and she pushed them down to her butt, then with one hand on my shoulder to steady herself she used the other to hold my erect cock in position as she slid slowly down on it.

Chantelle must have been thirty-five or thirty-six years old when this happened, so you can imagine she was not tight like a virgin or anything like that. She was also really very wet, which was a blessing as she began fucking me really very hard, telling me to thrust up harder and harder, her large breasts shaking and bouncing off each other right in front of my face. After a few minutes she shifted sideways, pulling me with her, so that I was on top, thrusting in and out of her as fast as I could whilst doing my best to stop an orgasm building too soon. So I could thrust deeper, she pulled her legs up so her shoes were above her head, and began fingering her clit, her moaning rendering her instructions to be fucked harder more and more incoherent.

"I'm gonna cum soon, Mrs. Woodcock, I mean Chantelle," I gasped when I sensed things getting close to out of my control.

"Not yet Jack," she replied immediately, and pushed me away.

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   "Use your mouth and fingers, I've got more for you to do yet. "

Obediently I got down on my knees and began lapping at her slick wet slit, following her instructions and moving up it to lick her clit, which was swollen and easy to find. Making small, fast circles with my tongue, I pushed my right middle and forefinger inside her cunt, thrusting them in and out as I had been with my dick. Suddenly, she grabbed my wrist and maneuvered it around, positioning my finger inside her until I could feel a kind of small mound of flesh with my fingertips.

"Yeah, there, toy boy, just keep stroking that," she told me, and then grabbed my hair with both hands to hold me in place so I had no choice but to keep licking and sucking her clit.

Pushed even further into her pussy by her legs which had wrapped around my back, pressing my cheeks into her soft, slightly thick thighs, my soaked hand was pressed against the bottom of my chin and neck. Without warning, Chantelle thrust her hips forwards and let out a low moan, rising in volume into a yell, and then just as it changed into a series of strange sharp high-pitched yaps followed by more straining moans, hot liquid burst out from her, gushing over my fingers and streaming down my arm and over my chest.

Her arms were shaking but still pushing me into her crotch as she climaxed, so that my mouth slipped from her clitoris to her opening and I got a mouthful of what I soon realised were her juices (and not what I had at first feared), as I witnessed my first female ejaculation. It seemed to go on for well over a minute, maybe even more, the hot liquid gushing down my throat, but her grip gradually relaxed and I was able to breathe. I was about to pull back completely, but she kept hold of my hair and shook her head.

"Uh-uh," she said, still panting, "You keep eating me, mon chère, you keep eating your bitch of a French teacher until I say stop, you won't regret. "

So continue to eat her out I did, being pushed down off her still hyper-sensitive clit to lap up the juices from her lips. Her hands moved to the top of my head and pushed me further and further down, until before I knew it my mouth was level with her tight puckered ass hole, and I tried to push myself away again.

"Non, non, non, non, non," she said, re-tightening her grip. "I want you to get my ass hole nice and wet so you can get inside.

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Somewhat revolted, but incredibly turned on, I decided not to pass up a chance like that, and tentatively stuck out my tongue once again. Thankfully, she was very clean, so I gave in to my desires yet again and began circling her tight entrance, which was in actual fact already pretty wet from all the vaginal cum that had poured down over it. Chantelle began to get excited again, pushing my face into her so my nose was pressed in her moist vagina and my tongue slipped right inside her arse.

"Now listen Jack," she said after I'd been licking her anus for a good few minutes. "I'm going to let you fuck my arse now, but I want you to fuck me hard. I want to be slapped around and treated like a dirty whore, so don't hold back with your language or anything. Je veux sentir comme une pute, like a whore, OK?" I nodded, and she sat up and got off the sofa, removing her blouse so she was completely naked but for her shoes, getting down on her hands and knees. "Oh, one more thing Jack. I don't want you cumming inside me, I want you to do it in my mouth, that OK?"

"Yes, Chantelle," I replied, and then began testing her hole with my finger to see how tight she was.

She still hadn't loosened up too much, so I wet two of my fingers and pushed them inside, sliding them in and out of her hot arse, then squeezing another in and then another, keeping my dick hard with my other hand. Once her sphincter seemed sufficiently relaxed, I decided I'd better get down to business, so I spat a mouthful of saliva on to her rear entrance and spread it around, then did the same on my cock. I knelt up behind her slightly large, more mature, though certainly not flabby behind, and positioned myself. Pushing my hips forward whilst pressing down on my cock with my hand, I forced my way inside her, her sphincter tight around me and the saliva not quite enough to make it an easy entry, the friction making her scream out in a little pain, but she insisted I continue.

At first my strokes were slow and difficult, but it eventually became easier, and she yelled at me to go faster, so I sped up, and started to slap her arse cheeks, a little hesitantly to begin with, but as she moaned in pleasure I gained in confidence, spanking her harder and harder. Soon the air was thick with her cries and the loud smack of my hand on her now rosy buttocks, and I got more into my role, calling her a dirty whore as I slammed my dick up her anus.

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"You're a filthy slut," I told her, leaning forward and pulling on her tied back hair, "Nothing but a cum dumpster. "

She roared in delight, and reared up so I could squeeze her tits from behind, clamping one hand really tight on one and pinching the nipple hard while still slapping her behind, leaving the other breast to swing wildly from our body movements. I pushed her back down again, my hand on the side of her face, grinding the other cheek into the carpet as her hands were too occupied seeing to her clit to hold her up, knocking her glasses off centre.

There was only so much of this I could take, and I could feel an orgasm building that I wouldn't be able to contain this time, so I pulled her up by her hair once again, and withdrew completely. Letting her kneel up and lean back against the sofa I thrust my cock into her eager mouth, still holding her hair. The heat of her hot wet mouth with her tongue swirling over the head was too much for me, and I exploded almost immediately. This took her a little by surprise and she choked, dribbling semen down her chin and temporarily letting go of me, so the left lens and black frame of her glasses was made cloudy by the next squirt as I ejaculated in her face. She recovered quickly, and continued sucking, making me groan in ecstasy as she prolonged my orgasm for what seemed like an age, swallowing nearly everything. As I reached the end, I pulled out of her mouth and squeezed the last few drops of cum on to her large, beautiful breasts before she finished
licking it clean.

"Thanks Chantelle," I said after I regained myself, not knowing what else to say.

"It was a pleasure," she replied, a big smile on her dirty, plastered face. "In fact, now you've proved yourself, I was wondering. . . Would you like to stay the night?".

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