I'm still straight honest cont


Soon after I'd moved into Kim's apartment we decided to have a party.   Of course we had to inform the neighbors because of the noise issue and the couple from downstairs said that they didn't mind the noise as long as they could join in - yeah no problem was our reply.
Party day came and we'd been busy cleaning the apartment and making sure all the stuff we cared about was put away.
Our guests started to arrive about 8 and soon the party was buzzing.   Everyone had bought something to drink and we'd got things that we needed to make cocktails.   We'd also been and bought a kareoke machine just to make it a little more fun.
I was in the kitchen making my second round of cocktails when Kim came in.   she'd been drinking lots and was all giggly.   She stood behind me and started to kiss the back of my neck, then she slipped her hand around the front and started to stroke my dick through my jeans.   I'm a horny bastard and of course it didn't take me long to get hard.   i was up against the cupboards so she unzipped my jeans and slipped my dick out and started to rub it.   god it felt good, she had wonderful hands but I knew her cunt was better and I wanted it so bad.   I managed to slip my dick back into my pants and pulled her towards the bedroom, locked the door and threw her onto the bed.   My dick was straining to get out so i whipped her panties down, unzipped my jeans and stuck my dick into her waiting cunt without any warning.   She started to writhe her hips up and down meeting the movements from my dick.   I started to ram her deeper and quicker until she screamed and she came all over my dick, and I shot my load into her cunt.

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We quickly dressed and went back to the party.   We came out of the bedroom and Greg gave me funny  look, I gave him a wink and he understood where we'd been.   I went back to the kitchen to make more cocktails and Kim went back to the party, my cum dribbling into her already soaked panties.
I was listening to one of Kim's friends murder I will survive when Greg came into the kitchen.   He stood behind me and rubbed his hard dick into my back.   "I was a little jealous when I saw you come out of your bedroom buddy,"  he whispered in my ear, "any chance of you doing something about my little problem down here?"    The one word that doesn't describe Greg is little.   I reached behind me and rubbed his dick, "I'm sure I can think of something," I told him.   We'd been running the party like being at a bar and people would come to the breakfast bar, ask for a drink and be served.   That way we were sure the party wouldn't end up in the kitchen!
I went to the fridge and took out some drinks and placed them on the work surface.   I then took down Kim's apron from the hanger and put it on.   i could see by Greg's face that he was confused.   I then proceeded to drop my jeans (I'd stopped wearing underwear) to reveal my white butt to him.   He got the message and stood behind me.   We'd done this thing before where someone stand behind you and puts their arms under yours and you put your arms behind you.   So his arms were serving the drinks, my arms were unzipping his pants and positioning his hard dick so all he had to do was push.

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    He entered me no problem and he started to pound his dick into my butt.   The only problem was that my dick started to get hard so I had to lean against the cupboard to stop the apron lifting up.  
Some guy came to the bar and asked for a beer so Greg fumbled for a bottle while still keeping the rhythm of his dick pounding into my butt, the guy thought it was real funny but little did he know what was going on behind me.   The only problem with having sex in public is what do you do when you want to shoot your load?  Fortunately for us someone was singing a rock classic and we could pretend we were singing.   Greg's pace quickened and I knew he was about to shoot his load.   I really wanted to quickly drop to my knees and let him shoot his load into my mouth but knew that would have to wait until later.   I felt Greg give one last  push and felt his wad shoot into my butt.   He pulled his dick out wiped it on a kitchen towel and did up his zipper.   then he bent down and as he pulled my jeans back up licked my butt and his cum oozing out of it.
god I loved living here.
The party didn't end until 3 in the morning and once everyone had left the three of us stood there looking at the mess.
      "Shall we clean up now?"  Kim asked.   "No, I vote we head to bed," said Greg, "I'm kind of washed out. "  We both giggled and Kim asked why.   When we told her what we had done she couldn't believe it but we were only halfway through the story when she put her hand into her panties and started to rub on her clit.

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        "You boys," was all she said.
    I love eating Kim's pussy so I pushed her into the bedroom took her panties off and started to lick her pussy.   She was so wet and was soon grinding her hips against my face.   Greg was stood at the door watching at first then he stripped off and went and sat legs astride Kim and put his big dick in her mouth.   She was sucking his big hard dick as I was lapping up her pussy while freeing my own dick and rubbing it like hell.
    Kim came with a loud shout.   Greg took his dick from her mouth and we all three lay on the bed.   Greg and I with huge boners and Kim with juice running all over the bed.   I started to rub Greg's dick with one hand and stuck my fingers up Kim's cunt with my other hand.   Can life get any better than this?
    Greg moved to position himself on top of Kim and she opened her legs to let him in.   His big dick disappeared up her cunt and his ass started to move up and down.   I licked my finger and then stuck it in his ass - he loved it.   He was pounding away at Kim's pussy but shouted to me to put my dick in his ass, "fuck me man, fill me with your dick. "  He didn't have to tell me twice.   I rammed my dick up his ass and started to fuck him hard.

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        The noise that was coming from the three of us was loud but we didn't care we were horney and needed to get some fucking done.
    You would hear Greg's ball slap against Kim's ass then my balls slap against Greg's ass, it was an awesome sound.   We all came one after the other, me coming last and shooting my load into Greg's ass, Greg shooting his load into Kims cunt.   when we were soft we pulled out and just lay on the bed with cum all over us.   That's how we fell asleep.
    The next morning we got up and started to clean up.   Greg and I went to take the trash out and we saw the couple from downstairs.   "Sounded like the party got going when everyone left last night?"  Mike said.
    Greg and I looked at each other.   "But we had the best fuck listening to you I don't think I've ever come so hard,"  Kate said.
    "Well maybe one time you might like to stay for our after party party," I said.
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