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"The one down the hall, you know the big one. " I wasn't sure if she knew Erin and I had taken our friendship to a whole new level just a few minutes prior. Any doubt was removed when Mia asked nonchalantly how long Erin and I had been fucking. I saw no sense in denying it, so I told the truth, it was our first time. "How'd you know?" I asked"Jesus Jacob," she said, "I could here you two upstairs. It sounded pretty intense. You want mayo?""No mayo, but let's talk about this. How does this make you feel? You know, I wasn't sure if we should tell you or not. It wasn't really a planned event. " As I said this, I realized that she hadn't looked me in the eye yet. "So what, are you two like a couple now?""Well, to tell you the truth, we never talked about it. I mean it just happened a short time ago, and we wanted to come find you. I thought we would have a chance for discussion later, before you found out. " I still couldn't tell if she was upset or not. She put the plates on the table and we sat down across from each other. I was about to take a bite of the sandwich when she finally looked at me when she spoke.

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  "I don't know how this makes me feel. The three of us talk so much about our sex lives, it seems inevitable that this would happen eventually, doesn't it? And don't think Erin and I never talk about you when you're not around. We just decided it would be best not to jeopardize what seemed to be the perfect friendship. I guess she didn't think it was so perfect. "Before I had a chance to respond Erin came through the door carrying her day-pack. "Thanks for the sandwich, I'm starving," she said as she slipped into the chair next to Mia. "Well I guess you should be," Mia came back, very tensely. Erin looked at me with a startled expression on her face. "Yeah, she knows, she heard us. Well, I guess she heard you mostly. " This apparently was not the right thing to say, as it drew a very evil look from Erin. "Sorry," I said quietly. "Look Mia," Erin said, "I know we talked about this, but I couldn't help it. I've wanted this for a long time. You know we're all capable of sex with no strings attached.

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   I know I should have talked to you first but it just. . . . . ""Can I talk to you in the other room Jacob?" Mia said, interupting Erin in mid-sentence, apparently not caring about what she had to say. Without waiting for a response from me she grabbed the bag Erin had brought in and headed for the living room. I followed her. "I would appreciate it if you stayed where you are Erin," she said sternly from the living room. "You sit there" was her next order, meaning for me to sit on the couch. I braced myself for an angry lecture as Mia paced back and forth. "You know what kills friendships Jacob? It isn't the sex. It's jealously. I know jealously is wasted emotion, but unfortunately feelings just pop up without warning. " She stopped pacing directly in front of me.

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   "I'm jealous Jacob. Have you not noticed any of my signals since we all met?""Honestly, I missed the signals from both of you. This is one surprise after another for me. ""Do you want to save this friendship?" She asked. "Of course I do. "Without saying a word she dropped her robe. My jaw dropped. There she was, naked as the day she was born, and just as sexy as Erin, though very different at the same time. Her nipples, still hot from her shower, hardened up when the cool air hit them. Her body was perfect. Her tits full and firm, her belly flat and smooth, and her pussy shaved bald. "Take off your clothes," she ordered. I took off my shorts and t-shirt, which was all I had on. My 9 inch erection,which I got just from looking at her, was standing up, stiff as a board. She grabbed a tit in each hand, pinching her nipples, as she slowly lowered herself to her knees in front of me.

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   She grabbed my cock, licked from my balls to the head, and took the whole thing down her throat. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed as she deep throated me over and over. She licked all around the head, then took it all, then repeated. It was ecstasy. I thought I was going to cum in her mouth just as she stopped. I took a deep breath to hold back my orgasm, and it passed. I knew I could stay for a while now. Mia got off of her knees and straddled me. She guided my cock to her pussy and we kissed deeply as she lowered herself onto my cock. I felt her hold her breath for a moment, and then she leaned her head back, pulled my head to her tits, and began to ride me. I alternated pinching and biting her nipples, one hand always on the small of her back to keep her from falling. She was bouncing hard now, her pussy squeezing each time she rose and fell. Not a word came from her, just quick, barely audible breaths. Her hands suddenly gripped my shoulders and she impaled herself on my thick cock as hard and fast as she could. All at once she stopped bouncing and dug into my shoulders with all her force.

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   Her pussy squeezed and pulsed violently, and I could feel her cum dripping down my balls. I had never felt such a wet orgasm before, she just kept cumming and cumming. Mia sat still for a just a couple of seconds and then got off. She turned around, fell to her knees, and laid her torso on the coffee table. Gripping the sides of the table and looking straight ahead she said simply, "MORE!" I dropped to my knees, grabbed her hips, and rammed my cock in as far as it would go. I didn't bother starting slow and just began to hammer away. Both of these girls were insatiable and I couldn't believe it. I fucked this blonde goddess from behind as hard as I could, pulling back on her hips to help her meet my thrusts. She gripped the table harder and started to make some noise. FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME! HARD, YES, FUCK ME!!!!!" This went on for I don't know how long, and I felt her pussy squeezing my cock again. She screamed that she was going to cum, I reached around to her clit and I kept fucking her hard right through her orgasm. She was definitely a squirter. I felt her juices all over my hand. As she came down from her second orgasm I slowed down to long, deep, gentle penetrations. I still hadn't cum yet, and was ready for more.

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   She seemed to know this, and she was ready too. My cock was still deep in her pussy, but I wasn't moving anymore. She was able to reach Erin's day-pack, which I had forgotten about, from where she was. She pulled a tube of lubricant out and handed it back to me while she moved her ass in circles. It was obvious what she wanted, and I was definitely game. Mia pushed the table away, pulled a pillow from the couch, and put her head down on it, leaving her ass in the air, exposed and vulnerable. I leaned in and gave her sweet ass a little lick, which caused her to moan. After squeezing a little of the lube into my hand, I greased up all around her anus and stuck a finger in up to the first knuckle. When I did this Mia moved one hand between her legs and the other to her tits. Her gorgeous face lay sideways on the pillow, eyes closed and mouth slightly open. I slowly pushed my finger in farther, making sure she was totally relaxed so as not to hurt her. This was not a problem. Her asshole was tight, but very accepting. This was only one finger though, and my cock is much bigger, so I thought I should work her with my hands some more. I pulled my finger out almost all of the way and, amazed at how incredibly clean she was, pushed in two.

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   Mia began to rub her clit and pinch her nipples, all the time moaning with her eyes remaining closed. I worked my fingers in and out while adding more lube with my other hand.
    I couldn't wait to fuck that hole. Still, I didn't want to rush it, so I added a third finger. "Yes, oh yes," I heard her whisper. She started rubbing her clit faster and moaning louder and louder, each quicker than the one before. She was going to cum. I kept working my fingers in out, rotating them to stretch her anus. "God, I'm cumming!" she said as she bit her lower lip while she caught her own juices in her hand. As soon her orgasm was over she reached through her legs and rubbed the essence of her pussy all over my still rigid cock. I took this as a sign it was time to fuck. I gripped my cock and placed the head against her asshole. Slowly, I started to push the flaring head in, stretching her even more than my fingers had. There was no resistance at all, and my cock slowly slid in all the way. I pulled back out leaving just the head in, then pushed in slowly again.

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      "Jacob that feels so good," Mia said, still rubbing her clit. "Baby you are so hot," I responded. "Tell me what you want. "" A little harder," she ordered, and I obliged. "Yeah, that's it baby, fuck me like a dirty little girl. Fuck my ass!"When I heard this it almost a reflex for me to start fucking her harder. I wasn't ramming hard, but I was pumping her ass with fast smooth strokes. It was like my cock and her ass were made for each other. In and out I thrusted, my balls slapping against her pussy, her hand rubbing her clit frantically. "I want you to cum in my ass Jacob. I want to feel it in me. "My balls started to tighten a little, but I wanted to keep fucking her. It felt incredible, and she was talking like a slut. She kept asking me fuck her "harder and faster" and to "fill her up. " Each thrust and each word from Mia was pushing me closer to the edge.

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       It was all I could do not to explode inside her. Finally she said, "I'm gonna cum again, come on baby, cum with me, let it go. UUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHH. God yes, oh FUCK YES!"That was it. She started cumming, and with one last thrust in I exploded. My thrusts were short and spuratic as I shot jet after jet in her ass. It was one of the longest orgasms I've ever had, and maybe the most I've ever cum at once. When Mia's orgasm subsided she went limp and lay on her belly, pulling off of my cock, which was still pretty hard, but definitely spent for the time being. I collapsed on my back next to her and pulled her up so she was lying on top of me. She picked her head up just long enough to give me a kiss, and then layed it back on my chest, breathing deeply. I was staring up at the ceiling trying to comprehend what had just happened when I heard Erin's voice. "That was an amazing display you two. ""Mmm, wasn't it though," Mia said with a satisfied laugh. "Up you go, come on now, sit up if you can," Erin said, nudging us slightly. We sat up and Erin handed me a bong, which we passed around in silence.

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      "So I guess you two are OK with this?" I asked hopefully after we were all a little buzzed up. "You idiot, we planned the whole thing!" Mia answered laughing out loud. "Well, the sex at least. The whole jealousy bit was a little improv from Mia. Pure genius!" Erin added, also laughing at my expense. "Honestly, I thought you would have picked up on this ages ago. We've been putting out 'the vibe' for weeks. ""OK, OK, I get it. I've been a little dense. Spontaneous sex is better anyway right?" I said. "It's the best kind, which we proved here today," Mia said. "Let's hit the shower. "With that we went back to the shower room. The two girls scrubbed me from head to toe, and let me watch as they did the same to each other. They walked me to a bedroom, pulled the covers back, and I climbed right in.


       "Get some rest," either Mia or Erin said, I don't know which. I do remember thinking, just before I drifted off to sleep, that they were awfully comfortable with washing each other in the shower. . . . . . . . . . .

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