Best Friend's Bi-Encounter


My friend's of over 20 years (most of them I was married) had called and invited me over for drinks and some cards or something. I hadn't seen them since the divorice so I thought maybe it was their way of finding out what happened to the marriage. Boy was I wrong. She wasn't even mentioned, except when we talked about things we all did together.   We were playin poker, drinkin, and smokin' a little, when Rick said we should play strip poker. Everyone, with the help of the smokin' and drinkin', agreed.   After an hour or so Rick was naked and Sherri and I had our underwear, Rick decided since he was naked he would wager sexual favors, we all had a good laugh.   But of course he lost the next hand. Sherri thought the winner should decide his fate. Of course she had won, and told Rick to take off my underwear, I didn't know why I lost close, but at this point in the night I didn't care either. Now this also meant I had to pay with favors. Sherri lost the next hand. So here we all are naked and I thought that might be the end of the night. But Sherri dealt another hand that she lost and Rick won. He told her to "play with his cock and balls for 3 minutes". I froze.

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   I didn't know what was gonna happen next. But it didn't take long before Sherri came over and began playin' with my cock and balls. I was in shock and heaven all at once, noone but me had touched my dick since the divorice. I became hard almost instantly. Before I could say anything Sherri began sucking my dick. Rick suggested we move to the bedroom where we resumed where we had left off. I was lying on the bed while Sherri sucked away, then she shifted so her pussy was in my face. I wasted no time and began eating her pussy.   While I was enjoying the pussy in my face I hadn't realized that Sherri was sitting up yet my dick was still being sucked. Holy Shit, my friend Rick was sucking my dick.   I kinda freaked out a little but they both convinced me it was ok.   After our little talk Sherri suggested we all take a shower and start over. Once in the shower Sherri wanted us all to shave each other "just for fun". So we did. From assholes to bellybuttons we were all naked as the day we were born.

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  We went back to the bedroom and got on the bed with Sherri in the middle, we played with her tits and pussy till I thought she would go nuts. Rick asked me lay in the middle, I did, next he got on top of me and started sucking my naked dick. Sherri began stroking his dick until it was hard and then told me to suck it. I did as I was told. I began sucking like mad. Sherri moved around and was licking his asshole. It was GREAT. We moved around and I got on top but before Sherri could move Rick was licking my asshole and my balls. I was goin nuts. Sherri watched and played with herself while Rick and I sucked each others dicks and licked assholes for a long time. Sherri asked me to fuck her, and of course I was eager to climb on, what I didn't know is that she then told Rick to stradle her head so we could suck his dick. I was sucking his dick while she sucked his balls and licked his ass. Sherri told me not to come in her she had other plans for me, but she then told me was gonna stick her tongue so far up Rick's ass he would surely cum in my mouth. And before I could even reply I felt Rick's cock swell in my mouth and his body began to buck, then shot after shot he filled my mouth with his cum. I tried to swallow it all, but I gagged a little and some came out.

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   Now it was my turn. I was layin' on my back with Rick over me sucking my cock and Sherri was between my legs licking my balls. But when she started licking my asshole it was time, she stuck her tongue in my ass and I blew my load in Rick'smouth and swallowed every drop. We all rested and began the process all over again.   I can't wait for the next card game. . . . .