First Time With a Guy


I had made love with Teresa after she had been gang banged and so had eaten her pussy when it was full of several men's cum but this was different, I had a man's cock in my mouth and it felt good.
I had met Teresa at one of our favorite parks and we had fooled around for a couple hours. She had given me a nice titty fuck. blow job and I had sat her on a bench and eaten her through several orgasms. She had to go pick up kids and I had a couple hours before I had to be anywhere so I stayed to enjoy the park and the lake with a nice breeze. When we were playing a nice van had driven by a couple times and slowed down, we sort of covered up but Teresa did flash a little titties for the driver. It was obvious he was looing for something but he did not ask to join us.
I was sitting on the grass after she left, looking at the lake when a voice was behind me. "Girlfriend leave?" "Yeh, she had to go. You should have stopped and maybe joined us. " I said. "I thought about it but didn't, guess I will next time. " "Yeh, she likes to have more than one guy at a time sometimes. " "really?" "Yeh. "
He sat down and it was then I saw that he had a long snake going down his pants legs. He was good looking and like me married.

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   "So what are you up to today?" I asked him. "well, I am a little stiff, was hoping to take care of it. " He rubbed his snake and it seemed to grow. "Should have stopped my girlfriend would have loved it" I told him. "Well, I was hoping that, maybe. . well. . " Yeh I asked him. "Well, I was hoping that we could do something. " Like what I asked him. He reached over and massaged my crotch and it began to grow again. "Oh, so you wanna do it with me?" "Yes" he said. "We can go to my van, it is perfect. " "I have never been with a guy" I told him.

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   "I can show you how good it feels" he said and he continued to massage my now hard cock. "It seems as if part of yu is interested. " I said, "It seems so. " He got up and his snake had grown. I walked to his van and he opened the door. The back had curtains and a nice bed in it. He locked the door behind us. "Now we are alone. " He undressed and had a nice body and his snake was at least 8 inches long and had a nice thick head that Teresa would have loved. I took off my stuff and he reached over massaging my cock again, I took his a little and began doing what felt good to me and he moaned. "You sure you have not doen this?" "Nope, not that I can remember, and I would remember. " Suddenly his mouth wa on my cock, "It tastes like a person has been here already. " he said. "Yeh, My girlfriend sat on it and sucked it off for me. " He kept sucking till I filled his mouth.

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   He swallowed it all and then he told me, "Now you can do me. " I massaged his cock and slipped my tongue around it and he laid back, then taking it slowly into my mouth I slowly worked it into my throat as I had seen Teresa do so often. I gagged a little thne did it again and finally wa able to deep throat it very well. He had hands on my head and was moving me at the speed he wanted. Then he moaned "I am gonna cum" and I kept it there. I sank it deep and he spurted into my throat. It tasted great and now I felt his mouth on my nipples. "Oh damn that feels good I told him. " We turned around so that we were in a 69 position and he began licking my ass. It made me jerk and then his tongue went nto it. I shook all over. "On your knees he told me. I did and he got behind me. . my ass slippery with his tongue work and his cock pushing against my ass now made me wince.

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   Relax he said. . . he reached around and massaged my nipples some more. . His cock pushed in slowly then got past the muscle at the entrance of my ass. Oh damn, that feels good and hurts too I moaned. I know. Relax, I have lots of cum. I did and he began going in and out, fucking my ass. . . He filled it twice before he slipped out. IT was still hard and he put it in my face. Suck it again.

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  . . I did and felt him suck my cock too as he laid there. He filled my throat again. . . He was still half hard when he sat back and massaged it again. . . my cock was limp. "Good thing you don't need to have a hard cock for me to fuck yu again. " "Yeh, i guess so" I said. He laid me on my back and spread my legs and again sank into me. . facing me and fucking me deep.

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  . . He sped up and was ramming me deep and hard and tensed and his cock swelled. Cum filled my ass again and he laid on me, suddenly kissing me all over. I let it all happen and he laid there, his cock coming back to life and swelling again. "Damn man, how long can you do this. " I asked him. "I took a double dose of Viagra he said. I don't have ED and it really helps me fuck like hell. " He fucked me two more times and we got dressed. I got his number and we are setting up a time for him and me and Teresa to get it together soon. My first time was not going to e the last.