Bi-sexual Husband & wife Part 3


Topic: Bi-sexual husband & wife - Part 3John told me he’d be back in a couple of hours, and for me to get dressed in a hot, sexy outfit, for an afternoon of hot, steamy, group sex. He planned to have some very hot sex with me as we watched porn flicks he planned to purchase while he was out. He found a couple of dildos to use on me. He told me about his search for sex partners. While strolling around the adult bookstore with his intended purchases of dildos, He walked past two boys, who quickly took noticed what he carried. Both boys were in their teens, neatly dressed in slacks and Polo shirts, and muscular. "Hey, man. You need some real young cock for your lady? Sean and I would love to entertain her. " The boy said as he stood waiting for an answer. "Well," John coughed slightly, "Let's discuss this. " he replied. He thought about my fucking other guys while he watched. We discussed the idea. I never agreed to having sex with other men, that it was a fantasy. After 30 minutes of conversation with Sean and Michael, we headed to our place, and me, hopefully dressed in a hot outfit, ready to have some sex. John opened the door to the house from the garage door, peaking in to see where I might be.

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   John could hear the TV was on, and knew I had put on a porn video. I was in the living room. "Where are you Cheryl?" John yelled. "In the living room as you requested," I replied. "I’m in an outfit you'll love. " As his request I was sitting by of the TV, legs spread, one over the arm of the chair and my blouse open, exposing my perky breasts. "Did you find a video?" I asked as John moved to the hall from the kitchen, still moving slowly and quietly. Sean was right behind me, Michael followed. The boys had undressed in the garage and masturbated semi-rigid pricks. Each quiet as they walked as John wanted to surprise me with their presence. John said, "Yes, a couple of new gangbang flicks, a couple of outfits and several other items I know you will enjoy. So, close your eyes, get ready for your surprise. " John peaked around the corner, and there I was, legs spread, blouse open, and my right hand over my eyes, left cupping my left breast, looking so obscene. I was tweaking my nipple with my fingers. I looked so hot, so fuck-able.

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   Sean and Michael slipped ahead of John and quietly moved into the room. The volume of the porn flick covered our movement. Now standing in front of me, their pricks now at full attention, at about 5” apiece. It was an obscene display. John was also stroking his slightly bigger prick as they now stood in front of me. I was masturbating my cunt. "Before you open your eyes take your right hand and start playing with your clit for me, I want to see you being a nice, horny wife, ready for sex. " John directed, and I followed squeezing my eyes shut as I slid two fingers in my cunt, fingering myself. "Okay Cheryl, open your eyes. " He said. "Oh, wow!" I exclaimed, staring at the 2 naked young boys in front of me, and I froze, not knowing whether I should cover myself, or what to do. "Keep fingering your cunt!" John ordered. The 2 young pricks in front of me, my mouth gaping open now mesmerized me as I gazed at those two beautiful pricks. "Go ahead Michael. " John said continuing to put the plan we made in action.

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   Michael dropped to his knees between my wide stretched, nylon encased legs. He moved his face to my cunt and slid his tongue into my crack while I fingered myself. Sean moved to the side of the chair closest to my head. He held his prick out for me. I gazed at the swollen head of his young prick, and the glistening drop of pre-cum on the tip of his prick head. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out, tasting the drop of pre-cum before I covered the head of his prick with my lips. I acquiesced to our plan. I was an accomplice in our plan. My hand held Michael's head to my cunt as he continued to lap at my cunt. I shivered in my first climax as young Michael expertly lapped my cunt, his tongue traveling up and down my pink slit, and tickling my clitoris. After I had an orgasm Michael rose, taking his prick in his hand he rubbed the head of his prick up and down my slit, making me groan. Michael penetrated my cunt, an inch of prick at a time, I moaned with pleasure. "Oh yes fuck me, please!" I cried out in pleasure. I took Sean's prick from my mouth. Michael plunged his prick into me, and I slid forward slightly in the chair to accept his young erect prick.

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   It was hot to see my cunt as they moved with Michael's prick sliding in and out of my cunt. John watched Sean place his hand on my head. "Ah, suck my prick!" Sean said, holding my head as he slowly fucked his prick in and out of my mouth, shooting his young hot sperm down my throat. He made me swallow his young sperm for the very first time. I had always made John ejaculate on my breasts after I made him pull his prick from my mouth. I tried his sperm a few times and didn’t like the taste. "Oh, fuck, yes, swallow that cum! Here comes mine!" Michael shoved his prick deep in my mouth, a final plunge as he shot his sperm load in my mouth. He masturbated his prick for a minute as his prick deflated. They swapped positions. Michael shoved his prick in my mouth before I could move. My eyes bulged out staring at the young prick that was now penetrating my mouth. Sean easily shoved his 5” into my drooling cunt at a rapid rate. "Get in here," Michael said as John sucked his prick. "Rub your prick on her face. " As John smeared pre-cum on my face I took his prick from his hand.

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   I began to rub the head of John’s prick on my face. I pulled Michael's prick from my mouth, switching my prick sucking efforts to John’s prick. "Oh suck my prick!" John lost it. He had been watching me as the boys ravaged my cunt. He shot his load in my willing mouth. I swallowed with pleasure. I ate every drop before switching back to Michael and his prick. Since he had just finished fucking me, it took him longer to ejaculate a second time. This made the scene even more exciting to watch. John could tell I was enjoying the fucking I was getting, plus sucking another guy’s prick. My right hand cupped Michael's balls, tickling them with my fingernails. John could hear whimpers of pleasure as I enjoyed having two pricks in me. "Ah, I do like watching an older woman stuffed with a young prick," Michael commented as he thrust his hips back and forth fucking my mouth. "This cunt is getting better at prick sucking, maybe get her to deep throat a prick next time we fuck you. " "She does have a hot cunt, nice and slick.

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   She sure loves a young prick, look at the way she keeps her legs spread. " Sean continued fucking, picking up the pace, getting me close to a 2nd climax. This time it was deep in my hot cunt. John was enthralled with all of the hot action, my breasts rolling and bouncing as the boys fucked me. My legs spread wide for easy access to my cunt and my head being held so Michael could control the fucking motions of shoving his prick in my mouth. "You ready? I'm almost ready to dump my load in her hot cunt. Damn, her cunt is really working my prick! She really likes getting fucked like this!" Sean remarked, shoving his prick even faster in and out of me. I began to shudder in another climax as the two boys continued to ravish me. John watched as Sean thrust into my cunt. Michael held my head. He guided about 4” of his prick in my mouth, making me taste his warm young sperm before swallowing. "Nice blowjob. You will get better sucking prick. " Michael said as he pulled his prick from my mouth and smeared the last drops of sperm on my face. I sat legs wide, two loads of sperm drooling out and onto the leather of the chair.

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   I had drops of sperm drooling from my chin to my left breast. I sat breathing in sexual exhaustion. "I cannot believe what happened," I began. "You brought two strangers, two teenage boys in here John. You knew I would be in a compromising position, exposing me to them, and you had them sexually use me. I could call it rape, but it was so pleasurable. I am confused by my thoughts and feelings. " "You are a hot, older woman and a great fuck. " Sean commented as he got his clothes and began dressing. "You are a great cock sucker too. " Michael added slipping his jeans on. "You should bring her hot ass to the adult porn bookstore, have her suck and fuck in the booths. " "You have a hot body for an older woman. Your body is sexier than a lot of teenage girls. " "You might get her to eat sperm from her cunt, a trip for a us to see that.

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  " Michael added as he slipped his shoes on. The boys headed out the front door. " Call whenever you want to be fucked again. We can bring almost any size group over. Our friends are always happy to gangbang a sexy woman like you. They love having their cocks sucked. " "John I am so embarrassed!" I said as the door slammed. “I guess I asked for this John. I just didn’t want you watching me having sex. ” I was sitting in the chair, sperm oozing from my cunt, sperm on my breasts and face, blouse open and boobs glistening with sperm. "Not a bad thought, though. " John began. "What?" I questioned. "It would be so hot watching you eat young sperm from your own cunt Cheryl. " "You are perverted, John! That is vulgar!" I said.

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   "Play with your cunt again, that was hot watching you fingering your clit as we came in the room. " I looked at John, and moved a hand to my cunt, and began fingering myself. "Is this what you want John? Watching me act like a slut?" "Yes, but it would be hotter if your language were more obscene. " He said, watching me. "And Cheryl, instead of acting, I believe you are becoming a slut. " "Scoop some of the sperm out of your cunt, and lick your fingers clean. " He directed as masturbated close to my face. "John if you want me to eat their sperm I will try it for you. " And, I spent the next five minutes fingering my clit and scooping sperm out of my cunt. I shuddered in another climax, and John moved closer to my face while masturbating. He shot his load all over my cheeks, nose and mouth. There was plenty of sperm to make my face a mess, glistening with sperm. "Oh, that is so good!" I moaned as I finished my climax. John picked up his camera and snapped a couple pictures of me now covered in sperm. "John I still don’t believe what happened, what you did to me, and what they did to me.

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  " I said. John said, "You gave the impression you enjoyed having three pricks. "I guess I am a slut, your slut, and horny cunt. " I said. "John I hope you enjoy what you have started, we'll see how much I enjoy being a slut. It is fun so far, just difficult to make the changes so quickly. What is the next step you want me to take in being your horny slut and whore?" I asked. He thought for a moment. "I want you to go shopping, pick up a few more hot outfits, and some hot lingerie. We'll go out to dinner so I can show you off. We will go to the porn theater, where I can show your ass off even more. " I said, “I have to go shower, I cannot go shopping covered in the sperm of 3 men. Before dinner, you can take me to the adult bookstore so we can pick up a couple dildos for us to use on me, and you can put me on display there too. I won't fuck anyone in the bookstore. " "Good point, save your strength for this evening.


  " John added. "We'll discuss how obscene you want to be at dinner. " "Well, let me go clean up, and we'll go shopping. " I said. This was my first of many episodes with teenage boys. I want to try teenage girls next. Watch for Part 4 to come soon. .