Fucked 4 Ways


Fucked 4 Ways

Sex up until now was always a mystery to me as I was a virgin and I needed to be taught what to do.

I was in a queue with my friends to get into this new club and was checking that I looked ok before I got in. I am a brunette, blonde highlights, 5 ft and I have got green eyes. I was wearing a tight pink frilly dress that just came to my knees, In between both of my 36 a/b breasts there was lacing that made my breast looked bigger and I was wearing black high heels.

We got into the club andwent to buy some drinks. We downed our drinks quickly and went to the dance floor. My friends soon found other people to dance with and went off to other parts of the club. Soon I was the only one left and when I had no one to dancewith, went back to the bar to get another drink.

There were lots of men but there was this one particular guy that kept looking at me. It was starting to creep me out. This guy was 5 ft 5 brown eyes, burnt blonde hair, tanned skin and was wearing a casual top and jeans with converse shoes. I tried to stop glancing across the room at him in case I was giving him a reason to stare at me. He came over to me soon after and asked if I wanted to dance so I said yes.

With some reluctance Iwent to the dance floor and started dancing. It was casual dancing at first but then he started grinding up against me and I resisted but soon I relaxed and grinded with him as well. What was I doing ?
Could anyone I knew see what I was doing ?
He was soon touching me up and I was starting to enjoy it.

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   He was fondling my breasts, playing with each nipple and was undoing my lacing on my dress. I could feel his dick getting bigger underneath his jeans and wanting to get out. He asked if I would like to go somewhere else more private, I said yes. So I went to find my friends and told them what I was doing. I got some strange looks but they said they would see me again some other time.

The guy adjusted himself in the car and opened his trousers and forced my hand to his raging cock. I then adjusted myself and started bobbing my head up and down. He was kissing me as I was dong this but also forcing my head down further and making me

go faster. He pulled me off, zipped up his trousers and started to drive the car. I knew I would have to wait.

We got to the guy’s house and he opened the door and we went inside. I didn’t have any time to look at where I was because I got blindfolded and was taken to another room. ` I’ve got a little test for you babe, lets see how far you can go tonight. Then he undid my blindfold’. Hewas grinding up against me again and I powerless to do anything else.

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He was kissing me while he was undoing the rest of my lacing on my short dress.

His cock was raging hard through his casual jeans and wanted to get out then he said`I want you to strip for me baby and just leave your underwear on, prove to me you’ve got what it takes’ I was stripping slowly, it was hard to get my dress off so that was a good reason to do it slowly.
Then I took off my high heels and stood there in just my bra and panties waiting for my next command. Then he slowly stripped for me but he took everything off. There he stood tall and proud with his 9 inch dick as if it was a trophy.

He didn’t say anything this time, he just led me over to the bed and lay me down on my back and starting kissing me passionately and I did it because I hadn’t had a kiss like this in ages. He was at my breasts now and he undid my bra. He didn’t say anything, just started playing with my nipples, biting one and twisting the other and alternating them so that each nipple would be satisfied. He was soon at my pussy. Legs spread wide he looked at my pussy and said
` You’re really wet down here babe’ I just smiled and he continued. He was playing with my pussy lips, licking them and pulling them like an animal. Then he stuck 2 fingers in and worked with them, my juices flew out all over his face and he licked them off appreciatively. I was enjoying this, I dare not tell him I was a virgin.

I was on my knees now after he had been up and down my body several times hoping that I would get to do something to him now. ` Take this’ he said.

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   So I started giving him a good time in my mouth, licking his shaft, licking the head of his dick and I eventually put it in my mouth. I went up and down slowly, then I went all the way down into my throat and I was moaning all the time ` You enjoying this babe’ I didn’t
respond, I just kept on going. I was wrapping my tongue around his dick. Suddenly he pulled it out ` That’s enough of that for now’ he said. Then I was in a doggy position
and he was teasing mewith top of his dick ` Do you want this babe’ I didn’t reply. I thought he would just do it anyway. ` Come on do you want this or not `Yes’ I replied
this time. He plunged straight in. I tried to stop myself from crying out in pain as he plunged his cock in. I was going up and down his dick now, slowly, slowly, I was wriggling to the movement then the speed increased and I was loving it. He was going balls deep now, they were
slapping against me. ` Ohhhhh god’ The guy seemed happy that I was being pleasured enough. I was moaning and he played with my nipples again. He shouted ` Ok guys she’s ready now’ and he pulled his dick out. I tried to grip onto it but he slapped my ass and I let go.

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Into the room came 4 other black, slim men with the what looked like the same size cocks. They played with their cocks in front of me. Howwas I supposed to accommodate 4 other dicks. They approached me and looked at me as if I was a specimen then pushed me flat on my back onto the bed. I gave them each on their own each an opportunity to touch me and play with me. I was in heaven. Each guy had his own opportunity to play with me, each wanting to better than the other. I was sucking, licking and pleasuring each dick that was thrust at he me. I was used to it by the third guy and loosened up. I think then they knew it was time for the finale

`Right babe you are going to show us what you are worth now and ride our dicks like you have never ridden any other dick before’ `Yes’ I said and in plunged the big black dicks, plugging in every hole that I had and any juice that I could give. I could feel the dicks everywhere. There was no slow mode this time and I was turning into a machine.
`FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD’ I screamed and they heeded that call. They all slammed away at me. Fucking me pleasuring me and kissing me.

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   I was feeling full, one in my mouth, one in my pussy and two in my ass, I was such a lucky virgin . I was on them for ages, I was sore but needed to be satisfied. My nipples were hard and all I could do was pleasure these men. I couldn’t see there cocks only their balls as they were going so hard and deep in to me, my breasts were bouncing up and down, soon I was orgasming. I had several and the men knew that I was having them. Soon after they had seen me orgasm, they cummed their seal of approval into me. I was done. I
looked down to see I was wet and my ass hole had been ripped to shreds and was larger than my old one.
We all smiled and fell asleep. I was a virgin no longer and proud not to be.

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